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Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 13

"Ranting with the Brain" lamented his bad luck with women and his co -host Alien Girl who calls in and discusses her quitting the podcast. Various callers harass and bash the "Brain".


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 12

Brain and Alien Girl interviewed MK Ultra about his gender bending passions and music. MK Ultra revealed his crush and Valentines date with Alien Girl.


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 11

Episode 11 on “Ranting With The Brain, featuring Alien Girl” marked the stellar debut of The “Brains” new co host, artistically beautiful and otherworldly “Alien Girl”. Topics included her explanations of her alien powers and abduction, as well as troll smack downs , costumes , couch dancing and keeping Brain on a professional level.


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 10

Brain interviewed Barry Boss Agent and Media Star. Discussion included his up and coming podcast on GSPN as well as his cock job and sex tape. Also checking in for the first time on the show beautiful “Alien Girl” who reveals her stunning prowess , her superpowers , Periscope goals , and a powerful speech about trolls.


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 9

On the latest “Ranting With The Brain” Brain was electrocuted with an animal shock collar, interviewed his mother about vibrators and discussed his meet up with Elisa Jordana .


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 8

Show 8 was the best yet as Brain finally rants about GSPN. A-list Whack Packer High Pitch Erik calls in for most of the hour , and is interviewed by Brain and Jeff. The show reaches a climax as Adrienne gives High Pitch phone sex.


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 7

Show seven proved to be lucky as Crimson, a 26 year old amateur surgeon, called in to discuss surgically repairing Brain’s massive hernia in his home. Crimson turned out to be a horny surgeon as she talked about sexual acts she would perform on Brain as part of his recovery therapy. Pasta, a caller from Canada, asked about the origin of the hernia. Brain also told a story about Serial Killer Jack ordering a knock-off Real Doll for Brain, but Jack was pressured to cancel the order when two...


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 6

Show six was the charm as Brain hit his stride and had his best show to date. Brain ranted about his recent problems with a chick on rabbit and about paying to fly Krystal to California to see her kids. Brain’s lack of a sex life and his softball sized hernia were sources of amusement. Great calls from Krystal, Chad and a new young caller named Braxton.


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 5

Brain started his fifth show from a bar but later relocated when it was too noisy. Danny From La called in to discuss his upcoming Christmas Special on GSPN. Brain and Danny also discussed the passing of a very close internet friend and whether they would have sex with a Tranny. Brain talked about his hernia which has grown to the size softball because it has not been addressed. Monotone Matt made his weekly call and Brain spoke to Chef Marc as well. Brain bantered with a new caller that...


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 4

The show started with a new intro which illustrated why the show was named “Ranting with the Brain.” Brain immediately went into the latest drama with Ava and how he lost a $1000 bet to her. Brain went into detail about his troubled past with his sex addition which was triggered by being molested for two years by his baby sitter when he was 7 years old. Later the conversation drifted back to Ava. Brain and Producer Jeff talked about making an Ava Real Doll. There were Good Calls from...


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 3

The show started with Brain explaining why Ava is, no longer his cohost. Danny From LA called in to the dismay of most of the audience. Ashley, a young female from California with double F boobs called in and flirted with Brain. Brain fielded a variety of other calls and riffed with his producer Jeff.


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 2

This week, The Brain and Evil Ava discuss why we are putting Danny from LA in the past, and also cover a fight they had over iMessage. With multiple callers who sounded suspiciously similar, the amazing duo were all to polite and permissive. Ava’s little brother Justin called in looking for advice for his butt wiping problem, but doesn’t seem too keen on the advice he is given! Brain seemed to melt down toward the end of the show, disappointed in his lack of ranting and low energy. He...


Ranting with the Brain Podcast Show Episode 1

In the first episode of Ranting with The Brain and Evil Ava, Brain and Ava discuss their former co-host's premature departure. Will you find out why did Danny From LA quit? Maybe, maybe not. One thing is for sure: Listening to our special guest Kobe Diamond, who is an up and coming rapper and Diamond Mining expert will not help you understand the diamond mining process. Kobe Diamond leaves a questionable impression on the hosts, as did calls from Monotone Matt and Chad Dach.


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