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64: Creed (with guest Deron Bennett of AndWorld Design) – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

This week we wrap up (reboot?) the Rocky franchise with 2015's "Creed". On the show is special guest Deron Bennett - an award-winning comic book letterer and artist based out of New Jersey. We sit down and discuss this refreshing reboot of the franchise. In the Lobby: Deron Bennet AndWorld Design - AndWorld Design on Twitter - Deron Bennett on Comixology...


63: Rocky Balboa (2006) – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

No guest spot this week but the boys enter the retirement home to face up against 2006's Rocky Balboa…in what might be the most challenging sad, bummer movie the Runaway Contenders have ever faced. Did this movie bring the hard-hitting inspirational classic that the Boyz have come to enjoy during the Rocky Franchise? Or did it make them crawl in a hole and die…? In the Lobby: The boys get hyped for next episode's special guest, Eisner, Harvey and Glyph Award Nominated Letterer and Creator,...


62: Rocky V (1990) – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

The Franchise Playas enter the ring to face-off with 1990's Rocky V! But this time Rocky is ringside while Tommy "The Machine" Gunn tries to replicate the knockout successes of the former entries. Check out if Ed, Dom and Tom embrace this new contender or do they feel abandoned by Rocky and start hanging out with a bunch of coconuts smoking at a street corner after being very disrespectful to Santa? You gotta listen to find out! In the Lobby: Leagues to Deep Blue Sea is HOTLY contested! Ed...


61: Rocky IV (1985) – The Runaway Franchise

It's round 4 of the Rocky Franchise! Packed to the brim with robots, synthesizers, montages, music, steroids, friendship and punches! But is that winning formula the Runaway Boyz need to keep their momentum going? Found out if Ed, Dom and Tom think this is just razzmatazz or another knockout classic! In the Lobby: In what has really become a Runaway Segment, Ed reads this weeks Leagues to Deep Blue Sea and gosh darn this competition to the deepest leagues is getting hot! 3 contenders...


60: Rocky III (1982) – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

Another round for the Runaway Boyz with 1982's Rocky III. The boyz felt like champions after watching the last Rocky while their reign of pleasant watching continue as Rocky takes on the likes of Thunderlips! Or will Clubber Lang bring ruin to this rising franchise! Get in the ring with Dom, Ed and Tom to find out! In the lobby: Ed receives a video from a terrifying presents in the Runaway Franchise mailbox. Here's the Leagues to Deep Blue Sea from their mysterious admirer,...


059: Rocky II (1979) – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

This week the Box-away Boys watched Rocky II from 1979. Did this movie get Dom, Ed and Tom pumped to beat up the air or some fools, or did they slip into a coma for this cultural classic? Come listen to them eat lightning and crap their pants…I think that's how the line goes? Hey editor? Can I get a retake on that? In the Lobby: Ed reads the Leagues to Deep Blue Sea! Find out if someone broke the record for going the deepest! Also, a Leagues to Deep Blue Sea graphic sent in by Rick...


058: Rocky (1976) – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

BA DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNN DUH DA DUN DUN DUNNN BAH BAH BA BAH BA BA BAHHHH BAHHHH DAHHHHHHHH. In this episode we start the iconic "Rocky" series featuring Sylvester "SLYDAWG" Stallone. For Ed, this movie is weird as hell because he's never seen it. Listen in to hear our breakdown of this classic sports drama (really?). Quit hangin' around like a spider, and get downloadin' ya coconuts on the corner. Show notes: Fight Choreography ( Butkus The Dog...


057: Hannibal (TV Show) – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

This week, Ed is lost in his kitchen…so Dom and Tom didn't want to step in the ring with Rocky Franchise just yet so they gave 2013-2015's Hannibal television show a watch! Dom went in expecting to hate anything Anthony Hopkins wasn't in and Tom messes up what work Mads Mikkelsen has done…Find out where the television show lands in their rankings of the Hannibal Franchise! In the Lobby: Tom reluctantly fills in Ed's role of reading any emails, this week's being exceptionally chilling!...


056: Hannibal Rising – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

The boyz, in this mental torture podcast, were forced to watch 2007's Hannibal Rising. This week Ed attacks movie theater recliner seats, Tom blasts generous Google users and being unable to rent this horrifically terrible movie, and Dom is the only one that absorbed anything that happened in this movie. Do yourself a favor if you never seen this movie…just listen to this podcast…don't watch this movie… In the Lobby: Ed, as contractually obligated, reads a possible Nigerian scam from...


055: Red Dragon – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

The Runaway Franchise Boyz take on the tiger dick grabbing Red Dragon from 2002! Dom shows his class with how he uses a roast beef sandwich, Ed finally figured out what his doctor was doing with a steak knife, and Tom keeps talking about a movie call Manhunter and, to Dom's frustration, Boogie Nights…Did this prequel impress the boyz? Do they fall in love with a serial killer's romance story? Does it make them hungry for more? Or would they rather eat this movie to get rid of it? The...


054: Hannibal – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

The "silence has been broken" as the Runaway Boizzzz snore through 2001's Hannibal! Dom keeps talking about bushes for some reason, Ed would go below the wrist to keep a watch on his arm and Tom inspects the inspector's suspect amount of screen time…Listen up and find out about the boizzzz love for a tri-wheeled dolly… The Lobby: Ed, as his contract obligates, reads emails, one hostile, one from a familiar but disturbing voice, and one being from a famous ghost? In the continuously...


053: Silence of the Lambs – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

The Runaway Boyz crack open the case file on the Hannibal Lecter Franchise, starting with 1991's Silence of the Lambs. Dom blows Ed's mind about a miss quoted line and Tom reveals his fears and shares a spooky story. BUT, does this critically acclaimed, Academy Award cannibalizing juggernaut satisfy the Runaway Boyz appetite? Join them for the appetizer to this 4-course franchise… The lobby: The boyz read 2 emails! One of them calls the Runaway Boyz out for not ranking last year's...


052: A Rewards Show…? – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

They made it to 52 episodes! That means the Runaway Boyz have been suffering through movie franchises for a full year! They review the highs and lows in what Tom dubs the Bozcars (based on one of Ed's nicknames). Dom gives the categories and it starts off hot as Ed reveals a hurtful revelation of what he thinks is the Worst Franchise is. In the Lobby: The Runaway Boyz talk about their favorite moments recording the podcast. Another email is read from a familiar sender. And Tom reveals the...


051: Terminator: Genisys – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

The Runaway Franchise Bots finally wrap-up the time traveling, Sci-Fi, action, thriller Terminator with 2015's Terminator Genisys! There must have been a change in the timeline as the critical panning this movie took in 2015 didn't line up with the assessment of the Runaway Bots of 2018. Join the Bots to find out why this movie isn't perfect but not obsolete! In the Lobby: Dom and Ed get a mysterious warning from a possibly time traveling listener. See a reason why the world deserves to be...


050: Terminator: Salvation – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

BA DUM DUM DA DUUU-Oh wait, stop getting hyped. This is the sh*tty one that has Christian Bale in it. For episode 50, we start off with an exciting game of flipping the cap into the cup instead of talking about Terminator: Salvation. It's big episode 50 and the Runaway bots journey to the future to watch the tannest, blandest, most bleak looking entrance in the Terminator franchise. In the Lobby: Ed shares yet another email from the mysterious, Ricardo Mateo! Tom shares Tom Juba's and J...


049: Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines – Runaway Franchise Podcast

You're alive? Lets come! This week the Runaway Bots target 2003's Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines! But, much to their dismay, there has been a fatal malfunction to this franchise's quality! Ed short circuits after his realization that franchises tend to get absolutely terrible after the first two movies. Dom tries to make sense of it all as he takes us down the hall of shame of the early 2000's. And Tom self terminates after radioactive sperm is explained to him. Hop in the Arnold carried...


048: The Terminator 2: Judgement Day – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

They're back, baby! Doesn't matter if you hide in the shadows or you are made of liquid metal you can't get a ding dong past them! Check out how a movie can effect a young child's mind as Tom admits how he wanted live in this movie, Dom thirsts for liquid metal, and Ed investigates further into the Bridge of Dads. Time to hasta la vista, baby and get to listening! The Lobby: The Runaway Boyz discuss their childhood favorite R-rated movies. Let us know what your childhood favorite R-rated...


047: The Terminator – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

Dom came back from the time 2029 to explain time travel to 2018's Ed while 1988's Tommy is chased by 1984's The Terminator! Strap in folks, we talk about time travel A LOT! Does this movie stand the test of time for the Runawayinators? Come with us if you want to live with enjoyment…listening to our podcast! Lobby: The Runawayinators talk about their future fears and asks you to send in your fears of the future! Shownotes: Man from the future John Titor, The Metal...


046: Lethal Weapon 4 – The Runaway Franchise

The Runaway Boyz are fully loaded to wrap up this franchise with 1998's Lethal Weapon 4. Once again, they boyz give the scoop on every single sub-sub-sub-plot there is in this action packed, random as heck, memorial movie to Froggy. Ed falls in love with a big darn shark. Tom is willing to get a tattoo with Ed of the big darn shark. And Dom is willing to pay for those tattoos. "Why can't we be friends?" We can be if you listen and share our show! Lobby: Please help out our friend, Sarabeth,...


045: Lethal Weapon 3 – The Runaway Franchise Podcast

The Runaway Boyz are 2 weeks away from retiring this franchise but for now are back on duty with this week's investigation on 1992's Lethal Weapon 3. It was a challenge to parse through the seemingly cocaine fueled plot, sub-plots, sub-sub-plots, sub-sub-sub-plots…but the boyz definitely figured it all out…definitely…Okay-okay-okay-okay--run to the nearest vehicle, yell like a maniac until the driver gives you control of their vehicle and then blast this episode on your radio! In the Lobby:...