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A true crime podcast by Amy S. and Kristin H.

A true crime podcast by Amy S. and Kristin H.


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A true crime podcast by Amy S. and Kristin H.






Episode 19: Women of Color Part II

In today's ep, we're still having difficulties recording together due to being quarantined, but we have Amy here to continue our episode on women of color. Amy covers the case of Alexis Crawford, a 21 year old college student who was brutally murdered by her best friend and her best friend’s boyfriend after she went to the authorities about being sexually assaulted by her friend’s boyfriend. Tune in to hear about Amy's case as well as learn about our next show's...


Episode 18: Women of Color Part I

Hey She Sleuths fam! Today we shake things up a bit. Unfortunately, the coronavirus has disrupted our recording schedule, so we have to record separately for a bit. However, that also means you'll be getting a new episode every week! In this episode, Kristin discussed her case. In the 1990's, black women were being strangled to death in the Charlotte, NC area. It took some time for police to put things together and realize that a serial killer was at work - a man named Henry Louis Wallace....


Episode 17: Cold Cases You've Probably Never Heard Of

In this ep, we’re back with two cases that will make you feel extra sleuthy…because they’re both unsolved! That’s right. Today we’re covering cold cases. You ever hear of the Crewe murders in 1970? Us either until Kristin told us all about it. Jeanette and Harvey Crewe were married with a little girl named Rochelle. Their happy family life didn’t last long enough because the couple were murdered and the case is unsolved to this day. Of course we have a theory or two. This week Amy talks...


Episode 16: LGBT Crimes

In their 16th episode, Kristin and Amy discuss two true crime cases in the LGBTQ community. First up, Amy discusses the heartbreaking case involving 36 year old, Guin “Richie” Phillips who lost his life because he was gay. He was found stuffed in a suitcase and thrown in the river by someone who he once called friend. Then Kristin covers the case of Brandon Teena, a transgender male from Nebraska whom the academy award winning movie “Boys Don’t Cry” was based on. Brandon’s transgender...


Episode 15: Crimes of Passion

In this ep, Kristin’s goes way back to the 1920’s where she tackles the case of infamous bootlegger turned murderer- George Remus. George was a guy who was both and lawyer and a pharmacist who used both skills to find a loophole in the Volstead Act. He ended up running one of the biggest bootlegging operations in the country. However, George had a weakness for his wife, Imogene, who he gave control over his finances and business operations. This backfired when George got arrested and Imogene...


Bonus Episode 1: Interview With A Double Homicide Trial Juror

Hey guys! We'll be back next week, but in the meantime enjoy this interview Kristin did with a recent juror for a double homicide trial.


Episode 14: The Husband Did It

In this week's episode, we cover crimes committed by husbands. First up this week Amy talks about the marriage and the murder involving Rod Covlin, a deadbeat, and Shele Danishefsky, a millionaire. They got married within weeks of meeting each other and there was very little marital bliss happening in their home. Rod was a money hungry womanizer, and Shele was a hard working mother, but she could only put up with so much, so when she decided it was time to separate and file for divorce, Rod...


Episode 13: Killer Kids

In this intense episode, Kristin & Amy talk about true crime cases involving children who murder. First up, Kristin talks about the case of Canada's most notorious child serial killer- Peter Woodcock. This kid murdered children and eventually adults, even while incarcerated! Then Amy talks about the case of Mary Bell, an 11 year old budding serial killer who murdered two small boys in the town of Newcastle on Tyne, England. She was born into a world that did not want her and prostituted to...


Episode 12: Women Who Kill

In today's episode, we explore women who kill, so hold onto your stretchy pants. Things are about to get crazy! First up is Kristin's case: In the early 1900’s, Louisiana and Texas was plagued by ax murders that swept across the states. Initially, a man named Raymond Barnabet was arrested for the murders, but while he was in jail more murders occurred. Police soon were hot on the trail of his 19-year-old daughter Clementine Barnabet. Was she working alone? Did she have accomplices?...


Episode 11: UK True Crime

In this episode, we hop across the pond and explore some UK true crime that you may never heard of, so buckle up buttercup! We're about to experience some turbulence, baby! Kristin explores what happens when someone you should trust the most, a doctor, goes rogue. She explores the case of a doctor turned serial killer named Harold Shipman. Shipman killed a whopping 215 patients. You'll find out how in this insane episode. Amy talks about one of the UK's most dangerous murderers and serial...


Episode 10: True Crime & Cults

In this insane episode, Kristin & Amy discuss the cases of two cults with abusive leaders (and abusive doesn't even begin to describe their behavior). First up, Amy explores the hell that was Tony Alamo, his wife Susan Alamo, and their apocalyptic cult, The Alamo Christian Foundation. What could possibly go wrong when a charismatic leader and their money hungry spouse start to prey on young hippies? Well, this episode has those answers! Kristin breaks down the case of Roch Theriault and...


Episode 9: Old Timey True Crime- Cases From The Early 1900's

In this episode, Amy & Kristin explore true crime murder cases from the early 1900's. First up Kristin brings the 1920's drama in this week's case where she explores the murders of Eleanor Mills and reverend Edward Hall. Btw the two just so happened to be having an affair at the time of their murders. Among the suspects were their respective spouses. Amy goes back to the early 1900s and introduces us to Tillie Klimek a black widow and serial killer who loved to cook and share meals with her...


Episode 8: Forget True Crime - Let's Get Creepy & Paranormal for Halloween!​

Kristin & Amy deviate from true crime and bring you paranormal stories for your listening pleasure. First up Amy discusses black eyed kids (not to be confused with the Black Eyed Peas). The Black Eyed Kids are the stuff of nightmares! Is it an urban legend? Are these encounters true and trustworthy? These kids appear when you are all alone, they need your help, and they really, really want to get into your space. Will you let them? Well, let’s find out. This week Amy dives in and talks about...


Episode 7: True Crime On The Water

Prepare to get wet this week as Amy & Kristin cover true crime cases that happen on the ocean. Amy's case: After the happily married Thomas and Jackie Hawks lived a life of vacation for three years, they got news that inspired big changes in their lives. They were grandparents. The Hawkses decided it was time to dock their beloved yacht, the Well Deserved, just one last time. Shortly after placing an ad in a boating magazine, they found interest from a 25 year old with a family of his own,...


Episode 6: WTF Florida - Florida True Crime Stories

In this episode, Kristin admits to being a fish murderer. Amy's hubby is finally back in town! And the girls discuss the crazy shit that happens in the state of Florida. Amy's case talks about the Doogie Howser wannabe, Malachi 'Doctor Love' Robinson who from the age of 17 had been interested in the medical field and treating patients even without the proper licensing or education, but thanks to the internet and $29.99 later, he was able to fool and scam many people all up until he treated...


Episode 5: Todd Kohlhepp

Amy & Kristin break down the Todd Kohlhepp cases for their listeners. This guy is a serial killer with an unknown number of victims and his story is crazy. Got a story suggestion or story of your own you'd like to share? Email us at Check out this link for our socials, patreon, merch and more!:


Episode 4: Halloween True Crime

In this episode, Kristin pimps out the podcast on her dating profile. Amy shares the case of William B.J. Liske who murdered his father, stepmother, and stepbrother in cold blood. Kristin discusses body snatchers turned serial killers, Hare & Burke. Put your fat pants on, grab a drink, and take a deep dive into our latest ep! Got a story suggestion or story of your own you'd like to share? Email us at Check out this link for our socials, patreon, merch and more!:...


Episode 3: Uber Killers

In their third episode, Kristin and Amy cover two suspenseful true crime cases involving Ubers. Kristin breaks down the events perpetrated by mass shooter Jason Dalton who took six innocent lives in 2016. Amy covers the case of the brutal murder of Grant Nelson by troubled teen Eliza Wasni. Got a story suggestion or story of your own you'd like to share? Email us at Check out this link for our socials, patreon, merch and more!:


Episode 2: Craigslist Murders

In their second episode, Amy and Kristin discuss crimes related to Craigslist. Kristin discusses the murder of Tony Laferrara who died at the hands of Miranda and Elytte Barbour. Amy breaks down the case of the murder of Natalie Bollinger at the hands of Joseph Lopez. Got a story suggestion or story of your own you'd like to share? Email us at Check out this link for our socials, patreon, merch and more!:


Episode 1: Chelsea Bruck Murder

Kristin and Amy discuss the true crime case of Chelsea Bruck. Chelsea, age 22, was a young woman with a bright future who was brutally murdered while attending a Halloween party on October 25th, 2014. We discuss how events unfolded, including the arrest and trial of her murderer, Daniel Clay. Got a story suggestion or story of your own you'd like to share? Email us at Check out this link for our socials, patreon, merch and more!: