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A weekly no holds-barred comedy podcast from international actor & stand-up comedian Jeff Leach discussing politics, social climate, pop culture and personal stories.

A weekly no holds-barred comedy podcast from international actor & stand-up comedian Jeff Leach discussing politics, social climate, pop culture and personal stories.
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A weekly no holds-barred comedy podcast from international actor & stand-up comedian Jeff Leach discussing politics, social climate, pop culture and personal stories.








Episode 22 (feat. Kurt Metzger) Kurt Metzger VS Luis J Gomez. KURT TELLS ALL!

This special edition episode of the Savage Snowflake Podcast comes in the wake of the ongoing Kurt Metzger VS Louis J Gomez feud that has escalated rapidly into physical threats, public slander and even talk of stabbing! The night after the altercation at the Comedy Store in Los Angeles that saw the Legion Of Skanks live podcast show being terminated early as things got too heated and physical between Louis and Kurt, Metzger came to give HIS full unadulterated version of events and explain...


Episode 23 (feat. Mackenzie Stith) Ass crystals, Kanye's dinner service & mental health Top Trumps.

Jeff is joined by his friend, social media influencer, commercial actress and visual artist Mackenzie Stith for 90 minutes of hilarious banter as the two buddies discuss how to make an ass-crystal, why Kanye West's dinner service is weird af and how many mental health issues the two can rack up together. Check out Mackenzie Stith's art at: And follow her on snapchat for her side-splitting stories: @mackenziestith For her vines watch this compilation:...


Episode 21 (feat. Hovey Benjamin) Subreddit songs, the art of seduction & Funny Or Meh

Rapper and producer Hovey Benjamin jumps into the Savage Snowflake experience with Jeff Leach this week to discuss how viral YouTube hits changed his life and why rap is making him raspy. The two lads discuss the correct etiquette for seducing a lady, how subreddit influences Hovey's music and why Funny Or Die is too harsh. Check out Hovey's rap videos at: And listen to his music at: Support the...


Episode 20 - (feat. Pete Lee) Darkest thoughts, gag theft, cross-dressing & goddess milking.

Four-time Tonight Show star Pete Lee joins Jeff to talk about his dark thoughts, how not to steal a bit and how to get milked by an ethereal goddess. See Pete Lee on Comedy Central's 'This Week At The Cellar' and stay tuned for his fourth Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon set in the next couple of weeks. To support: Follow Jeff on twitter/insta: @jeffleach New episodes every Sunday & Thursday! AUDIO LINKS: iTunes: Soundcloud:...


Episode 19 - Clubs need drugs, Armenian dog fights & LA's fakest jobs.

In the first episode with FULL VIDEO ( discusses how he's behind the curve of soundcloud rapper fashion, why clubs need drugs to be any fun, shares a story about an impromptu Armenian dog fight and how everyone in Los Angeles is lying about their job title.


Episode 18 - (feat. Tanya Tate)Porn power, adult babysitters & putting the world to (equal) rights!

Jeff's guest this week is adult actress, entrepreneur and Vivid Radio XM hostess Tanya Tate as the two discuss the healing power of pornography, why adult film sets need a decent babysitter and how to finally put the gender divide to rest. Sometimes hilarious, often thoughtful and always honest, this two hour chat is well worth the listen.


Episode 17 - (feat. Matthew Santoro) Mouth on pee-pee, avert the drama alert & dodging depression.

Jeff Leach welcomes YouTube sensation Matthew Santoro to the podcast this week. Matt has 6.2 million adoring subscribers but that doesn't mean life is complete. On this revealing extended discussion, the duo talk about the dangers of social media drama, how dodging depression is a daily focus for both of them and why Matt just wants some mouth on pee-pee action.


Episode 16 - (feat. Jason Rouse) Offensive attitudes, immigrant blood & a very British hero complex.

Joining Jeff Leach is Canadian comedian and all-round wrangler of rock'n'roll Jason Rouse. Famed for his hardcore, divisive and brutal stand-up material, Jason discusses the 'Age Of Offence' with Jeff, why immigrants like them are bled dry in Los Angeles and why British heroes will only ever eat a bullet to the face in a crisis.


Episode 15 - (feat. Derek Gaines) Big d**k energy, cosmos kush & the racial rodeo.

Jeff Leach is joined this week by friend and fellow stand-up Derek Gaines, currently starring in 'The Last OG' on TBS and 'Will & Grace' on NBC as the two smoke a few dabs and discuss what it is to have 'Big D**k Energy', how to ride the racial rodeo and why kush is expanding the cosmos!


Episode 14 - Kanye's weird PornHub awards, Soundcloud softies & ditch the douche!

A special episode today focusing on Jeff's experiences at the weirdest awards ceremony on the planet, the PornHub Awards. Curated by Kanye 'loves to pose' West, with Trippie Redd, Riley Reid, Dani Daniels, porn princesses and a load of douche-bag YouTubers all in attendance for Jeff to dissect.


Episode 13 - Asia's Age-a consent, return of the ma...C K and WIN a Boundless Tera vape!

Jeff sets the record straight about Asia Argento sending unwanted nude videos to him prior to her Jimmy Bennett alleged assault claim and then takes a look at the surprise return of Louis C K to the stage after a year and whether he did it right or just assaulted the venue and audience with his presence? As if that wasn't juicy enough, new sponsors Boundless Technology have a new Tera vape for Jeff to give away to one lucky listener! Suns up, buds up my friends!


Episode 12 - Jeff gets SUPER high. Industry bulls**t, comedians are liars & searching for truth.

Someone got incredibly high. It was Jeff and over the next hour that weed infused comedian will break down all of the fallacies surrounding the world of professional stand up comedians, why most of them are liars and the importance of searching for unerring truth. In one of the most revealing episodes to date, Jeff picks apart his own insecurities and those of his colleagues... as he works his way through some dank sativa oil. Strap in, light up and get ready for a brutal cynical overload.


Episode 11 - Gun-toting, Russian-exposing, relationship-blowing modern man!

What happens in Vegas DOESN'T stay in Vegas baby! Jeff is back again to talk about shooting assault rifles and liking it, why extreme embalming is extremely balmy, how Russia is already winning and why he is probably destined to be single until he's made bank.


Episode 10 - Comic Con Clowns, James Gunn'ed Down and Hand-To-Handicapped Combat.

Jeff Leach is back from San Diego Comic Con 2018 with tales of nerd on nerd rage, why James Gunn should be the one loading his weapon and the problematic world of down-syndrome duke-outs.


Episode 9 - Trump's Empire Strikes Back, BJ for PG & Daddy (and Mummy) Issues.

Happy 4th of July 'Murica! This episode sees Jeff Leach discuss Trump's Empire striking back, why pregnant blow-jobs make you a paedophile and why we all have Daddy (and Mummy) issues.


Episode 8 - America's Got Politics, Christian Cock Cake, Man - Hate And Baby Boners

This week Jeff Leach outlines his plan for peace in the middle east courtesy of celebrities, why baking cakes is the gayest thing a Christian can do, why there ARE still gentlemen in the world and the distress of a baby boner.


Episode 7 - Gay for pay, a manscape too far & This Is (racist) America.

In this episode Jeff discusses why he's considering going gay for pay or taking dick for a (cheque) split, what constitutes a 'manscape' too far & why the internet is wound up about Childish Gambino's 'This Is (racist) America'.


Episode 6 - feat. Andy Milonakis - Euro Boners, Streamer Nightmares & Dr.Dre's Tender Caress!

Andy Milonakis joins Jeff for a special guest episode of the podcast. The two comics discuss why Europeans do it better, how to befriend Riff Raff, what rappers get the guys rigid and why Dr.Dre has a tender caress.


Episode 5 - Black Dad, Sexual Release Forms, Hashtag Haters & Free Stand Up.

In this week's episode Jeff celebrates legendary parenting from a handsome black man, explains why white college-educated women will bring about the end of white folks and highlights why he won't be spanking anyone anytime soon. Also hidden in the podcast is a link that will direct you to a 35min live audio recording of Jeff performing at the Oxnard Levity Live venue in California. This link will only be active for one week!


Episode 4 - Toilet-Gate, #TimesUp, reclaim the c**t and Truthstagram.

In this week's episode Jeff takes on overt PC restroom madness, explains why POTUS Oprah would end America, develops a new electoral process and reclaims the word c**t. To contact the show email us on: savagepodcast (at) jeffreyleach (dot) com.