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Fin Taylor talks his Comedy Central webseries, his experience at Edinburgh Fringe, Romesh Ranganathan + MORE - Episode 32

The last of the UK superstars that were flown over for the NZ Comedy Fest, the one and only Fin Taylor. An upcoming star 10 years in the making at only 27, he’s already been shoulder tapped as a face to reckon with by Comedy Central as well as being one of the names to see at the world famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival. We had a bloody good chat about his Comedy Central series, his career and also my favourite UK comedian, his good friend, Romesh Ranganathan. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM -...


Phil Wang talks his upcoming Netflix special, Live at the Apollo, his experience in New Zealand + MORE - Episode 31

The biggest guest to date!!! Not like size-wise, but like popularity-wise. You’ve seen him on Live at the Apollo, Comedy Central’s Roast Battle and he will be gracing your screens with his upcoming 15-minute Netflix special, a first of its kind, the one and only, Phil Wang. We yarned about his experience at the NZ International Comedy Festival, his experience shooting his Netflix special and his come up as a young stand up comedian. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK -...


Joe and his Cousins talk Drake v Pusha T, pedophiles, little kids on iPads, male stereotypes + MORE - Episode 30

To celebrate 30 episodes, I thought I'd get two of my cousins on who share my innate ability to speak about things I know nothing about whilst appearing to know what I'm talking about. We talked about stuff near and dear to our hearts. Like our hatred for pedo’s, and the naughtiest things we did in primary school. We also yarned about the recent Drake and Pusha T rap beef, along with a whole bunch of other stuff that has not relevance whatsoever to anything else we talked about. Follow...


Joe Daymond on The new Han Solo movie, Touch Screens, Working in Television + MORE - Episode 29

So this was supposed to be an episode starring future Netflix-star, who has appeared at the Apollo, on Comedy Central’s Roast Battle and just all round living legend Phil Wang….but my computers broken so its just a last minute episode with myself. But its an absolute cracker. I revealed further details of my experiences with a cougar in high school, had a much needed rant on why I think touch screens will end the world and my take on the new Han Solo movie. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM -...


UK Comedian Lauren Pattison on secrets to success at Edinburgh Fringe Festival, touring with Katherine Ryan + MORE – Episode 28

This week I was lucky enough to get the chance to meet 2017 Edinburgh Fringe Festival Best Newcomer nominee Lauren Pattison whilst she was on tour here as one of the star imports for the 2018 NZ Comedy Festival. We got the chance to talk about her marketing plan and her business secrets to success at the most intense and most famous performing arts festival in the world as well as her experiences touring with Netflix-star Katherine Ryan, and how their relationship begun. This is probably...


UK Comedian Ian Smith on NZ movies, social media influencers, Jacinda Ardern vs Theresa May + MORE – Episode 27

Star of the New Zealand comedy festival, Ian Smith, dropped in at the Classic Studio to yarn about a whole lot of stuff stemming from his first trip to New Zealand as part of the NZICF. His show Snowflake was one of the highlights of the festival and we caught up about his experience in NZ, our fascination with each other’s political climates, stupid ass social media models and the tough side of stand up. We even got to chat about NZ movies and his love for the best NZ movie of all time,...


Joe Daymond on Donald Glover/Childish Gambino, NZ Comedy Festival, Sugar Mamas + MORE – Episode 26

This week got a bit out of hand. Haha that’s what she said. Anyway, this week yarned about one guy I really look up to in Donald Glover. Talked about who you should check out at the NZ Comedy Festival happening right now and mistakenly bought up my experience with a sugar mama whilst I was in high school. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER - @letstalkshxt Yeah shit, if you’re not catching the pattern by now you’re...


Joe Daymond on Dancing with the Stars 2018, Johnny Danger, Ben Simmons vs Donovan Mitchell + MORE - Episode 25

This week we yarned about Dancing with the Stars NZ and its line up of absolute “stars”. I actually went through the lineup and specifically picked out who I like and don’t like and boy is my like list short. Also talked about the tragic passing of a NZ icon, Johnny Danger whom I have talked about a lot on the podcast as a result of his incredible work as one of NZ’s most recognisable entertainers. Lastly yarned a bit about basketball and my opinion on the Donovan Mitchell vs Ben Simmons...


Joe Daymond on drinking problems, The Inside Word on TVNZ, pun battles + MORE – Episode 24

This week I had a bit of a chat about my own drinking problems after watching TVNZ’s new show the Inside Word. Had a bit of a reflection of my problems a few years back and how I handled it, as well as how important it is to self-reflect. Definitely isn’t as dreary as it sounds in this description. I'm still very funny. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER - @letstalkshxt Yeah shit, if you’re not catching the pattern by...


Jamie Curry of Jamie’s World on meeting Hugh Jackman, travelling to Antarctica, her upbringing as one of NZs most recognisable stars + MORE – Episode 23

What an absolute pleasure it was to have one of New Zealand’s most recognisable faces in Love Maker’s paradise. Jamie Curry, the mastermind behind the Facebook and YouTube sensation Jamie’s World came in to chat about her wide range of experiences. We yarned about her experience growing up in rural Napier as a global celebrity. Her opportunities to travel from going to the UK and meeting movie star Hugh Jackman to traversing Antarctica which is on the top of my list of places I’m never...


Stand up comedians Josiah Day & Ed Amon on WWE Actors, Dating, and People Trying to Give Jokes to Comedians + MORE - Episode 22

I caught up with two good friends of mine from the stand up scene and we of course talked about what pisses us off as stand up comedians because that’s really relatable stuff to talk about. But we did talk about stuff you might be interested in including WWE actors such as The Rock, John Cena and Batista and who’s the worst of the lot, as well as our experiences in dating and life in general. Oooooooooh. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD -...


Joe Daymond on NZs all time most famous actors, Anthony Joshua, Joseph Parker + MORE – Episode 21

Today we talked about whats on everyone’s minds. The AJ vs JP fight and specifically my thoughts on the build up and how the two camps presented themselves. Bit of a spoiler, Anthony Joshua seemed a lot more intriguing but I still love a bit of Joe Park. Also talked about NZs most famous actors following the Dead Pool 2 trailer which revealed the scope of what Julian Dennison’s role in the film is and how that compares to other big time roles being filled by hori ass Kiwis. Finished on a...


Joe Daymond on the Australia Cricket Cheating Scandal, Fortnite, the worst jobs in the world + MORE – Episode 20

Today I was very tired as a result of being up since 3am working. But it isn’t a usual thing. In fact, it was largely a one off. I have never done it before and may never do it again but mentioned it to create a false sense of my work ethic. On today’s episode we talked about the Australia Cricket cheating scandal and how ugly the two main culprits are. Also chatted about Fortnite and how they have executed the perfect example of the video game freemium model that has worked well for...


Joe Daymond on The Rock & Kevin Hart, Dunedin student culture, Dunedin Fringe Festival & Stolen Rum + MORE - Episode 19

Live from my cousins Dunedin flat lounge. This week I wrapped up my time at the Dunedin Fringe Festival performing alongside Frickin Dangerous Bro and Guy Williams as well as a bunch of south island comedians which includes how they went and getting recognised and shieeeet because I’m a big dog now. Woof. Also had a chat about The Rock & Kevin Hart’s genius ascent through the Hollywood ranks and how they’ve become certified box office record breakers with awful movies, and how it has...


Fricken Dangerous Bro (Pax Assadi, James Roque & Jamaine Ross) talk relationships, casual racism, Ronny Chieng + MORE - Episode 18

What a bloody honour it was to get the chance to perform alongside and then have a yarn with New Zealand Comedy’s most notorious sketch comedy group, Fricken Dangerous Bro. Consisting of three of the scene’s most notable stand ups in Pax Assadi, James Roque and Jamaine Ross, this episode covered a bunch of different perspectives on experiences we’ve all gone through as comedians and as minorities. This description makes it sound real serious. It really wasn’t. We talked about...


Joe Daymond on losing 20kgs in 6 months, camera phones at concerts, Dunedin Fringe Festival + MORE - Episode 17

This week was short and sweet. Mainly because I waited until Monday morning to record an episode that was due to be released on Monday morning. This week I had a yarn about my experiences from first year uni and how I put on 25kgs and then lost it. Not because I was challenging myself, but because I was drinking heaps and getting fat and one decided, hey, I should probably lose some weight. Also yarned about Bruno Mars, and what I'm upto this month including where and when I'm performing...


Stand Up Comedians Ed Amon & Keegan Govind on KONY 2012, Black Panther (SPOILERS), why Indians are considered creeps, slapping kids + MORE - Episode 16

This week we invited local stand up comic and Islam advocate Ed Amon, and once again, India’s very own Islander, Keegan Govind. We talked about Ed’s perspective as a creepy Indian dude that’s really Pakistani, the stupidity of Starbucks words, and Dick Smith. We also chatted about our thoughts on the new Black Panther movie. We talked about the entire movie. The whole movie. So yes, there were obviously no spoilers. Kidding, there is spoilers. But listen to it. Its good. Follow us...


Joe Daymond talks Netflix Original Series - Black Mirror, talking shit to little kids, Pharmacists + MORE - Episode 15

This week I talked about a bunch of things that had been up my backside for the last few weeks including the Netflix Original Series Black Mirror which I binge watched in 3 days, what the hell pharmacists do, being allowed to verbally abuse small children and a bunch of other things. Yes, this description is very half assed, oh well, if you wanted a novel, should’ve returned your library books on time so you’d be allowed to get library books out. In saying that, who the hell hires DVDs...


Joe on Feminism, Cashless Tourists in NZ, 13th - the Oscar-Nominated Netflix Documentary, being objectified + MORE - Episode 14

This week I was pissed about a few things so decided yet again, to talk to myself again. This week we covered a lot of stuff. From the cashless tourists featured in the news all over New Zealand whom have shined lights on an entire movement of seeing New Zealand whilst utilising our resources reserved for the underprivileged. Also discussed 13th, the Oscar nominated Netflix original documentary that speaks on the systematic enslavement of young black men in the United States. Lastly, the...


Joe Daymond on Oprah running for president, working a 9-5 vs entrepreneurship and how to throw a party - Episode 13

This week Joe couldn’t get any guests because name dropping everyone that’s been on the show didn’t work so he’s resorted to another hour of absolute nonsense talking to himself. The sounds a bit off. Sorry about that. Anyway, this week (I’ll stop talking in 3rd person), I had a yarn about a lot of things that were requested including 9 to 5 work life vs pursuing entrepreneurial passions, how to throw a good party and lastly my thoughts on this political mess which includes Oprah...