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EP - 25 - Hip hop - Guest host - Mitchell Alvis

EP - 25 - Hip hop - Guest host - Mitchell Alvis by Hassan Chaudhry


EP 24 - UFC 220 - Guest host Joe Botelho

We talked about pimps, pain and privates. The three P's that everyone needs in their lives. We also talked about Joe's poem that he does on stage and it is a breakdown you dont wanna miss.


EP 24 - UFC 220 - Guest host Joe Botelho

Talked about so many topics in this podcast, but there were only 2 sentences dedicated to the UFC 220 event. We talked about Stalin, Nazis, my moms awesome cleaning. Why is Joe in love with Captain America. This was too long of a podcast to put into one episode and I dont have a guest yet for another episode so I will break this down into two parts.


EP 23 - Rockstar - Post Malone, 21 Savage - Guest host - Surprise

On this episode of song autopsy we have a very special guest. We broke down the song Rockstar by Post Malone. Man The guy cant get enough drugs in his system. If the pharmacy is not open holler at your boy Malone, the mailman will deliver the Xanax, Percocets right to you. Post Malone also said that he had 200 hoes in this song in a trailer. That has to be a very big trailer unless they are midget hoes, in which case I think a normal trailer will do.


EP 21 - REVIVAL ( ALBUM ) - Eminem - Guest host - Santa Clause

You won’t believe it, I had Santa Clause sub in for me as a guest host. I had to go Christmas shopping so Santa Clause took over the podcast. Santa is officially out of a job since today morning that’s why he took over. Santa told that he is an uber driver in the offseason and that biggest wish he gets from kids is that uncle Johny needs to stop poking them so much. Santa kept referring to be as a cock boy which got a little annoying and yes he does swear. This Episode the album by Eminem...


EP 20 - I'm not a racist - Joyner Lucas

I agree with the white guy alot more than the black guy. The white guys points were more true than the black guys. People liked 2pac because he didnt give a flip not because he was fighting for his life. That was the reason people of all cultures admired him. He definitly added things in there just to increase the length of the song, same way I would, if someone asked me to do 15 minutes and I only had 10 minutes of material, but I have atleast 15 minutes of material, gold material. I find...


EP 19 - ESPN 30 for 30 Ric Flair - Guest host - Wally Warwick

Alot of people loved the 30 for 30 Ric Flair episode. I hated it. The documentary made him look like an alcoholic who should already be dead, his daughter copied his character to the millimeter, and I was not emotionally involved in the episode whatsoever. My guest on the other hand Wally Dubya loved it. He is a genuine wrestling fan. Wally watched Ric Flair when he was in his prime but I jumped onto the wrestling wagon in the second wave when The rock and stone cold showed up. Follow him...


EP 17 - Rough Night - Guest host Hadi Jafri 2

This week we break down Rough Night. Boy was this movie awful. Every scene was predictable and it made woman look dumb as hell. No man ever went after a woman in a diaper. Im still in shock that the movie made $47 million dollars. My guest is the beauty Hadi Hussain Jafri. If you got accounting questions you can reach out to him but he probably wont answer them. Give it a listen, and we talk about stay at home dads. My guest thinks its cool to be a stay at home dad, yea good luck getting...


EP 15 - Mi Gente - J Balvin, Willy William - Guest host Noah Leibtag

Summary: Name of the song means My people. They make a lot of promises in the song which they never deliver. DJ’s lie, women lie, men lie, everyone lie. Topics we discussed : Road trips Sadness Tears / Crying Clubbing Music Festivals About Noah : Noah hosts a comedy show every month called snack time comedy. This month he has a fantastic show at comedy bar for Nov 21 at comedy bar. To follow Noah add him on Facebook


EP 14 - Perfect / Won't get fooled again - Ed Sheeran / The who - Guest host Glen Foster

Summary : Since Ed Sheeran only talks about heart breaks and cries like a little girl, Glen Foster preffered a song with a meaning thus he picked Won't get fooled again. Old school but it is still true in todays times. The lying government. Our mutual hate for Kathlyn Wynne was one of the topics we discussed. "She has the magic touch". "Whatever she touches, she turns it into shit". Glen saw Dave Chappele when he was only 18 back in New York and recalled two of his jokes. Glen is one of...


EP 13 - Freaks and geeks - Childish Gambino - Guest host Carrie Eklund

Summary : What I found out after listening to this song is Donald Grover can rap as well. There were about 15 pop culture references and we broke each one of them down to its core. Topics discussed : Dating, comedy, fitness, dads, hair About Carrie : Carrie has a personal training fitness service, check her out at


EP 12 - Burnin it down - Jason Aldean - Guest host Dimitri Goryenko

Summary : We had to know how terrible this guy was after the attacks, turns out he is not so bad. Although it sounds more R&B than country and the video has a bit of incest snippets, it it bearable. Topics that came up : Alex Jones, Illuminati, Social Welfare, incest, brothers, cowboy


EP 10 - Ricegum diss - Woahh Vicky - Guest Subhash Santosh (ACTOR)

Summary : She is probably the most famous person in her neighbourhood but she couldve gotten better actors. Song is the most racist thing I have heard in a while. Every Asian stereo type is mentioned in this song for Ricegum. Topics we discussed : Acting Dog food Cat food Black people Durags Snoop Dogg Sommer ray Checkout Subhash


EP 9 - The storm -Eminem - Guest host DONALD TRUMP

SUMMARY: Eminem swears like an immigrant that has learned a few curse words and throws them out anywhere. This attempt to coat tail off the presidents high riding fame in order to get his career back. As the Donald would put it "OH WHAT A SHAME IT TRULY IS" Topics discussed : Canada Marlago Ivanka trump Puerto Rico


EP7 - Hi Bich - Danielle Bregoli - Guest host - Lenny Corrado

SUMMARY : As much as I hate to say it, Danielle is transitionning into a rap career well. White girls trying to act like seems to be a trend right now. This song she had a different ghost writer than the song before this one. Topics Discussed : Yuk yuks Absolute Comedy shows Butcher Rabbit Lambs Goats Gps Penis size


EP 5 - Bole Chudiyan (Bollywood) - Guest host Jeff Estrella

Summary : Indian woman try to seduce guys with shaking their bangles and by shining their okra aka bindi. The guys fall for this trick and cannot breath without the woman. Amen Topics we discussed : Rape Porn Casting couch Comedy Jewelry Wigs Getting laid after comedy shows Mosque Jews Jokes


EP 4-Work-Fifth Harmony, Ty Dolla $ign - Guest host - Dan Brennan

Summary of the song : These woman want a man to get fired from work and then work from home. But Ty Dolla $ign, pimps them out to make money since he got fired. THE END. Guest host : Dan Brennan


EP 3 - Bodak Yellow - Cardi B with Guest Luke Obrien

A hood rat stripper that made it, is making money, i dont know the recipe for success but I have managed to hear this song somehow with my friend Luke Obrien. WE ARE BOTH ALIVE