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Welcome to Science Friction, the sci-fi comedy game show where comedians score points for their opinions, and how close they are to my opinions! I'm your host, Asterios Kokkinos. To support this show, and score sweet bonus episodes and content, visit

Welcome to Science Friction, the sci-fi comedy game show where comedians score points for their opinions, and how close they are to my opinions! I'm your host, Asterios Kokkinos. To support this show, and score sweet bonus episodes and content, visit


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Welcome to Science Friction, the sci-fi comedy game show where comedians score points for their opinions, and how close they are to my opinions! I'm your host, Asterios Kokkinos. To support this show, and score sweet bonus episodes and content, visit






Catfish Fan Fiction

THIS WEEK'S MISSION: If you're anything like me, you've often wondered, "Where's Katie Sackhoff?" She killed it as Starbuck on where'd she go? In this episode...WE FIND OUT! THIS WEEK'S CREW: SF023 stars two of my favorite podcasters: Kevin Cole & Jeff Pennington. Kevin DM's a D&D podcast called Pretend Friends, and Jeff runs a Star Trek podcast called M-Class. I love both of these dudes, and after you listen, you will too!


The DISCO Twins #3: "New Eden" and "Primal Urges"

This week: we watch Star Trek Discovery S2E2: "New Eden" & The Orville S2E2: "Primal Urges." They're both not great! Follow Erich on YouTube: And follow me on Patreon:


The DISCO Twins #2: "Brother" & Orville's S2 Premiere, "Ja'loja"

There's a lot of online chatter about how The Orville is good and Discovery is bad, or vice versa. So this week, I said, "I'll watch both shows and talk about them." And I did! Follow Erich on YouTube, dammit!


The DISCO Twins #1: Short Treks

Me and fellow Mumkey-verse podcaster Erich McCoy are both BIG fans of Star Trek: Discovery! So we'll be doing a weekly watchalong show for season two. This first episode focuses on the "Short Treks," a series of 15 minute in-universe shorts that CBS All Access made. If you don't know which to start with, I suggest "The Escape Artist," which stars and was directed by Rainn Wilson!


Voyagerges #2: Creative Differences

What do you do when you're three seasons deep and out of ideas? You get META, baby! This week, we discuss VOY 3x24, "Worst Case Scenario." It gives us a tantalizing look into what might happen if Chakotay ever did anything interesting, through a holodeck Maquis mutiny gone wrong. It also gives a peek behind the curtain of the Voyager writing staff, where annoying actors and their nuisance notes can be deactivated like an EMH without his 26th century portable...



We're back! After a long hiatus spent making 983 other podcasts, Science Friction warps in with all-new episode! And this time, we embrace the NEW. Forget that crusty ol' TNG – this week, we review episodes of 2018's hottest sci-fi shows, including Lost In Space, The Expanse and Altered Carbon. Never heard of those shows? Me neither – I googled "new sci-fi that the kids like" and just rolled with it, baby!


A Special Announcement For Science Friction Listeners

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Voyagerges #1: That's Now How Evolution Works

Is Voyager as bad as we remember? As a kid, I gave Voyager like 6 episodes before getting bored. And I remember thinking to myself, "That's weird, I literally cry if I miss an episode of Deep Space Nine. Why don't I care about this show?" I didn't hate Janeway, Chakotay, or Tuvok. I didn't hate the ship, the CGI or the music. I even liked the premise -- Star Trek meets Lost In Space, which was a show I knew an UNUSUAL amount about for a teenager in the 90's. In the 2000's, the...


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BONUS: Is Science Friction Kino? with Mumkey Jones & Ass Burger

Yes, his name is "Ass Burger!" On his second channel, my ol' pal Mumkey Jones has a movie podcast called "Is It Kino?" Last night, we decided to mash it up with some Science Friction, and record a knock down, drag out, incredibly civil discussion about Avengers: Infinity War. Enjoy, and happy tuesday!



THIS WEEK'S MISSION: THE GREAT VOYAGER DEBATE!! No joke: my two guests Marly Halpern-Graser & Josie Campbell love Voyager. Josie likes it more than Deep Space Nine, which is insane to me, but god damn if she didn't make some pretty compelling points. We spend over a goddamn hour REALLY hashing out Voyager. It's an intense thrill ride of non-stop pedantry, ONLY ON SCIENCE FRICTION!!! THIS WEEK'S CREW: Marly Halpern-Graser | @MarlyHG Josie Campbell |...


The Guay System

THIS WEEK'S MISSION: I talk with two of my favorite people – animation writers Marly Halpern–Graser & Josie Campbell school me on how to write for Batman, The Teen Titans, and pretty much all the DC superheroes that you've ever seen on Cartoon Network. Plus: we talk about how we're GOING to talk about Voyager, but never get around to it, so you'll hear that in the NEXT episode! THIS WEEK'S CREW: Josie Campbell | @CozyJamble Marly Halpern–Graser | @MarlyHG


#1: "My Name's Sheldon, Sheldon Cooper"

0:00 [Intro] 1:06 Wolverine's Intervention 7:38 Help Me Lose Weight 13:47 Ocarina of Shitting On Your Mom 19:55 Valentine's Gifts 27:07 Qui Gon's List 32:22 Talk to Girls in Public 47:00 What We Can Get Away With? 53:48 Just Let Them Watch It! 59:13 The Hand I've Been Dealt 1:05:16 Insweetilize? 1:11:05 The Spice Chuncs of Life 1:17:25 [Outro]


Waifu Wars 002: Misa Amane vs You Watanabe...with Mumkey Jones!

Hey! If you've already seen this episode on my YouTube station – apologies. If not...listen up! And watch the fun at


Porg Chatter #2: Porgcentricity

We bought a porg! He's gigantic and adorable, and you'll hear all about him in this brand new episode of Porg Chatter.


Asterios Kills A Kid #3: "Cuss Control"

A kid calls the teacher "Dad", a teen's edgelord friends are growing up, and a boy is literally fighting off girl's advances. This is Producer Jesse, apologizing in advance for the language you will hear on this episode of Asterios Kills a Kid. It is so obscene that I had to use an experimental censorship algorithm to make just this description palatable. Listen at your own risk. If you're a kid, and want Asterios to ██████ your ████████, you can initiate that here. Our first writer is...


Porg Chatter #0: Porgblic Relations

Welcome to the unreleased pilot episode of PORG CHATTER! In this week's episode, Serancho and I discuss the world's most important fictional characters – PORGS – and how we can help Disney sell more of them.


Asterios Kills A Kid #2: The Birds & The Wasps

Wasp sting your friend? 8th graders steal your snowball? A girl has bigger boobs than you? This episode's all about getting your revenge. This is Producer Jesse welcoming you to another episode of Asterios Kills a Kid! If at any point while listening to the following you think, "Man, I know a kid with problems way more fucked up than this," go find that child, place them in front of a computer, and get them to submit their questions here. The first question this episode is from Hailey, a...


The Limbaugh Time Loop

THIS WEEK'S MISSION: I'm joined by my comedy heroes from the legendary Chicago sketch comedy troupe Superpunk! You can hear their podcast here – I suggest starting with episode 11. THIS WEEK'S CREW: Mike Betette | @Betette Phillip Mottaz | @PhillipMottaz


Waifu Wars 001: Misaka vs Louise

Welcome to Waifu Wars! It's a YouTube series where me and Sirancho interview REAL ANIME NERDS and help them find the two-dimensional love of their lives. You can watch the video here. In our first episode, which was actually made months ago but fuck it, we meet "Chuck." He's a real-life meme, as the commander of "Fort Waifu." He loves two different fictional girls – Louise something, and Misaka something. I know nothing about them, and he seems creepily into their panties. Let's listen!