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PLS 012 Chaos before the wedding

Ever try to remodel a backyard right up to the day of your wedding that will be in that yard? Mr. Orange & Mama KGB have and it's been a bit stressful. Mr. O needs a crate of Snickers bars at this point. We hope Canada stocked up on snacks cause weed is fully legal and National Munchies are now a thing! One guy getting less snacks will be the pudding man himself as he makes his way to prison. The squad discusses dealing with teenagers, playing video games, and trying to understand our kids...


PLS 011 Your Family and Remaining p3

There was a little trouble brewing in Da OutHouse this week and it wasn't just the tube cleaning Mama KGB's kale salad will give ya. Planning a wedding whilst remodeling a backyard can crack the best couples. Throw in a couple hormonal teenagers and you have a recipe for a Mount Orange eruption. The squad delved into why we seemingly take out our frustrations on those close to us. Mr. Orange had a relationship epiphany which may have disastrous consequences for Tangelo. Duffman has been...


LSU 002 The Best from the West

What's going on S#!theads! We got a great episode of Lacin' S#!t Up for you. Mr. Orange's brother-in-law came through and brought his sneaker wisdom with him. He educated everyone on the confusing numbering system for Jordan's. Proved his shoe game was legit right away. Since he was a guest host Mr. Orange stuck around to chip in his two cents as well. Of course your hosts Fresh and Duffman were in Da OutHouse and this week they counted down the best West Coast Hip-Hop Albums of all time....


SSDT 022 Mustache Mania

Hollywood lost the great Burt Reynolds this past week so the SSDT Crew decided to dedicate this one to him. He was perhaps best known to most of us for the amazing mustache. Apparently Duffman says for his playgirl spread too. Not sure how he knows that... moving on. In honor of that spectaclular Lip Tickler the Flush Out Bracket is movies starring a man with a great 'stache. We learned Mr. Orange doesn't get his facial hair from his pops cause when Old Man Orange shaved his mustache once a...


SSDT 022 Mustache Mania

Hollywood lost the great Burt Reynolds this past week so the SSDT Crew decided to dedicate this one to him. He was perhaps best known to most of us for the amazing mustache. Apparently Duffman says for his playgirl spread too. Not sure how he knows that... moving on. In honor of that spectaclular Lip Tickler the Flush Out Bracket is movies starring a man with a great 'stache. We learned Mr. Orange doesn't get his facial hair from his pops cause when Old Man Orange shaved his mustache once...


PLS 010 Positively Positive Positivity

The Peace, Love & S#!t squad return after a week off and they have a lot to catch up on. Mr. Orange has been meditating. Know how we know? He won't stop talking about it. From the incense he burns, to seeing himself sitting down with Joe Rogan, he even vibrated! Mama KGB ordered everyone a vitality braclet and unbeknowst to her Duffman had been looking to replace the one he used to have. Duffman and Hollywood Nikki think a new employee, AK-47, is secretly a stoner. Besides catching up they...


SSDT 021 Comedian Jay Wuck visits Da OutHouse

The SSDT Crew has a special treat for you this week. Comedian Jay Wuck stopped by Da OutHouse to visit with the fellas and have a little fun. He tells us about what, or rather who, got him in to comedy and he has one of the best S#!thead Stories yet! Da OutHouse Productions released their first game show, 'Dirty Password, and we have it here first for the S#!theads to enjoy. And as always they closed it out with a little #p3. Enjoy!


PLS 009 The Taco Challenge leads to 10k tacos

'Peace, Love & S#!t' had it's first guest this week. The #tacochallenge lead us to Isidro Salas, AKA @10ktacos. He had a chat with him about growing up working in his families taco truck, the late night shenagins from some over the hill ladies, and ending up right back in the same neighborhood. Mr. Orange claims he can "beat" Twitter while Duffman is relieved he wasn't got beating his meat. Mama KGB talks about her Papa growing up on a farm in the formmer USSR. Our love this week went out to...


PLS 008 When Does Something Become a Problem?

2019 was dubbed the "Year of Not Doing S#!t" and the idea barely lasted 10 minutes (something Mama KGB is used to) because Mr. Orange heard about a mushroom retreat in Jamica and said he's already looking for dates. Wide Open Walls is on once again in Sacramento and Duffman highly encourages everyone to check it out. Mama KGB was impressed by the size of Dolly Parton's... starts with a 'b'... five letters.... that's right...books! Dolly's given away a ton of books and we send some props her...


PLS 007 F*ck Racism

An up-and-down week for the PLS squad made for an up-and-down show this week. Mama KGB & Mr. Orange saw Mama Mia live followed by a baseball game the next day only to put a damper on the weekend by getting on the wrong train after the game and then falling alseep. The #tacochallenge is alive, Chipotle stepped up their taco game, and Mr. O squeeks by on a technicality. After watching BlacKkKlansman this weekend and having an unpleasant encounter with a douche at concert, Duffman brought one...


SSDT 020 They're Baaaaaa-aaaacccccck

They are back! And just like Tom Cruise these guys never get old. Same S#!t, Different Toilet makes a strong return to the Da OutHouse. Duffman had been working on his Honey-Do's and getting handy around the house. Mr Orange finally gets his book club going with the only two people he could force to do it...his kids. Fresh was feeling grown-up and bought himself an electric toothbrush and then proceeded to cover his bathroom in toothpaste. Duffman, The King of toys himself, admits he is too...


PLS 006 Back from Paradise

On this week's Peace, Love & S#!t; Mr Orange doesn't like Tom Brady but Got-a-Guy does, so TB12 made an unexpected appearance at work. Alex Jones got booted off pretty much everything. These wildfires are quite literally out of control. Apparently oranges get cheesy in paradise, Mama KGB & Mr. O tell us about their family adventure to Maui and Mr. O says #p3 is responsible for him having such a good time. Kismet brought an estate planning quiz to the front step of DaOutHouse and the squad...


LSU 001 DaOutHouse Family grows again!

Once again, DaOutHouse productions brings you a new show… Lacin’ S#!T Up! Duffman and Fresh team up with our boy Erratic to bring you the latest in sneaker head culture, hip-hop, and everything dope AF in this world. This episode we will discuss our top 3 kicks of all time. Duffman also has a secret on how to clean your dirty white shoes. We dive into the NBA as a whole and the playoffs. Fresh drools over a video Duffman plays about some Jordan’s he’s been dreaming of for 3 decades. And we...


PLS 005 There's Some Different Funk in DaOutHouse

We warned ya but we still apologize. We are a day late but it's almost twice the show. Duffman's longtime friend, and neighbor of Mr Orange and Mama KGB, Mr. Babeball stopped by DaOutHouse funkin' the place up in his own way. The squad reminisce with him about how they all met and came to be such good friends. From video games to smoking chronic they stroll down memory lane. They also discussed the new Robin Williams documentary that came out this week and how it affects each of them,...


PLS #004 The Oompa Loompa in Chief

They tried to remain a political free podcast but this week it couldn't be helped after The Oompa Loompa in Chief (formally know as POTUS) went on t.v. and more or less gave the American people the finger. Mr. Orange claims American Idol is at the beginning of the downward spiral we've embarked on as a society and that directly connects to a realty star being president and Kylie Jenner getting a kickstarter to make it to a billion dollars. All this s#!t had to be discussed. Seeing how this...


PLS #003 10 pounds of s#!t in a 5 pound sack

We don't know if this squad could have packed anymore stuff into this episode but they sure tried. The Orange household was divided this week with Russia meeting Croatia in the World Cup and we had our second bet concluding butt kicking in as many weeks. A good friend of the show recorded a man attempting to jump from a waterfall and not surviving which has Duffman re-thinking some of his reckless ways. Apparently Mr. Orange over estimates the time to do everything... so he just doesn't do...


PLS #002 We settle everything with a kick to the butt, don't you?

Mama KGB needed some peace this week but took too much edible before a float. Mr. Orange continued the story of his epic prank on his grandparents which included a bet between Duffman and Mama KGB for a kick in the butt. Duffman and Mr. O had to practice what they preached this weekend when long laid plans started to disintegrate (like Mr. Orange’s transmission) and positive results were had. The PLS Squad also discussed co-workers who don’t realize when their conversations are unwanted...


PLS #001 DaOutHouse Family grows

What's the crappy craps S#!tHeads?!? We have a brand new show for you! Introducing DaOutHouse Productions Presents... Peace, Love, & S#!t. In this episode the squad discusses how similar Uber's passenger rating system is to an episode of Black Mirror that freaked out Mr. Orange and Mama KGB. DuffMan remembers the stank eye he got from his Grandma while she thought he was inventoring her stuff which is the exact opposite of what happened at Mr. O's Grandpa's. The World Cup is in full swing...


#019 Booze, Pot, and a man named Pepto

We celebrated our last show in the teens like acting like we were still in our teens. Pepto dropped by Da Out House and the beer & bulls#!t was flowing.The Crew found out why they call him Pepto and had a blast hearing about a younger Mr. Orange. They also talked a lot about everyone's favorite S#!t Happens contributor Bean. He called in with a new story which prompted Pepto and Mr. O to try and explain what growing up with him was like. The Crew tells you about their weekend in Tahoe seeing...


#018 White Men Can't Podcast

Thanks for stopping by once again SHs. On this show we discussed the NBA Finals a little bit because there wasn't much to talk about after the reaming Cleveland received. So the SSDT Crew got right into the Flush Out Bracket which lead to a spat between guests! We double booked. Dick Crapper took care of it though and guided us through. Afterwards the fellas reminisce on playing ball as kids, including in the pool, and why Mr. Orange turned in his Warriors fan card. Fresh might put more into...