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Our podcast is new but I think we've got funny, interesting content and we're excited to build out our listening base.

Our podcast is new but I think we've got funny, interesting content and we're excited to build out our listening base.
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Our podcast is new but I think we've got funny, interesting content and we're excited to build out our listening base.








Episode 13 - They're Reely Hooligans, pt. 2

In the conclusion to our interview with the Reel Hooligans, we talk about Chris' favorite subject, STAR WARS, how David has found a fun way to torture his wife with sad films, how to raise kids in the age of the internet, and how important movies are to understanding our social narrative. Theme song: Something Elated by Broke for Free


Episode 13 - They're Reely Hooligans, pt. 1

Tim English and his partner in film criticism David Cain, they of Reel Hooligans fame, join the podcast to review Alien: Covenant, and talk about finding smart messages in dumb movies, our shared appreciation of film, parenting tips and how kids run the show, our love for the Kansas City Royals, our nerdish ways, and how the Reel Hooligans came to be. Like RDtM? Please take a moment to rate us on iTunes or your preferred podcast app. Theme song: Something Elated by Broke for Free


Episode 12 - The Cousin-in-law

Chris’ cousin in-law Justin joins the podcast to talk about dating in your 30s, retiring in your 40s, expectations for fatherhood, living happy lives during unhappy times, how we miss the USSR, and the speed of new technology. Got a question for the podcast? Hit us at rdtmpodcast@gmail.com Theme song: Something Elated by Broke for Free


Episode 11 - Osama Bin Baby

Tucker Poling, Vice Chair of the Johnson County (KS) Democratic Party, joins RDtM to talk about the demands of being a stay-at-home dad, his former life as a litigator, the now-faded rivalry between MU and KU, his role within the JoCoDems, rising white angst, and the unhinged state of U.S. politics. Got a question? Email us at rdtmpodcast@gmail.com. You can also follow us on twitter @rdtmpodcast and on Facebook. Music: Something Elated by Broke for Free



Time to "Define the Relationship." But don't worry, we're not breaking up. Music: Something Elated by Broke for Free


Episode 10 - I Like Saying "P.P."

Bonyen Lee-Gilmore, Director of Communication for Planned Parenthood Great Plains, joins Chris & Travis to talk about the many services Planned Parenthood provides, reducing the stigma placed on sexual health and reproductive rights, the importance of talking about politics - even during non-election years, how our listeners can support P.P., and how Travis' dating life is one of her favorite subjects. To learn more about PinkOut, PP Great Plains' fundraiser on Friday, April 28, visit...


Episode 9 - Nightsmoke

Independent graphic novelist Scott Drummond joins us to talk about how Travis is his muse, the inspiration for his book Nightsmoke, the Midwest comic book scene and influential Kansas City artists, promoting your work at Cons, his Kickstarter campaign, identifying with minority superheroes, and how you can’t undo real life. You can read Nightsmoke at: http://www.nightsmokecomic.com/ Music: Something Elated by Broke for Free


Episode 8 - Jeremy Piven's Spaceballs

Travis and Chris talk short ex-girlfriends, old man habits, United Airlines, political ads, what we'd do if we won the lottery, Travis makes fun of Reggae music, the new Star Wars trailer, haircuts, Alien spoofs and whether babies are parasites. Plus, they save a dog - for real. Email us at rdtmpodcast@gmail.com - follow us on Twitter @rdtmpodcast Music: Something Elated by Broke for Free


Episode 7 - Dorky Dancing

Travis talks about finding a girl to dance with in his kitchen, Kansas City gets buzzed by an alien spaceship, Chris talks to Travis about earphone etiquette, and we discuss world events. The link to the Taco Bell Triple Double Crunchwrap review: https://youtu.be/Od-sF2OnTyM The link to the presentation of President Trump's salary check to the National Park Service: https://www.themarysue.com/trump-donate-salary-national-parks/ As always, you can email us at rdtmpodcast@gmail.com Music is...


Episode 6 - Violent Sneezes and T-Rex Tats

This week, we talk about MLB's opening day, fantasy baseball, New York sisters, T-Rex tattoos, violent sneezes, eating with women who aren't your wife, dress codes, marijuana laws, and how well Travis can rock a cardigan. Here's a link to the Paul Walker statue surf bros: http://jalopnik.com/these-guys-who-want-a-paul-walker-statue-are-the-hope-t-1793637735 And here's a link to Travis' friend Tony's film: https://www.intothewhoknows.com/ Follow us on Twitter @RDtMPodcast and email us at...


Episode 5, Part 2 - I'm Thinking Burritos

This week on the podcast, we talk with Chris' brother Shawn about online dating, riding scooters in Rome, gym bros, sports injuries, MU and KU fans, the outlook for Royals and Cardinals baseball, and how Champagne is over-rated. Email us at rdtmpodcast@gmail.com Music is Something Elated by Broke for Free


Episode 5, Part 1 - Goose, Brick or Squirrel?

In the first half of Episode 5, Chris and Travis discuss travel for work, our worst commuter aircraft experiences, give fact-finding updates on Puerto Rico and the NFL's physical exam procedures, talk about the withdrawal of the AHCA, give praise to moderate Republicans, and discuss sponsor activities. Check back on Thursday for Episode 5 Part 2. Want to learn more about scooters? Check out http://www.scooterworldkc.com/ Got a question for us? Email Chris and Travis at...


Episode 4 - Why God Gave Us Two Eyes

In our fourth episode, we recount our St. Patrick's Day celebrations, Travis's penguin selfie, whether bidets are for men or women, how the World Baseball Classic is shaping up, and we take our first listener email. You can contact us at rdtmpodcast@gmail.com Here are the two links: Irish PM Kenny's remarks: https://www.buzzfeed.com/davidmack/the-fightin-irish?utm_term=.tyG8O1zpr#.uiw2qYrDy The link to Scott Drummond's Nightsmoke: http://www.nightsmokecomic.com/ Enjoy!


Episode 3 - Narcissists and Nosey Dads

We talk about the week that was, our health screenings, and touch again on the dangers of ice skating – especially in foreign countries. Travis reveals his love for the television show Two Broke Girls, his certainty that making a podcast is narcissistic, and his refusal to let his dad listen to the podcast. Our music is Something Elated by Broke for Free. Got a question for Chris and Travis? Email us at rdtmpodcast@gmail.com


Episode 2 - Old Donuts and Pushy Babies

After a big night in, Chris and Travis try to avoid the sophomore slump. We hit all the big points - conspiracy theories, what's new in Kansas City and the country at-large, and take a couple of side trips, just for the heck of it. There's also a bonus segment this week, where we talk to the guy on the couch about the new movie Logan. This week's music is Chopping the Piano, by Ryan Little.


Episode 1 - Do Robots Dream?

As it's our first episode, introductions are in order. We also talk about some national politics and professional sports, in addition to other, random topics. Sit back and enjoy!