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Average people answering average questions

Average people answering average questions
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Average people answering average questions




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301 - Generations: Interview With An In-Law (Cindy)

The generations series will be interviews with Mark's parents, grandparents, in-laws, and anyone else who has lived a non-typical millenial life. These are long interviews to try and grasp a small bit of the stories that so many of us are overlooking in our self-concerned world. This interview is with Mark's mother-in-law Cindy. They talk about her life as a child, how she met her husband, her's and her husband's (Randy's) parents and her family life. She shares some advice as well as some...


S2E5 - What is a Zebra? (with Jenn Smith)

Episode 5 is sure to bring some laughs and shine some light on things many of us don't know about or experience. Jenn is a good friend. She's unique and honest. Jenn and Mark will be chatting about her interests, hobbies, family, as well as share with us a little about her experience with her autoimmune disease. She will be answering questions from the internet (totally appropriate, no worries). Thanks for watching! Audio podcast will be available Wednesday, 7-18-2018 wherever you get...


QMP *Kids Edition* The Kali Show - S2E4

Our host and a very special guest converse about movies, music, toys, some news, and baking! Enjoy! ****CORRECTION - MARK SPELLED KALI'S MIDDLE NAME WRONG - IT IS JAYDE. Sad!****


S2E3 - Bears with Beers, Turtle Bites, and Dennis Quaid ft. Mike B.

We are joined in the studio by Mike B. He is a calibration technician and all-things expert. Topics discussed include: How to keep wife from remarrying after your death. Turtle bites and their correlation with orange juice. Family, friends, and horses. Hear about a Central IL local church. There is plenty more to look forward to on this episode. Catch us on Stitcher, Spotify, iTunes, TuneIn, and pretty much anywhere you get your podcasts from. Enjoy!


S2E2 - QMemoirs: Becky, Michael, Mark

Our host and his brother had an idea for a new series of podcasts. We want to read your stories (and ours). The QMemoirs series is simply that. Us reading real stories. Hilarious, unbelievable, silly, happy sad, etc.... but 100% real. Send us your story at or DM us on social media. This episode 3 stories are shared. Enjoy! *It's basically our host reading these stories after being awake for 20 hours. We know... awesome!* Thanks for listening!