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Drink With A Toe: Episode 68

We read the entire internet and here's some things. To qualify for an internship at one of the world's largest candy company you have to identify every Skittle flavor blindfolded. Changing the subject, there is an iPhone case that doubles as a 20 pound dumbbell so you can... I don't know. But hey, here's a different thing... sharks will listen to jazz if you give them food and there's a restaurant that gives it's patrons water pistols to fight off the seagulls. Which reminds me... there's a...


Robot Politicians, Audio Illusions, Mussels on Opioids, and a Dead Man's Finger:Episode 67

A robot is running for Mayor, we listen to a few audio illusions, Seattle mussels test positive for opioids, the police use a dead man's finger to unlock a phone, and Somebody Spilled Something Somewhere. Music by Uncle Milk and The Zombie Dandies Follow us wherever you listen to podcasts. @robotpizzavan on Twitter


Secrets of Alphabet Speghetti, A Weird Gun, Ducks That Speed, and A New Joggling Record: Episode 66

Each week we read the entire internet and then tell you about the funny parts. This week find out which letters are in a can of alphabet spaghetti and if it spell anything. Then a gun is discovered sticking out of a car's bumper, science has a new theory as to why ice is slippery, a duck is caught speeding, and there is a new joggling world record. Still 99% politics free and it would have been 100 except that I mentioned the word politics twice now. Music by Uncle Milk and The Zombie...


Accidental Zombie Alert, Cheetos Shortage, and the Amenities of an $85 Million Apartment: Episode 65

An accidental zombie alert goes out over the public emergency system... again. If they keep doing this then when the real zombies come nobody is going to believe it. We've got a classic case of 'the boy who cried zombie'. Also, a woman claims that Oreo never paid a prize that she won. Then, New York is running out of Cheetos. And finally, an $85 million dollar apt comes with trip to space and other anemones... enemies...amenities! These are the newses! Music by Uncle Milk Follow us...


Weird Voicemails, Phone Booth Stuffing, Polished Tin Foil, and The Tiny Tooth Sensor: Episode 64

Phone booth stuffing was an attempt to see how many people could fit inside of a phone booth. Phone booth stuffing also sounds like it could be a side dish at a the AT&T company picnic. Before that, we get a voicemail about weird and mysterious voicemails from the 'What The Podcast' ( And before both of those two other things we discover that it takes a lot of work to create a polished aluminum foil ball. And finally,...


Zombie Raccoons, Exploding Ants, Why Haven't Aliens Visited Earth and Borg's Pet Fly: Episode 63

Offroad, Rygar and Borg read the entire internet to find the newsiest stories for you. This week… why haven't aliens visited earth, zombie raccoons, a man waters a plant for his late wife, and exploding ants. Also today, for the first time, we learn the name of Borg’s pet fly. Music by Uncle Milk @robotpizzavan on Twitter


The Typo That Won the War, a 44 Furby Organ, Robot Strippers, Phone Bans and Things: Episode 62

Hey, this time… The typo that won the war, a 44 Furby organ, robot strippers, and other things. Ok, the other things are... a paper airplane folding machine, some of Yoko Ono's art was stolen, a student that works around the phone ban, and ladies and gentleman, today we meet Borg's pet fly. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit @robotpizzavan on Twitter


The Race for Underachievers, 500 Dollar Fine for an Apple, and Selfie Monkey in Court: Episode 61

This week... The .5k race for underachievers... Selfie monkey loses in court... A woman is fined $500 for an apple... A man attacked by a shark, mauled by a bear and bit by a snake... And more... news! 'What The Podcast' left us a voice mail about new developments with the AI Robot named Sophia. Check out their show about paranormal and conspiracy stuff on iTunes or SoundCloud - Music by Uncle Milk For more visit Friends of the...


Slowest Roller Coaster Crash, Flat-Earther's Rocket, and Gold Falls From The Sky: Episode 59

You want to hear the news that they're not telling you, the news that has been hidden from your eyes thirsty for the quenching refreshment of truth. Thirsty eyes. The most important information has been hidden in plain sight, in the guise of seemingly random, silly and weird news stories. Here's what I found this week - The slowest roller coaster completely stops in the middle of a ride and no one noticed. A man builds his own steam powered rocket so he can launch it high enough to see...


Cobots, Gobots, and Twitter Bots

What do robots that work alongside people, cars that transform into other things, and government propaganda have in common? No, I'm asking you. I don't know. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit @robotpizzavan


What's In My Facebook Data: Episode 57

A glitch breaks Facebook for a minute, Elon Musk deletes his Facebook accounts, and I take a look at the data Facebook has about me. There's a story from the beginning of this year when Facebook glitched out for a minute and told people that there was nothing new to see, no new posts... nothing. That was a simpler time. Elon musk has deleted his Facebook accounts including one for SpaceX, Tesla, and one that kind of looks like his personal page. Then Offroad downloads the data that...


Be A Choice: Episode 56

Owen Wilson says wow a lot, you can send your name to the sun, the oldest message in a bottle, and cyborg body hacks... this week on the Robot Pizza Van. Owen Wilson says wow in his movies so often that people have started to notice. Now there are numerous public gatherings for fans to say wow like Own. Wow! Then, NASA is sending a mission to the sun's atmosphere and you can send your name along. Maybe they will drop them all into the hellish furnace of the sun. Then, then, the oldest...


Killer Whales Can Speak English: Episode 54

Killer whales, also known as orcas, can imitate human speech. They can imitate a lot of things. Orcas are the parrot of the sea. Then, A Swiss university is the first to offer a degree in yodeling. They should have called it Yodel University. Employees at Apple's new "spaceship" headquarters building keep walking into the giant glass walls. And the last story is about the #Lastman contest, a competition to see who can go the longest without learning who won the Superbowl. Music by Uncle...


The Philadelphia Experiment: Episode 53

Did the military use secret advanced technology to render a navel destroyer invisible? Well, that's what I heard. This week we look at the Philadelphia Experiment, where the story came from and where it's going. We also talk about a material made of nano-tubes that absorbs 99.9% of light, making it the darkest artificial material, and we talk about the delivery robots that we've been seeing around town. Music by Uncle Milk Support us on


Grackles At The Petrol: Episode 52

Hundreds of grackles gathered at a petrol station, a Starbucks on Yosemite, a UFO at the latest SpaceX launch, and a court case to prove Bigfoot exists. All this and more on Robot Pizza Van's 52nd episode. Let's see, that's one episode a week... 52 divided by... carry the one... It's been a year! A whole year since this show was born, all tiny and wrinkled and covered in disgusting slime. Aaaaaah, how fast they grow up. Music by Uncle Milk Subscribe, rate and review especially on iTunes...


Marmorkrebs: Episode 51

This weeks funny and/or weird news: Mutant crayfish clones are showing up all over the world, "As Slow As Possible" is a very slow song, Kentucky Fried Chicken is serving Gravy Cocktails, McDonald's french fries might cure baldness, and if you sedate a plant it seems to lose consciousness. Music by Uncle Milk Subscribe, rate and review wherever you listen to podcasts, especially on iTunes


Slow Podcast: Episode 50

Offroad, Rygar and Borg watch some Slow TV. What is Slow TV you ask? That wasn't what you asked? No, you're right. I'm just trying to explain what this episode is about. Slow TV is a genre of really long broadcasts where the pace of the action is very slow. Some examples include uninterrupted, unedited footage of a seven hour train ride, twelve hours of burning logs, and the thirteen hour National Knitting Night. I think that there are a few other short news bits also. Support the show!...


Smalt: Episode 49

A smart salt shaker. Smalt, that's more fun to say and it's the actual name of the product. Then it's on to a different story where we learn that mice are evolving to live in the city. City mice. Cmice? It doesn't work the same as smalt. Finally we check out a band called the Virtual Currency Girls. Music by Uncle Milk You can support this podcast and get access to extra stuff at Give us a review on iTunes...


The Weed From Outer Space: Episode 48

Compose this picture in your mind. A pound of marijuana is sent into space and then returns to earth. At first a PR stunt but now a business idea. Sometimes it's easier to list off a bunch of questions. What happens when you send marijuana into space? What happens when a person smokes it? Will people buy space weed? What if aliens steal your space-stash? Music by Uncle Milk You can support this podcast and get access to extra stuff at Give us a review on...


Space Lawyers: Episode 47

Robot Pizza Van is a comedy podcast. Normally we're just reading funny news stories from the internet, but this week we're flying an alien UFO around. Borg pilots the spaceship as Offroad plots a coarse for adventure. We have a surprisingly good internet signal here in deep space. The first story is about Asgardia, a group of people who have gathered together to start the first space nation. They have launched a small satellite with the hopes of establishing a physical presence in space...