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Joe talks social awkwardness, Sex Talks & Consent with a capital C - Episode 53

We're back in the studio after Joe's successful dick ensmallening surgery (he's down to a solid 8 inches!). We talk about how awkward it can be going out when you don't want to and the values Joe is teaching his younger brothers when it comes to pulling. It got hot, but that's mostly because of Auckland humidity. Today's Beats: Disco Yes. Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


CLASSIC SHXT w/ Guy Williams - Episode 52

Due to some last minute travel, Joe couldn't make it to record this week but wanted to share an old episode in case anyone hadn't heard it before. It's CLASSIC SHXT, and this episode is with Guy Williams. Today's Beats: Summertime Magic. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe talks rejection, celebrating successes and BLACKED RAW + MORE - Episode 51

After some great classic riffs about sex and porn, we get a little more serious. It's about how we deal with failures, aim for success and deal with the murky middle ground within. Also the sound quality on one mic is obviously not great, this should be fixed by next week. Cheers. Today's Beats: Wet The Bed. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe and SPECIAL GUESTS celebrate fifty episodes of SHXT Talk! - Episode 50

It's the biggest episode of SHXT Talk EVER. We open with a special intro from Joe Daymond himself followed by a huge chat with the whole squad. We talk celebration boxes, earthquakes and that time of month. There's so many people on mic it's impossible to keep track (and apologies for audio quality). You'll just have to listen to see who made the cut. Today's Beats: Bootylicious. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe talks Killer Crocodiles, Trivial Teens and reveals how long he lasts in bed - Episode 49

You know what Joe likes? Making love. You know what Joe likes even more? Committed relationships. You know what he likes most of all? This podcast. You know what we like to talk about, it's more s*x talk. A little more seriously this time. Tell us if you know the type of condom Joe is talking about. Today's Beats: Bellyache. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe talks the N word, cultural appropriation, Aliens vs. Ghosts + MORE - Episode 48

Finally an episode that's less sex and more culture. This week's conversation is about being mixed raced, saying the N word, how cultures combine and we touch on conspiracy theories and the otherworldly. Plus Taylor Swift on a lime scooter. Beats: Kids See Ghosts. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe talks Pubic Afros, racist old folks and who he'd go gay for + MORE - Episode 47

It's just the boys for another lad's episode of SHXT Talk. Joe whips out his downstairs afro, talks about how bad old people can get and of course: Kanye. We also forgot to get a guest and forgot to record shirtless. Sorry. Let us know who you think is hotter between Damon and Affleck. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe reveals how he can pull ANY girl he wants - Episode 46

Baboon Yodel's Renee Church returns to the podcast as it somehow gets even dirtier! Not suitable for sexy dads. Also: Joe refuses to talk directly into the microphone because he's too cool for it, and reveals the secret of getting any p*ssy you want. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe talks thirsty lesbians, threesomes, gay rugby and other dirty things - Episode 45

It's the dirtiest episode of SHXT TALK ever as Joe delves into his sexual history from the 0s to the 10s, the thirsty lesbians of Twitter and how far you can go before being gay. We leave nothing off limits. Don't listen to this one with your mum around. Follow Joe: Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Joe introduces his producer Angel Jordan as well as Renee Church of Baboon Yodel - Episode 44

Joe introduces his brand new spanking producer, fellow comedian and close mate Angel Jordan. They talk about what Angel's going to be up to as well as the future of SHXT TALK. Joining us is another good mate and fellow comedian, Renee Church of the Baboon Yodel podcast. Follow Joe Instagram: @joe.daymond Facebook: @joedaymondnz Snapchat: @joedaymond Twitter: @joedaymondnz


Torrell from Cougar Boys talks Bro Town, relationships, his crazy Coachella story + MORE - Episode 43

Caught up with the one and only Torrell of the famed Kiwi YouTube sketch group the Cougar Boys, made famous by their ‘How to Pick Up Chicks’ videos which have garnered millions of views on YouTube and Facebook. We ended breaking the record with longest episode of SHXT TALK clocking in at 2 and a half hours, holy heck! We talked about everything from the early days of Cougar Boys, how Torrell is a huge fan of the podcast, relationships, Bumble, Thor, entrepreneurship and probably about 40...


Joe talks Rose Matafeo, Just for Laughs Sydney, Blackkklansman + MORE - Episode 42

This week I talked about a few things coming up in my life. Heading to Sydney in November so preview the 2018 Just For Laughs Sydney Comedy Festival. Talked about how hugely important Rose Matafeo's Edinburgh Fringe win was and topped it off with a yarn about my movie for the week, Blackkklansman. It'll sound like I didn't see it. I did see it. I just am very bad at reviewing things especially if I like them.


Joe talks Crazy Rich Asians, growing up in Malaysia + MORE - Episode 41

You saw the title. Its really late, Im really tired and I really can't be assed writing anything long and descriptive.


Joe talks upcoming TV gig, run in with the cops + MORE - Episode 40

Had a run in with the POPO 44! All jokes aside, I talk about my recent run in with the police in Mission Bay. Now I’m not accusing them of racism, but I’m also not accusing them of not racism, if you feel me. Also yarned about an upcoming gig for TV ONE and some other stuff that happens. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER - @letstalkshxt


SNIPPET OF MY STAND UP plus talk True Crime documentaries, Sword & Scale + MORE - Episode 39

Check out my first little snippet of my stand up. Just a cheeky bit of crowd work from a recent late night pro show from NZ’s home of Comedy, the Classic, Queen St. Also talked about my weird obsession with true crime documentaries, and how its creeping me out as well as what podcasts I’m listening to at the moment. Take a listen.


Joe talks pulling, Latin, people wearing hi-vis vest when they walk + MORE - Episode 38

This week I kept it till real last minute so the podcast is only 10 minutes long, but you know what, I might just keep it that way.


Joe talks customer service with old people, pedestrian crossing etiquette + MORE - Episode 37

Ranted this week about an old man who didn’t wave at me when he crossed the road. Then also ranted about old people and customer service and how they go together as well as socks and a puddle. Lastly talked about me mum and told some funny stories about how she’s off her rocker. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER - @letstalkshxt


Joe talks Israel 'The Stylebender' Adesanya, Joe Rogan, flat hunting + MORE - Episode 36

Short and sweet this week. This week Joe talked about Israel Adesanya’s meteoric rise in the UFC topped off by an appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience, the most popular podcast in the world and homestay of some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment. Also talked about Justin Timberlake as you do and topped it off by yarning about me recent experiences hunting for flats. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER -...


Joe and his cousins talk Jamie Foxx, being entrepreneurs, starting a business + MORE - Episode 35

Due to the last episode with these idiots doing so well, I decided to get my cousins on once again to yarn about what’s going on in our lives. The boys have just started up their own creative studio and talk about their experience so far starting a business. On top of that, we talked about black guys we would like to be, people we’re jealous of, my toes and a whole bunch of other random stuff that I look back at and wonder how we even got to that. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM -...


Joe talks best/worst bars in NZ, travelling stories from Thailand & Malaysia + MORE - Episode 34

I talk this week about the best/worst bars in New Zealand and the experiences in a white bar vs a brown bar. Yes, it is exactly how it sounds. Also talk about alternatives to dancing in clubs, my very own run in with a ladyboy in Malaysia and where not to go on a night out in the world. Follow us on: INSTAGRAM - @letstalkshxt FACEBOOK - @letstalkshxt SOUNDCLOUD - @letstalkshxt TWITTER - @letstalkshxt