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A podcast about things. By stoners for stoners.

A podcast about things. By stoners for stoners.
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A podcast about things. By stoners for stoners.




RS_S01E05 - We love to play computer games so we waffle about them.

Hey Folks, We are back once again, sorry for the longer than planned gap between episodes. We have been somewhat cursed with this show of late, I went and got myself a concussion and Bungles audio interface blew as we started to record this episdoe so do forgive the dip in his audio quality. Never the less we are back with a fun show, as always we open with a little bit of Vape talk some discussion on the state of the flavour ban in the USA and some new vape mail be both picked up. In the...


RS_S01E04 - The best things to do when stoned (and pulling apart a stoner bucket list)

Hey guys, Back again with another show. First off apologies for the crackle and slight distortion on Bungles end, seemed to be an issue with Discord we couldn't nail down. Will have it fixed by next time (but it's not too bad). Anyway we are back this time firstly run down a stoner bucket list we found online and then give our own opinions on some more realistic great things to when high as kite. That are not limited by physical location of fiscal means. You can read the list for...


RS_S01E03 - The Munchies (feat. Naomi)

Hey guys, We are back again with a fund filled but before w e get into that a little PSA: United Vapers Alliance Rally 9th November From 12:00 to 16:00 The Ellipse @ 1450 Pennsylvania Ave NW We urge all our vaping fans who are able, to attend this rally and show the US government that vapers mater and vapers vote #wevapewevote As much as we would love to due to fiscal reasons we can't be there to support y'all but we can at least spread the word. STAY STRONG AND VAPE ON FRIENDS! So...


RS_S01E02 - Finally... the Stoners have come back to the airwaves.

Hey Guys, So back again, apologies for the long gap between episodes yet a-bloody again. We have been having some technical difficulties and I basically had to re-cable the entire studio to get rid of some god damn feedback. Unfortunately, despite this being a fun ol’ episode the topics are naught but misery and gloom as tis the nature of the world we live in at the moment. This time round we wax lyrical on the moral panic sweeping the states in regard to vaping, Brexit and of course the...


RS_S01E01 - And now for something (not) completely different

Hey Folks, So we are back and we are the same, yet very different. As you may have noticed the podcast has undergone some changes (which are still in flux) but hopefully should be all for the better once we are done. The main thing is we are loosening what little constraints we did have to free us up to waffle even more nonsense and of course get more baked. for those of you here for the vape chatter, it's not going away, but we are gonna be just generally shooting the breeze about more...


S03E06 - Stoner vapes

Heyo good folks!! Sorry for yet another long delay between episodes, but guess you're used to it by now. :P To make it up to you we have a double whammy of episodes, we had recorded one back in October but life being what it is and the problems with our hosting (dude to weird Dutch banking) we where not able to get that one up so it will be uploaded at the same time as this episode. The last episode is just rando-waffle but a fun time none the less so do check it out. On this episode, we...


S03E05 - We forgot this one.

Yo guys, the forgotten episode as promised in the most recent episode. Sorry about the delay in this one, still a fun show, so do check it out.


S03E04 - Hastily Put Together

Howdy Friends, Well, it's been a while but not as long as we thought. I have successfully moved my ass to Amsterdam and both myself and Bungle have our recording setups almost worked out, as such, we thought we would get ourselves into gear and get you guys an episode out. This show (like most) has no real direction, the usual what we have been vaping, I waffle on about some of my initial experiences of the Netherlands but all in all a fun show so check it out! Links Vape Stuff Vapr...



Hey Guys, Not a long show note today as I am uploading this just before leaving for the move to Amsterdam. We recorded this a couple of weeks ago but I wanted to drop it just before I leave to keep time between episode to a minimum. Lots to talk about this show, mainly focusing on the changing attitudes across the globe to cannabis legalization, which is apt given where I am moving to... Any way a fun show as always so check it out.. If you want to get in touch while we are off...


S03E02 - Amsterdam Bound

Yo yo yo! So we are back again, not with the previously advertised episode, well not entirely... So the intention was for a full CBD special however, the peeps we have been talking to haven't managed to get out the documents we asked for. We want to ensure if we are recommending a product we know it's top quality. As a result, the full-on CBD deep dive has been postponed until next time (hopefully), in the meantime, we do hear Dave's experiences with his CBD. The other big news is my...


S03E01 - A New Beginning - Vaper Expo Rundown

Hi Folks, Sorry for the long absence which I cover in detail in this new episode. Quick and short of it is I have been ill AF for a while now. Anywho we are back with what is a new series of a tighter more focused (or at least that's the plan anyway) Rambling Vapers. This time around we give you our rundown on the Vaper Expo @ NEC in Birmingham this past weekend. Our thoughts on the venue, the setup and of course all the wonderful folks we met and chatted with while we were there! We spent...


S02E07 - Now With Added Ben

Hi Guys, Back again for once after not such a long absence. We are joined by new comer to the Podcast our good friend Mr Ben Saxon. He joins us this time to talk science misrepresentation in the media and of course the staple of our show, a load of old bollocks. Sorry this is so late being uploaded as this was recorded over a week ago, just been a hectic week. Another fun show, so check it out! News...


S02E06 - Expert Ramblings (with Ian)

Hi Guys, Well, we are back once again after another longer than intended absence, and once again we are joined by the almighty Pittock. We have a great show for you this time including some vape articles to muse on, some waffle on genetics and sports and many topics which provide great sources of in-depth waffling goodness for your earholes. Usual sections also included where myself and Bungle round up our recent vape acquisitions also a special nod to Vapouraound magazine who featured...


S02E05 - Back Once Again With the Rambling Masters

Hi Guys, Sorry for the hiatus again, the day job is all consuming at the moment. So much so I am uploading this nearly 2 weeks removed from the recording session. We were joined once again by the infamous Marc of dino porn fame, the usual NFSW ramblings take place. Hopefully, we will be able to get another episode out soon but please bear with us whilst I am swamped with work. Music: All music courtesy of the amazing folks at OCRemix - https://ocremix.org/ One Must Rise 2011 - DigE -...


S02E04 - Return Of The Dave

Hello once again good people, we have returned after another longer than the desired absence. It's been a busy few weeks since we last recorded, We have been to Vape Jam, watched a billion lives and been taking part in many activities in our day to day lives. This episode sees the return of the all mighty DAVE! He's come back to give his impressions of Vape Jam, we also sit and talk a lot of politics, largely in part fueled by the awesome documentary by Aaron Beibert - A Billion Lives. We...


S02E03 - The One That Came From Two Rooms

Well, this is an odd episode I must say, we started proceedings by shotting our way through some vodka, which was ill advised. We did manage however to cover off some good topics including HR1136, Vape Jam UK, shitty drip tips and the usual media, politics and gaming ramblings. This is the pre-vape jam UK show and we are hoping to do a wrap-up podcast shortly afterwards. The D&D one is coming, it has just proved a larger editing task than I expected. LINKS --Advocacy-- We have new...


S02E02 - A Game of Two First Halves

Hi Guys, Well after a few minor mishaps and delays episode 2 of season 2 is ready and here for you all to enjoy. This time we are joined once again by the legend himself Mr Ian Pittock as well as my lovely other half and award-winning author Naomi Clark. We have the usual vape news, our month in vaping segments lined up with some good rage articles to get the blood boiling. However, in the second half, we do take on a more serious tone as we discuss the current political state of the world...


S02E01 - Roller-coaster of Terrifying Shit-pile

Well hello there, once again I and Bungle are back. It’s a new year, a new season, a new intro and some new tweaks to the show. Straight of the bat, I should apologize for both myself and Bungle were either just starting or just finishing a bout of the man flu, as such there is a lot of stuffy breathing and sniffles throughout. Firstly, and foremost we are going to be featuring music from artists we like in the “breaks” and giving them a plug during the show, so if you would like your...


S01E12 - The End Times

Hi all you fine folks, We are back for the last time in 2016, and all I can say is what the hell is happening in the world... We are joined by a very special guest this time our good good friend and man of many opinons David, he ahs joined us for some rather unscripted and impromptue Trump bashing. This episode was recorded without any kind of prior prep or script, we just riff for a couple of hours on many topics, and Naomi also makes a return appearance, she couldn't resist putting in...


S01E11 - Batteries Trump Knees

https://www.e-cigarette-forum.com/forum/blogs/mooch.256958/ http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/health-and-families/health-news/e-cigarettes-vaping-exploding-dangers-surgeons-explosions-a7351966.html http://www.telegraph.co.uk/travel/news/vape-cigarette-battery-sets-fire-to-luggage-on-united-flight/ http://www.plymouthherald.co.uk/watch-shocking-footage-of-e-cigarette-exploding-in-vaper-s-pocket-leaving-him-with-severe-burns/story-29868490-detail/story.html http://taki...