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EPSIODE 13 - Leather man Pascal - Born Free Builder Ben - Crazy Canadians Lions MFG

Episode 13 we have alot going on. We have our KYODT Giveaway we have in studio DJ Lola Cherry Cola, We talk leather with Pascal the only Man Lemmy from Motorhead trusted to make his boots. We also sit down and talk with Ben about his Born Free Show Build and last but not least we get an update from our chopper buds in the north Lions MFG.


EPSIODE 12 - The PictureBooks - Evil Spirit Engineering

In Episode 12 Jason and Velvet get a rare chance to call Germany (since they were kicked out of the country) and speak with Finn from the killer band The PictureBooks. They also crank call Michaela friend of the show from Evil Spirit Engineering at 11pm at night to see if he will interview on the spot!!


EPSIODE 11 - Bobby Green from Old Crow Speed Shop - Ryan from The James Brand

In this episode Jason and Velvet sit down with Bobby Green from Old Crow Speed Shop and Velvet explains to him why he loves musicals so much. Then to try and make up for how feminine velvet is Jason calls Ryan from the James Brand Knife company to try and make Velvet feel like more of a man and talking about getting stabbed. So good luck with episode!!!


Record Day Special Edition with Jake the Preacher from Lords of Altamont

On this special edition episode Jason and Velvet sit down with Jake the Preacher of Lords of Altamont and talk Vinyl records on Record Day.


Episode 10 - Evan Favaro / American Choppers - Jeff / Sweatshop Industries - JCruz / eternal trip

In this return episode we learn why the guys have been missing in action and we sit down with Tv personality and head builder at orange county choppers Evan Favaro. The guys also get super sweaty and uncomfortable with Jeff from Sweatshop Industries and last but not least they talk with a show favorite artist Jason Cruz from Eternal Trip.


Epsiode 9- Lions MFG - Simo's chili dog inventional - Cary Brobeck from easy rider magazine

IN Epsiode 9 Jason and velvet have in studio guest and friend of the show Cary Brobeck from easy rider magazine sit down with some crazy Canadians Lions MFG. They also talk with Simo and his Chili dog inventional held at cooks corner and they discus all about Cary trip to Mama Tried.


Episode 7 - Alex Born Free Cycles - Brian From JFA - How Velvet got his nick name on Valentines day

In episode 7 we unfortunately learn how Velvet got his nickname on valentines day. Its not what you think or maybe if you know him its exactly what you think. We also sit down and talk shop with Alex from Born Free Cycles and a little punk rock with Brian from JFA.


Chopperfest Special Edition

ChopperFest Special Edition In this episode we sit down with Tory the promoter behind ChopperFest and talk about the history of the event. Next we sit down with a couple invited builders from ChopperFest. Mondo from Denver Choppers and Reid from Mac Speed Cycles with his good buddy and official beer drinker Jeff.


Episode 3 - Jason Phares - Cary Brobeck from Easyrider Magazine - Justin from Showclass Mag

In episode 3 Jason and Velvet sit down and try to be serious(very bad attempt at this) with Jason Phares of Phares Cycle Parts. They also have Cary Brobeck from Easyrider Magazine in studio and talk about a little subject we all enjoy, toilet magz. Justin From ShowClass Magazine helps the guys out on what to read and not read while dumping.


Episode 2 - Sex Moves with Velvet - Trevelen with Super Co & Dr Punjabi

In Episode 2 of Sacred Steel we will sit down and discuss unfortunately some of Velvet's favorite Sex Moves & speak with Legend Trevelen from Super Co. Also we have some breaking news from India from Dr. Punjabi regarding the Moon Eyes Japan Show.