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Shuffle Quest is a comedy RPG podcast where a team of adventurers travel between different fictional pop culture universes on a mission to save reality itself! Debuting with the first three episodes on July 12.

Shuffle Quest is a comedy RPG podcast where a team of adventurers travel between different fictional pop culture universes on a mission to save reality itself! Debuting with the first three episodes on July 12.
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Shuffle Quest is a comedy RPG podcast where a team of adventurers travel between different fictional pop culture universes on a mission to save reality itself! Debuting with the first three episodes on July 12.






Episode 37: Wolverine is Italian Finale

Omie, Ruddy, and Phia have been knocked around the world of Marvel Comics, dealing with body-snatched heroes, an incipient universe-wide reboot, and Wolf, a body-hopping Red Star agent who has stockpiled a terrifying amount of Marvel McGuffins. Their every attempt to save Marvel world has been rebuffed, and this is the last chance they'll get. Will our heroes pull it off? Will Phia's secret finally be revealed? CHECK IT, IT'S SHUFFLE QUEST! SITE: FB:...


Episode 36: Wolverine is Italian pt. 5

Deadpool has directed our heroes to Atlantis, where the next attack from the Red Star agent in Dr. Doom's body will occur! This has been a strange adventure for the crew and a rocky start for Phia. They've had an uncharacteristic string of failures and are facing an actual living agent of their mysterious enemy for the first time ever. Phia's feeling worried, especially after having hugely lied about her total lack of adventuring experience. But no time to dwell on that! They have to meet...


Episode 35: Wolverine is Italian pt. 4

The crew is off to meet Deadpool, an oracle whose ability to break the fourth wall allows him to foresee comic book plot points in advance. Unfrotunately for the crew, though, Deadpool is fucking Deadpool and thus sucks to talk to. Strap in folks, it's going to be a wild one. It's Shuffle Quest! SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD:...


Episode 34: Wolverine is Italian pt. 3

The Shuffle Crew has made it to Avengers HQ to regroup and formulate a strategy to save the world of Marvel Comics, currently under threat by a mysterious pattern of big-name heroes being replaced by characters from other universes as well as a body-swapping villain who seems to be snatching up McGuffins as fast as he can. Will our heroes be able to engage in a sober, well-reasoned planning session? Or will things go hilariously awry? I mean. Why even ask? It's SHUFFLE QUEST! SITE:...


Episode 33: Wolverine is Italian pt. 2

There's danger afoot in the world of Marvel Comics! Some kind of body-swapping entity has jumped from the body of the villain Electro into the hero Shatterstar before making off with a technological artifact from the Baxter Building. Only the Avengers have the resources to stop this villainous threat! But if you think the Shuffle Crew is going to make an orderly trip to Avengers HQ without mind-boggling amounts of nonsense and digressions, you are in for a hilarious surprise. It's Shuffle...


Episode 32: Wolverine is Italian pt. 1

Excelsior, true believers! Join Ruddy, Omie, and Phia as they enter the world of Marvel Comics for the fifth Shuffle Quest arc, Wolverine is Italian! In a world where heroes and villains alike live in fear of reboots, things look grim as some of the most exciting and vivacious heroes in the Marvel Universe are having their consciousnesses replaced by beings from other universes. Luckily, Iron Fist, Wolverine, and Human Torch are being possessed by a trio of heroes who know a thing or two...


Episode 31: Olmec Interlude (with Phia!)

After a miserable day on Olmec's head, the Shuffle Crew is ready to mutiny and give up the quest for good...that is, until they meet Phia. Behold, the fated meeting of the newest member of the Shuffle Crew! It's wild, it's fun, it's finally here. Check it out, it's SHUFFLE QUEST! SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD: EMAIL:...


Episode 30: Olmec Interlude

We return to the Shuffle Crew immediately after the events of Blood Highway: Terok's body is still warm. Ruddy is massively concussed. Omie's legs have been viciously cut by the Ginormous's machete. The psychic child Ignite joins them on their journey, leaving his entire life behind. And Olmec has no idea. This isn't the kind of thing you just get over. This is going to leave a mark. SITE: FB: TWITTER:...


Episode 29: Phia pt. 2

Phia has stumbled her way onto a REAL adventuring team, and the time to deliver is here! Phia is great at the non-combat parts of being a bard, but Olivier Morlanto, Roger Swordhoister, and their employer Ruddina Dayton are convinced she's the real thing. Can Phia keep them from learning the truth? Can she fake it til she makes it? Or will they finally realize that she can barely lift her new claymore? Find out all this AND MORE on the newest episode of Shuffle Quest! SITE:...


Episode 28: Phia pt. 1

We return to the world of Dungeons and Dragons and meet new cast member Allie Reid's character Phia! Phia is a tiefling bard with a chip on her shoulder and a thirst for adventure. The only problem is she has no idea how to actually do it. But Phia isn't about to let that stand in her way. Join us as we meet the woman who will become the third member of the Shuffle Crew! Get hyped! It's Phia! SITE: FB: TWITTER:...


BONUS EPISODE: Imp of the Perverse pt. 2 (feat. Nathan Paoletta)

A horror awaits in 1840s Boston! Dr. Reginald Samson Crawford, botanist at Boston's Horticultural Hall, is dead, but a crazed intruder at the Hall's art event claims Crawford is the devil himself and his son Amos will become as much of a demon as his father. Tasha, Omie, Ruddy, and Mary Alice know that the only way to rid themselves of their Imps is to hunt monstrosities haunting the living world, and we're getting the feeling that not all is as it seems at the Horticultural Hall. Get your...


BONUS EPISODE: Imp of the Perverse pt. 1 (feat. Nathan Paoletta)

The Shuffle Crew gets gothic as we dive into Jacksonian America in the Poe-influenced RPG Imp of the Perverse! This game was a smashing success on Kickstarter, and this two-part bonus episode GMed by its creator Nathan Paoletta shows why. Join us as we enter 1840s Boston, as our crew is afflicted by Imps, supernatural manifestations of perverse habits that ruin our lives even as we are compelled to repeat them. The only way to be rid of an Imp is to hunt those who have given into theirs, and...


BONUS EPISODE: Pasión de las Pasiones (feat. Brandon Leon-Gambetta)

Brandon Leon-Gambetta (of the Stop, Hack, and Roll and Protean City Comics podcasts) joins the Shuffle Crew to run a session of his own incredible telenovela RPG Pasión de las Pasiones! Listen as we become suffused with PASSION and DESIRE and SCHEMES! Tasha becomes La Belleza, a conniving beauty. Omie becomes La Madre, a corrupt mother superior who runs the town! Ruddy becomes El Caballero, a rugged gentleman cop who thirsts for justice! And Allie Reid plays a mysterious fourth character who...


Episode 27: Blood Highway Finale (feat. Ian Belknap)

The unthinkable has happened. The Ginormous has killed Terok Nor. But the world still spins, and evil must be opposed. Omie and Ruddy are battered and broken, but they press on. Someone has to. SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD: EMAIL:


BONUS EPISODE: Ep. 26 Reactions with Cody Melcher

WARNING: DO NOT LISTEN TO THIS BEFORE EPISODE 26!! Last week, Episode 26 introduced a pretty big change. We released this episode to our Patrons to let them get a bigger view of what happened, why, and what's next. Now, it's available for all. Listen to GM Tom and Cody as they discuss all that needs discussing. We hope this helps! SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON: DISCORD:...


Episode 26: Blood Highway pt. 5 (feat. Ian Belknap)



Episode 25: Blood Highway pt. 4 (feat. Ian Belknap)

The Flight of the Valkyrie howls under the boot of the vicious Ginourmous! Yes, the multi-level cars, mobile missile platforms, and army of deadly hellions are finally smack dab on top of the Flight of the Valkyrie and young Ignite is defenseless and exposed! Can Ruddy, Omie, and Fuckcrow Steve rally their motley band and fend off this attacker? Can Ruddy and his bitchin' car Also Ruddy cut a path to victory? Can Omie's Army defend their home from the Mad Max world's strongest villain? Can...


Episode 24: Blood Highway pt. 3 (feat. Ian Belknap)

Enter the Ginormous! After murdering the vicious Johnny Bonestorm when he attempted to shake Canton down for massive amounts of water, our heroes have caught the attention of the fearsome warlord The Ginormous, played by our special guest Ian Belknap of WRITE CLUB! As news reaches his dread keep of the Shuffle Crew's transgressions, the die is cast for our heroes. That'd be bad enough on its own, but first we have to survive a bloody clash with Bloodraven as his maniacs ransack the Flight of...


Episode 23: Blood Highway pt. 2

Danger looms over the Flight of the Valkyrie! As our heroes settle into the charming outpost in the world of Mad Max, the twin threats of the cult leader Bloodraven and the mysterious Ginourmous weigh heavy on the denizens of the quarry. A settlement with clean water and booze is a prime target, to say nothing of Ignite, a child whose psychic abilities are more precious than gold. A storm's brewing, and there's only one crew who can stand up to it. Join us, it's Shuffle Quest! SITE:...


Episode 22: Blood Highway pt. 1

Pull on your fingerless leather gloves and scream down the BLOOD HIGHWAY in the fourth arc of Shuffle Quest! Ruddy, Omie, and Terok enter the bonkers world of Mad Max as they take on their most brutal adventure yet. Terok gets a new name and becomes a vampire slayer (of a sort). Ruddy's sword gets a high-octane upgrade. Omie gets chilled on narcostabs. WITNESS US! SITE: FB: TWITTER: PATREON:...