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Issue 59: Excelsior (Clifford Forester)

Jackson chimes in from the mountains and Jeff takes us on a tour of the Comic Book world with Clifford Forester. The sharkz find the worst way to get a cat, and Nate says some questionable stuff. Polish beers are delicious, and we’re cool with some more Ryan Reynolds. Pikachu! What is a sandwich shop without a good Ruben? This is SharkCast. Excelsior!


Issue 58: Prop 1 🥦

Issue 58: Prop 1 🥦 The sharkz are doing a Lewis celebration slide🐍 in anticipation of prop1🙌. Jackson shares an accidental homosexual netflix find👬, and the boiz try to figure out if Clark Kent is really Superman🤓. Is daylight savings really worth having shovel-hands🤷‍♀️? This is SharkCast.🐙🐡


Issue 57: “I’ve Had Hemorrhoids Before🤷‍♂️🍑”

The boiz prep their next hangover 🍻while reviewing their Sober in October post-season stats📝. Red Dead is slow and steady while Smash Bros is getting hype AF🙌. The satanists are sad😈, but at least we had Halloween🎃. Should your Uber text and drive😱? Ronny Coleman is jacked💪. This is SharkCast.🐟🐡🦀


Issue 56: My Boyfriend’s Leather Jacket 👨‍❤️‍👨🧥

The boiz 👬are wearing flash-style leather jackets and checking each other’s oil🛢️ while the UFC is trading up, and Conor is exercising his excuse muscles💪. The DC Universe is coming out swinging like a Titan 🙌and Daredevil is dishing out some blind justice👨‍⚖️. Try some Krokodil🧟‍♂️🐊. This is SharkCast. 🐟🐡🐙


Issue 55: Bad Luck, That's My Middle Name 🍀🥀

Danny’s fucked up day brought YouTube to its knees and the boiz discuss how to ruin a perfectly good steak🥩. Venom is dope🐍, and Jeff sucks at watching movies🎬. Does Khabib really need to fight Floyd☹️, and why are there so many dicks flopping around at the gym👉👌? Thank you for the bud Canada💨. Stay Sober🍻. This is SharkCast. 🐙🐡 Late Night Episode, ENJOY. 💕


Issue 54: Why’d You Take Your Pants Off? ⚽⚾🔥 (Bobby Weiss)

Issue 53: Why’d You Take Your Pants Off? ⚽⚾🔥 (Bobby Weiss) The boiz are joined by good friend Bobby Weiss to talk about the 🔥hot balls and hot brawls that ran rampant at UFC 229🤼‍♂️. Swolverine🤦‍♂️, from the Kroger-brand Ex-Men makes an appearance, and what the fuck is Bat Mite🦇🐜?! There’s a mid-month Sober in October check-up, and the sharkz suffer Bold Guy parkour🤮. How do you pronounce Khabib Nurmagomedov? 🤷‍♂️Seriously tho.. This is SharkCast. 🐟🐡🐙 The first half we talk about...


Issue 53: Feelin’ Perdy 👸(Rob Louis)

The Sharkz are 3 days into Sober October and are getting absolutely wasted…on sobriety🍺🙅‍♂️. Rob Louis joins the boiz to discuss how #LadyGaga fans are spitting #Venom, and Hazel Park schools are serving up some gourmet mold🤢🤮. The President of the United States texts Jeff📱, and you can still win an iPhone from those YouTubers who aren’t dead yet🙄. Don’t botch your shooting star presses🤭. This is SharkCast. 🐟🐡 Fun episode, be sure to check out Robs music!...


Issue 52: I Thought It’d Be Longer… 🤷‍♂️

Issue 52: I Thought It’d Be Longer… 🤷‍♂️ The Shark Tank almost goes live, but it’s impossible🍔. The boiz go over their #SoberinOctober pre-season stats🍺🏈, and the stakes are choice cuts🥩. Does Conor’s press conference earn him a proper 12🥃, and does Batman’s dong🦇🍆 live up to Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker🤡? Is this the best Watch Later of all time📺? You be the judge👨‍⚖️. Don’t stab people🔪. This is Sharkcast.🐟🐡🐙 Check out this weeks podcast on all platforms. WE ❤️ YOU.


Issue 51: Mmm…Organic Matter! 🍄 (Anthony R. Brass & Espacia Fotiu)

Issue 51: Mmm…Organic Matter! 🍄 ( Anthony R Brass & Espacia Fotiu) The boiz get deep into some Detroit art ✏️with Anthony Robertosaurus Brass who gives too many bananas🍌 to homeless people and Espacia Fotiu who goes way too deep with her dessert sandwich🍨🥪. The sharks ask, what is art and what helps or hinders an artist🖌️? Ninja turtles🐢 show up and Jeff’s hickey makes an appearance😱. What’s up with society and it’s dysfunctional trends🤷‍♂️? Are you having fun🤷‍♀️? This is...


Issue 50: Progress 🌱 (Ethan Frizzell)

Joined by their old friend Ethan, the sharks swim 🦈deep into both perspectives of sex-drive💦🍆🚙 and shaving🧔. Ethan’s tiny voice comes back to haunt him👻, and what the fuck is a spiky melon or a Rambutan. 🤷‍♀️Some cops suck at fighting…some don’t, and what’s up with social media anyway? This is SharkCast. 🐡🐙🦀 Its always nice talking to Ethan, we hope you enjoy this episode!❤️ We will see you next week freaks. 👽 #weirdbeards


Issue 49: Nate The Intern 👨‍💻

The boiz try to go live with Nate the Intern where they decide that vaping a Carolina reaper is a bad idea. Eminem comes in with a Kamikaze and Machine Gun Kelly fires back. Just do it or don’t, and shut up about it. Peter Pan costumes and weed babies. This is SharkCast.


Issue 48: The Pact ✊ ( #soberoctober )

Issue 48: The Pact ✊ ( #soberoctober ) The Sharks find out what the Buzz 🥃(Ballz) is all about when it comes to Hollow Knight🎮. They go for a double SharkCast review of some assorted drinks and the pact is made for a Sober October😱. The world of eSports falls victim to a much larger problem and Jeff sings with Vin Diesel👨‍🎤. Would you push your friend off a bridge? Do a belly flop🤽‍♂️! This is SharkCast. 🐟🐠🐡 Check us out on all the platforms and join the freak movement. 👽


Issue 47: Nature Boys

The boiz get deep with the YouTubez while taking their chances in the wilderness. Rain fucks things for a bit while the sharks question what does it take to deserves a “Go Fund Me” page. How do you drill into your nut sack accidentally, and who is the reigning champ of UFC smack talk? We do our first album review, by request, of our friends in the Perdy Boys and if you can't watch it now; Watch Later, Watch Later! This is SharkCast.


Issue 46: 12 Is The New 10 (Issue 3X)

They boiz get dyslexic with the Dozenal system (so call me Sally), and Meg and Daniel go toe-to-toe. Planes get stolen and Robocop statues are debated. A new supergroup is formed and cauliflower mash is the next major trend. They sharks show some R-E-S-P-E-C-T, and ask why people are whipping it out? This SharkCast.


Issue 45: Re-Pete (Peter Geloso - TROUT)

The Shark’s favorite fish makes a return with Mr. Peter Geloso of TROUT. The boiz swim with MEG, and they explore some banned album art. Smash gets some unexpected love, and TROUT touts it’s new release. This scotch is smokey af, and my love for you is like a truck, berserker. This is SharkCast. Catch you some TROUT:


Issue 44: Hip In Detroit

The boiz get hip with Christie and Sadie from “Hip in Detroit”. Fueled by hard seltzers, and McLure’s Bloody Mary Kettle Chips, the team talks about the latest and greatest in the Detroit scene. If you’ve never been to the D, Hip in Detroit’s got your itinerary. Sadie makes (arguably) the worst sand-which of all time, and the group debates a Robocop statue. Check out Deluxe Fluxx. This is SharkCast.


Issue 43: Quack Like A Duck (Saw Her Ghost Records)

The boiz get hard with the Mark Coughlin, the vision behind Saw Her Ghost Records. College athletes get punched, and there’s more duck dick than you’d care to see. Are these planes really invisible, or we just surrounded with Hollywood creepers? We’ve added a new Sandwich, the Mark. This is SharkCast.


Issue 42: Dan Regenauer(The Lucid Furs)

The freaks are out to play in this weeks episode featuring Dan Regenauer of The Lucid Furs. Josh and Danny go toe to toe over the UFCs recent antics. Kendrick Lamar does some questionable shit and the boiz eat the wrong part of a pickled watermelon. Colt 45 goes Orange and the Sharks get soapy at a foam party. This is SharkCast. Listen to The Lucid Furs:


Issue 41: Me SharkCast, You Jane

Happy Anniversary! They boys celebrate their Freedom Hangovers, and the lions win over the poachers. Jeff is obsessed with his wax replica of Vin Diesel and the UFC continues to get shaken up. Are athletes paid too much, or is it the sponsors? Juggernauts or Senior Citizens? Where’s Frank? This is SharkCast.


Issue 40: Oh Crap (Steve Stocker)

Holy Bloody Dildos, our POGS and Pokemon Cards ain’t worth crap! Fellow Shark, Steve Stocker joins in to question what did the 90’s really give us, because capes just don’t seem that Incredible(s 2). The boiz identify the difference between Cereal and Serial when it comes to murder, and Josh contemplates using some TRT. Why doesn’t Jeff or Steve like Olives?! Do you? This is SharkCast.