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Episode 33 : The Elder Cheddar

Your party heads to the town of Muenster to help the townsfolk with some problems with their food festival. Déjà vu! Haven't we done this before? It's true, your party has been here once a long, long time ago to help the town's cheese festival. Now we're at Muenstar Space Port to help them with their sausage festival. Last time went so smoothly, surely we won't have any issues today… This week the Risks celebrate their one-year podcast anniversary with a return to episode one with a remix!...


Episode 32 : Flying The Unfriendly Skies

What to do when your airship won't take off? Are there any adventurers on board? Your party assists the orc engineer Blood-letter the Arcane Loser and his airship maintenance woes, just another day in Faerun! This week the Risks create an adventure around a mundane airship flight… just kidding, what flight goes off as planned? Fantasy airports have their own issues but your party can help get their airship off the ground with their wits and combat prowess! References include Santa...


Episode 31 : Pimp My Wagon

When your party wanders into a fantastical casino pool hall with a flashy golem vehicle customizer, they're inundated with fun things to do! They could play Quilliard (Quidditch and Billiards), partake of snacks and beverages, prevent the casino from being robbed? This week the Risks create an adventure around helping a golem deal with it's emotional growth, getting their ride pimped, and just having a fun time at a ritzy casino. Hopefully nothing ruins our golem's romantic endeavors… Surely...


Episode 30 : Things That Go Vape in the Night

Your party ventures into a peaceful park one evening and finds a blood drive cart staffed by a… dracula?! Don't worry, this is a kind dracula who collects blood for their fellow draculas to keep their violent natures under control. However, not everyone is okay with draculas roaming the city… This week the Risks bring in an entirely new species called 'Draculas' in a pleasant park to help plan a fun event! However a powerful vampire who is anti-dracula, attempts to sabotage your event and...