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Podcasts for Freaks and Geeks! The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcasts channel features episodes from every show on the Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast Network, plus bonus content not found on the individual show feeds.

Podcasts for Freaks and Geeks! The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcasts channel features episodes from every show on the Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast Network, plus bonus content not found on the individual show feeds.
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Podcasts for Freaks and Geeks! The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcasts channel features episodes from every show on the Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast Network, plus bonus content not found on the individual show feeds.








Ep. 26 – A Lil’ Comic Commentary

BOOM! Took a week off.. kinda.. but Jay’s back with a vengeance.. or Avengers, with a little DC and Deadpool thrown in the mix. Ya know, if we didn’t know any better, we’d think this was an episode of Comic Crypt… but not quite. This week, Jay was feeling inspired by the future of the...


Ep. 25 – Planet Earth II: Islands

A few things to know about Jay Leal.. 1) He loves the art of Filmmaking. 2) He is fascinated by the animal kingdom. 3) He is as lazy as they come.. Jay took an easy way out this week, and did a commentary track to Planet Earth II. Episode 1: Islands “For some, remote islands...


Ep. 24 – Bucket Listing

Jay has decided to start taking the time he has left on this planet more seriously. His goals are set hi and possibly unrealistic… but it’ll take more than that to stop him!


Black Panther | Cinema Spotlight

Marvel Knights was my first introduction to Black Panther, and ever since that 1998 run by Christopher Priest and Mark Texeira, I have adored the character. A few years down the line I came across the animated Marvel Knights Black Panther series on Netflix and my fandom for T’Challa significantly deepened. Then once the MCU...


Ep. 23 – Shame of Thrones

Jay steps out of his element and decides to record in the morning… Yeah, big deal.. Though the time of day has changed, it’s just another episode of the same old, rants, ravings and long winded introspection. This week Jay comes to term with how everything he loves is or at one time was loathed...


The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast | Ep. 22 – Love, Loss, and Defilement

Jay was sent a gift from above, but was forced to give it up, and a bathroom rung met an unfortunate fate. Contact us at Find Jay on Social Media at: @RevJayLeal Find Skeleton Crue Brand at: @LealLegacy To help us produce consistent content, become a Skeleton Crue Brand Patron at:


Ep. 21 – PubG

Jay just didn’t get enough of feildmouse on this weeks’s episode of Comic Crypt, so he decided to hang out, watch and provide an un-requested commentary to feildmouse playing and live streaming PubG, AKA PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds on our Twitch TV channel! Contact us at Find Jay on Social Media at: @RevJayLeal Find Skeleton Crue...


Ep. 20 – Isaac Stinson

So stoked to have Isaac Stinson guesting on episode 20 “Contrary to first impressions he’s been giving off since he moved to Nashville in 2013, when Isaac Stinson says “I do hip-hop” during light conversation he’s not referring to producing for another artist. Aiming to be a skilled lyricist and authentic writer, Isaac’s projects often...


Ep. 19.5 – Where It All Began…

This was a terrible audio week for the Skeleton Crue Brand Podcasts… and it’s all Jay’s fault. As a really lazy apology, Jay thought he’d make up for his short comings by offering an extra Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast episode for the week! However, it’s just an old and dusty episode that he dug up...


Ep. 19 – Genevieve’s 2 Dads

Skeleton Crue Brand Legacy, Bane Leal, has a new YouTube obsession called Genevieve’s Playhouse.. So naturally, Jay can’t help but talk about it and build an interesting, yet heartwarming, origin story for the creators that lead him down a rabbit hole of listening to 80’s/90’s sitcom themes… So another pretty standard episode.


Ep. 18 – The Joy of Podcasting

An unexpected and unplanned turn of events might have made this the most peaceful and relaxing Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast ever. Join Jay as he sits in awe of the legend who is Bod Ross and looses himself in the Joy of Painting. Contact us at Find Jay on Social Media at: @RevJayLeal Find...


Ep. 17 – ¿Por qué no podemos ser amigos?

All Jay wants are burritos made from love.. it’s that too much to ask? It wasn’t ever a problem back in San Diego, but the Mexican community of Nashville are not so easily won over… Progress has been made over the years, but there is still a slight barrier that needs to be crossed.. but...


Ep. 16 – Jay Leal Origins Pt: 1 | Happy Birthday To Me

At 3:00 PM, on January 3rd 1986, the universe changed forever… HA! Delusions of grandeur are fun, and Jay has mastered the art. Something that Jay is not so masterful at is speaking candidly to others about who he genuinely feels he is, where he comes from, or how he grew up. Podcast is cheap...


Ep. 15 – The Last Jedi was The Best Jedi

Have you seen Star Wars: The Last Jedi? Did you like it?… of course you liked it, otherwise you’d be wrong. There has been some passionate hated directed towards the latest chapter of Star Wars, and Jay isn’t going to tolerate it. Here are all the reasons why you liked The Last Jedi. Contact us...


Ep. 13 – Christmas Conduct

Believe it or not, Jay is passionate about Christmas, and lives by a very strict code of conduct for the holiday. However, this is the same guy who believes that he may one day be attacked by a cybernetic version of himself from a parallel and futuristic universe… So.. take that for what it’s worth....


Ep. 12 – Star Wars: The Last Speculations

This episode might be a little… off. Jay’s computer was acting like a jerk and it effected the recording. Hopefully everything still makes sense, because Jay’s got some solid theories and insight on what may come from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Let us know what you think by commenting on the episode page at...


Commentary Cast – Santa Claus Conquers the Martians (1964)

Rev. Jay Leal provides an un-requested commentary to the 1964 cult classic Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. Martian ruler Kimar is upset that the children of Mars are lazy and under the influence of too much pop culture from Earth. They are obsessed with the planet’s television programs and don’t want to do much of...


Ep. 11 – Happy HoliDaze

Fighting through a sinus infected and over the counter medicated fog, Jay starts attacking the cartoon characters that his son Bane loves so dearly. Never has Jay sounded more like a crotchety old man crying about the “good old days” as he questions the scientific integrity of Bubble Guppies and expresses nothing but disdain for...


Thor: Ragnarok | Cinema Spotlight

Jay finally saw Thor: Ragnarok! Give a listen to his review and keep in mind that he was sick as a dog at the time this was recorded and some technical issues occurred when he started talking about Valkyrie so he had to rerecord half the episode…. The things he does for you people.. The...


The Skeleton Crue Brand Podcast | Ep. 2 – Anxiously Waiting…

I told Tiffany what this podcast was about and she picked the episode title.. It’s a good one… and accurate. Aside from ranting about my anxiety, I think I pimp other podcasts, talk a little about my youth, and get half way through a lack luster story.. It’s pretty much just like any other episode.


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