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Vancouver-based industry pros Tony and Sam get tipsy and talk about everything from working in the service industry to food and drinks, celebrity crushes, travel, life’s greatest questions, etc. Entertaining guests from all different walks of life frequent the show. Weekly podcasts and bonus episodes. Drinks and laughs are always had!

Vancouver-based industry pros Tony and Sam get tipsy and talk about everything from working in the service industry to food and drinks, celebrity crushes, travel, life’s greatest questions, etc. Entertaining guests from all different walks of life frequent the show. Weekly podcasts and bonus episodes. Drinks and laughs are always had!




Vancouver-based industry pros Tony and Sam get tipsy and talk about everything from working in the service industry to food and drinks, celebrity crushes, travel, life’s greatest questions, etc. Entertaining guests from all different walks of life frequent the show. Weekly podcasts and bonus episodes. Drinks and laughs are always had!




#31 - Quitting Jobs and Looking Like Drake

Tony and Sam sit down to discuss Tony's big move from working as a manager in a large, fine-dining Japanese restaurant to a job in the industry that allows him more flexibility and free time. Other topics covered include bartending competitions, tattoos, Tony's resemblance (or not) to Drake, and the real cause of airplane turbulence. Opening song: I Need Your Love by Curtis Harding Closing song: Gettin' Jiggy Wit It by Will Smith Sips: Left Field Big Dry Cider & Fuggles & Warlock Rei...


#30 - Planes, Trains, and Submarines

Tony and Sam have returned from Portland, OR and sit down to chat about their trip. Portland highlights include the many breweries, the SS Blueback, the over-the-top-nice people, and more. Portland disappointments? Well, the famous Pok Pok unfortunately did not live up to the hype. Other topics are covered and the two argue over what it means to "be street". Opening song: Happiest Man on Earth by Broken Back Closing song: Tell'em Like It Is by Rag'n'Bone Man Sips: Upright Brewing...


#29 - Marathons and Robot Sex

Tony and Sam sit down over a couple of beers and discuss a variety of ridiculous topics. Coming off a long day followed by a long wine class, the two are a little spacey in this one. Topics of conversation include the specifics of beer, ultramarathon runners, JRE podcast, AI and robot sex, and keeping animals in captivity. Opening song: 13 Kinds by The Bones of J.R. Jones Closing song: California Love by 2Pac & Dr Dre Sips: Parallel 49 Filthy Dirty IPA


#28 - Guess Who's Back!

Back again! Tony and Sam sit down after a 6 month hiatus from the podcast and chat about what has been going on with them. Other topics covered include being hipster, what our dreams mean, Bitcoin, Portland, and much more. Excited to be back! Opening song: Havana by Camila Cabello ft. Young Thug Closing song: Nobody Speak by DJ Shadow ft. Run the Jewels Sips: 33 Acres West Coast Pale Ale & Painted Rock Rose


#27 - Good for You, McDonald's

After a day full of bar hopping around the city, a tipsy Tony and happy Sam sit down and enjoy some delicious rosé wine. They cover a variety of topics including summer bucket lists, Playland and the safety issue of amusement rides, vegetarian diets, Tony's newfound running habit, pride weekend in Vancouver, and being slammed at work. Much more is also covered in this booze-fueled episode. Opening song: Nobody by Alxxa Closing song: Broken Bones by Kaleo Sips: Tightrope rosé


#26 - Summertime Funnertime

Tony and Sam chat about why they haven't recorded in a while and how they've been enjoying their summer so far over some delicious local craft beer. Other topics include volleyball, tennis, the Money Fight and Connor McGregor's jersey, Airbnb, landlord fights, champagne birthdays, serving demanding guests, and much more! Opening song: Sunshine by Flight Facilities ft. Reggie Watts Closing song: The Passenger by Iggy Pop Sips: Category 12 Dr-Hopped Sour


#25 - Dopamine

Tony and Sam sit down for a post-shift chat over some local, delicious hard cider. The two talk about their recent trips to Mayne Island and the South Okanagan. Did you guys know there is a desert in Canada?? Other topics include how the cab system works, upcoming family visits, Tofino (once again), and more. Opening song: Feel it Still by Portugal. The Man Closing song: Hell of a Season by The Black Keys Sips: Dead End Sinner Cider


#24 - Shiftfaced Eats (Jamjar)

In this first segment of Shiftfaced Eats Tony and Sam perform a systematic review of local restaurant Jamjar, located on Commercial Drive in Vancouver, based on their vast combined experience working in the restaurant industry. The two give their respective thoughts on their recent dining experience at this folk-Lebanese eatery and come to an agreement on an overall rating based on five unique categories. Overall Experience: 3.75/5 Atmosphere: 4/5 Drink selection and quality: 3.75/5 Food...


#23 - The Money Fight!

Tony and Sam are excited to talk about the confirmed upcoming fight between Connor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather! Has Connor just been lucky up until now? Or is he the real-life Rocky story like Sylvester Stallone believes? Other topics include marijuana and big pharma, mixed gender Olympics, pangea pods in Whistler, Las Vegas brothels, and more. Opening song: Medication by Damian Marley (ft. Stephen Marley) Closing song: Uptown Top Ranking by Althea & Donna Sips: Tod Creek Apple...


#22 - Bootlegging and John McCartney

Tony and Sam sit down for a short but sweet chat post-shift. The two talk about a range of topics including the top 100 singers of all time, ridiculously rich 7-year-olds, serving tourists, Tony’s recent work injury, going to the symphony, the origin of the term “bootlegging”, calling people “bitches”, and more. Opening song: Respect by Aretha Franklin Closing song: For Once in My Life by Stevie Wonder Sips: Johnny Q Sparkling Brut


#21 - Elevator Pitch and the Japanese Mafia

Tony and Sam sit down for a post-shift, late night chat about a variety of ridiculous things. Topics include weekends vs split days off, training new servers, Campbell Bay Music Festival, rattlesnakes in Oliver, cutting pinky fingers off, the Yakuza, elevator app pitches on Apple, and more. Opening song: Invincible by Big Wild (feat. iDA HAWK) Closing son: Used to It by Ashe Sips: Raven's Moon Apple Raspberry Cider/Meadow Vista Sparkling Cherry Honey Wine


#20 - The Art of Lying (with Jo Dworschak!)

Tony and Sam host a very special and lovely guest - local performer and podcaster, Jo Dworschak. The three meet for the first time and discuss what it’s like to create and run a game show. Jo gives some very interesting insight into what her podcast and live show, Story Story Lie, is all about. Other topics covered include how men can’t multitask, the US Constitution, living on wild Vargas Island with cougars, failed jokes, Craigslist prizes, Scientology, Wonder Woman controversy, asking...


#19 - Forgetting Orders and Missing Buses

Tony and Sam have post-shift conversations over some delicious off-dry BC gewurztraminer about shitty serving shifts, their trip to Victoria, Terry Fox, barons and tycoons, island life, and much more. Things get real when the two can’t see eye to eye on what caused them to miss a ferry to Galiano island days earlier. Other interesting topics covered include goats, white men who build castles, seaplanes, eager liquor store employees, and media tables. Opening song: Push It to the Limit by...


#18 - U2 and I AM RAPAPORT

Tony and Sam sit down to taste some sake and chat about the events of the past few days. Topics include the U2 concert blunder in Vancouver, their attendance of Michael Rapaport’s live podcast show, touring local breweries in East Van, the Tourism Challenge Sam is embarking upon, Mothers’ Day, the age of technology, and how artificial intelligence will affect our near future lives. The two also enjoy some delicious smoked fish acquired on Granville Island earlier that day. Opening song:...


#17 - Tequila shots and The Queen

Tony and Sam chat about their days over some delicious (and low-carb) rosé wine. They discuss the greatest sandwich ever made, their recent jaunt in Port Moody, DietBet, what it’s like to serve on Mother’s Day, the Royal Family and the Middleton sisters’ good looks, and more. Sam also confesses to Tony what went into the dinner she made the other night. Cameo appearances by tequila. Opening song: Baby Blue by Action Bronson ft. Chance the Rapper Closing song: A Light in the Addict by...


#16 - Colonel Sanders and Costco Vodka (with James Sutcliffe!)

Tony and Sam host super fun guest and good friend James Sutcliffe! The three broach a lot of unexpected topics including Cinco de Mayo, beer chemistry, camping and hiking, Tony and Sam’s deep love for Tofino, “motorbicycling”, government red tape, whether or not our generation has it worse than the generation of our parents, pursuing one’s passions, taxis vs. uber, Costco vodka and much much more. There is also great discussion about Colonel Sanders, including Tony’s family ties to...


#15 - The Dark Wizard (Part II [Star Wars Edition] - with Andrew Leonard!)

Tony, Sam, and special guest Andrew begin another episode after the Dark Wizard erased (or so they thought!) the amazing episode they had just been finishing up. This must listen Part II is much longer and deeper than anticipated! The three friends talk about the power flicker they just incurred, the epic struggle of good vs. evil, who is who in Star Wars, the telephone game, the conspiracy theory that Finland doesn’t exist, and how elves are real in Iceland. While Andrew tinkers away on a...


#14 - The Dark Wizard (Part I - with Andrew Leonard!)

Tony and Sam host an amazing and super interesting guest - their good friend Andrew Leonard. Andrew, a fresh newlywed, discusses what life after the wedding is like. The three talk about the restaurant they all used to work at, the pros and cons of working in the service industry, and how Andrew transitioned out of restaurant work. Andrew tells Tony and Sam about Integral Coaching, his new career path, what it’s like to work with his wife, crystal healing summer camp, tinfoil hats, and his...


#13 - Crow Attacks

Tony and Sam have a late night chat over some delicious beers while their (vegetarian) Easter dinner cooks in the oven. They talk about how Tony is no longer in training at his new gig, what long weekends mean for those in the service industry, new additions to their studio, their friend Victoria’s upcoming visit, Salt Spring Island, the danger of living in a city with a high crow population, and much more. Opening song: Human by Rag’n’Bone Man Closing song: Mirage by Alexandra...


#12 - Artificial Intelligence and Dr. Phil

A tipsy Tony and a slightly hungover Sam sit down to chat over some tasty local brews. The two talk (and argue) about how Sam got to be hungover, cherry blossom madness in Vancouver, Burger King and Pepsi ads, Google assistant and how computers are going to kill us, and get real preachy about how everyone needs to be active. They also discuss Danielle Bregoli (of Dr. Phil fame) and her new line of “Cash Me Ousside” tee-shirts. Howbow dah! Opening song: Here I Come by Barrington...