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Ragbag is a fortnightly music and comedy podcast hosted by Frank Burton. It’s a genuinely diverse mix of music from around the world, with wicked laughs and weird storytelling.

Ragbag is a fortnightly music and comedy podcast hosted by Frank Burton. It’s a genuinely diverse mix of music from around the world, with wicked laughs and weird storytelling.
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Ragbag is a fortnightly music and comedy podcast hosted by Frank Burton. It’s a genuinely diverse mix of music from around the world, with wicked laughs and weird storytelling.








BONUS BAG with Neo Geo

Frank has a wide ranging discussion with electronic music maestro, Neo Geo, who offers some fascinating insights into the creative process, music as therapy, subjectivity, the evils of the music business and his reasons for shunning social media. Featuring the tracks Balance and Need. Check out Neo Geo’s music online: Bandcamp: https://neogeo.bandcamp.com/ Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/neogeo You Tube: https://www.youtube.com/user/NeoGeoDK Spotify:...


BONUS BAG with Jonathan

Frank talks to Darko from Jonathan, a sublime indie rock band from Croatia. Featuring the songs Moments (from the album To Love) and Seasons (from the album To Hold). More more information about Jonathan visit www.jonathanband.com / https://jonathan3.bandcamp.com/ For more information about Frank / Lazarus, visit www.frankburton.co.uk.


Ep21: The Envy Edition (Part 2)

In the concluding part of this story, Frank recounts the events of the final day of his doomed relationship with Heidi. Tracklist & links: Einav Jackson Cohen - CHOKE – Three Options Remix: https://music.einavjackson.com/track/remix Adam Henry Garcia - future soundtrack II: https://adamhenrygarcia.bandcamp.com/ H E X – Collider: https://hummusrecords.bandcamp.com/album/s-t-7 Ablaye Cissoko – Soutouro: https://ablayecissoko.bandcamp.com/ Shaolin Dub – Soul Defense:...


Ep20: The Envy Edition (Part 1)

A misremembered childhood tale about crazy golf leads into a forensic analysis of Frank's failed relationship with Heidi. By the way, if you like this story there's lots more over at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist & links: La Diabla - Highkili & Trick - E.O.E.O: https://ladiabla.bandcamp.com/releases OnSpiderPark – Silver: https://archive.org/details/OSPsoundsystem-ABriefHistoryOfElectro Nice Wings, Icarus! - Kids vs. Machinery: https://nicewingsicarus.bandcamp.com/ Dub Hunters feat...


BONUS BAG with Kat330

Frank’s special guest is singer/songwriter/one woman band Kat330 AKA Kathleen Martin. They discuss the important issues of our age such as “What are cats thinking when they hear classical music?” and “Would America be better off under British rule?” Plus there’s time for a couple of songs: Shanghaied and No Myth. Listen to lots more of Kat330’s music on Soundcloud & Bandcamp: https://soundcloud.com/kat330 https://kat330.bandcamp.com/ And this is Damien Riba who does the piano on...


Ep19: The Fifth Floor

Featuring a story about Frank’s first experience of working in an office, and his subsequent series of social faux pas. It’s the welcome return of Neutralising Gripes, plus the usual astounding mix of music. Tracklist & links: Babyshaker – Graved up: https://amen-tal.bandcamp.com/ Elise Esther – Brothers: https://eliseesther.bandcamp.com/releases Garrett Walters - Freeze & Thaw: https://garrettwalters.bandcamp.com/ Lata - A1 Mucha Muchachita:...


BONUS BAG with Ethan Uslan

Ethan Uslan of The Carolina Shout podcast talks Ragtime, podcasting and life as a pianist. Featuring Ethan’s performance of the aptly-named Ragbag Rag, plus Ethan’s exclusive recording of his friend Jesse Eisenberg singing his original song (For Some Reason) Sports Are Important To Men. That’s right. Jesse Eisenberg. And as if that’s not enough, stay tuned to the very end to hear a 100% exclusive reading of the first chapter of Frank Burton’s new novel, One Hundred. Find out more about...


Ep18: I'm Lazarus Newman

In light of recent events, Frank has decided to change his name to Lazarus Newman. There’s a new feature, Neutralising Gripes, and the usual extraordinary mix of music. Sponsored by The Emperor’s New Sunglasses. More info at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist & links: His Masters Voice – The Devils Blues – Save My Soul: https://hismastersvoice.bandcamp.com/ Stefficrown – No Quiero: https://basytropikalne.bandcamp.com/album/act-ii-ep Dolly – Roc Narc:...


BONUS BAG with Spartan Jet-Plex

In a follow-up to our Grimalkin Records special, Nancy Kells joins Ragbag once again to talk about her musical incarnation as Spartan Jet-Plex, and the making of her new album, STFU. Featuring the tracks Alright and 40 Something. For more information visit: https://spartanjet-plex.bandcamp.com/ https://grimalkinrecords.bandcamp.com/


Ep17: What Happens At Corrugated Metal Club (Part 2)

The conclusion!! (With great tunes.) Tracklist & links: The Polish Ambassador - Angelita ft. Nitty Scott, Ryan Herr: https://thepolishambassador.bandcamp.com/ The Ambient Visitor - Through Clear Skies: https://theambientvisitor.bandcamp.com/ MORLOX – totry: https://glassspresents.bandcamp.com/track/totry TV Girl - Cynical One: https://tvgirl.bandcamp.com/ Cullah – King Jebediah The Falcon Messiah: https://cullah.bandcamp.com/ LORN – UNFOLDING: https://lorn.bandcamp.com/ The Ambient...


Ep16: What Happens At Corrugated Metal Club (Part 1)

Here begins a two-part story going behind the scenes at Corrugated Metal Club. A mysterious new member has appeared in the group’s Whatsapp chat. Who is he, and is he really interested in corrugated metal? Tracklist & links: Metaprise Applications & b l u e s c r e e n - Setting Sail - First Day At Sea: https://metapriseapplications.bandcamp.com/ Danny / Girl – Sunny Day: https://dannygirlmusic.bandcamp.com/ Group Doueh – 03:...


Ep15: The Angry Edition

Despite banging out a rather amazing playlist, Frank is ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS and wants everyone to know about it. (Just a friendly word of warning, if you’re listening for the first time this probably isn’t the best episode to begin your Ragbag journey with as it’s completely insane when taken out of context. Regular listeners, jump right in.) Links to all the music played can be found at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist:SwampTrees - Drop MeAzureflux - Vancouver Seawall Brownout –...


BONUS BAG With Grimalkin Records

An actual proper documentary about Grimalkin Records. Their official statement:We're a record label and collective comprised of artists from all over the world to raise money and support social justice and civil rights organizations through releases, benefit shows & zines locally in RVA/Hampton Roads USA and worldwide. Nancy Kells (Spartan Jet-Plex, Womajich Dialyseiz, Merge, Legendary Thunderbirds of Death!, Zilla-Plex, Noxon Light University): Manager, Organizer, Curator, MothaElizabeth...


Ep14: Bless You, Mr Cumberbatch

A special episode featuring a non-speaking Benedict Cumberbatch. There’s also a story about a failed attempt at father/son bonding, some life-altering words of wisdom, and the usual sensational mix of music. Links to all the music played can be found at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist:The Soul Motivators - It Ain't FairKrampf – Sorry Zhea Erose - SilfraJonathan – Heaven Konsumprodukt – Gracita y tuMasato Abe - Loon DanceFaauna - Hongo x HongoPlushgoolash - KrimeN-Noiz – Engines of...


Ep13: It's Just A Bit Weird

Frank lands himself a mysterious new sponsorship deal, implements a new system of financial penalties for unruly listeners, and reaches a compromise with Benedict Cumberbatch. Links to all the music played can be found at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist:Waylon Thornton – Glitter MaidenAudiobinger – The PianestAxial – PapalokoCyrus – PneumaLytton – Interloper Kathy Lowe – I Look For PeaceDamsel - Rubber Knives and SocialitesIndian Junglist - Dopamine of IgnorancePandrezz – Do It Some More...


Ep12: The Orange Special

It’s the Ragbag Orange Special, in which Frank spends forty five minutes eating an orange and describing the process in intricate detail, with some mind-blowing musical interludes. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Well, if anything, it’s even better than it sounds. Listen up. Links to all the music played can be found at www.frankburton.co.uk.Tracklist: Cee-Roo – Blues Today Polyop – GridsŽEN - Sonična TaktikaRÉGIS VICTOR – Contrefaon bien jou de RinchyReal Cumbia Activa - Sabor Global (Original...


BONUS BAG With The Underscore Orkestra

Welcome to the first ever BONUS BAG featuring an interview with the unique phenomenon, The Underscore Orkestra. We catch up with the band after a joyous gig in Liverpool. Band leader Jorge talks to Ragbag about joining the circus, how the band got their name, living in a vegetable oil powered tour bus, and Drinking Whiskey All Night Long. Features The Underscore Orkestra tracks “Skopelitos” and “Whiskey All Night Long”. More information about the band can be found at...


Ep11: Small Change

Frank receives yet another unwanted email from Benedict Cumberbatch. There's a short story about loneliness, some killer life advice and (as always) wonderful, wonderful music. Links to all the music played can be found at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist:Oh No Nuno – Dusty Piano InsideLes Mangelepa - N'kimba (Umoja edit) Vukovar – Veilwhyouarei - lucid (one)whyouarei - lucid (two)D’r Sjaak – MeatjeAnob – CandleThe Ghost of 3.13 - Empty Days Of SummerBad Sista feat. Lei Di Dai - Curtição...


Ep10: Hitting and Running

Frank tells the story of the time he killed a man. Links to all the music played can be found at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist: Les Robots Musiques – Planet 1601110010 – OwlMary Bell - Sink - Sigh – Drown Shades – Track 4Hatom - The RitualAfro D - Teach Dem Fi SurviveMira Ceti - Ani KouniDallas Kincaid – Love n FearsFernando Lagreca – Sleep WellDelta Dreambox – StuckTheme tune: ProleteR - April Showers


Ragbag Ep9: A Bag of Marshmallows in Cardiff

Featuring a mountain goat controversy, the creation of the expression “like trying to find a bag of marshmallows in Cardiff,” and the beginnings of what is destined to be a beautiful friendship. Plus we finally discover what John’s beef is. Links to all the music played can be found at www.frankburton.co.uk. Tracklist:OneDoorLand Instrumental – ProminenceMatt Banham - String Song (feat Summer Flake)Skibblez - Know About ItMakaih Beats – Idgaf Hard TrapTalk Less Say More – Like NeonArt of...