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Episode #17 - Waggin' College to Smoke in a Forest [4/11/17]

This week Saul and Francis discuss Mario Odyssey, predictions for Paris Games Week, EA's closure of Visceral Studios among other earth-shattering, physics defining concepts. Join them. Episode 17 Music Credits: Tom Hannay – Hyperbole Tape Joakim Karud – Piano and Sax DOS 88 – Billy’s Sacrifice Joakim Karud - By The Croft Joakim Karud – Hurricane G.I.Z – People Joakim Karud – Vibe With Me Joakim Karud – Mondays Joakim Karud – Boost Media Right Productions – Jazz in Paris Joey Pecoraro – Warm...


Episode 16 - Kim Jong Un Is Probably Crap at Destiny [24.09.17]

This week we discuss the success of Destiny 2, why Sonic Mania is the Sonic game we've been waiting for and what games we were late to the party with. All whilst trying to stay chipper with the threat of nuclear annihilation looming over us. Music: Tom Hannay – Hyperbole Tape (Save State Theme) Joakim Karud – Piano and Sax David Wood – Boo Boogie Joey Pecoraro – Husky Gee – Even Freakier Bit Gee – Pixel Beat Joakim Karud – Dreams Joakim karud – Butterfly Chuki Beats – Young Gee – Cheeky...


Episode #15 - Chud Gets His Mojo Back

This week Ryme helps The Chud regain his gaming mojo and Saul discloses his guilt pleasures. Thanks to the following artists for their musical contrbutions: Tom Hannay Joakim Karud – Piano and Sax Nkato – Chill Rap Artificial Music – And so It Begins Home – Above All Joakim Karud – Great Days Gee – Chip Funk Dos-88 – Far Away Joakim Karud – Keep on Going Mr Logostix – Don’t Stop Gee – Smooth Jazz Lyvo – Seaside LOWERCASE – Subliminal Messages Kubbi – Compass Joakim Karud – Wait a Minute