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E31 Authoritative Hair

Blaze makes his return and the podcast takes a road trip to Rockland Maine as actor-writer Carolyn Cutillo returns as the guest and actor-writer-supernumerary Melody Bates makes her debut. Canada is dealing with a yogurt crisis and a certain furry fiend has been stalking a swimming pool in Pennsylvania. Also, a bomb was dropped in NYC and who is Reality Winner?


E28 Blaze Cheated

Blaze has a confession to make for first time guest, broadway actor and writer Joe Forbrich and third wheel and actress, Danielle Faitelson. They discuss the trouble with fat macaques and Chinese people are allowed to work in a Japanese restaurant. Also, Blaze pleads for people to stop being mean to Jennifer Lawrence. Joe also shares some juicy Tom Hanks stories.


E27 Adventures in Online Dating

A special episode where Blaze sets aside his fear and joins the online dating masses and tells you all dirty details. Carolyn Cutillo, Ryan Nicolls and Caitlin Ewing join the show and offer their dating advice, insight and of course, horror stories. Find out if Blaze got any dates and if he will continue online dating.


E26 Online Dating & Stripper Stories Part 2

A special episode loaded with a prequel of online dating with dating experts and actors Carolyn Cutillo and Matt Hurley making their return to the show. Blaze's in depth interview with the stripper comedian Monroe and actor and former strip club bouncer Adam Petchel. Monroe talks about the first time she performed in a strip club, her love life and what other strippers do when they aren't stacking that cheese at the club.


E23 Scorpions on a Plane

Actor and comedian Kwabena Ampofo joins the show with actress Wei-Yi Lin making her triumphant return. Mexican scorpions are rumored to be sneaking across two borders in hopes of getting to Canada, Wei-Yi is obsessed with firemen and Kwabena shocks everyone when he reveals his favorite movie in an episode that can't stay in it's lane. Also, why are white people good at achieving accolades in the Guinness Book of World Records?


E18 A Podcast with Mom

Actress Alana Johnson makes her debut on the show with Blaze's mom! They try to dig their way out of the sunken place, mucking about beef between Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj and digging deep into Chance the Rapper's Coloring Book and his recent philanthropy. They also discuss the recent mobile app that is attempting to protect people from becoming victims of revenge porn and Blaze's mom offers some parenting advice. Also, what's a better side hustle for married people?: Uber driving or the...


E14 It's Time the Scourge is Eliminated

Ariana Seigel, comedian, TV writer and coach is joined by actor Lauren Cipoletti as they help Blaze lay waste to orange gators, Johnny Depp's tunnels and poop. Also, what's a worse scourge? Butt pinching munchkins, the backpack challenge or the loss of America's boyfriend? And THRONES!


E13 Blaze and The Bachelor

Actor Ryan Nicolls returns to the show with friend and NYC based actor and matchmaker Ethan Nguyen. Blaze was forced to follow The Bachelor all week and reacts to his first time ever watching the show. In addition to discussing how adorable pig and hedgehog relationships are they try convince Blaze to start online dating. Will he do it? Is being on an elephant in Thailand a good Tinder picture? Who is the special guest coming to the show in two weeks?


E11 Let's Talk Race

Actor and comedian Zene Coley joins the show with actor Adam Petchel as the third wheel. Blaze and Zene share their dissatisfaction for a recent ad featuring Jerry Rice, their satisfaction with Popeye's chicken and their disgust of the story surrounding Adam's complications at birth. Also, did Blaze make a racist breakfast and does that hurt his chances of being woke?


E10 A Golden Week

Actor Carolyn Cutillo returns as co-host with actor Matt Hurley causing plenty of distractions. This episode is showered with jokes about micro aggressions, President Obama's dog with bad intentions and the golden impressions they do of comedians Aziz Ansari and Dave Chappelle. They answer tough questions like, "Is Blaze adopted?" and "Can the Hard Rock Cafe be a great venue for a bachelorette party?"


E9 Whiskey Fridge

Comedian and impressionist Adam Hamway makes his debut on the show while Carolyn Cutillo returns to the podcast couch. They discuss what is worse: whiskey at 10am, white kids dabbing or Mariah Carey's performance at the New Year's Eve celebration in Times Square. Actor and comedian Jim Gaffigan makes a surprise appearance on the show. Also, what's the deal with Joseph Gordon Levitt's hair?


E8 Save Betty White

Emmy award-winning news director Phillip Sukke returns as co-host with high school friend Christian (aka Cam) as the third wheel. Betty White is in danger and Santa Claus is suspended from Facebook. The boys also show off their sporty spice as they discuss footballer Patrice Evra, the US men's soccer team, Knicks president Phil Jackson's love life and a promiscuous panda named Pan Pan.


E7 Celebs on Sandwiches

Friend and reality TV junkie Jennifer Maillo joins the show with Blaze's high school friend Phillip Sukke making a return to the show as the third wheel. Find out about who sponsored the latest celebrity break-up, Blaze's fear of dead actors taking over Hollywood and this year's secret to finding cheer on an extended Christmas episode of Social Abstinence.


E6 Everybody JERF

A manic hashtagger has hacked Blaze's social media accounts on the week of his Birthday. Actors Ryan Nicolls and first timer to the show, Carolyn Cutillo discuss lying on job résumés, terrible female cartoon names, the death of the Harlem Deer and the secret of JERF.


E5 Leo Knows Everything

New York actors Matt Hurley and Dave Bennett join the show where they trade redneck Christmas songs, find out the embarrassing tattoo Leonardo DiCaprio is forcing Tom Hardy to get and Matt reveals his story about the time he nearly lost his sight after meeting Stephen King.


E3 Turkey Hotline Bling

Blaze is joined by his high school friend and Emmy awarded news director Phillip Sukke. They gobble about turkey, Aretha Franklin's performance on Thursday night football, what it takes to be a champion of Black Friday, Stephen Colbert's new job and they uncover the mystery of who hacked Blaze's Facebook account.


E1 Welcome to Social Abstinence!

In the first ever episode of Social Abstinence Blaze Mancillas and Dave Klasko discuss what it's like to abstain from social media for five days, the business savvy of Kylie Jenner, the presidential election, a nasty bug on Facebook that is killing off it's users and they reveal who hacked Blaze's social media accounts.