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A master feed for all of our shows!






The Screamcast Night Of The Living Dead: A Screamcast Commentary

Watch a movie with us! In our first Audio Commentary series, Brad, Stephanie and Mike sit down to watch George Romero’s classic: NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD.


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 008: Grindhouse Press With C. V. Hunt

Grindhouse Releasing is a literary horror fans DREAM. Started by author Anderson Prunty and now run by C. V. Hunt, they are a small press with the goal to publish six to twelve books a year with an emphasis on horror, extreme horror, transgressive fiction, sleaze, exploitation, dark humor, and general weirdness with a dark theme.


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 007: Paperbacks From Hell With Grady Hendrix

Paperbacks From Hell have taken the world by storm and Grady Hendrix could be the one responsible. On this episode Grady joins me to discuss his work as an author and a collector of obscure and crazy horror paperback books dubbed “Paperbacks From Hell.” We also discuss his work with Valancourt Books and his latest […]


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 006: Into The Asylum With Joe Hempel

On this episode I am joined by Joe Hempel. He's been one of my favorite people since starting my own audiobook narration journey. Joe is a workhorse in this industry and is full of humor and wisdom with his perspectives on the art of narration as well as the business.


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 005: John Peyton Cooke Is Out For Blood

This week I am joined by author John Peyton Cooke to discuss his book Out For Blood, which is out in print, digital and audiobook via Valancourt Books. About John Peyton Cooke: John Peyton Cooke is the author of seven novels and several tales. Torsos, a historical thriller about the Cleveland Torso Slayer of the 1930s, was […]


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 004: Into The Deep South With Matt Godfrey

Over the past couple of years Matt Godfrey has become one of my favorite audiobook narrators. His work with Valancourt Books has been an 80’s horror fan’s dream and he continues to pump out incredible narrations of wonderful literature. We discuss many things including his journey into audiobook narration, genre and the narration process. My […]


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 003: Saint Sadist and the Dark Web with Lucas Mangum and Melody Muzljakovich

Author Lucas Mangum and Voice Actor Melody Muzljakovich join me to talk about Gods of the Dark Web (out on Audible now) and Saint Sadist (coming to Audible soon!).


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 002: Journey To Lost Hollow With Isaac Thorne

Author Isaac Thorne joins me this week to discuss his novel The Gordon Place and the world he’s created with his sleepy Southern town of Lost Hollow. We also discuss politics and perspective in storytelling. You can check out all of Isaac’s work at What We’re Listening To: The Devil’s Gunman by Philip S. […]


The Screamcast My Valentine Likes To Eat Los Enchiladas On The Third Floor

We’re back with a quick round of what we’ve been watching! Brad: Los Enchiladas The Trail (Jui gwai chat hung) Stephanie: Into The Dark: My Valentine (Hulu) Wax Mask Dr Sleep (DC) Master Of Dark Shadows Sean: Girl On The Third Floor Snatchers


Audiobooks From Hell Episode 001: Mark Allan Miller Vs The Encyclopocalyse

On this, the pilot episode of Audiobooks From Hell, Mark Allan Miller joins me to discuss 80’s horror paperbacks and his journey into producing quality genre audiobooks with Encyclopocalypse Publications. See the entire Encyclopocalypse catalog here About The Host Sean Duregger is an audiobook narrator specializing in genre entertainment and a voice over artist. You […]


The Screamcast Our Best Of 2019!

The whole gang is together! We discuss our favorite releases of 2019! Favorite 2019 Theatrical Releases: Stephanie: Sword of Trust Extra-ordinary Dolomite Is My Name Boys In The Wood Daniel Isn’t Real Happy Death Day To You Us Once Upon A Time In Hollywood Mike D: Between Two Ferns: The Movie Fire Happy Death Day […]


The Screamcast ScreamCast Shorty: Underwater (2020)

Mike Delaney and Brad Henderson explore “aqua-horror” with UNDERWATER!


The Screamcast ScreamCast Shorty: The Grudge (2020)

Brad Henderson talks about 2020’s THE GRUDGE. After a young mother murders her family in her own house, a single mother and detective tries to investigate and solve the case. Later, she discovers the house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death.


The Screamcast Those Late Night Jokers: Brad and Mike

Brad and Mike get box wine-drunk and discuss Three From Hell, Dracula’s Daughter and more!


The Screamcast Nightmares Film Festival 2019 Wrap Up: The Podcast Episode!

Jay Hawkinson (@sleestakk) and Cati Glidewell (@BlondeInFront) join Sean to wrap up Nightmares Film Festival 2019 in Columbus, Ohio!


The Armchair Philosopher Everyone Is Agnostic With Marie D’Elephant

A lost episode has been found! In our final episode of Season 5, Marie D’Elephant joins me to discuss her story of challenging and then leaving her faith. She is one of the hosts of the Everyone’s Agnostic podcast (which is on an indefinite hiatus, but there is a wealth of episodes to listen to), and Marie has […]


The Screamcast Fantastic Fest 2019 Wrap-Up

We had sneakers on the ground at Fantastic Fest 2019 in Austin, TX. Brad and Stephanie TELL ALL! They discuss AFTER MIDNIGHT, GUNS AKIMBO, PARASITE, KNIVES OUT, THE DEATH OF DICK LONG, VHYES, THE POOL, JALLIKATTU, BLISS, VFW, COME TO DADDY, and more!


The SPLATHOUSE Podcast FTM Presents The SPLATHOUSE67: Nightmare - The VHS Board Game (1991)

The Young Maggot (Sarah) and the Old Maggot (Mike D.) play a round of 1991's NIGHTMARE VHS board game to kick off Scary Movie Month!


The Sacred Collective #48: God Suffers With Us

Caleb gives a talk on the book of Daniel at Revolution Church, from Bryan-Lake Bowl in Minneapolis. Cross-over with Revolution Church Podcast.


The Screamcast Taking A Stand With The Fanatic On Limp Bizkit Row

While Brad and Steph do Fantastic Fest stuff, Sean and Mike test out our new recording system (with mixed results) and go off on Fred Durst’s THE FANATIC.