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In a unique experiment in human understanding, washed-up broadcaster and baby boomer father Martin Kelner discusses current issues with his millennial daughter Ruth, aged 17, who tells him why he's wrong about almost everything, while he tries to explain to her who the Bee Gees were.

In a unique experiment in human understanding, washed-up broadcaster and baby boomer father Martin Kelner discusses current issues with his millennial daughter Ruth, aged 17, who tells him why he's wrong about almost everything, while he tries to explain to her who the Bee Gees were.
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In a unique experiment in human understanding, washed-up broadcaster and baby boomer father Martin Kelner discusses current issues with his millennial daughter Ruth, aged 17, who tells him why he's wrong about almost everything, while he tries to explain to her who the Bee Gees were.






A Brief Apology...

Sorry, one half of the most popular father and daughter podcasting team on the internet isn't very well this week. Normal service will be resumed shortly.


"I don't want my face on a gun!"

In this week's episode, Ruth, newly 18, says she's now looking forward to voting and drinking alcohol legally, but not too much of it, because her generation are the new puritans. Father and daughter are mystified by the runaway success of YouTuber Zoella, while Ruth reveals the latest favourite of her group of friends; Mukbangs, footage of people eating. Ruth is not in favour of misogyny being taken off the list of hate crimes, and surprisingly is also against Jodie Whittaker as Dr Who, and...


"We've all seen Billy Elliot..."

In episode 36 of Ruthie Me and My Dad, Ruthie celebrates her 18th birthday by giving dad the bad news that radio is dead. Also, she contemplates a boycott of Top Shop, 'but really it's such a good dress,' and has mixed feelings about the sacking of Apu from the Simpsons' Kwik-e-mart. Facebook's fake news comes under the microscope, as does the Afro hairstyle of dad's youth, and musically it's little-known Dutch singer of the '60s Therese Steinmetz versus hip-hop artist Jeremih. If you enjoy...


"Who Will You Moan At If You Don't Have Men?"

This week we solve the Riddle of the Sphinx, dad expresses a sneaking admiration for a Leeds anti-abortion campaigner, we discuss the phenomenon of vegetables pretending to be meat, and Ruth slams the Yorkie bar for implying "our little lady mouths wouldn't be able to handle the chocolate." Musically Tom Robinson's 1983 hit War Baby is up against hip hop's Barney Artist. If you enjoy 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad', then we'd be pathetically grateful if you could leave a review on iTunes here;...


“A middle aged man with a Hogwarts Express bag…”

Ruthie and her dad discuss the state of Britain's trains, and the hazards of eating takeaway noodles when there's standing room only, Ruthie gets some flack for her revisionist view of Winston Churchill, inadvertently imitates Owen Wilson, and argues that the #MeToo campaign is far from over. Musically, it's hippies versus hip hop, as Dad picks Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young while Ruth chooses Loyle Carner. You can get in touch with the show via email here;...


"Ant & Dec, and Ed Milliband."

On this week's podcast, father and daughter discuss Churchill's legacy, childbirth - specifically Keira Knightley's - and an epidemic of niceness on the TV. Musically Marlene Dietrich faces off against Soak, and father asks daughter why she didn't warn him about Downsizing, and save him two hours of his life. If you enjoy 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad', then we'd love it if you could leave a review on iTunes here; If you...


"Don't go offending people now..."

In the Generation Gap podcast this week, all the major issues are discussed; Brett Kavanaugh, Cosmo's plus-size cover girl, and Kanye's name change. Also: Ruthie asks why The Guardian doesn't make it easier for her to leech material from their free (!) website, engages in a fierce argument about train toilets, and discovers that life is tiring - now and forever. Musically, doo-wop group The Teen Queens battle with indy artrock girl The Japanese House; and father and daughter have contrasting...


"... a tap dancing pigeon's been discovered in Worksop..."

In this week's father-and-daughter podcast, Ruthie tells her broadcaster father that broadcasting is a dying profession, alongside casino cashier and furniture finisher. Also discussed; the transgender Girl Guide row, the importance of buying super low carbon tofu, and the unimportance of grammar. Ruth reprises her wickedly accurate impersonation of Lorraine Kelly, and unveils her impression of Owen Wilson. Musically, it's Martin's "Sainsbury's basic" choice of country rock band Poco versus...


"Youth club?!?" "Youth Club, yeah!"

"I've seen an Oxo cube," says Ruth, as the latest father-and-daughter podcast discusses Waitrose student essentials. Also debated this week, religion, saving the planet, unhappiness among young girls, and Soon Yi Previn's support for a beleaguered Woody Allen - all the small stuff. Musically, it's 10cc v Tom Rosenthal. If you enjoy 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad' it would be great if you could leave a review on Apple Podcasts here;...


“…a late play for a Potato Smile.”

Curly fries, bat mitzvahs, binge drinking, and Northern Soul music, are among topics covered in the latest father/daughter podcast. In celebrity news, Kirstie Allsop and Serena Williams's temper tantrums come under the microscope, and the world is relieved to hear that Kylie Jenner 'isn't worried about her post-baby body.' If you enjoy 'Ruthie - Me & My Dad', then we'd be pathetically grateful if you could leave a review on iTunes...


“Where are they getting all these mice?”

In the latest episode of the father and daughter podcast, Ruthie says she's 'not feeling it,' but she's not too tired to suggest a new weekly feature called simply 'Dad's Wrong.' This week, Brazilian butt lifts, stem cell research, Sunday night TV, air conditioning as a feminist issue, and what constitutes a sandwich come under the microscope. "More Morgan Freeman, less Piers Morgan," is the latest advice on talking to teenagers, not entirely wholeheartedly endorsed by Ruthie and father, and...


"Perhaps you're just not that amusing..."

As comedian Louis CK returns to the stage we ask if it's OK in the age of MeToo to enjoy not just his comedy, but some of the fine films produced by Harvey Weinstein, and the work of Woody Allen and Kevin Spacey. We salute Kim Kardashian for catching up on the Serial podcast four years after the rest of the world, sum up Australia in a sentence, look back on fine music and four days of squalor at Leeds Fest, father and daughter disagree strongly on La La Land and Dirty Dancing, and as Martin...


"Arthur Franklin - I loved him!"

The latest father-and-daughter conversation covers fat shaming, and Britain's harmful food obsession. On the question of the French government's ban on a Gap advert featuring girls in hijabs, Ruth asks the key question, "Who shops at Gap any more?" Also, Love Island winners and losers, where are they now? False memory syndrome, we've all got it, and Made In Chelsea - "brilliant but ridiculous" is Ruth's verdict. Musically, it's Aretha Franklin versus J Hus, and having dissed Fawlty Towers...


"Like Flies In The Summer", & 'cracking on' scenarios

This week, Ruthie's festival diet; crisps, pot noodles, and crackers, the enduring appeal of the sitcom Friends - about which father and daughter disagree - and a blast at Fawlty Towers, a fascinating conspiracy theory about DNA testing, the continuing anti-semitism debate, why we all hanker to be born in a different era, and musically, the ska of Dandy Livingstone versus the indy boy band The Front Bottoms (it's their name!).


Iceland, Cruises and Kardashians

Take that Rob Brydon! The latest Ruthie - Me and My Dad takes aim at cruise ships, especially the way they turn fine working towns into Genovia from The Princess Diaries. Other topics covered include parents on their smart phones, when they could be communicating with their teenage kids, Iceland, the supermarket and the country, the new series of Made In Chelsea, and the joy of foreign supermarkets. Musically 1950s girl group The Poni-Tails are pitched against indy duo Let's Eat Grandma,...


"Harold Wilson put down old people!"

Among topics covered in the latest father-and-daughter podcast; Nudity (notably Helen Mirren's) sexism in the swinging sixties, Northern English accents in the movies, legalising heroin, the fake loyalty of Love Island's Georgia, and who's your favourite Courtney - Cox, Pine, Love, or Kardashian? You choose. The podcast's taking a summer break, and will be back on the 9th of August - what a great opportunity to catch up on all the shows you might have missed! If you enjoy 'Ruthie - Me & My...


Bromies, Peng Tings & a plea to Macky D's

A packed show this week ranges over such diverse topics as the legalisation of cannabis, the absence of mozzarella sticks in MacDonalds, why narcissism may be good for teenagers, definitions of terms such as 'bromies' and 'peng ting,' the weirdness of Jeff Goldblum; plus we ask how ironic Alanis Morissette actually is.


"You're really only here to press the buttons."

In the latest episode, Ruthie says why she thinks football fans are fat, is dissatisfied with her college tutors curt replies to her carefully crafted emails, and insists Love Island is not about the £50,000 prize, but about love. Ruthie and Martin also discuss Iain Stirling's views that Millennials have been spoiled by their parents, and Martin tries unsuccessfully to impersonate the Love Island host. And in the most bizarre music contest yet, it's Stormzy v Jake Thackray.


Crafty Christians, Mods v Rockers, getting Pied Off

Martin and Ruth have a falling out in episode 20 of their generation gap podcast, when Martin lends a sceptical ear to some inferior teen issues podcasts and Ruth thinks he's being arrogant. They leave it to correspondents to decide on the truth. Also, the problems for men in the #MeToo era, the craftiness of Christians muscling in on popular culture, the controversy over women football pundits, and how the Swinging Sixties never arrived in Manchester until 1974. If you enjoy 'Ruthie - Me &...


World Cup Fever(ish), Love Island & the death of the LP

World Cup fever of a sort hits Ruthie, who's mystified by the way footballers kick the ball sideways or backwards instead of booting it down the pitch. Also, a feminist take on Love Island, white people wearing dreadlocks, how young people will never hear a full album again, vlogger Alfie Deyes's ridiculous poverty video, and musically, Sheryl Crow v Travis Scott.