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It's a little of this, a little of that. I like a lot of stuff. Don't put me in a box, okay?

It's a little of this, a little of that. I like a lot of stuff. Don't put me in a box, okay?
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Fort Worth, TX


It's a little of this, a little of that. I like a lot of stuff. Don't put me in a box, okay?









Svenny Baby! is an amazing rock n roll band in the DFW area, and on the heels of their second full length album "Voyager", they so graciously let me pick their brains. Victor (keyboards, lead vocals) and Jonathan (bass, backing/co-lead vocals) opened up about the core of the band, where the music comes from, and how they very rarely fight. Discussed: their personal creative process, channeling difficult times into what we dubbed "therapy rock", how the CD release show was beyond special to...



Another installment of the "people I haven't seen or spoken to in a long while" series, my good friend Chandon "Big Tyme" Sanders grabbed the mic to freestyle on what it means to be an up and coming recording artist, the ups and downs, the temptation of being on the road, finding stability, and indulging in new passions. Discussed: why it's so hard for a recording artist to make money, the importance of saving money, unnecessary beefs that make the other person look stupid, the rock and roll...



It's been a week. RIP Stan Lee, one of the greatest creators to ever live. I can't tell you how broken hearted I was when I first heard of his passing. In a completely unplanned episode, I gathered a group of friends at the last minute to express their gratitude for the work legacy of Stan Lee, our generation's Shakespeare. Discussed: Our JFK moment, how Stan met his wife, DCEU vs MCU, Stan's permanent finger print on modern comics, the impact he's had on us, how the hell Black Manta could...



I have two rules on the show: 1) No religion. 2) Absolutely no politics. I'm far more lenient on the first one because sometimes it's less about preaching and more about who someone is as a person. So when someone like Venus Monique, star of the Amazon Prime Original Series VINDICATION, agrees to come on the show, you basically let her talk about whatever she wants. In this case, the conversation turned toward her faith and her personal convictions rather quickly. I throw the word...



This one's shorter than average (let's be mature about this), but when your host has to make it to a paid meeting you can't really insist that he talks about baseball for free any longer than is actually necessary. Player 2 joins us for his second episode of the season to talk about the World Series. Discussed: Altuve's response to the shit ass home run call, the new manager for the Texas Rangers, the importance of voting, firing Jason Garrett, how the Mavericks are the NFL's Browns of the...



Your hosts for this week are Kay and Susanne, the owners, operators and champions of the Eterna Healthfood Store in Mansfield, Texas. Discussed: How to follow an idea you had randomly on a Sunday, why self care and doctors go hand in hand, why people are more than transactions, how supportive the health food community is, how I was the unhealthiest person in the store that day, the feistiest older woman you've ever heard of. SCTG Online! Youtube: Facebook:...



Season 2 rolls on with two very talented and kind individuals: Todd & Anna Terry. Discussed: What kind of voiceovers women are being hired for these days, how acting can change your life, why we wish we got more feedback from auditions, how you know you're in the right industry, and what you need to do to keep working. SCTG Online! Youtube: Facebook: IG: @soclosetogreatness "Drawing Board" theme courtesy of Pseudo Future. YouTube:...



We're back for more. The start of the new NBA season ushers in a new season of So Close To Greatness. Joining me for the season premiere is your favorite anonymous individual who we all know and love to be Player 2. Discussed: The upcoming NBA season, Lebron in LA, Jimmy Butler's meltdown, the future of the Dallas Mavericks, post-dirk and post-harassment investigation, Kawhi in Toronto, and predictions for the season. LISTEN TO SOME NBA WORD PORN!! SCTG Online! Youtube:...


One Is Infinitely More Than Zero

An old friend of mine, one Mister Eduardo Tobias, came up to my apartment from Austin to record this episode with me. How cool is that? The answer is "very", seeing as how he drove 3 and a half hours just to get behind the mic and tell me his story. Eddie's a fun guy, a multi-faceted individual with passion that can only be described as healthily manic. An aspiring filmmaker turned wrestling junkie, he talks about taking time to focus on one thing at a time and eventually weaving most of his...


RIP Dan Bailey's Groin

Don't slide into the 2018 NFL regular season until you've gotten nice a lubed up by the conversation Player 2 and I had about that very subject. We talk about trades, injuries, releases, possible championship's all right here. For the sixth time in SCTG history, I beckon you to enter the game with Player 2. SCTG Online! IG: @soclosetogreatness


Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone

On this fresh ass installment of So Close To Greatness, I'm joined by yet another old friend who goes by the name of Jennifer Iler. For almost a decade, Jennifer has been styling, cutting, washing, coloring and studying hair, and her work seems as if it's about to pay off. What do I mean by that? Well you'll just have to treat your ears to a buffet of warm, podcasty goodness to hear stories about what it means to get out of your comfort zone and push yourself to be better than you were...


Antiques Aren't Boring. YOU'RE Boring!

Joining me from Tulsa, Oklahoma, through the magic of modern technology and via Skype, is an old friend from college that I legitimately have no seen or talked to in a decade. Kersten Nagle, owner and operator of Kersten's Antiques, is here to usher in a new era of appraisals, and she's on a mission to authenticate that the antiques business is absolutely where a younger generation can flourish and leave their mark. After all, 'antique' is not a dirty word, it's just sometimes dirty stuff....


Brewing History with Wade & Sean

On a journey back to Division Brewing in Arlington, Texas, I meet again with Wade and his brew master Sean. We quickly go through the history of humanity's favorite drink, why it's important, how the beer dark ages haled progress, and where we are now. If you care to learn on accident, this is probably the place to do it. IG: soclosetogreatness TWT: SCTG_podcast


Fair To Say It...

After 2 months, we're finally back. I understand there's been a podcast sized hole in your heart that only SCTG can fill. Fear not, loyal listener. We're here for you. And joining me in being here for you is my dear friend Player 2. Discussed are the NBA finals, the barren wasteland that is the Eastern Conference, Kawhi being a polly prissy pants, Lebron moving to the West, why Jurassic World sucked, why South Park's Satan is the best version of that particular asshole, and why we always...


Ya Can't Fake Passion

Joining me this week are the thinker uppers of the Big Texas Beer Fest, an annual event held at Fair Park in Dallas for beer enthusiasts and those who consider sampling a metric butt load of beer a hobby (because I do). Learn more about the Big Texas Beer Fest at Find more of the event at: Big Texas Beer Fest (Facebook) @bigtxbeerfest (Instagram & Twitter) Don't forget to subscribe, leave a comment, find SCTG on Instagram (@soclosetogreatness) and Twitter...


Spoilers Start At 35:12 - You've Been Warned

Guys, I've been waiting for this movie for 10 years. Officially 4 years since it was announced in 2014. So we give you reasons why you should go see it for the first half hour, and then the hour and a half after that (it's a long ass episode) we completely spoil the damn thing. We'll give our thought on the film as a whole, the characters we love, and how it really ties the MCU together while giving it an unclear yet definite future. Speculation at every turn, disbelief clenches our breasts,...


Moving On With

This is far and away the most different episode I've done on the show, and for good reason. Grief, like sadness or depression, has a stigma surrounding it that suggests if you feel it, there's something wrong with you. Joining me on this episode is Doctor Patrick O'Malley, a grief counselor and compassionate individual, who dispels that myth, and instead lets us know that you are, in fact, experiencing one of the most basic human emotions. As he says, grief is the loss of love, and love...


Ego-Testicle: A Scripted Circle Jerk

The story behind me and my guest this week is a weird one. Brandon and I were once regular contributors on another podcast. Shit went sour, as you'll hear in this episode because we talk about it way too much, but he and I haven't spoken out loud to each other over a year. This episode is barely edited. Only the super long, pace killing pauses were edited out. Other than that, this is a play by play of two old friends who haven't been in the same room for over 365 days, rebuilding a bridge,...


A Multitude Of Suck

First things first...I know Bautista getting clocked in the face happened a couple years ago. However, as a Rangers fan, it never gets old, and it remains one of the most satisfying things I've ever seen in my life. Also, it applies to part of our discussion today. Lastly, it's pretty fuckin' hilarious. Second...unbunch your panties, because the title has nothing to do with us hating on America's past time (I'm pretty sure I know how the internet thinks). There's a pureness about the sport,...


Hollywood Hype Pt V

Kat and Tommy are back for the fifth installment of Hollywood Hype. It's a lengthy episode, but that's only because we get distracted and have too much to say and then we lose our train of thought and get a little long winded. But it's fun! We discuss 7 new trailers, and if you can't tell what they are based on the icon...I can't help you. BUT! We can help you burn an hour and a half of your time on the way to work or while you're in your cubicle. That's why we're here. Duh.