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Come see what we have to say! You just think it.. We ain't afraid to say it! We talk about issues that others avoid and are afraid to talk about. No BS! No Holds Barred!

Come see what we have to say! You just think it.. We ain't afraid to say it! We talk about issues that others avoid and are afraid to talk about. No BS! No Holds Barred!
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Come see what we have to say! You just think it.. We ain't afraid to say it! We talk about issues that others avoid and are afraid to talk about. No BS! No Holds Barred!




All You have to do is Click!

And you shouldn’t have to, really now, come on, don’t do it, don’t take it any more….. On this episode of In Your Face 01-09-2018 crazy train stops at Goal for this year to get more YouTube subscribers, Review of The Greatest Showman, IHOP all you can eat pancakes, Katy Perry Witness the Tour Show Its 5 o’clock somewhere. Don’t fix what aint broke. Help a girl out! Rebel can be pretty funny at times. All it takes is your time. What have you done for yourself lately? Finish what you start....


Welcome to 2018!

It’s a new year, I hope not…. On this episode of In Your Face 01-02-2018 the 20118 crazy train stops at Katy Perry Witness The Tour show, The Greatest Showman review, WWE Wrestle Mania, Dairy Queen in Hammond, and No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else!


No Holds Barred!

Oh are you really, seriously now people…. On this episode of In Your Face 12-26-2017 the crazy train stops at Sexual Harassment, History Repeating, Where are the people with the money, and Tanya Hardin Nancy Kerrigan. The exit of 2017. Have a drink, Its almost New Years! Rebel is opening a can of whip ass! This show may offend you. Chem-trails. Bottled Up Stuff! Casting Couch. Why did you wait so long? Sexual Harassment-all the people coming forward now? Are all these accusations true? Talk...


Holy Christmas!

Merry Christmas…. On this episode of In Your Face 12-19-2017 the crazy train stops at Christ in Christmas. Merry Christmas. This is a very clean show. Special show for Chad. Congrats on getting engaged my friends Chad and Heather. Allied Discount Tire. Read from the Bible.


Things to do for Christmas Time

Oh yes you are and you’re gonna like it to…. On this episode of In Your Face 12-12-2017 the crazy train stops at Snow day, Paw Paws, Mathew in the bible, Eagles in concert, Events and things to do, Presents for xmas, and more. Take your seats and relax. It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. The show engineer is so amazing. Allied Tire and Brakes. All 4 seasons in on week. No Christmas spirit. How to pull up the bible on the internet. Put it in a bigger venue. Sell more tickets. Rebel learned something...


It's a Miserable Life!

You let yourself do it every time. On this episode of In Your Face 12-05-2017 the crazy train stops at Not so Merry Xmas, Not Knowing, Miserable Life, Deluding yourself, No merry in Christmas, and more. No fire, no enthusiasm. What’s with Rebel today? It really sucks. We delude ourselves. This aint no very merry Christmas. Totally off the game today. Life is a joke that isn’t funny. When you go looking for trouble. Call in with you troubles. Rodeos, gang bangs, and all that. Pecker on the...


Not so Christmas, Christmas Show!

You will or you’ll end up on the naughty list…. On this episode of In Your Face 11/28/2017 the crazy train stops at Battle vs. War, Pipeman and Peanut visit, 1st Quarter, Food Reviews and Movie Reviews. On Your Face? Open it and make it bigger? Rebel is using stall tactic. Wrong show for all that nastiness. Battle or war? How do you play the game? Public Service Announcement from Rebel. Pipeman throws off the game today. Big Brother is watching. Oh the song choices are really good! Listener...


Happy Thanksgiving!

I somehow doubt that expression….. On this episode of In Your Face 11/21/2017 the crazy train stops at Thanksgiving, Things to be thankful for, Kick off of the Crazy Family Season, and Shit that can happen when family gets together. Take you seats people. It’s all good. Why did the chat room shrink? Shrinkage is not good. Glad everyone is doing good. The family experience. Turkey facts. Just what are we celebrating on Thanksgiving? Things to be thankful for. Where are you going with life?...


Didn't Expect That!

Placing bets I bet you do…. On this episode of In Your Face 11/07/2017 the crazy train stops at Halloween Candy wrappers that glow, Chips in bank cards, and Boycott the NFL on Veterans Day! It’s 5 o’clock somewhere. Not enough time to explain. In Your Face. Rather be crazy than stupid. Rebel is a walking adult disclaimer. Don’t get your briefs in a bunch. It aint no big thing. Plan to do thing. It is easier to plan ahead then make plans at the last minute. Home Free Timeless World Tour....



Like you have a choice in the matter…. On this episode of In Your Face 10/31/2017 the crazy train stops at HalloweenVille. What did Rebel say? Boo at the Zoo, Cajun Country Corn Maze, Halloween Parties, National Cock Sucking month, Why Trick or Treating is better than Sex, Favorite candy, Mary Jane, Really good songs!


This is One you Need to Hear!

Probably not…. On this episode of In Your Face 10/24/2017 the crazy train stops at Rebel tells ya like it is!, I hope it OFFENDS you!, Halloween legend and traditions, and 10 Dick sucking commandments. Take your seats NOT a knee! Get the Halloweenie juices flowing. Is anything going into the mouth? We have already established the crazy fact. Ya’ll know what month it is? Stall tactics. Priority. Nothing normal here. Beautiful outside. So many things we need to talk about. Jump into a time...


Where will Rebel be?

Take it, give it, get it, It’s all good…. On this episode of In Your Face 10/17/2017 the crazy train stops at National Cock Sucking Month, Values and Morals, Things to do, Communication, and Broken Nails. Somewhere, someway, somehow…. Things going into the mouth its National Cock Sucking Month. Get it where you can. The Church of Cock. Things that may pop up. Rebel is going to hell! Is Rebel here to piss people off? Multi-tasking. Office of the President. Respect. Rebel is not going to tell...


This Show May Offend You!

I bet ya gonna and I bet ya gonna like it…. On this episode of In Your Face 10/10/2017 the crazy train stops at Show respect, Convenience fee, Tips, and Schezwan Sauce Did ya’ll miss me? The corner of walk don’t walk. Don’t walk on the don’t walk. Guest is a no show.My time. Don’t multi task. Not going to rush into it. Please clarify. Does anyone have a myspace? Who listening from another planet? Show respect! Don’t summon it! My Little Pony movie. Convenient for who? Tips. Earn it! This...


Rebel Takes a Stand!

This is where I take a stand….. On this episode of In Your Face 09/26/2017 the crazy train comes to a halt. This show may offend you! Not going to take it and you shouldn’t either. Don’t take a knee, take your seats. I want to hear your comments today. A lot of crap is coming out of Rebel today. Things may offend you today. Just because you have an opinion doesn’t mean your opinion is good. Rebel steps up and speaks her mind. Don’t get you dick twisted. Get you head out of your ass! Freedom...


What's Been Up

You say that but I bet you’re going to take it any way you can get it, just sayin’…. On this episode of In Your Face 09/19/2017 the crazy train stops at What’s been up and All booked up, A pause there. You rock it baby. Spank it anyway! No bout a doubt it! Making time. Priority. Rebel talks about Talk4Media. Talk about the U2 concert in New Orleans. Take time to do stuff. Happy B Day Andy. Rebel needs to edit videos. Life happens. Talk about the Melvins concert in New Orleans. Halloween....


Meet in the Middle

The sad thing is some people have it to take but they are not taking it…… On this episode of In Your Face 09/12/2017 the crazy train stops at Swallow or spit?, Being part of someone’s world, Remembering 911, Priority in life, and Meet in the middle. How much builds up in your mouth when you don’t swallow? Put it in. Just stop. I’m getting there. Swallow or spit? It’s a mood thing. Library cards. That’s good stuff on ITV. Non ya at all! Is that Rebel flying on her broom? Sending a message...


Be Ready Southern Goodbyes

Yeah Right!.... On this episode of In Your Face 09/05/2017 the crazy train stops at Hurricane readiness, The movie IT!, and Southern Goodbyes. Rebel is tired of the weather. Not really looking good. What a shame that so many old people in nursing homes get neglected. Don't drink the water! Protect your valuables. This whole weather thing sucks. You cant take everything with you. Bug out bag? Get off Stupid! Mysterious Meetings. Don't summon it! The movie IT! Going through old show files....


Guest QUINN FONTAINE Hung Like a Seahorse!

Yeah, ya just saying that.... On this episode of In Your Face 08/29/2017 the crazy train stops at Guest QUINN FONTAINE! Dizzy of a show today. Rebel owns her crazy. Making Rebels music teacher proud. Our hearts go out to Texas. Interview with guest QUINN FONTAINE! A look into living in the wrong body. Transgender. Go to: Hung Like a Seahorse: A Real-Life Transgender Adventure of Tragedy, Comedy, and...


Time travel to 1982!

What makes ya think that?.... On this episode of In Your Face 08/15/2017 the crazy train stops 1982. The train turns into a time machine today. Time hop to 1982. Not playing that this week. Pipeman has a pipe in. Sure ain't my first time at the rodeo. Where is 82 gonna take us? Irish Jinger joins the show. What is that noise? Don't mute! All nine planets align on the same side of the sun. Listen to find out more. To enter the Playlist Co Host Contest pick a decade, build a playlist for the...


Derailment Show about Something

Yeah right.... On this episode of In Your Face 08/08/2017 the crazy train derails due to a gas leak in Fl, interactive show, Irish Jinger calls in. You are not alone. Hot chocolate. Oh hell yeah, crazy. It's you b day. There is an evacuation of the Fl studio. There is a gas leak so we have to switch studios during the show. We're a bit thrown off today. Reschedule of the planned show. Rebel hates the mic mess ups. Does the studio have gremlins? People get off on the control they have. Irish...