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SomeAntics EP # 76 - You’re Hittin’ Me Right at a Good Time

Krisha & Frank are on the podcast porch on a rainy afternoon. Frank and his wife have been straightening up the house to prepare for house-guests. Frank gave some leftover products to Krisha. Frank is a little stressed over having three seats together and one single seat at an ABBA tribute concert. A few weeks ago, Frank helped his eldest grandson prepare for his role as ring bearer at a family wedding, which was held outdoors on a rainy weekend. Frank wanted to do more sightseeing on a...


SomeAntics EP # 75 - Unintentional Hiatus

Krisha & Frank are back on the podcast porch after an unintentional hiatus. Krisha spent time teaching and trying to figure out what’s next. Frank had a similar period of doubt when he was around Krisha’s age. It has been a year since Krisha was cast in “Shipwrecked” and quit her radio job. She has been accepted to attend Improv Utopia and plans to drive across the country to get there. Krisha was cast as Miss Furnival in “Black Comedy” at Pellissippi State from September 14 to 16, 2018....


SomeAntics EP # 74 - Need A Nudge

Krisha & Frank recap their night at the opera. They went to see Knoxville Opera’s production of Aida on May 4 and decided to go backstage before the show to get a selfie with Frank’s wife Jere, who was in the opera chorus. Frank introduced Krisha to several people backstage, in the audience, and at the after-party. Krisha thought Frank was truly in his element. At the after-party, Frank narrowly avoided a faux pas. They got into a conversation with another partygoer about remembering...


SomeAntics EP # 73 - It's Figs Frank

Krisha & Frank are on the podcast porch the morning after they each performed in separate improv shows. They recap their shows and talk about when it's okay to break rules in improv. Krisha is planning a trip to Charleston and Frank is planning a trip to the DC area. As usual, Frank's travel plans are fraught with complications as he tried to purchase an airline ticket. Krisha seems to know more about him than he does.


SomeAntics EP # 72 - Hot Milk Shop List

Krisha & Frank recorded some demo podcasts about a year before starting SomeAntics. This is the third of those three demos. They start by talking about podcast technology and then switch to discussing wearables including Apple Watches and Fitbits. Frank had recently received an Amazon Echo for Christmas and Krisha had not yet gotten one. Frank’s eldest grandson, who was 1½ and the time, was trying to learn to say “Alexa” in order to hear his favorite songs and add items to the shopping list....