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Episode 33 : The Elder Cheddar

Your party heads to the town of Muenster to help the townsfolk with some problems with their food festival. Déjà vu! Haven't we done this before? It's true, your party has been here once a long, long time ago to help the town's cheese festival. Now we're at Muenstar Space Port to help them with their sausage festival. Last time went so smoothly, surely we won't have any issues today… This week the Risks celebrate their one-year podcast anniversary with a return to episode one with a remix!...


Episode 32 : Flying The Unfriendly Skies

What to do when your airship won't take off? Are there any adventurers on board? Your party assists the orc engineer Blood-letter the Arcane Loser and his airship maintenance woes, just another day in Faerun! This week the Risks create an adventure around a mundane airship flight… just kidding, what flight goes off as planned? Fantasy airports have their own issues but your party can help get their airship off the ground with their wits and combat prowess! References include Santa...


Episode 31 : Pimp My Wagon

When your party wanders into a fantastical casino pool hall with a flashy golem vehicle customizer, they're inundated with fun things to do! They could play Quilliard (Quidditch and Billiards), partake of snacks and beverages, prevent the casino from being robbed? This week the Risks create an adventure around helping a golem deal with it's emotional growth, getting their ride pimped, and just having a fun time at a ritzy casino. Hopefully nothing ruins our golem's romantic endeavors… Surely...


Episode 30 : Things That Go Vape in the Night

Your party ventures into a peaceful park one evening and finds a blood drive cart staffed by a… dracula?! Don't worry, this is a kind dracula who collects blood for their fellow draculas to keep their violent natures under control. However, not everyone is okay with draculas roaming the city… This week the Risks bring in an entirely new species called 'Draculas' in a pleasant park to help plan a fun event! However a powerful vampire who is anti-dracula, attempts to sabotage your event and...


Episode 29: Tick-Tock Goes The Clock

When your party is stranded on an island of anthropomorphic animals, they're hired to explore an abandoned submarine of human make, but they're not the only ones interested in this artifact! This week the Risks take you to a maritime museum and its dragon caretaker, who hires the party due to their small size and dexterous fingers to explore and operate a human-sized submarine. However they get caught in a scuffle with the local ruffians, and even worse, something is coming after the...


Episode 13 : Auld Lang Syne

Have you gotten your New Year's resolutions figured out yet? We resolve to bring you more great one-shot adventures, and this week kicks it off with the theme "Auld Lang Syne". To ring in the new year, the old year has to die, that's where your adventuring party comes in! Join returning NPC Father Sandy Time as you keep time flowing properly and the new year's party rocking. What lies under the Chrono Dragon temple? How do you kill an "old year"? Find out on this week's episode! References...


Episode 12 : Two Day Delivery

We're closing in on the holiday season, have you finished all your gift shopping? Not everyone has, and your adventuring party needs to help the local courier company get deliveries out to hazardous destinations. Now, who could be receiving gifts in the far corners of the continent? What dangers await your adventuring party? Plus, who is that familiar NPC? Tune in and find out! References include marshmallowy breakfast cereal, Talespin, and a brand new character race called the Ruxpins.


Episode 11 : Dragons & Dungeons

A GUTSY episode this week, we wanted to turn the old trope on its head. Instead of traversing a dungeon and fighting a dragon, we invite you to take your players into a dragon to fight a dungeon. The friendly local dragon requires the aid of adventurers to clear out some problematic items it swallowed, so what kind of stuff do you expect to find inside a massive dragon? References include Indiana Jones, Legend of Zelda and a hearty helping of vitamin D&D.


Episode 10 : Do Liches Poop

The Risks return from a Thanksgiving holiday break to bring you a warm, fresh adventure straight from the oven of their MINDS. Thanks to listener Allison for the prompt this week of "Do Liches Poop?". Join the magic academy teacher Miss Strix as she leads you into and (hopefully) out of a lich's digestive system, what could possibly go wrong? References include Jimmy Buffet, World of Warcraft, and Fraggle Rock.


Episode 9 : Fowl Play

The season of giving thanks is upon us! What do the Risk's give thanks for? Other than you beautiful listeners, we give thanks for a plethora of exciting one-shot ideas! This week's theme is "Fowl Play". Sounds like your players may not have a carefree, ravenous Thanksgiving at this adventurer's table, they'll have to do more than sing for their supper! Join us for a seasonally thematic journey through dire jungle raccoons, Inspector Gadget, and Cooking Mama challenges.


Episode 8 : The Gravy Boat

ALL ASHORE! This week, the Risks are preparing for the upcoming gluttonous holidays with an adventure around the theme "Gravy Boat". A heist job in a dystopian setting where they steal… bars of frozen gravy?! Now, what are they going to do with a one-shot like that? How about references to TMNT, Venture Brothers, and Robocop, give it a listen and let us know what you think!


Episode 7 : Saving Daylight Time

This Sunday marks Daylight Savings Time here in the U.S., so how about an adventure around the theme "Saving Daylight Time"? The Risks create a 5e styled learner module where your players will play an integral role in saving time using… daylight? Join us for an exciting time-based adventure with references to Rocky IV, Brendan Fraser's flagging career, and some really bad Christopher Walken impressions.


Episode 6 : Shark Noir

BEEFY episode this week, we had a wonderful topic from listener @KatHumanArt of Undersea City with a side of shark sacrifice. How will the Risks shape this prompt into a one-shot adventure? Give it a listen and see if it turns out how you expected it to. Talking points include mustard gas, Little Nemo, and Phallic Palace.


Episode 5 : Vild Vild Vest

Continuing with our Spook-tober theme, this week's topic is Vild Vild Vest, and how to introduce your party to some vampire cowboys! However, there are more dark secrets in this Wild West town than just vampires, check out the Risk's twist on a spaghetti western adventure. Talking points include giant mechanical scorpions, snorting garlic salt, and evil noodles.


Episode 4 : Abandoned Amusement Park

Ready for a fun afternoon at an amusement park? Maybe not so fun after the Risks get their grubby mitts on it. Prepare for an adventure inside an abandoned amusement park with plenty of twists and turns! Thanks to listener Jed for the suggestion! Talking points include dill relish teardrops, Reboot, and a Dippin' Dots hand-cannon.


Episode 3 : The Great Pumpkin

Merry Spook-tober everyone! This week's episode theme is 'The Great Pumpkin' a la Charlie Brown, but with a classic Risks & Rewards twist on it. Talking points include Boy Meets World, Phil Collins, and Guardians of the Galaxy.


Episode 2 : Cursed Spirits

Happy Hallow-month! This week's prompt is "Cursed Spirits", what is that supposed to mean I hear you ask? Spooky shenanigans ensue in this one-shot freshly brainstormed up by the Risks! Talking points include the British Baking Show, Voltron, and The Dresden Files.


Episode 1 : The Dark Mage's Storage Room

In our first episode, the Risks brainstorm a one-shot adventure around the prompt "dark mage's storage room". Join us for the premier episode with references to Alice in Wonderland, laxatives, and carnivorous cows.