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Candyman and the Key West Captain

In episode twenty-nine, Whitney kicks off the true crime half of the show with a Halloween themed case about the original Candyman. After hearing about him, you'll be extra careful when checking your candy. After that, Ty tells Whitney about Captain Tony's Saloon in Key West, Florida. The bar has a fascinating history and a few lifelong residents, including the "Lady in Blue". Turn on the lights, settle in, and get ready to take some shots in the dark with us. Cheers!


Sally Challen and The Dandy House

In episode twenty-eight, Ty tells Whitney all about Sally Challen during the true crime half of the show. In 2010, Sally murdered her psychologically abusive husband, and many people are on the fence about what her punishment should actually be. After that, Whitney tells Ty about the insanely haunted Dandy house in Hinsdale, New York. The Dandy house is so active that multiple books have been inspired by it's activity and the entities that reside there. So sit back, relax, and get ready to...


Campfire Tales: The Casket Girls

In our second Campfire Tales episode, Ty tells Whitney all about the casket girls of New Orleans. The girls were rumored that have brought vampires into the city with them after journeying to New Orleans from France, and some people believe they've never left. After that Ty shares a few more popular vampire stories told around the French Quarter. So slap on some fangs, sink them into a beignet, and take a few shots in the dark with us! Cheers.


Carl Eugene Watts and the Legends of the Yokai

In episode twenty-seven, Whitney kicks it off with the story of Carl "Coral" Eugene Watts, a serial killer who never established consistent M.O. After that, Ty kicks off the paranormal portion with some fun stories about Japanese yokai, a whole myriad of amazing Japanese creatures with some truly fun stories surrounding them. So settle in, turn the lights on, and get ready to take some shots in the dark with us. Cheers!


Megan Wants a Murderer and Monk-y Business

In episode twenty-six, Ty kicks off the true crime portion of the show with the murder of Jasmine Fiore. Ryan Jenkins was a reality TV personality who had been scorned in a very public way, and although he seemed perfect, the world would soon find out that he had a much darker side. After that, Whitney tackles the haunting of Margam Castle. Located in Port Talbot, Wales, Margam castle is haunted by several entities and is home to the terrifying "red monk's curse". So settle in, turn the...


Redecorating Ghosts and "Love Bites"

In episode twenty-five, Whitney horrifies Ty with the story of Fritz Haarmann, the "Butcher or Vampire of Hanover," a man who abducted young boys and men in Hanover, Germany. What he did to his victims is so sinister, you can hear Ty's brain break. Ty thankfully lightens the load with the tales of some very rude ghosts with no qualms about invading personal space in the Borgvattnet Vicarage in Sweden. So, sit back, relax, and have a drink with us. Cheers! Theme Music by The Electro...


High tea and Christmas Trees

In episode twenty-four, Ty talks all about the murder that sparked the curiosity of so many and even inspired a movie "Heavenly Creatures”. Pauline Parker and Juliet Hulme viciously mudered Parker's mother for what they percieved to be a personal affront to their friendship. A remarkable example of Whitney's favorite topic, folie a deux, and a favorite movie for both, this one is truly interesting to say the least. Whitney continues the episode with two reported poltergeist occurrences in...


Shallow Graves and Greyfriars Kirkyard

In episode twenty-three, Whitney covers Alyssa Bustamante in the true crime segment. This teen killer was a ticking bomb just waiting to explode, how it happened was horrific. In the paranormal half of the show, Ty talks about Greyfriars Kirkyard in Edinburgh, Scotland. The cemetery is home to several entities, but most famous is the spirit of Bloody Mackenzie, who's quite fond of attacking visitors. Settle in, turn on a light, and take some shots in the dark with us. Cheers!


Dennis Nilsen and the Gates of Hell

In episode twenty-two, Ty kicks off the true crime half of the show with a story and timeline depicting how Dennis Nilsen became one of England's the most notorious killers of the 20th century. After, that Whitney takes over the Paranormal portion to share some amazing legends about a small cemetery in Stull, Kansas. The cemetery is believed by some to contain a gateway to hell. So sit back, relax, and take some shots in the dark with us. Cheers!


Big Trouble in Little Egypt

In episode twenty-one, Whitney kicks off the true crime half of the show with the murder of Patricia Beard. Patricia was murdered by a man named Hector Bencomo-Hinojos, who tried unsuccessfully to fool police during during interrogations. After that, Ty kick of the paranormal portion of the show with some stories from the Little Egypt region of Southern Illinois. So sit back, relax, and take some shots in the dark with us. Cheers!


There Had Better be Beer in That Fridge

In episode twenty, Ty covers what is believed to have been a ritual sacrifice. Moises Meraz-Espinoza killed his mother in 2011, but the way he did it and the treatment of her body raised more than a few eyebrows. After that Whitney lightens the load with with her tale about a spectacularly haunted brewery in Savannah, Georgia. Moon River Brewing has so much paranormal activity that visitors may need a few drinks after what they'll encounter, especially in the basement. So sit back, relax,...


Rammin' it Inn and the Bad Boy Bishop

In episode nineteen, Whitney kicks of the true crime portion of the show with a story about John David Terry, who was not only a man of the cloth, but also a murderer most foul! After that, Ty gets super jazzed about the Ancient Ram Inn, in Gloucestershire, England. The notoriously haunted inn dates back to 1145 C.E. and was built on an ancient pagan burial ground. Settle in, turn on some lights, and take a few shots in the dark with us.


Versace And The Ghostly Peanut Gallery

In episode eighteen, Ty kicks off the true crime portion of the show with the story of Andrew Cunanan, who is also known as the Versace killer. Andrew killed his way across the USA before ending up in Miami Beach, specifically for his final victim, Gianni Versace. After that, Whitney tells the fascinating story of the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio. Collingwood is a paranormal hotspot with a rich history and plenty of restless spirits, many of whom are nuns from when the property...


Nireah Johnson and the Manteno State Hospital

In episode seventeen, Whitney covers the heart-wrenching case of Nireah Johnson and her cisgender best friend Brandie Coleman, who were targets of a horrific double homicide motivated by transphobia. These statistics alone are rough and heartbreaking. After that, Ty beguiles Whitney with a brief history of the Manteno State Asylum, one of Midwest's most haunted asylums, where you can still hear the cries of pain. So settle in, kick back, and take some shots in the dark with us!


Luka Magnotta and the Haunted Crossfit

In episode sixteen, we continue our LGBTQ stories for our celebration of Pride Month. Ty tells us the horrific murder of Lin Jun, a Chinese immigrant who made the mistake of meeting Luka Magnotta, a monster obsessed with gaining fame through any means necessary. Whitney tries to lighten the mood with one of Tasmania's most haunted locales and the site of the mass shooting in Port Arthur, Tasmania, Australia. Wait till we reveal the most hilarious escape of one of the unfortunate prisoners.....


Brandy Rosine and the Scottish Play Curse

In episode fifteen, Ty revisits last week's episode to tell us more about the monster known as Kelly Marie Cochran and our new hero, Laura Frizzo. Believe us, it's tough information to swallow. Whitney continues the episode with the start of our Pride month stories. Brandy Stevens-Rosine's life was seriously cut short by an ex and her new lover. It's a tough one but her open heart still shines for her community at Ty tells us why no one should ever say the...


Asylum Fires And Deadly Desires

In episode fourteen, Ty talks all about former Iron River, MI police chief Laura Frizzo, and her amazing journey to catching a pair of murderers named Kelly and Jason Cochran. After that, Whitney kicks off the paranormal portion of the show with a fascinating tale about the haunted Choate asylum in Anna, IL. Settle in, kick back, and take some shots the dark with us. Cheers! Theme Music by The Electro Collective. Subscribe to their channel for free music: Font in the...


Campfire Tales: The Bachelor Party!

In our bonus thirteenth episode, we are releasing the start of our Campfire Tales Bonus episodes! This time, we talk about the history and anomalies seen in Bachelor's Grove Cemetery in Midlothian, Illinois. It's Whitney's favorite haunted place and so dear to Ty's heart that we couldn't just spend half an episode talking about it. Walk up the trail, through the woods, past the gatekeeper, and join us as we talk about one of the most haunted cemeteries in the entire United States. Don't...


People Pork and Ghost Girls

In episode twelve, Whitney kicks off the true crime portion of the show with the story of Joseph Metheny. In the 1990's, Metheny, who was affectionately called "Tiny" because of his large stature, began a killing spree for which the exact number of victims has never been confirmed. After that, Ty talks all about a haunted house in historic Frankfort, Illinois that he's been obsessed with for years. The home has a fascinating past and two entities that are still highly active. Sit back,...


Get it, Goro!

In episode eleven, Ty tells Whitney all about Sada Abe (a story from the dark days). Sada Abe was an infamous former geisha who killed one of her many lovers and caused a front page sex scandal through Japan in the 1930s. After that, the paranormal portion of the show gets all kinds of spooky when Whitney beguiles Ty with a story about the "House of Death" in NYC. The "House of Death" is host to an alleged 22 different entities, some of them including a few old time celebrities and...