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SomeAntics EP # 74 - Need A Nudge

Krisha & Frank recap their night at the opera. They went to see Knoxville Opera’s production of Aida on May 4 and decided to go backstage before the show to get a selfie with Frank’s wife Jere, who was in the opera chorus. Frank introduced Krisha to several people backstage, in the audience, and at the after-party. Krisha thought Frank was truly in his element. At the after-party, Frank narrowly avoided a faux pas. They got into a conversation with another partygoer about remembering...


SomeAntics EP # 73 - It's Figs Frank

Krisha & Frank are on the podcast porch the morning after they each performed in separate improv shows. They recap their shows and talk about when it's okay to break rules in improv. Krisha is planning a trip to Charleston and Frank is planning a trip to the DC area. As usual, Frank's travel plans are fraught with complications as he tried to purchase an airline ticket. Krisha seems to know more about him than he does.


SomeAntics EP # 72 - Hot Milk Shop List

Krisha & Frank recorded some demo podcasts about a year before starting SomeAntics. This is the third of those three demos. They start by talking about podcast technology and then switch to discussing wearables including Apple Watches and Fitbits. Frank had recently received an Amazon Echo for Christmas and Krisha had not yet gotten one. Frank’s eldest grandson, who was 1½ and the time, was trying to learn to say “Alexa” in order to hear his favorite songs and add items to the shopping...


SomeAntics EP # 71 - Dressed Up From The Bottom Up

Krisha & Frank recorded some demo podcasts about a year before starting SomeAntics. This is the second of those three demos. Krisha explains her hierarchy of underpants for various occasions. Frank is concerned about baby powder when wearing dark slacks. The topic of underpants reminds them of the Netflix show “Making a Murderer” which was popular when this podcast was recorded in January, 2016.


SomeAntics EP # 70 - The Full Michael Jackson Is What That Is

Krisha & Frank are talking from their homes via Alexa. Krisha was busy in a play and then traveling to Atlanta with her improv troupe and to Chattanooga with her family. Frank enjoyed the experience of preparing for a colonoscopy. He made some jokes with the nurse, which led to an unexpected result. Krisha described a “show crush” and discussed the concept of on-set romances, such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. She is taking a sensual dance class, which inspired her to create another...


SomeAntics EP # 69 - The Last Light Bulb I Ever Buy

Krisha & Frank recorded some demo podcasts about a year before starting SomeAntics. This is the first of those three demos. In December 2015, Frank had just purchased a package of 700 coffee filters, which would last him until early 2018. Krisha’s coffee maker had broken. Frank likes his futuristic coffee maker so much that he brings his brewed-at-home coffee to work every day.


SomeAntics EP # 67 - I Just Vomited in the Deli Section

Krisha & Frank are having trouble connecting, both in person and online. Due to busy schedules, they are recording over their Amazon Echos but the connection gets interrupted. Krisha’s daughter is preparing for a weekend trip to a band competition in Orlando. Frank wonders what would happen if someone on the trip wanted to go to church on Sunday. Krisha taught an acting class before her Full Disclosure improv practice. She had some stomach trouble after the practice, resulting in an...


SomeAntics EP # 66 - She's Got Two Cigarettes in Her Hand and a Beer

Krisha & Frank are at Waffle House for a visit with Malorie Cunningham and Kristen Ballard of the comedy duo Dolly Partners. The women, along with a mostly female crew, created the comedy series “Southern Comfort,” which is available on YouTube and Facebook. Krisha has a scene-stealing role in episode 5. Malorie and Kristen are former members of Full Disclosure. They first met because of the Gatlinburg Improv Fest. They discuss their move to New York and the classes they take at the...


SomeAntics EP # 65 - Aren't You Sick of Me Yet

Krisha & Frank were reminded of Frank's grandson by strawberries, musicals, and Amazon Alexa. The three-and-a-half year old has inadvertently purchased items online from "our lady friend." He also washed some strawberries, which reminded Krisha of some household pranks and some radio pranks. Krisha points out that radio and television are still "theatre." At least in real theatre, everyone knows it's fake. Krisha will play a dog in Flying Anvil Theatre's production of Sylvia, from February...


SomeAntics EP # 64 - There Was A Me In Between

Krisha & Frank are sipping coffee at the kitchen counter, which makes them think of Kelly Ripa and Ryan Seacrest. The comedy duo recaps their recent shows at Chocolatefest Knoxville. Some of their improv games were rough on their microphone packs, including a game called "Dead Body," which also left Krisha with sore shoulders. Krisha had to turn down tickets to the touring show of "Cabaret." Frank recently saw the touring production of "Elf." Krisha had a friend who played Herod in a tour...


SomeAntics EP # 63 - It's A GIF Gift

Krisha & Frank discuss the schedule of performers at the 7th annual Gatlinburg Improv Fest, happening Friday and Saturday, February 23 and 24, 2018 at Sweet Fanny Adams Theatre. Individual show tickets are $10. A five-show pass is only $25. Tickets and classes on sale now at Krisha & Frank round out this episode by talking about their flu shot experiences and some difficulty at the self-checkout.


SomeAntics EP # 62 - He’s Gonna Realize You Put a Bullet in Old Yeller

Krisha & Frank are continuing their conversation at Market House Cafe. A local politician’s staff misprinted some flyers. Instead of putting the politician’s phone number on the flyer, they printed Frank’s number. Frank’s car needs some expensive repairs. A conversation with the mechanic started with an Old Yeller reference and led to some unexpected results that made a grown man cry. Krisha’s next play at Flying Anvil Theatre will open on February 28 and will close on April 1. Frank was...


SomeAntics EP # 61 - I Was in the Show

Krisha & Frank are recording at Market House Cafe. Frank has an issue with straw wrappers. Krisha is hungry and needs to eat while they record. Frank hosted the New Year's Eve events on Market Square. The bars were packed and their bathrooms were too busy. Krisha mentions a method that some New York revelers use. Krisha's sandwich reminds Frank of the giraffes at Zoo Knoxville. Krisha and her husband spent New Year's Eve at Flying Anvil Theatre. Carol Shane interviewed Frank about East...


SomeAntics EP # 60 - Do You Want Me to Be Cousin Eddie

Krisha & Frank continue their conversation via Amazon Echo where the last episode left off. Frank and his family wore children's bibs while dining at Culver's. Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve fell on Sundays in 2017, which meant that liquor stores would be closed and wine sales prohibited on those days. Krisha will be performing in a new play about human trafficking at Flying Anvil Theatre. Frank enjoyed the live telecast of "A Christmas Story" musical but Krisha dislikes live broadcast...


SomeAntics EP # 59 - She's in a Ham Circle

Krisha & Frank are each at home, talking via Alexa, or as Krisha calls it, their “lady friends.” Frank and his wife have had colds, which could impact their plans to sing and read at church on Christmas Eve. Krisha’s granny wants to buy more ham as Christmas gifts but forgets that she’s already bought some ham. Frank’s daughter is going to a family Christmas party that is themed around “things Grandma used to say.” Krisha’s granny has written down her daily activities in spiral notebooks...


SomeAntics EP # 58 - Having Some Sort of Sneeze and Holding a Very Small Pumpkin

Krisha & Frank are recording on a Sunday evening. Krisha came over to Frank’s house after a matinee performance of The Big F.A.T. Holiday Cabaret at Flying Anvil Theatre. Frank’s wife, Jere the Brave, is in the room and Krisha gets a phone call from her husband James. Frank and Jere had a busy weekend, going to see Amahl & the Night Visitors, The Nutcracker, a Tennessee Wind Symphony “concert,” and a presentation on the history of Christmas in Knoxville. They also treated themselves to a...


SomeAntics EP # 57 - No Touching

Krisha & Frank are having breakfast at Panera Bread. Krisha has been watching old episodes of Grey’s Anatomy. Frank has been fighting a cold for over a month and was given a steroid shot. Krisha has been added to the cast of The Big F.A.T. Holiday Cabaret at Flying Anvil Theatre. Frank and his wife loved the show. Krisha & Frank recorded pledge breaks for a Beatles show on East Tennessee PBS, where Frank also hosts Scholars’ Bowl. Krisha’s improv skills have helped her in The Big F.A.T....


SomeAntics EP # 56 - Alexa, Hang Up On Frank

Krisha & Frank are each in their own homes, recording this episode over their Amazon Echo devices. Frank and his wife are expecting house guests, which is causing him some stress. Two of the guests are British and he wonders if they will expect high tea. Krisha taught her daughters about personal responsibility to help out around the house. Frank was a guest on a public radio station and told them a story about delivering a cash payment to flautist Jean-Pierre Rampal. Krisha wonders how...


SomeAntics EP # 55 - I Can’t Drive

Krisha & Frank are on the podcast porch a few days after Frank’s trip to Northern Virginia to see his newborn grandson. He didn’t want to make the long drive alone and had hoped to fly but he thought the flights were too expensive. While there, he and Jere bought an Uncrustable for their oldest grandson but had to find a quick way to thaw it.


SomeAntics EP # 54 - Don’t Touch Me And We’ll Be Fine

Krisha & Frank are on the podcast porch while workers are cutting downs trees somewhere nearby. Krisha made a video of her old couch being crushed in a garbage truck, which reminded Frank of his youth. Recent news stories about shootings and sexual harassment are on their minds, which leads to talk about the stigma of mental illness. Can you let your guard down around close friends? What does “becoming a man” involve? Do men and women need to spend time without members of the opposite sex?...