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Episode 35 A Budding Bromance

On tonights show Tyler dials up new bestie Tad Eggleston to talk about #comics, #StarWars, #Saga, and a whole bunch of other crap! JP had to cover some DJ gigs this weekend so he was unable to make it otherwise it would have been the greatest threesome since Peanut, Butter, and Jelly! Special Thanks to the Flying Eyes for the use of their song "Sing Praise!" I really did get permission from the band to use the song yet I have no idea if they have any idea what our show is about! LOL...


Episode 44

Joined by JP's buddy Ryan the antics really get ratcheted up! The Last Siege #1 Blackwood #1 Stabbity Bunny #5 2021 Lost Children #1 #thelastsiege, #imagecomics, #blackwood, #darkhorsecomics, #stabbitybunny, #scoutcomics, #2021lostchildren, #titancomics, #thewalkingdead, #alientoiletmonster, #ericbarnett, #sarazara, #batmanwedding, #batman, #dccomics, #prettyboy, #beardofdoom


Episode 43 No Sesame, All Street

The Pretty Boy and Tyler are finally back talking about comics! After a long weekend of debauchery at his bachelor party, JP is ready to relax with his comics. Combining this week and last week, they cover Black Hammer #2, Delta 13 #1, Regression #10, Rat Queens #9, and Guideon Falls #3. #marvel, #infinitywar, #imagecomics, #jefflemire, #bentemplesmith, #cullenbunn, #smashngrabcomics, #steveniles, #idw, #regressive, #ratqueens, #shadowline, #blackhammer, #darkhorsecomics, #ericbarnett,...


Episode 42 Avengers Infinity War with Peggy and Brendan

Be sure to watch Infinity War before listening to this podcast. JP is off enjoying his bachelor party in Las Vegas! Filling in for him are my wife Peggy and her son Brendan! We're reviewing Avengers Infinity War. SPOILER WARNING! Since the three of us have seen the movie we will be talking about how it ends! You have been warned. Special Thanks to The Flying Eyes for the use of their song, Sing Praise. #flyingeyes, #Avengersinfinitywar, #avengers, #infinitywar, #guardiansofthegalaxy,...


Episode 41 Donny Cates on Venom!

Its that time of week again for your earholes to be filled with the sacred thrumming of two of the most soothing voices of the 21st Century. Unfortunately you get Tyler and JP instead. Suck it! Lets Rock! Big thanks to The Flying Eyes for the use of their song Sing Praise as our theme. SPOILER WARNING!! Be sure to run out and pick up these great books before listening! Venom #1 Analog #2 Oblivion Song #3 Isola #2 The Spider King #4 #idw, #imagecomics,...


Episode 40 We made 40 episodes!

We made it to episode 40 people! It's been a long weekend. That's all the show notes that I can muster. Intro music is Praise Song by the Flying Eyes -Tyler #thewalkingdead, #imagecomics, #titancomics, #comicbooks, #prentisrollins, #thefurnace, #smashngrabcomics


Episode 39 Prentis Rollins Interview!

Prentis Rollins is a veteran of the American comics industry, having contributed as inker to virtually every main character in the DC Universe (including 'DC: 1,000,000', 'JLA: Incarnations', and 'Green Lantern: Rebirth') as well as 'New X-Men' for Marvel. He pencilled-and/or inked over 40 issues of 'Hardware' for Milestone Media in its first incarnation, and is the author of 'The Making of a Graphic Novel' (Watson-Guptill Books, 2005), and 'How to Draw Utopian and Dystopian Sci-fi' (The...


Episode 38 Jeff Lemire Love Fest

No JP for this episode so Tyler just went nuts with his love for Jeff Lemire. Some might say, me included, that Tyler has an unhealthy fascination with #jefflemire but I'm just the lowly intern. What do I know? Theme Song is Sing Praise by #theflyingeyes


Episode 37 The Pretty Boy of Comics

This weeks show covers Oblivion Song #2, VS #3, Gideon Falls #2, Dead Hand #1, Crude #1. Our local comic book heroes also mention Doug Mand and his podcast #doodiecalls. This is a must listen! Theme Song, Sing Praise, is by the #flyingeyes #skybound, #imagecomics, #oblivionsong, #VS, #gideonfalls, #deadhand, #crude Artwork by the interweb's badass, Tyler. Inspired by JP, the Pretty Boy of Comics. - the Intern


Episode 36 Wedding Bells Pancreatitus

We've been away for a couple weeks, sorry about that! I've been recovering from pancreatitis and then a gallbladder surgery. The important thing is that we are back! It turns out it was an entire #imagecomics week. We hope you enjoy the episode! -TyLeR #Isola #1 #Analog #1 #WalkingDead #178


Episode 35 Justice League

Messieurs Tyler and JP switch gears on this episode and put aside their love for the creepy and strange. Tune in to hear them meander back into the mainstream and give you guys their random thoughts on the Justice League movie. Warning! At one point in the discussion JP makes a mistake and refers to Justice League as a "film." Please note this movie being a "film" is not the opinion of Smash N' Grab Comics or Tyler. As always, keep it weird! -the intern Intro: Sing Praise by The...


Episode 34 The Return of the Beard

This week Tyler attempts (yet again) to host a podcast by his lonesome. Did it work? You be the judge. Infidel #1 Eternity Girl #1 Dry County #1 #infidel, #eternitygirl, #drycounty, #imagecomics, #younganimal, #comicbooks


Episode 33 The Ballad of JP Jones

Hey Smashers and Grabbers! We hope you had a great week and are ready for this weeks comic rundown! The guys put in a lot of work on this one (finally) and think you are going to totally dig this weeks books! Oblivion Song #1 Highest House #1 Fu Jitsu #5 Spider King #1 Gideon Falls #1 The Ballad of Sang #1 Love, the intern


Episode 32 Interview with Eric Barnett

The trash-mouthed tag team sat down for a two on one interview with Alien Toilet Monster creator Eric Barnett. Eric got to clarify some confusing points of his book while Tyler and JP explained their reasons for the bad review. Intro music: Sing Praise by the Flying Eyes


Episode 31 Return of the Pegasus

A snowstorm kept the ambiguously gay duo apart this week so Tyler's wife stepped up to the plate and played the role of cohost. You might hear a few differences with this episode. First off it was recorded with a different microphone and secondly it was recorded in Tyler and Peggy's kitchen. You can hear quite a bit of extra sounds like their dogs barking and bumps on the table. Maybe if they tried harder to make a good podcast it wouldn't have been so noisy. But as we all know, Tyler is a...


Episode 30 Fire the Intern!

Hey Smashers and Grabbers! It is with an irritated heart that I have to tell you that I lost the original episode that JP and I recorded last night. This is a short recap of what we talked about. I wasn't able to get back together with John in time to put out another episode with the two of us. New comics tomorrow and all. Then the cycle starts all over again! Side note; I may have referred to Stabbity Bunny as Stabbity Rabbit in the episode. Just go with it, I'm a bit stressed...


Episode 29 Sid Vicious

Lets try this again! If you've already downloaded the podcast please delete it and redownload. Something happened with the post-production and it came out super quiet! This is the new and improved version!


Episode 28 The Unknown Use of a Butter Knife

It was a slow week in comics but that didn't stop Tyler and JP from putting out a solid bm. They also put out this episode. They talk about the podcast Doodie Calls, The Bearenstain Bears phenomenon, as well as something called a poop knife. I don't know either but its all here and waiting to pleasure your earholes. Comics covered Lazaretto #5 Realm #5 Motherlands #1 Theme song "Sing Praise" by The Flying Eyes comics, comic books, bearenstain bears, poop knife, flying eyes, smash...


Episode 27 Strange Blue Vans

Yes, that is a photo of Tyler's creepy blue van. Enjoy. Tyler and JP get right to business and cut the bullshit. Last weeks episode of all chatting and little comics left a bitter taste in their mouths. The dynamic duo dug in deep and pulled an amazing episode out of their collective comic ass. Well, ok, amazing may be a strong word...slightly more than mediocre. Abbott #1 Sink #4 Vinegar Teeth #1 Imaginary Fiends #3


Episode 26 Aokigahara

Another great episode of Smash N' Grab Comics in the bag. However, JP and I spent more time catching up and ranting than we did talking about comics. We got to a couple issues, though. Call of the Suicide Forest #1 The Ice Cream Man #1