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Episode 50 - Graduation (Season 2 Forever)

The real heroes are in the credits. This is the season 2 finale. We'll see you again on January 6th. This Week's #Questions Dudes with Brews: @barefootBlazer - Is it socially acceptable to drink a beer at 8 am if you work night shift? boobies & noobies: @meggadams - Is the key to adulthood getting drunk by yourself/with your dog and two cats while your significant other is out of town for a class? #imsomuchfun Blunt Mommy Podcast: @AdvBarryRoux - Ladies do you feel comfortable when...


Episode 49 - Turkey Dubstep

Literally counting down the seconds until we go on hiatus. This Week's #Questions @cystyle - What’s worse - getting braces before Thanksgiving or teeth cleaning before Halloween? @JMoneyRoe88 - How terrible would it be to only buy hella giftcards for family members??? @J_dubbss - Is it rude to ask someone that’s pregnant who the dad is @Ilovesaltbagels - Someone send me a fun drinking game about republicans to play by myself on thanksgiving with my family lol @LCath94 - Is it...


Episode 48 - The First Loser

A primer on manscaping. This Week's #Questions @callenbach5 - How long can you live in a house before you have to stop blaming the dirt on the previous owners? #IHateDusting @RidingHood819 - Is being extra charming to people to get them to do what you want manipulative or good people skills? #ButReally @WolfxDora_Fg4 - How to shave balls @AssmaaANugud - How can someone delete memories? not the snapchat ones tho, real ones. @MLenfesty - Is it wrong to drink beer while cooking...


Episode 47 - We Have the Beef

Cross-stall convos, pee fetishes, new beef, and more! This Week's #Questions @SanSanizzle - So if you start a conversation outside the stalls do you continue it inside the bathroom stalls too? @NemoTheDinosaur - Is it too early for Christmas candles? @perpetualsoren1 - if you get married can you register for a pet alpaca? @cameandsaw - I think my wife wants to pee on me, what kind of porn is she watching when I’m at work? Any who does anyone have a set of rubber sheets I can...


BONUS - Xandretha's Rap

She knows she's messing with McQuestionFace and yet she still thinks she can come in here and wreck our place. Who will you vote for? No idea what we're talking about? Listen to Episode 45 and Episode 46 to get caught up.


BONUS - Trey's Rap

You've heard the beef, now it's all on the table. Trey's dropping rhymes like his name is Clark Gable. Who will you vote for? No idea what we're talking about? Listen to Episode 45 and Episode 46 to get caught up.


Episode 46 - Courtesy Flush

@Xandretha fires back. Who's the better rapper? Only you can decide. This Week's #Questions @moniqi2 - What is considered "too old" to be knocking on people's doors for candy? @CRingleader - How many days in a row can you wear the same outfit before it becomes socially unacceptable? @jessrera1 - How does one say, with a straight face, they go away to college if they’re home every weekend ??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @EroticPTWinters - So, did Avril ever determine why that guy had to go and make...


Episode 45 - This is Halloween

The world premiere of Trey's debut rap single. This Week's #Questions @mjgebhardt - Listening to @kaitlynbristowe podcast... Do guys really like when girls are just a little crazy? #JEALOUSY #singlelife #doyoulikeitwhenagirlgetsjealous @hannahmarie__22 - Does everyone else send insta DMs to celebs when they drink? @KerriDoherty26 - Is it a legal requirement that when you have a kid you have to go to a field full of pumpkins and take a pic for the gram? @Yobes_Mr_Right - At what point...


Episode 44 - I Identify as a Unicorn

“Once all the old people die, man, it’s gonna be a pretty solid place.” -Brandon This Week's #Questions @TheRunningMonk - What songs belong in a #Halloween playlist?@daniellebdavy - If we sit in the same seats everyday and its 3 months into the semester what makes you think you can take my seat????????? #lmk @ptbo_skeptic - So on Oct 17, does weed become SOCIALLY acceptable? Where your water cooler weekend update was “I had a glass of wine and watched The Good Place,” can you now report...


Episode 44 Teaser

We asked for 44 retweets for an early release of "Episode 44 - I Identify as a Unicorn," but you only got us halfway there. You teased us, so we're gonna tease you. Here's the last 22 seconds of tomorrow's release. Hope it tickles. Don't know what the f--what we're talking about? Follow us on Twitter and catch up.


Episode 43 - Sextuality

What do Black Santa, Tom Hanks and Chuck Woolery have in common? Tune in to find out! This Week's #Questions @ivorypistol22 - To early to wear Christmas panties? 🎄 @NamesKeside - Is it rude to ask a guy (who you’re interested in and y’all have been texting) if he’s gay? (Trey's note: Tweet deleted) @ciarathomson - If you’re hungover and drunk does that make you sober?@HolleighLynn1 - Replied to a message at 8:15pm. What is the logical amount of time to give a person to...


Episode 42 - Asking For A Chad

Don't get mad, get Chad. This Week's #Questions How soon is it safe for a baby to fly after birth? #barcelonaCan you survive off a diet of only chips and salsa?Are mental health days a valid excuse for using sick leave?How many nights in a row should one person be allowed to eat chicken nuggets for dinner? 🐔Is it acceptable to have soup at 8:45 in the morning? #beenupsince4How many beers can you drink and still hit the gym? To see the full list of questionable tweets related to this...


Episode 41 - Episode 40 (Part 2)

Banana-splitting all over the place. The [insert adjective here] conclusion to Episode 40 - Episode 40 (Part 1). This Week's #Questions At what age should one question their life choices if “blocking” or “unfriending” via social media becomes a way of communication?Does anyone else wake up to find themselves masturbating?How does one insert them-self into the dating pool when one is awkward AF?Hey friends - what’s an ice-breaker for adults that doesn’t suck? ... who has to run a meeting...


Episode 40 - Episode 40 (Part 1)

The best things in life happen during part two. This Week's #Questions Ok... at work someone gets mad at you for not knocking on the bathroom door before trying to open it yet they failed to lock the door. Also they failed to replace the toilet paper afterwards. Who is at fault?How soon, prior to graduation, is too soon to start applying for jobs? 🤔 #trynagradIs it normal to contemplate suicide as soon as you walk into the office? #WorkLifeBalanceWhen you pick your nose while driving,...


Episode 39 - Love Your Body

The Netflix statute of limitations, the price you'd put on poo-soaked monies, food in the loo is lewd, being all you literally can be, too introverted to introvert, and cheating after two days of (insert commitment here). This Week's #Questions How many times do you have to be turned down by a spouse to watch a show do you need before you're a free agent with the DVR?What would you do if you dropped a $20 bill into a public toilet? 🧐So after yesterday eating on the loo is a no no. What...


Episode 38 - Bust a Move

Anxious about stress, don't get gamed by the game, Trey busts a move on Shaq, height is just a number, booty poppin' pics, and self-addressed envelopes. This Week's #Questions Is it possible to stress about stress?Is there any greater annoyance than being so close to 10000 when you’ve just finished your walk? #willhavetostrutaroundthehouseIf I make my truck my profile pic on Tinder, would I get more likes?Is it rude to stop texting back if y’all the same height? 😂😩Do people understand...


Episode 37 - How many licks does it take?

Taking online love offline, socializing on company time, gym shame, how many licks it takes to get to the center of sweaty subway guy, lecture tailgating, and dreaming of Jeannie. This Week's #Questions How do i relay the message to a person that i have only seen through a digital device that i happen to have caught very strong emotions for this said person...how does one save for a house while also paying off student loans?? and have a social life?Is falling at the gym a good reason to...


Episode 36 - Rethink Your Stink

Scrooge McTrey, tears of joy from passing a pass/fail course, how to not let your boss work you to death, "Heyy girl, let me get that HBO pw," when your embarrassed by you're boss' horrible grammar, and rethink that stink. This Week's #Questions Hey, law nerds: is it still considered justifiable homicide if the victim was whistling Xmus carols in August?Does anyone know when school ptsd ends?? Like when do you stop feeling like you’re forgetting to turn something in, or randomly have...


Episode 35 - NSFWerr

This week on Hashtag Questions: National Orgasm Day is a real thing, put out or get out, if you want your penis autographed you should really carry a Sharpie, sex contracts, repeat the question for me, the devil on one shoulder and Nathan on the other. This Week's #Questions So on this #happyorgasmday - what does one do? Send thank you cards saying thank you for cumming?Guys how long do yall date a girl that's not ready of sex..If a woman can ask a guy to autograph her boobs, does that...


Episode 34 - Not Your Bud, Pal

Trey's appropriated name, inappropriate funeral etiquette, Brandon's spirit animal is an elephant because of his huge ... fear of mice, unloading the chamber before a date, getting sweaty in the locker room, and scrambling to find the perfect poached pun. This Week's #Questions Inquiry for the male twitter fam, is it only possible to have buddies? I have never once heard a man describe a person as their friend, always a buddy.Wearing shorts on an awayday... is that permitted?Wait...do you...