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It's a little of this, a little of that. I like a lot of stuff. Don't put me in a box, okay?

It's a little of this, a little of that. I like a lot of stuff. Don't put me in a box, okay?
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Fort Worth, TX


It's a little of this, a little of that. I like a lot of stuff. Don't put me in a box, okay?








Ya Can't Fake Passion with Chad & Nellie

Joining me this week are the thinker uppers of the Big Texas Beer Fest, an annual event held at Fair Park in Dallas for beer enthusiasts and those who consider sampling a metric butt load of beer a hobby (because I do). Learn more about the Big Texas Beer Fest at www.bigtexasbeerfest.com Find more of the event at: Big Texas Beer Fest (Facebook) @bigtxbeerfest (Instagram & Twitter) Don't forget to subscribe, leave a comment, find SCTG on Instagram (@soclosetogreatness) and Twitter...


Spoilers Start At 35:12 - You've Been Warned

Guys, I've been waiting for this movie for 10 years. Officially 4 years since it was announced in 2014. So we give you reasons why you should go see it for the first half hour, and then the hour and a half after that (it's a long ass episode) we completely spoil the damn thing. We'll give our thought on the film as a whole, the characters we love, and how it really ties the MCU together while giving it an unclear yet definite future. Speculation at every turn, disbelief clenches our...


Moving On With with Doctor Patrick O' Malley

This is far and away the most different episode I've done on the show, and for good reason. Grief, like sadness or depression, has a stigma surrounding it that suggests if you feel it, there's something wrong with you. Joining me on this episode is Doctor Patrick O'Malley, a grief counselor and compassionate individual, who dispels that myth, and instead lets us know that you are, in fact, experiencing one of the most basic human emotions. As he says, grief is the loss of love, and love...


Ego-Testicle: A Scripted Circle Jerk

The story behind me and my guest this week is a weird one. Brandon and I were once regular contributors on another podcast. Shit went sour, as you'll hear in this episode because we talk about it way too much, but he and I haven't spoken out loud to each other over a year. This episode is barely edited. Only the super long, pace killing pauses were edited out. Other than that, this is a play by play of two old friends who haven't been in the same room for over 365 days, rebuilding a...


A Multitude Of Suck

First things first...I know Bautista getting clocked in the face happened a couple years ago. However, as a Rangers fan, it never gets old, and it remains one of the most satisfying things I've ever seen in my life. Also, it applies to part of our discussion today. Lastly, it's pretty fuckin' hilarious. Second...unbunch your panties, because the title has nothing to do with us hating on America's past time (I'm pretty sure I know how the internet thinks). There's a pureness about the...


Hollywood Hype Pt V

Kat and Tommy are back for the fifth installment of Hollywood Hype. It's a lengthy episode, but that's only because we get distracted and have too much to say and then we lose our train of thought and get a little long winded. But it's fun! We discuss 7 new trailers, and if you can't tell what they are based on the icon...I can't help you. BUT! We can help you burn an hour and a half of your time on the way to work or while you're in your cubicle. That's why we're here. Duh.


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