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Bite-Size Elephants, and The Berkeley Hate Man Part 2: Episode 103

This week we're talking about weird product instructions, a photo of a painting of a painting of a painting, bees that can do math, a human-sized cabbage, and more about the Berkeley Hate Man. Music by Uncle Milk. For more visit


World's Quietest Voice: Episode 102

I taste test new products, there are 230 new emojis, the Taco Bell hand grenade, a woman euthanizes the wrong person, a man secretly lives in someones closet, a drug that reduces mosquitoes' appetite for blood, a kid is rescued from the claw machine, a robbery is foiled by banana, I interview the man with the world's quietest voice, and we call a random person to play the game show "Guess What". Music by Uncle Milk. For more visit


A Sock Full of Bones: Episode 101

No more Sweethearts, Smash Mouth hotline, wi-fi electricity, brain to speech, banker dressed like Spider-man, the world's smelliest fruit, and more weird news. Music by Uncle Milk. For more visit


The Berkeley Hate Man: Episode 100

This week we look at unusual philosopher and street person, the Berkeley Hate Man. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Murderbots, a Flat Earth Sea Cruise, and the Rotary Phone Challenge: Episode 99

Doctors save a guy by giving him 15 beers, a robot hotel lays off half the robots, a new startup charges $8,000 to fill your veins with young blood, a flat Earth convention on a sea cruise, teenagers are challenged to dial a number on a rotary phone, man attends stranger's bachelor party, offensive restaurant sign approved, egg photo breaks Instagram record, man rents separate apartment for cats, asymmetric jeans, and Nike Air Max 1 G “Grass” shoes are covered with astroturf. Music by...


Driving a Hot Dog Car, and Other Weird News Stories: Episode 98

I read the whole internet and I find all the weird news stories. This week I have Analytic Psychologist, Dr. Jon Platania as a guest. We talk about a sheriff that uses cardboard cutout deputies, officials that say taking chicken nuggets left on the highway is a crime, controversy surrounding the oldest person that's ever lived, snow in southwest china that is rare so people are selling it on the roadside to tourists, where you can buy snow online right now, a cat from Michigan that ended...


Woman Bites Jogger, Restaurant's Offensive Name, Christmas Weed, and More Weird News: Episode 97

The universe might be an expanding bubble in an extra dimension, man accused of guitar thefts has one thing to say, armed standoff ends after someone sings Christmas carol, homeless men allegedly broke into home and cooked dinner, an astronaut accidentally called 911 from space, artistic daredevil paints while skydiving, Christmas weed, woman bites jogger, and baby is named after highway where she was born. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Muppets Swear: Episode 96

We listen to an audio clip of a muppet that sounds like it's swearing. It can also sound like its saying something else. Weird. I also call almost every guest that has ever been on the show. Then we count down the new year, so make sure to play this recording at the exact time so it lines up with your new year's countdown! You could just play it over and over to make sure. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


This Is Not A Christmas Special: Episode 95

I didn't want to do any work this week, so let's listen to an episode from Christmastime last year, where nobody learns any lessons and the bad guy wins at the end. Music by Uncle Milk. For more visit


The 5 Most Dangerous Songs, and Other Weird Stuff: Episode 94

Thousands of dollars fall from the sky, Old Milk perfume, I am Trash perfume. dying farmer’s last will goes down in history, skilled thieves wanted for employment, company will pay you to give up your smart phone, 5 Most Dangerous Songs To Drive To (And The 5 Safest), police give $3 to person who found it 14 years ago, chocolate spill covers road, robot turns out to be a man in a suit, man Arrested in after telling kids Santa isn't real, other man yells ‘there’s no Santa’ at holiday event,...


Why Do These Seals Have Eels Up Their Noses?: Episode 93

This week On Robot Pizza Van (a weird news podcast), we talk about... Pantone’s 2019 color of the year, crematorium next door to retirement home, ping pong highlights, Major League Eating wants to eat that giant cow, police use Tesla autopilot to stop car, dog blocks soccer goal, court says man can't be 20 years younger, robot releases bear repellent, seals with eels stuck in their noses, and a singing donkey. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Weird Christmas Gifts, Public Shaming, and ATM Errors: Episode 92

This week Offroad is with Magician and Intuitionist, Courtney Kolb, and we're talking about weird Christmas gifts, a traffic camera that mistakes an ad for a person and charges her with jaywalking, a burger joint closes after video shows rat cooking, a man dropped the engagement ring down a drain, a hang glider clings on for his life, an ATM accidentally spit out $100 bills, and what makes some words funny? Music by Uncle Milk Support the show at


The Missing Head,Tiny Hamster Ladder, Singing Ice, and Flying Motorcycles: Episode 91

A teen’s driver's license revoked 1 hour after he got it, some ice is 'singing', Walter Raleigh's missing head and the new clue, hundreds form human chain to move a bookstore, flying motorcycles, ski down the roof of this hotel, traffic camera catches 58,000 speeders in two weeks, leaning Tower of Pisa loses some of its lean, and a tiny ladder used to rescue hamster Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


A T-Shirt or a T-Rex: Episode 90

We have a guest named 'Join The Club' talking about this week's weird news... firefighters mistake a parrot for a fire alarm, a new record for eating kernels of corn with a toothpick, a drone steals someone's bike, pedestrians try to cross vehicles-only bridge in a bus costume, Greggs has installed one of its signs backwards on purpose, and a couple cats try to enter a museum for two years. Music by Uncle Milk


It's Like Fingernail Polish, But For Your Teeth: Episode 89

Hard-hitting, fair and balanced, the most trusted... the weirdest news. This week we talk about how a certain optical illusion could mess up your vision if you look at it too long, the only man buried on the moon, an experiment with sound to make cheese tastier, a self-balancing walking stick that stands on it's own, a font that helps you remember what you read, a website(who paid 99 cents) that charges 99 cents to see who else has paid 99 cents, a restaurant that lets you pay according to...


Purple Aliens, An Ant Steals A Diamond, The Richest Pets, and Records You Can Break: Episode 88

Here's a bunch of news stories separated by commas. That weird glow in the sky isn’t an aurora... It’s Steve, a tiny ant tries to walk away with a little diamond, extraterrestrial life might be purple, the richest pets in the world, the new 2019 Edition of the Guinness Book of World Records, and records you can break yourself. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


Halloween, Hoaxes, and More Weird News: Episode 87

We read the whole internet and then tell you about the weird and/or funny news. This week's guest is writer Jim Cooper ( and we talk about spider webs that cover a lake shore, 13 runners who break Guinness records, top 10 popular Halloween costumes this year, the new fashion trend called nosewarmers, a satellite fuel tank that crashed down in a California orchard, a robot finger attachment for your mobile phone, and few hoaxes from history, including the...


Fake Moon, and The Trash Geyser: Episode 86

This week Offroad is with Oddsock and they're talking about an artificial moon that China is planning to launch , 5 squirrels with their tails tangled together, a rock that turns out to be meteorite, the cat pajama jam, the Yellowstone geyser that erupts trash, and more! It’s Robot Pizza Van. Take any 3 words and put them together, eventually that will be a new thing. Robot Pizza Van. Each week we read the entire internet and tell you about the weird and funny stuff. Music by Uncle Milk...


Strange Sounds: Episode 85

This week we're with Borg and we're talking about the sound of plasma waves on Saturn, Jupiter's electromagnetic sounds, the museum of endangered sounds, screaming sausages, and the gold record that the U.S.A. sent into space with a message for aliens. Music by Uncle Milk For more visit


How To Start Your Own Country: Episode 84

Robot Pizza Van is a podcast about the weird, the funny and the unusual. This week, a micro nation is a small area or group of people that claim to be independent country, although they aren't recognized by other countries. What does it take to be a real country? Music by Uncle Milk For more visit