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The South Florida radio show about Sex, Love & Relationships in the Age of Tinder. Taping every Saturday night at Awa Na Kava Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale!

The South Florida radio show about Sex, Love & Relationships in the Age of Tinder. Taping every Saturday night at Awa Na Kava Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale!
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The South Florida radio show about Sex, Love & Relationships in the Age of Tinder. Taping every Saturday night at Awa Na Kava Lounge in Ft. Lauderdale!








312 - Best of Sex on Kava Volume IV

Tonight it’s the Best of Sex on Kava! Since the podcast is ending for good next month, we’re bringing you some of the best clips from Sex on Kava past! We’ve got the entire Fasil Malik vs. John Gregory controversy, the Trump vs. Fawad Siddiqui (24, Homeland) showdown, and Jesse Thompson talking about shitting his pants in front of Naughty Nadia! Plus, pimpin’ tips from Pimpin’ Al, and special appearances from Eric Rosenblum, Dan Weiss, Josh Rosen and much, much more!


311 - Best of Sex on Kava Volume III

Well, Sex on Kava is almost over, but before we end it for good, we're breaking out some of the classic tapes from years past. In this classic "Best Of" episode, we’ve packed a lot of funny into a few short minutes here, so strap in! We’re talking about penis pumps, homoerotic homophobia, fisting, sounding, being dominated by Mistress Cruella– and that’s just in the first 10 minutes! We’ve also got Cary the Gay guy sharing the intimate secrets of the South Florida gay male culture, Creepy...


310 - Second-to-last Episode Ever- With Hennessy Williams & Creepy Greg

Newsflash: Sex on Kava is just about over! Tonight, join us for the penultimate episode of Sex on Kava- after this, we’ve just got one episode left, then we’re ending the podcast forever! Find out why we’re killing the golden goose, what Rich and Ethan’s new projects entail, and hear from some of our fans over the years. Plus, we’ve got one of our favorite guests, Hennessy Williams III! And of course, some wacky sex news with Newsgirl Jackie (who’s eating on the podcast once again!) Oh,...


309 - Best of Sex on Kava Part II

Tonight it’s the Best of Sex on Kava, Volume II, the best of our first year! We’ve got Donald Trump, Creepy Greg, Harvey, Mistress Cruella, Dick Pics with Dave Gregory, and much, much more! Plus, all your favorite guests… Matt Bellak, Eric Rosenblum, John Gregory, Jacky Beren, Jen Hellman, Noshod Barrow, Mike Sowa, and more! Listen now… and don’t forget tell a friend, and give us a 5-star rating on iTunes!


308 - Nico Prada; Classic Rock; Hot Chicks on Acid

It’s #SexOnKava and tonight we’re talking to Nico Prada from the Degenerate Comedy Tour. He’ll tell us about their Sex Pistols-esque approach to comedy; meanwhile, Newsgirl Jackie will bring over some cute hippie chicks who happen to be right in the middle of an acid trip! We’ll ruin their fun with stupid jokes and try to get their trip to take a dark turn, as we take a call from the late great David Bowie! Then- get ready for some deep cuts as we talk Floyd and Album-Oriented Rock with...


306 - Donut Patrol with Kerigan McCoy!

It’s Sex on Kava and we’re eating donuts with Kerigan McCoy, a comedian who also does a bit of policework on the side! She’ll tell us about growing up as the daughter of a cop (and going on ride-alongs when she was way too young!) We get pretty deep with Kerigan- the death of her mother, her family issues, and how all that led her into comedy. She’s very open and it’s fascinating stuff! Also: Ethan wants to legalize all drugs (and manages to convert Newsgirl Jackie to libertarianism);...


305 - Nadeem Gets Booted from a Boy Band; African Cuckold Potion; Preachy Atheists

Tonight on Sex on Kava we’re talking to local comic and promoter Nadeem Awad! He’ll tell us about his past as part of the boy band IMIJ, along with comic Elgin David! We’ll hear about how sleazy the music business really is, beefs he had with the boy band, and how Ethan once tried to get ahead in showbusiness (Hint: it involves “head”). Plus, preachy atheists, African cuckold potions, Chris Cornell’s death, and a “lifehack” you can try at home! All right now, on Sex on Kava! Follow us at...


304 - Hennessy Explains America; Newsgirl Jackie Defends Beating Up Kids

Tonight on Sex on Kava we’re talking to Hennessy Williams III, Don Giovanni, and Dan Weiss! Listen as we dig deep into Ethan’s appetite for controversy, Amy Schumer’s success, and Newsgirl Jackie’s lack of knowledge about polls and Superman villains. Plus: We talk liberal Hollywood, abusive boyfriends, and abusive childhoods! Jackie defends beating your child, Dan defends smarting off to your parents, and Rich defends the “Don Rickles” approach to child-rearing! Enjoy this special Mothers’...


303 - Ethan Insults Nick Goulart; God vs. The Devil; Sex Addicts Anonymous

Tonight on #SexOnKava we’re talking to local comic Nick Goulart! Ethan is in rare form as he manages to insult Nick within the first 2 minutes of the show, but it leads to an interesting discussion involving the word, “Faggot”, gay theater directors, and non-Trinitarian theology! Find out how being heartbroken and having a pussy-ass vibe can be a path to spiritual enlightenment! Plus, Newsgirl Jackie burns heretics, Ethan accidentally joins the Alt-Right, and we learn about the exquisite...


302 Part 2 - John Gregory, Lindsey Danae White

It’s Sex on Kava and we’re talking to brunette bombshell & Playboy model Lindsey Danae White! Plus John Gregory is on to tell us about cuckolding Ethan on his new podcast, Mean and Sober. Then listen as Dan Weiss cracks jokes while Lindsey tells us about her dysfunctional relationship, Middle Eastern men who write to her in “Scribbly”, and her father’s run for mayor! And Jackie has a news story about the new rape-y sex trend- “Stealthing”! Finally, listen as Lindsey and Jackie exhort Ethan...


302 Part 1 - Erik Myers, Lindsey Danae White

It’s Sex on Kava and we’re talking to comedian Erik Myers (Comedy Central, Showtime) and glamour model Lindsey Danae White (! But first- Dan Weiss has a drunken tittyfucking story and, oddly enough, Erik then tells us how hard it is to find love now that he’s quit drinking! Then Lindsey tells us about how she is definitely no longer dating her prison girlfriend, how to get black tar heroin when you’re locked up, and why prison is so much better than jail (you get to do makeup!)...


301 - Mike Sowa One Year Sober, but William The Exaggerator is Hooked on Phonics!

It’s the #SexOnKava Season 3 premiere and we’re talking to comedian Mike Sowa, who recently celebrated one year sober (after his impromptu “intervention” a year ago on Sex on Kava)! We talk about other addictions, and Rich Kennedy tells us about the old days of porn, while Ethan talks about his resentments toward people who tell him he shouldn’t talk about AA onstage. Then, speaking of sobriety, we’re talking to the one and only William “The Exxxaggerator” Ashley! Jackie’s out, so William...


252 - Year One Best of Sex on Kava

It's the Best of Sex on Kava- From Year One! Listen to the classics, with Creepy Greg, Mistress Cruella, and much, much more! Featuring Eric Rosenblum, Mike Sowa, Minda Mo, Dan Long, Kat Toledo, Brett Engle, Khalil Rashad, Dan Weiss, Willonius Hatcher, and Maymay Durand!


251 - SOK Classic with Hennessy Williams, Creepy Greg, and Maymay!

Tonight we’re on vacation but we’ve got a #Classic episode of Sex on Kava for you! Hennessy Williams III is here (in his previous guise as “Artese Lector”, so don’t get confused) to talk sex & relationships. Plus get a blast from the past as our old-school Newsgirl, Maymay Durand, gets creeped out by our favorite guest & Kava Kook, Creepy Greg! Follow us on IG at @sexonkava


250 Part 2 - Dr. Brett Erases Your Memory! Comics Lauren Dufault, Jason Damm, Matt Zetts

Tonight, we’re talking with Rich Kennedy about his brand new single, Fort Laudy Girls! And tonight’s guest, Dr. Brett, Memory Expert, is trying to help Ethan remember… not to do heroin! Plus we welcome comics Lauren Dufault, Matt Zetts, and Jason Damm; Bestialist Lord Channing reviews “Beauty and the Beast”, and Newsgirl Jackie has a story about a frozen penis (“Dicksickle”). Plus, we talk showbiz influences Letterman, Carlin, and Norm MacDonald. It’s something for everyone, on tonight’s...


250 Part 1 - Dr. Brett, Slippery Dolphins, and traveling comics Lauren, Matt & Jason

It’s Sex on Kava and the porn stars we booked for the show tonight are a no-show… but out-of-town comedians Lauren Dufault, Matt Zetts, and Jason Damm just happened to walk into the kava bar, and we’ve shanghaied them onto the podcast! Listen as we ask them the questions we had planned for the pornstars, with hilariously sexy results! Then we get fan-favorite and friend-of-the-show Dr. Brett on the mic to tell us about the new technique he has of erasing his patients’ emotional memories....


249 Part 2 - Law the Pornstar; Don Giovanni; How to Be a Porn Star; Bowie

It’s Sex on Kava and we’re talking to ex-pornstar and man’s man, Law Ream, along with local comic Don Giovanni! Find out about mold-removal scams, the worst thing Ethan ever did for drugs, and play movie trivia with Rich & Newgirl Jackie! Then we’re taking a whole bunch of calls, from David Bowie, Harvey, Eric Rosenblum, and a guy who wants to know how to get into porn! Also, why your gay-sounding voice might be holding your career back, what the ethical limits of sex doll manufacturing...


249 Part 1 - Ethan Takes a Drink; Carjacking with Don Giovanni, Jewelry Heist with Law Ream

It’s Sex on Kava and we’re talking to ex-pornstar and man’s man, Law Ream! Plus, local comedian Don Giovanni! We get the inside scoop on what it’s like to do open mic comedy in South Florida, we find out what a “Thirst Trap” is, and finally, Ethan tells us how he accidentally took a sip of whiskey! (Sure.) Hmm… will he relapse on dick too? Plus, Law tells us how to rob a jewelry store, and Don Giovanni tells us about reforming his life after doing hard time for carjacking in his misspent...


248 Part 2 - Lindsey Danae White (; Eric Da Silva; Dan Weiss; Anna Lepeley

It’s Sex on Kava and we’re talking to the very well-endowed Lindsey Danae White! Lindsey will tell us what happens when your breast implant pops like a balloon while you’re in jail (it’s bad), what it’s like to go on a date with Ethan (she thought he was gay), and why she loves her new career of pitbull breeding (it's easier on the heels than stripping). Plus, tittyfucking with Dan Weiss, Anna Lepeley takes live questions from lesbians, and Miami comic Eric Da Silva joins us to talk about...


248 Part 1 - Lindsey Danae White from; Dr. Anna Lepeley, Dan Weiss

It’s Sex on Kava and we’re talking to our favorite internet celebrity, model Lindsey Danae White! But first, Dr. Anna Lepeley is in the studio talking about her comedy tour with Ethan, his regretful decisions on the road, and why he loves the Floppy Rooster! Then listen as Dan Weiss and Lindsey join the party and we hear about her drama-suffused Facebook page, the Middle Eastern men who constantly try to seduce her (often writing to her in a strange language she calls,...