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It's Like Fingernail Polish, But For Your Teeth: Episode 89

Hard-hitting, fair and balanced, the most trusted... the weirdest news. This week we talk about how a certain optical illusion could mess up your vision if you look at it too long, the only man buried on the moon, an experiment with sound to make cheese tastier, a self-balancing walking stick that stands on it's own, a font that helps you remember what you read, a website(who paid 99 cents) that charges 99 cents to see who else has paid 99 cents, a restaurant that lets you pay according to...


Purple Aliens, An Ant Steals A Diamond, The Richest Pets, and Records You Can Break: Episode 88

Here's a bunch of news stories separated by commas. That weird glow in the sky isn’t an aurora... It’s Steve, a tiny ant tries to walk away with a little diamond, extraterrestrial life might be purple, the richest pets in the world, the new 2019 Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, and records you can break yourself. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Halloween, Hoaxes, and More Weird News: Episode 87

We read the whole internet and then tell you about the weird and/or funny news. This week's guest is writer Jim Cooper ( and we talk about spider webs that cover a lake shore, 13 runners who break Guinness records, top 10 popular Halloween costumes this year, the new fashion trend called nosewarmers, a satellite fuel tank that crashed down in a California orchard, a robot finger attachment for your mobile phone, and few hoaxes from history, including the...


Fake Moon, and The Trash Geyser: Episode 86

This week Offroad is with Oddsock and they're talking about an artificial moon that China is planning to launch , 5 squirrels with their tails tangled together, a rock that turns out to be meteorite, the cat pajama jam, the Yellowstone geyser that erupts trash, and more! It’s Robot Pizza Van. Take any 3 words and put them together, eventually that will be a new thing. Robot Pizza Van. Each week we read the entire internet and tell you about the weird and funny stuff. Music by Uncle Milk...


Strange Sounds: Episode 85

This week we're with Borg and we're talking about the sound of plasma waves on Saturn, Jupiter's electromagnetic sounds, the museum of endangered sounds, screaming sausages, and the gold record that the U.S.A. sent into space with a message for aliens. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


How To Start Your Own Country: Episode 84

Robot Pizza Van is a podcast about the weird, the funny and the unusual. This week, a micro nation is a small area or group of people that claim to be independent country, although they aren't recognized by other countries. What does it take to be a real country? Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


5 Things To Do After You Die: Episode 83

Offroad finds a bunch of weird news stories and tells his two co-hosts, Rygar and Borg, to try to make them laugh. Normally it's three guys but this week it's only one guy trying to make himself laugh. This week we have the top 5 cool things to do with your cremation ashes. We've also got a story about real fish with plastic googly eyes. Then we talk about a guy who put up an electric fence to keep the kids out of his yard. And Jim Cooper calls in with his "Interesting News" segment. Did I...


Edible Water And Sneaker Laces: Episode 82

If you're a regular listener then you've probably noticed that this, and the past two episodes have been reruns of previous episodes. We've been taking a break while we play our most popular episodes from the vault. We will have a new show next week. If your a new listener... never mind. This week we examine edible water bubbles. We don’t eat or drink any, we just examine… the idea. We’re also talking about a Harvard study on the physics behind why shoelaces come untied… and the feet that...


Rat Cafe: Episode 81

Rygar, Offroad and Borg present another set of unusual stories from the internet. Cat cafes, dog cafes and even a rat cafe. But first we chat about the hard-hitting questions that everyone’s been dying to know: What kind of coffee do you like? What kind of hipster? How tall is America? Why does Charlie Chaplin have the same mustache as Hitler? There exist cat cafes where you can drink coffee while you hang around with free-roaming cats. There are also dog cafes which are very similar to the...


Spin Cycle: Episode 80

This is a re-release of episode 13. Let's take a break and look back at the way things were. We spend a bit of time watching a wash machine cycle (we review someone else’s review) and it’s some of the most fun I’ve had in a while. There’s suspense, heartache, thrills, and... cats! Here’s a little spoiler: 1600 RPMs! Lyrebird is a startup with new speech synthesis technology. They can take a one minute recording of someone’s voice and use it to generate a key which can then be used to...


Zombie Cat: Episode 79

A family buried the wrong pet, police accidentally pepper spray the Tour De France, two men escape from a nursing home to attend a heavy metal show, a 14 year old is running for governor, a captured fugitive was recorded doing the 'in my feelings challenge', and Jim Cooper with "interesting news". Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Flippy The Flipper: Episode 78

Reading the whole internet and bringing you the weird. This week a woman escapes from a cougar using telepathy, Flippy the robotic hamburger flipper is moving up to the big leagues, and a parasite that reduce your fear of failure. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Hybrid Dolphins, Tiny Pizza Chairs, and Baby Shark Thieves: Episode 77

This week we talk about thieves that steal a shark by dressing it like a baby. Then, you know that little plastic thing that keeps the pizza box from squishing the pizza? It's called a pizza table and now you can get tiny little matching pizza chairs. We also talk about a man who dug a hole in his living room to look for treasure. Finally, those crazy scientists are at it again and this time they've discovered a new hybrid dolphin. There's a lot of weird stuff on the internet and not enough...


Gibberish Song, Literally Poisonous Books, and Combustible Tortilla Chips: Episode 76

This week Borg hosts this episode as we talk about literally poisonous books, a bot that negotiates your bills, a gibberish song, and combustible tortilla chips. There are some old books that are covered in poison, just like in that novel "The Name of the Rose". There's also this chatbot that will chat with your bills and try to negotiate you a better price. Then Prisencolinensinainciusol is song that supposed to sound like English to people who don't speak English, but it's complete...


Crow Vending Machine: Episode 75

This week we talk about drunk seagulls, crow vending machines, the lunar wave, and lighting a cigarette off of a burning car. There's a lot of weird stuff on the internet and not enough time to look through all of it. We find all of the unusual news and scrunch it into about a half hour. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Cats on the Internet: Episode 74

Cats and the internet, sarcophagus soup, an accident prone koala, internet shutdown in Algeria, and Reddit's shower thoughts. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Helicopter Prison Break, Accidental Car Theft, and the Woman Mistaken for Dead: Episode 73

It’s Robot Pizza Van, where we read the entire internet to bring you the odd interesting and unusual news stories, my name is Offroad and today we’re talking about A woman who was found alive in the morgue, a helicopter prison break, an accidental car theft, and the Flynn Effect. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Rat Eats Cash, Snail Memory Transfer, and Odd Promotional Product: Episode 72

A rat eats $19,000 in cash, memory is transferred between two snails, meat scented candles, and a kid is cleaning up the ocean. Special appearance by Mathman. A rat got into an ATM machine and nibbles all the bills. Find out how you can tell if rats have eaten YOUR money. Then, scientists transfer the memory of one snail to the mind of another snail. We also look at the hottest new condiment merchandising - meat scented candles (I forgot these are candles and I've been eating them). Finally...


Turtle Crossing: Episode 71

Some drivers intentionally hit turtles. Leonidas of Rhodes holds an Olympic record for around 2,000 years, until recently. A severed rattlesnake head bites a man. A wolf-like creature is discovered in Montana. Is it the Game of Thrones dire wolf? A poor little squirrel was rescued from his overgrown teeth. Mid-year resolutions. Justin Trudeau's left eyebrow has gone off the hook and other strange video artifacts. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit Friends of the van...


Woolly Mammoths? We'll Get Around To It: Episode 70

Some guy is selling a hot dog in a bottle of water, Hot Dog Water. Scientists found a 99 million year old frog that was trapped in amber, along with the beetle that the frog was about to eat. Cloning woolly mammoths? We'll get around to it. You know those tiny bottles of alcohol? A truckload of them spilled on a highway. Earlier it was a truckload of spaghetti sauce. Before that it was bourbon and before that it was frozen pizzas. All spilled on highways... in the same state. Bring...