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Episode 89 - How Sway

Trey is the loneliest number. This Week's #Questions @Mrs_McEvoy - How many times is too many times to reheat your coffee in the microwave? #askingforafriend #momlife #coffeetime@elapye - If you have to choose between feelings and dignity, which one would you prioritize? #tellme #answerme@aleesyvon - If a girl tells you she doesn’t date , is that a turn on or off ? #AFAF@indayclaudia95 - How would you feel if a friend betrays you? #asking@RoadtoRichess_ - ; how do yu not let your feelings...


Episode 88 - IKEA Companionship

When you write the check, you can balance the scale however you want. This Week's #Questions @tristanbills - What's an important relationship truth people often forget? #question@LameJenni - Does anyone know how to survive college? #advice@katidid_ - what exactly do people who text stuff like 'u' and 'ur' doing with all their extra time? #realquestion@REMMER1551 - Is it wrong to try and pick up women at IKEA? #AskingForAFriend 😂@Qeumar - Where’s the love for the good dudes?...


Episode 87 - Pumping & Dumping

Rolling around on our Rascals like a couple of scoundrels. This Week's #Questions @thatbootytho33 - My kid has a friend over to hang out. The mom dropped him off, promised to be back in a couple of hours and left. He’s asking when she’s coming back so I called her. Her phone is off. Am I now stuck with this kid for forever? 😂 #askingforme #hesbored #parenting@breacodonnell - What do guys like nowadays besides girls pictures on Instagram? #askingforme@rosydaisies - Is it sketchy to sit...


Episode 86 - Brandon's Deed

Spoilers lie ahead. You've been forewarned. This Week's #Questions @mixxdup_rae - What sacrifices do two people really make in a relationship when they are in love? Please if you have an answer respond I want to know. #question #love@LenneaRB - Is it ok to take the last coffee in one of the break room pots and dump it just to have the opportunity to pick the next type of coffee? #AskingForAFriend #WhoIsMe@PatpatiaVictor - If you could only do 1 good deed. And it would be your very last...


Episode 85 - Mmquisitive Face

Stop wearing 90s mom jeans. Support @JenFackler! This Week's #Questions At which age should a person leave his parents house..? 🤔 #AskingForAFriendIs it weird if I use anniversary coupons from restaurants when going out on a date? 😬 🤷🏻‍♀️ #AskingForAFriendLucas just admitted to not knowing how to make boxed Mac and cheese... can I send this boyfriend back for a new one? #askingforafriendCan one wear a scrunchie when they were around for the first fashion iteration? 🤔...


Episode 84 - Poop or Die

Podcast bukakke. This Week's #Questions Working 11pm-7am is weird cuz idk when to start acting appropriately. Like it’s 9pm...can I have a glass of wine? #askingforme #justthisweek #givememy12hrshiftsbackSo if your toddler is convinced he has a brain in his butt and when he poops he loses said brain. Which means he won’t poop on the toliet what do you do? #askingforafriend #ToddlerLife#Question What’s one thing people would never know about you just by looking at you?Since I'm working...


Episode 83 - Fake History

Awards are for winners. This Week's #Questions @76_blakeA - So is being single supposed to be fun in your 20's, asking for a friend #curious@mskellymarie123 - Just counted, turns out for every 62 I swipe left, there is 1 I'll swipe right. Problem or nah? #askingforme #datingsucks@ClareOrpe - When I see someone in a squat position I've always got the urge to push them a little...... I dont, but I could..... Is that bad???? Definitely #AskingForMe@Luna__Rose7 - What’s worse being catfished...


Episode 82 - Myspace.com/HashtagQuestions

What's the statute of limitations on bad taste? We're coming early tonight in celebration of the Columbus Podcast Awards! We know you all wish you were there with us. Come with us in spirit. This Week's #Questions Is sarcasm a flirting technique or just a self esteem issue? #question #psychologyWhen in a cinema and someone's phone keeps ringing and they keep talking. Is it OK to take their phone off them and beat them with it? #askingforafriendDoes reading through 2 months of his tweets...


Episode 81 - Prodcasting

Hashtag Questions is like getting socks for your birthday. For your ears. This Week's #Questions @silagechopper - What do people do when drinking isn’t even fun anymore? #askingforafriend@CuntyMcPunty - #question whats a good game to play while drunk???????@averybcrouch - Is it okay to go through an entire bottle of wine on a Monday evening? #askingforafriend #thefriendisme@elove67 - So when does the cycle of "wake up, go to work, pay a bill, hang up clothes, wash a dish, go to sleep,...


Episode 80 - Just the Tip

That feeling you get when you can’t see your penis anymore. This Week's #Questions @DrFaustsNurse - What does one serve at a dinner party for guests one doesn’t particularly care for? Crow? #askingforafriend@Kahleeh13 - How do I text my boss and tell her i quit #askingformyself@endoempress - But how real/authentic can you really be online? #question@eescobedo32 - What drug would go well with karaoke night? #askingfor #afriend@lindzee253 - When do vegetables begin to taste good...


Episode 79 - Mustard Game

It's like one bad joke after another. Happy birthday to us all. This Week's #Questions @Doctor_PMS - It’s totally normal to have a collection of different mustards in your fridge, right? #AskingForAFriend@_torijordan - This time next year I’ll have finished uni... Could someone tell me if it’s normal to not know what to do with your life... #askingforafriend #helpme@badgalryerye - What do you do if you fall in love with someone, and then find out that they participate in internet...


Episode 78 - Get on the Trey Train

Making Hot Pockets feel weird since 2017. This Week's #Questions OK, so I've set my alarm 30 mins earlier than normal in the morning because I want some me-time before I start work. No plans for what I'll do with my extra half an hour, I'm quite excited! Any suggestions? #AskTwitterSo if someone leave and doesn’t say bye that means they have an attitude right? Or am I trippin? 🤔 #asktwitterAre Hot Pockets still a thing? #questionHow do I get a summer body in 3 days? #seriousquestionDo...


Episode 77 - Feliz Birthday

This one's for all those who say length doesn't matter. This Week's #Questions @pharb19 - Asking for a friend: if you’re seated in either the isle or window seat and someone plops down and takes the middle seat, who is entitled the arm rest? #NeedAnswers #TryingToConfirm@Bay_Nicolexo - Really kinda craving sushi and cereal tonight for dinner and I just so happen to have both right here in my home buuuut does that make me a psychopath to eat both 🤔 #replytweet #needanswers@chicagonative92...


Episode 76 - The Boys are Back

It's been 76 episodes and Trey still can't tell if Brandon is being sarcastic. This Week's #Questions When did the term dear become offensive? #AskingForAFriendIs having a day or two without having to make a decision possible? #AskingForAFriendIs bar crawling at an airport a thing? #askingforafriend #itsathingIf you’re 28 and haven’t been invited to a high school reunion yet, is that a commentary on your high school social game? #AskingForAFriendQuick question How do you get suspended from...


BONUS - We Want You ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

We were too lazy to write out the questions. We're on vacation. Leave us alone. Don't blow your wieners off this week! We'll be back on July 14th. Dig what you hear? Click these buttons: Follow us on TwitterFollow us on InstagramGet your face on some questionsDrop us a review on Apple PodcastsDrop us a review on Stitcher Support this podcast at — https://app.redcircle.com/shows/29655ca0-fec6-477e-9796-99ff14a0a802/donations


Episode 75 - Happy Endings for Everybody

Wrapping season 3 up like they taught us in health class. This episode would have been absolutely impossible without these amazing people and podcasts: Amazing Contributing Podcasts WebsiteTwitterWebsiteTwitterWebsiteTwitterWebsiteTwitterFacebookWebsiteTwitterAmazing Contributing Listeners @dreweob@sswampss@11MyJam@aaronsteininger@iwantanother1@ChadFackler1@XandrethaWe're off for two weeks after this, but keep an eye out for bonus episodes and Instagram specials! We'll be back with...


Episode 74 - The B&T Boys

We really managed to polish this one. Last chance to claim your spot in history! Be a part of our season 3 finale — episode 75! Open to podcasts and podcast lovers alike! Visit bit.ly/hqeffect Vote for Sophie, Brandon's little pup, as the cutest dog in Columbus! This Week's #Questions @v1shk - How do you ask people politely in an open plan office to stop standing a millimetre behind you talking really loudly to move? #AskingForAFriend #openplan #office #workplace@YONNIB_ - Should you...


Episode 73 - It's Not Father's Day

Basically not even a podcast. Claim your spot in history! Be a part of our season 3 finale — episode 75! Open to podcasts and podcast lovers alike! Visit bit.ly/hqeffect Vote for Sophie, Brandon's little pup, as the cutest dog in Columbus! This Week's #Questions At what age does a male actually become a man and stop being/acting like a little boy?? Where are all the men at..??!! #AskingForAFriend 🤦🏼‍♀️If someone tips a dollar in quarters. Is it socially acceptable for me to throw it at...


Episode 72 - Brandon Died for Our Downloads

He also loves his thong sandals. Claim your spot in history! Be a part of our season 3 finale — episode 75! Open to podcasts and podcast lovers alike! Visit bit.ly/hqeffect Vote for Sophie, Brandon's little pup, as the cutest dog in Columbus! This Week's #Questions If you have a wedgie in public what’s worse picking it out now or leaving it alone till you reach the nearest public restroom thats about 30 minutes away? 🤔🤔 #askingforafriendwhat do you do when you drop your toothbrush in...


BONUS - Vote for Trey

Trey articulately articulates why you should vote for Hashtag Questions with Brandon & Trey in the Comedy and Podcast of the Year (POTY) categories over at https://www.columbuspodcastawards.com/nominations. Do us a solid, make your vote count. Voting closes on May 31st at 11:59 p.m. so vote now and vote often! Claim your spot in history! Be a part of our season 3 finale — episode 75! Open to podcasts and podcast lovers alike! Visit bit.ly/hqeffect Dig what you hear? Click these...