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A comedy and craft beer podcast taped in San Antonio, Texas. Join Catherine Contreras on her drunken journey to beer knowledge.

A comedy and craft beer podcast taped in San Antonio, Texas. Join Catherine Contreras on her drunken journey to beer knowledge.
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A comedy and craft beer podcast taped in San Antonio, Texas. Join Catherine Contreras on her drunken journey to beer knowledge.




Guadalupe Brewing

Join Catherine and Jackie as they sit down with Keith and Jason of Guadalupe Brewing! Also, who gets the "Someone Get Them a F*cking Beer" award this week? And, we revisit with a listener that sent us some relationship advice. All that and so much more on this episode of the She's Crafty Podcast! Get the headphones Catherine uses to record the podcast by going to Enter ShesCrafty15 at checkout and get 15% off your order! Shout out to our Patreon supporters, Wayne Palmer and...


EP38- LIVE from The Point Park and Eats with Save the World Brewing, Pedernales Brewing, No Label Brewing and much more!

Join the hilarious conversation as Catherine hangs out with a gaggle of beer experts and drinkers! It's a party right in your ears! Sponsored by Busted Sandal Brewing and BarbacoApparel Guests: The Point Park and Eats, Pedernales Brewing, Save the World Brewing, No Label Brewing


EP36- 50 Shades of Grain with Eugene and Stephen from Home Brew Party!

Join Catherine as she delves deep into the underground world of home brewing! It's the basic of home brewing and a lot more! With special guests Eugene and Stepen from San Antonio's only homebrew store, Homebrew Party! Special Guests: Eugene and Stephen Location: Home Brew Party Sponsored by: BarbacoApparel and Busted Sandal Brewing


EP35- Liquid Lunch with Catherine Contreras and Josh Stewart!

Join Catherine as she gives you a hilarious sneak peak of her brand new show with Josh Stewart of Interbrews! Liquid Lunch is Texas' LIVE midday craft beer show! Coming to you every Thursday at 12pm CST. In this episode they talk about Tinder dating, Texas Craft Brewers Festival, mead, and much much more! All the craft beer, all the laughs, all while you eat your lunch... You can find Liquid Lunch at Sponsonsered by: BarbacoApparel and Busted Sandal Brewing Music by:...


EP34- O'Dell Brewing, Brewed in the 210, and muscial guest Marisa Flores

LIVE from the Hoppy Monk! Join Catherine and special guest co-host Marco Ortega of the documentary film Brewed in the 210! This week's beer expert is Todd Ewing of O'Dell Brewing and our musical guest is the beautiful and talented Marisa Flores! Join in all the laughs as they discuss all things craft beer! Beer: O'Dell Brewing Easy Street Ale and Russian Pirate Stout Location: The Hoppy Monk San Antonio Special Guests: Tood Ewing of O'Dell Brewing, Marco Ortega of Brewed in the...


EP33-LIVE from King's Hwy Brew & Q with Pedernales Brewing and Black Laboratory Brewing

LIVE from King's Hwy Brew & Q with Pedernales Brewing and Black Laboratory Brewing! Join Catherine as she sits down with King's Hwy! Meet owner Denise and Pit Master Emilio! Also, a little chat with Black Laboratory Brewing! Find out all about their crowdfunding project and how you can help them to open the newest brewery in San Antonio! Then, stay tuned for a craft beer tasting with Pedernales Brewing and the game "Who Slurred It?" with two audience members! Sponsored By: BarbacoApparel...


EP32- Beer and Pan Dulce with Hoppy Chulo

Join Catherine and Hoppy Chulo (Eric Barrera) of Busted Sandal Brewing as they take a magic carpet ride through webcam girls, black couches...drunk girl scouts and so much more. Plus, they pair craft beer with their favorite pan dulce (delicious Mexican pastries). You don't want to miss this hilarious and delicious episode! Sponsored by: Barbacoapparel and Busted Sandal Brewing Special Guest: Eric Barrera aka Hoppy Chulo Beer: Busted Sandal Brewing Music:


EP31- The Legend of the Wet Burrito

Join Catherine as she hosts a fight to the death between Kevin Hobbins of Ranger Creek Brewing and Chrissy Hobbins of Branchline Brewing. Will their marriage hold up to the ultimate test? Catherine's co-host for this episode is Ashley, manager of Big Hops the Bridge. Also, learn all about how Chrissy was propositioned to the the Humpty Dance. Find out where to get a wet burrito, and much much more! Special Guests: Kevin and Chrissy Hobbins Beers: Ranger Creek, Branchline Brewing Co-host:...


EP30- Beer and Other Sh*t with Interbrews

Part 2- Join Catherine as she chats with Josh Stewart of Interbrews. Find out why Freetail's Scott Metzger hasn't been on the show, what beers they're loving right now, and they explain child birth to their unsuspecting children. Hilarious and full of nonsense. Special Guest: Josh Stewart of Interbrews Music by


BONUS EP: Your Junk Looks Like a Cinnamon Roll

Part 1 is a surprise bonus episode with our special guestJoshStewart from the Houston based beer show Interbrews! Join Catherine and Josh as they delve deep into the world of public bathroom etiquette and Josh explains how he uses his talc in thesummer! Guest: Josh Stewart of Interbrews "InterBrews is a craft beer centric podcast based in Houston,TX.Host Josh Stewart interviews members of the craft beer community with an emphasis on Texas" Download Interbrews on iTunes and at...


EP 28- Pinata Protest LIVE at Big Hops Growlers

It's an entire episode with the bad ass punk rock kings Pinata Protest! Join Catherine as she interviews the guys about their Freetail Beer, their favorite taco spots, and find out all about their upcoming tour! Plus, listen as they play 30 Questions, 5 Minutes, 1 Beer! Find Pinata Protest's music on Spotify, Itunes, and at their website Follow them on IG, Twitter, and Facebook @pinataprotest To find the Pinata Protest beer follow this link...


Ep 27- Who Needs Vagina Beer When We've Got Berliner Weisse?!

Join Catherine for our first official San Antonio Beer Week event with SA Girl's Pint Out! Listen as hilariousness ensues as the night progresses! Interviews with Busted Sandal staff members, Camp Our Way, and Paul Vega from No Label Brewing! Also...GAMES WITH DRUNK PEOPLE! Camp our Way has given our listeners $150 off their camp fee if you use the code "campcousins"! Do it, ya'll!! Guests: SA Girl's Pint Out, Busted Sandal Brewing, No Label Brewing, Camp Our Way, Humpday Funday, Drunk...


Ep 26 - Karbach - Eric Warner - Big Hops Growlers

Brandi got the chance to sit down with Eric Warner, "Yeast Rancher," from Karbach Brewing! He's the Brewmaster, the Brewdaddy, the get the picture. Also joining Brandi for some tasty talk on tap was Michelle Fedora, Karbach Ambassador to San Antonio, or her buddy Nina as her special guest host. Beermosas, staycation, house parties, yeast education, and we bro out on Karbach and make it Car Bash? Check it out! Special Guests: Michelle Fedora & Eric Warner of Karbach...


Ep 25 - Drunk for Teacher - Branchline Brewing - Lesson 3

Let's get Drunk for Teacher with Catherine and the Branchline Brewing crew! Horribly spoken German, kid's vomit challenges, glassware game on fleek and more! Be sure to tune in for a brand new Beer News brought you by our friends at Branchline Brewing! It's time to stay after class and get Drunk for Teacher! Special Guests/Teachers: Jason Ard, Paul Ford & Derrick Rutledge of Branchline Brewing Co. James Trammell of Untapped Music & Beer Festival FOLLOW the She's Crafty...


Ep 24 - LIVE from The Flying Saucer with Victory Brewing and Jill Robbins of Listen To Your Mother

Join Catherine and Brandi as they sit down at The Flying Saucer in San Antonio, TX with Aaron Anderson of Victory Brewing and Jill Robbins of Ripped Jeans & Bifocals, and Listen To Your Mother. We learn about beers not shared, what's really in romance novels, and try to talk people out of having children. you know, the usual. This episode of the She's Crafty podcast is brought to you by BarbacoApparel & RGD Deisgns! Beer: Victory Brewing Summer Love & Dirtwolf Special Guests: Aaron...


Ep 23 - Best of Spurs Jesus!

It's Good Friday! It's basketball season! How could we NOT have a special Spurs Jesus episode?! Dig in as we go back into the archives re-living our first episode, and one of the most fun games at Beer Fest with the man in the robe, himself. EPISODE 1: Brew: Ranger Creek Brewery's Purple Rhine Beer Gurus: Kevin Hobbins & Mark McDavid of Ranger Creek Brewery Special Guest: Spurs Jesus Announcer Extraordinaire: Dino Foxx Recorded LIVE from The Hoppy Monk BEER FEST: SA Current Spurs...


Ep 22 - No Label Brewing - Comedian Jay LaFarr - Big Hops Growlers

Catherine and Brandi sit down with with Paul Vega of No Label Brewing Co and Comedian Jay LaFarr, at Big Hops Growlers in San Antonio, Texas to sip on some sumptuous Off Label brews. Someone wants to get pregnant. Someone wants to up the game of their past, and someone wants to find a cat-loving, vegan-loving lady of the night. This episode of the She's Crafty Podcast is brought to you by Busted Sandal Brewing Company. You can now find their 210 Ale and Slippery Rock IPA in cans throughout...


Ep 21 - Check Yes Or No - Alamo Beer - Food Truck Showdown

Chillin' under the bridge. Taco Wars. Kevin Hobbins of Ranger Creek. Alamo Beer love. Games. And the best part? Pure mortification. Brandi runs into an old crush and learns she had some mildly psychotic secret admirer tendencies. Oh, what? You never wrote someone a FOUR page letter in high school? Shout out to Freddy Prinze Jr. This episode of the She's Crafty Podcast is brought to you by Busted Sandal Brewing Company. You can now find their 210 Ale and Slippery Rock IPA in cans throughout...


Ep 20 - Blake Murrah of Southern Star, Joshua Cabaza & Claudine Meinhardt LIVE from The Hoppy Monk

This episode is brought to you by our sponsors The Hoppy Monk in San Antonio, and RGD Designs. Join Catherine & Brandi for another LIVE episode recorded at The Hoppy Monk! Brandi cries and whines about missing the Oscars, Catherine flaunts her huge gold zipper in everyones' faces, Blake Murrah from Southern Star throws down some fancy French Beerducation, and Joshua Cabaza allows himself to be bribed with chicken wings. Beer: Southern Star Bombshell Blonde, Southern Star LeMort Vivant &...


Ep 19 - Drunk for Teacher with Branchline Brewing - Lesson 2 - OG Beer Styles

Join Catherine and Brandi as they take their beer knowledge to the next level with Paul Ford, Jason Ard, and Derrick Rutledge from Branchline Brewing Co. in San Antonio, Texas. There's a blind tasting, some OG beer knowledge, and a couple beer and music pairings towards the end! It's time to stay after class and get Drunk for Teacher! This episode of the She's Crafty Podcast is brought to you by Busted Sandal Brewing Company. You can now find their 210 Ale and Slippery Rock IPA in cans...


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