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EP. 90 - Vote Or STFU

Tomorrow is Election Day, so for this week's episode we focus on why it is so important to vote. We get into why the powers that be try and stop our votes, the importance of voting for African Americans, Women & the LGBTQ community, what are the midterm elections and their importance, our views on politics in general, the major policies and laws that are being voted on & more. If you head to you will be able to locate the nearest places for you to vote in your area, the...


EP. 89 - A Lil' Cheating Won't Hurt

On this week's episode we discuss the positive aspects of cheating. We get into the pros of cheating, our thoughts on open relationships, polyandry & polyamory, whether we have ever cheated, would we ever cheat, our views on hall passes, threesomes & more... Hosted by Steven & Nieema Simone w/ Vixon John Executive Produced by Steven, Nieema Simone & Bianca Bey Engineered by Diego Demarco at Dubway Studios Email: Instagram: @SIpodcast @Mr.Thesier @Nieema_Simone @Vixonj...


EP. 88 - Be Careful With Me

This week, Nieema was out as we were joined by friend of the show, Erin of Vital Information Podcast. We get into this week's topic of frenemies, first we define friendship and frenemies, whether we have any, things we've learned from those relationships, can they be beneficial, how to deal with frenemies, initial warning signs, if we have ever been a frenemy, how people secretly enjoy the drama and much more. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page: Use the code: SI10 for...


EP. 87 - Karma is a Bish

Vixon is back in the studio this week as we discuss karma. We discuss what is karma, whether we believe in it, how does one bring good/bad karma to themselves, examples of karma we have seen, karma vs coincidence, whether bad people deserve good karma, whether karma should be fair, how we feel when karma doesn't come back around, whether good karma is worth waiting for and we round things off with the 12 Laws of Karma. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page: Use the...


EP. 86 - Antoine Was Here

Soooooo this week our friend Antoine joined us in studio and we were suppose to talk about bad habits... but what had happened was... Just press play Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page: Use the code: SI10 for 10% off your order at Scotch Porter Hosted by Steven & Nieema Simone w/ Vixon John Executive Produced by Steven, Nieema Simone & Bianca Bey Engineered by Anthony Careccia at Dubway Studios Email: Instagram:...


EP. 85 - Ghostbusters

"I ain't afraid of no ghost!" This week we talk about ghosting in today's society. We first define what ghosting is, whether it is really a bad thing, what makes people go ghost, when did it become a thing, why does it happen more with online dating, ghosting after the first date, ghosting via text message, behavioral clues, where ghosting stems from, have we ever ghosted or been ghosted and lastly reasons why people ghost. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page:


EP. 84 - Trash

Whether you've been here for episode one or episode eighty, you would know that we call everybody trash. So we figured why not really focus on the topic. So we get into whether people are really trash, what is the root cause behind it, the role social media plays, how the internet has skewed things, cyberbullying, the psyche of New Yorkers, who's worse between younger people & older people, have we lost our sense of humanity, how women still maintain a level of purity in comparison to men...


EP. 83 - Whole Lotta Gang Shit

YERRRR! We back! And when we say we, we talking Steven, Nieema, Bianca & Vixon were all in the studio for the first time ever. In this episode, we discuss Nieema's The Rebirth event, why she's been gone from the show so long, her road to recovery & how things have changed for her, we reintroduce ourselves and what we do on and outside the show, we look back on our two years of podcasting, what's to come and some shoutouts & words to our supporters. Make sure to subscribe to our YouTube page:...


EP. 82 - You Ain't Accustomed to Customs w/ Ms. Walker

This week we are joined in studio by 1/2 of @TheBlueprintLive & travel blogger, Ms. Devorah Walker. We discuss her first travel experience, how many places she been thus far, how many trips she goes on annually, how she goes about budgeting for trips, some travel do's & dont's, her favorite & least favorite places, most overrated & most accurately hyped, dopest thing & worst thing to happen to her, some of the racial embrace abroad, some tricks of the trade, how to make the most of your...


EP. 80 - Still I Rise w/ Cat Ducasse

Our thoughts & prayers are with our videographer & contributor, Vixon as he mourns the passing of his stepmother. Since the age of 9, Cat Ducasse has been diagnosed with lupus. Over the last 16 years she has not only learned to survive with the illness but live her life unapologetically. This week she comes to the studio to discuss what lupus is, her first signs when she was diagnosed, her current day to day battles, defining what a flare is, how she copes with the illness, ways to she...


EP. 79 - Oh You Fancy, Huh?! w/ BrooklynPetite

For this week's episode we are joined by fashion blogger & entrepreneur, Veronica aka Brooklyn Petite. We discuss her early fashion influences, when she started to take fashion seriously, how she describes her style, what made her start blogging, how she came about the name Brooklyn Petite, when she started to get some real traffic online, the misconceptions of being a blogger, being an Afro-Latina woman from the hood in the industry, the goals for her brand, some of the critique she gets,...


EP. 78 - Other Side Of The Pillow w/ KinkswithKeke

This week we were joined in studio by friend of the show & fellow podcaster @KinkswithKeke. We get into how she got into podcasting & her podcasting inspirations, how deals with having a sex related show while working in corporate America, balancing her sex life & work, how she has recently gotten more exposure, whether there is a true definition for freak, if anything in sex you can consider weird, how she discovered BDSM, looking back on her past sexual experiences, the pros & cons of...


EP. 77 - Turn My Mic Up

It feels so good to be back! We are finally back with a brand new episode after a month long break. Nieema is still on break but Steven & Vixon were back in studio & were joined by Erin from Vital Information Podcast. Steven gets into why he took a break from recording the show & then Erin helps out on this week topic on the dynamics of podcasting. We get into what inspired the show & how did it come about, the process it took to reach that point of being a full fledged show, how podcasting...


EP. 76 - Jeepers Creepers w/ Erin & AJ Of Vital Information

This week we are joined by the lovely ladies Erin & AJ of Vital Information. They give us a little background of who they are, how they started their podcast, coming up with the show's name & other shows they listen to. We then transition onto this week topic on men & their creepy behavior, we discuss when we started realizing men are creepy, whether you can tell a man is a creep off the rip or gradually, who's worse between younger & older men, why do we think society gives men a pass with...


EP. 75 - R-E-S-P-E-C-T Me w/ Mandii B of Whoreible Decisions Podcast

This week Steven does the show solo while Vixon & Nieema are out and is joined by Mandii B from Whoreible Decisions Podcast. The focus for this week is on the struggles black women face from black men & society. We jump into the success of Whoreible Decisions Podcast, recently being on Brilliant Idiots & signing to Loud Speakers Network, whether there was any reluctancy on starting the show, if any feedback truly affected her, what gives her the confidence to be a sexually liberated woman,...


EP. 74 - This Is Inappropriate

Nieema is taking a brief leave of absence as she balances between work and school, so this week we were joined in studio by friend of the show, Yaz. We discuss cultural appropriation, starting off by defining the term, how we personally feel about cultural appropriation, the difference between cultural appropriation vs being a product of your environment, some examples of cultural appropriation, whether the lines have become blurred in today's society, whether it is only seen a negative when...


EP. 73 - This Is Amerikkka

Nieema wasn't in this week so Vixon steps away from the camera to join Steven on the mic. For this week discuss growing up being a person of color and dealing with the current job market. We start off with our thought process pre/post college, the first realization of how the real world works, moments that may have discouraged us, the result of how the current job market is, the struggles that creatives face, whether the millennial struggle is valid, how to balance what you want vs what you...


EP. 72 - Peace Up, A - Town Down w/ Regine of The Naked Communion

On this week's episode we were joined by Regine of The Naked Communion podcast. Hailing from Atlanta, she gives us a little about who she is, what made her start podcasting, how she came up with the show's title & some podcasts she listens to. We then dig into the city of Atlanta, some of the pros & cons of the city, the biggest misconceptions about Atlanta, we address the big rumor about dating in Atlanta with the high population of homosexuals, how people from Atlanta view New York, how...


EP. 71 - Don't Call It A Comeback

Gang, Gang! The whole squad is back in the studio this week (we finally got Vixon a mic lol). This week we discuss Nieema's surgery that she has a couple weeks ago, we start off by discussing her current health, what made her opt for surgery, how severe was her health where surgery was the only option, the necessary actions she had to take leading up to the surgery, the details in the procedure itself, her recovery process & the methods she had to take, the major changes she has to take...


EP. 70 - Hollaback Youngin' w/ YSL

As you heard on last week's episode, Nieema had surgery & is back home recovering. So for this week we had friend of the show, Yasmean in studio to fill in for Nieema. She discusses her general thoughts on the younger generation, how younger people view the older generation, whether they care to listen from elder's advice, young women and their infatuation with women on social media, how young women deal with young men & if their behavior pushes them toward older men, why education is no...