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Episode 27 : Welcome to FairyMart

When your party wanders into a Fey convenience store, they unwittingly enter into a purchasing agreement with the dryad that runs the place. Without the local currency, your party will have to find an alternative way to satisfy their fey contract! This week, the Risks use a new TECHNOLOGICALLY ADVANCED method for creating their adventure prompts, which gave us: A dryad botanist in a historical convenience store must translate something. What is getting translated? What kind of locals will...


Episode 26 : Heart of the Desert

When your intrepid adventurers defeat a powerful wizard, he uses his final breath to curse them all! Your party falls victim to a strange and fatal ailment and their research uncovers the only antidote is the heart of an adult purple worm! Their trek leads them to a desert with a mysterious and roguish guide who takes them to the lair of the massive beast they must defeat before the curse claims them. References include JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, Space Jam, and a Brendan Fraser classic...


Episode 25 : Spooky Necromancer Supreme

When your party has a loved one KIDNAPPED from under their nose, what will they go through to save them? This week, the Risks create a horror themed one-shot around a necromancer stealing children to guard his dark wizard tower. What are those children guarding? What is this wizard's end goal? Whose child is this?! Delve into this spooky ascent to rescue a stolen child and maybe find some sweet magical loot on the way! References include delicious dungeon hors d'oeuvres, goblin kings, and...


Episode 24 : Oozing with Sexy

The Risks are back from an extended spring break with a new format and new ideas for one shots! When your party is responsible for the death of a young courier, his dying wish is for them to finish delivering a mysterious parcel. The parcel brings the group to a house of, ahem, "ill repute". However there is more to this brothel than meets the eye! Dive into the sexy cellar and find out what kind of shenanigans the matron of the house is getting into, and maybe deliver that package?!...


Episode 23 : Rainbow Robbery

Another day, another gold piece! Your party picks up an extra ODD job; the town's outhouses are being individually destroyed, and causing townsfolk severe consternation. Who would destroy public restrooms one by one? The local carpenter? Ruffians? Or something more sinister… A fat reward awaits your party if they can solve this unusual whodunit! Thanks to Twitter user @theartguyplays for the prompt idea, "gazeebo whodunit"! Lily's little monster this week is 'Clowy' a cool killer moth!...


Episode 21 : Desserted Island

Yo ho, yo ho! It’s a fine day for an adventure on the high seas! When your players run aground on an unmapped island, they explore, looking for a way to repair their wrecked ship. However the situation is much stickier than they initially realized and much sweeter?! Welcome to the DESSERTED Island, a deliciously DANGEROUS island that serves as bait to an enormous creature… How will your party deal with this unsavory situation? Thanks to Twitter user @JordanJoze for the prompt idea,...


Episode 18 : High Tech Hijinks

Time for a nice, relaxing beach resort vacation for your adventuring party, right? Not this time! The mechanical creations around the resort are running amok, and the gnome inventors that run the place need an intrepid group of adventurers to get to the bottom of this high tech hullabaloo! Thanks to Twitter user @theartguyplays for the prompt idea! References include Crossfire, BattleBots, and Inspector Gadget.


Episode 16 : Chrono Cops

When time travel becomes possible, who keeps the timeline safe? The world needs CHRONO COPS to travel through time and stop any nefarious plots to change the past. Your players travel back to a 60s era music festival to track down a monster designed by… a 6 year old?! We had our daughter design and describe the big bad of this episode, so give it a listen and let us know what you think! References include: Carl Winslow, Arnold-like landings, and sweet, bedazzled denim jackets.


Episode 15 : Fiendish Library

It's always good to read more books, educate yourself on new topics, or escape into a world of adventure, but what happens when those books encourage violence? Bring your players to a Fiendish Library, filled with books on murder techniques and propaganda posters against the fiends that roam the land! What will happen when your players find the dark underbelly of the library, filled with anti-human books and fiendish patrons! Just who is running this library anyway?! References include:...


Episode 14 : Murder Mystery Party

It's only January, and already the Risks are bringing the spooks to your tabletop gaming table. This episode features a bit less comedy and a lot more gothic horror with this week's theme of "Murder Mystery Party". Thanks to Twitter user @RPGAuthorApp for the suggestion! When your players arrive at a mansion for talks with a wealthy patron about a sponsorship, they don't expect to take part in a murder mystery, much less one where they're all murderers?! Will anyone make it through the...


Episode 13 : Auld Lang Syne

Have you gotten your New Year's resolutions figured out yet? We resolve to bring you more great one-shot adventures, and this week kicks it off with the theme "Auld Lang Syne". To ring in the new year, the old year has to die, that's where your adventuring party comes in! Join returning NPC Father Sandy Time as you keep time flowing properly and the new year's party rocking. What lies under the Chrono Dragon temple? How do you kill an "old year"? Find out on this week's episode! References...


Episode 12 : Two Day Delivery

We're closing in on the holiday season, have you finished all your gift shopping? Not everyone has, and your adventuring party needs to help the local courier company get deliveries out to hazardous destinations. Now, who could be receiving gifts in the far corners of the continent? What dangers await your adventuring party? Plus, who is that familiar NPC? Tune in and find out! References include marshmallowy breakfast cereal, Talespin, and a brand new character race called the Ruxpins.


Episode 11 : Dragons & Dungeons

A GUTSY episode this week, we wanted to turn the old trope on its head. Instead of traversing a dungeon and fighting a dragon, we invite you to take your players into a dragon to fight a dungeon. The friendly local dragon requires the aid of adventurers to clear out some problematic items it swallowed, so what kind of stuff do you expect to find inside a massive dragon? References include Indiana Jones, Legend of Zelda and a hearty helping of vitamin D&D.


Episode 10 : Do Liches Poop

The Risks return from a Thanksgiving holiday break to bring you a warm, fresh adventure straight from the oven of their MINDS. Thanks to listener Allison for the prompt this week of "Do Liches Poop?". Join the magic academy teacher Miss Strix as she leads you into and (hopefully) out of a lich's digestive system, what could possibly go wrong? References include Jimmy Buffet, World of Warcraft, and Fraggle Rock.


Episode 8 : The Gravy Boat

Choo choo! This week, the Risks are preparing for the upcoming gluttonous holidays with an adventure around the theme "Gravy Boat". A heist job in a dystopian setting where they steal… bars of frozen gravy?! Now, what are they going to do with a one-shot like that? How about references to TMNT, Venture Brothers, and Robocop, give it a listen and let us know what you think!


Episode 7 : Saving Daylight Time

This Sunday marks Daylight Savings Time here in the U.S., so how about an adventure around the theme "Saving Daylight Time"? The Risks create a 5e styled learner module where your players will play an integral role in saving time using… daylight? Join us for an exciting time-based adventure with references to Rocky IV, Brendan Fraser's flagging career, and some really bad Christopher Walken impressions.


Episode 6 : Shark Noir

BEEFY episode this week, we had a wonderful topic from listener @KatHumanArt of Undersea City with a side of shark sacrifice. How will the Risks shape this prompt into a one-shot adventure? Give it a listen and see if it turns out how you expected it to.


Episode 5 : Vild Vild Vest

Continuing with our Spook-tober theme, this week's topic is Vild Vild Vest, and how to introduce your party to some vampire cowboys! However, there are more dark secrets in this Wild West town than just vampires, check out the Risk's twist on a spaghetti western adventure.


Episode 4 : Abandoned Amusement Park

Ready for a fun afternoon at an amusement park? Maybe not so fun after the Risks get their grubby mitts on it. Prepare for an adventure inside an abandoned amusement park with plenty of twists and turns! Thanks to listener Jed for the suggestion!


Episode 3 : The Great Pumpkin

Merry Spook-tober everyone! This week's episode theme is 'The Great Pumpkin' a la Charlie Brown, but with a classic Risks & Rewards twist on it.