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A comical conversation with myself that excludes nothing, but emphasizes current events, politics, culture, and art

A comical conversation with myself that excludes nothing, but emphasizes current events, politics, culture, and art
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A comical conversation with myself that excludes nothing, but emphasizes current events, politics, culture, and art




Episode 21: What ever happened to second chances?

This is a short one, prompted by Tiger Woods winning the Master's today. I talk about the good that can come from allowing for second chances and how some spheres in our social world have weird standards for it. The song recommendation this week is "Don't Mean Nothing" by Richard Marx.


Episode 20: How to change your oil

Yes, this is DEFINITELY an hour and half long podcast about changing the oil in your car. The song recommendation this week is "'Cause I'm a Man" by Tame Impala.


Episode 19: We're all gettin' catfished

In this delayed episode, I poorly try and explain how there are many parallels between our world as Americans and the MTV show "Catfish." Jessie Smollett, Trump and Russia, Joe Biden, and the field of 2020 presidential candidates, have all basically turned us into the sad victims of catfishing that discover the hard truth at the end of each episode of that show. I doesn't make sense...but it does. The song recommendation this week is "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo" by Rick Derringer.


Episode 18: The 10 best and worst albums of all time

This week I give my objective (but mostly subjective) view of the top 10 best and top 10 worst albums of all time...and by "all time" I mean between 1950 and 2000. No news this week or song recommendation, but since I had received more than one message about my musical opinions, I decided I would dedicate an episode to it, even though this isn't a freaking music podcast. Remember that this is serious, but also not at all serious, so just ride along with it and realize that it really doesn't...


Episode 17: Prayer and obesity do NOT save your child

This episode is all about recent news events. I haven't really included too many current events in the past couple episodes and there has definitely been a lot going on, so I dedicated a whole episode to a few things that have happened in the world that I want to bring up. Topics ranging from the Boeing issue to the New Zealand shooting to a ridiculous new movie that bastardizes Christianity are discussed. The song recommendation this week is "Millennium Man" by Dave Kerzner.


Episode 16: Money, it's a gas

This episode is all about money, but particularly regarding taxes and all the recent controversy about them. I hope to take a bit of a different angle here, because the tired arguments by both sides of the political spectrum aren't enough. After this, I take a tangent and reflect on why casinos are the biggest waste of time. The song recommendation of the week is "Don't Let Me Be Misunderstood" by Robben Ford & The Blue Line.


Episode 15: Ya know what really grinds my gears?

This is a silly goose episode. Having to deal with the droves of people that come to town for Mardi Gras, as well as my cable company not having the decency to at least take me out to dinner before screwing me, made this week the perfect time for a reflection on what ticks me off. It wasn't supposed to be a full episode, but once I was jotting down my grievances from these specific instances, I realized I could easily fill an hour if I didn't limit myself. So here is an episode without any...


Episode 14: Jessie Smollett

No I didn't spell it wrong...he spells it wrong. But anyway, this episode is all about the stuff involving the Jussie Smollett thing. Yeah it's talked about a lot and you wont get any new info from listening to this but I don't think the right points are typically emphasized, so I try and put my own spin on things. The song recommendation this week is Blue Light by David Gilmour.


Episode 13: Fired

This episode will be uploaded a bit later than normal due to a fatal mistake that I made. Speaking of mistakes, why is it so hard for people to get fired even after making tons of them? This week, I talk about why our standards for employment and ourselves is too low and how it should be much easier to get fired. There is no song recommendation of the week due to being short on time, but that will be resumed next week for sure.


Episode 12: Serial Obsessions

This episode marks a bit of a change in style/format for the podcast. There will now be just one main topic per episode, which will hopefully allow me to be more focused and in-depth. This week, I talk about our seemingly odd obsession with serial killers, as well as the backlash from many people who seem to hate that these infamous criminals get so much attention. This is of course a hot topic amidst all the hype about The Ted Bundy Tapes on Netflix and the upcoming movie, Extremely Wicked,...


Episode 11: Knob Gobbler

In this episode, I discuss the faults of our educational system, how silly groundhog day is, the wild story of the Fyre Festival, the perfect irony of Gov. Ralph Northam's year book photo, and other random things that drag yet another one out for too long. The song recommendation of the week is "You Never Really Loved Me" by Trampled Under Foot.


Episode 10: Thin Lizzy for President

This week I talk about the risk associated with getting your hair cut at the bank, the "most punch-able face" kid all over the news, why fat people shouldn't be president, and a slew of other random things before a last second comment on how ridiculous it is that Saints fans are signing a petition for a rematch. Song recommendation of the week: Decadence Dance by Extreme


Episode 9: Midget

This is kind of a boring one that is dominated by a reflection on the Watts family murders and a long answer to a listener question regarding offensive language. Aside from these, I talk about football, John Madden's stupid quotes, the difference between trash talk and smack talk, and the song recommendation of the week... Walking Away by Jonny Lang.


Episode 8: The Illegal Burrito

In this episode, I talk mainly about immigration and music...obviously related topics. The song recommendation of the week is Young Lust by Pink Floyd.


Episode 7: Varicose vein socks

In this episode, I talk about my travels to Curacao and to my grandparents' senior citizen community. Also, this week we start a hopeful tradition of recommending music to you guys, with our choice being Eric Steckel...so check him out if you like blues.


Episode 6: The official 1-10 attractiveness scale

In this episode, I break down what I thinks should be the official guide for rating others on a 1-10 scale for attractiveness before pulling out the news and making random commentary. This episode was also pre-recorded before the holidays, like Episode 5, and we will be back with regular episodes next week.


Episode 5: It's the most horrible time of year

In this slightly rushed episode, I talk about tech "geniuses" and why they shouldn't get a pass for being so weird. He then gives some advice about what we should actually be getting each other for Christmas, even though that's dumb.


Episode 4: Baby it's Cold Outside

New chair, new me! In this episode, I find a more relaxed setting in which to record and emphasize (again) the unstructured nature of this podcast. Everything from Trump to Christmas music to Pete Davidson is discussed.


Episode 3: "Birdhouses"

In this scattered episode, I talk about mental illness...sort of. With more than your fair share of tangents, I focus on our societal perception of mental illness and questions whether we are too quick (or not quick enough) to jump to it as an explanation for "less than ideal" behavior...like killing a bunch of people. This somehow trails off to an excerpt about my disdain for The Beatles.


Episode 2: What happened to bullying?

On this episode, I talk about the good that can come from bullying. What starts as a serious commentary turns into a random spew of 10 things that he thinks should be bullied out of society.