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EP. 76 - Jeepers Creepers w/ Erin & AJ Of Vital Information

This week we are joined by the lovely ladies Erin & AJ of Vital Information. They give us a little background of who they are, how they started their podcast, coming up with the show's name & other shows they listen to. We then transition onto this week topic on men & their creepy behavior, we discuss when we started realizing men are creepy, whether you can tell a man is a creep off the rip or gradually, who's worse between younger & older men, why do we think society gives men a pass with...


EP. 75 - R-E-S-P-E-C-T Me w/ Mandii B of Whoreible Decisions Podcast

This week Steven does the show solo while Vixon & Nieema are out and is joined by Mandii B from Whoreible Decisions Podcast. The focus for this week is on the struggles black women face from black men & society. We jump into the success of Whoreible Decisions Podcast, recently being on Brilliant Idiots & signing to Loud Speakers Network, whether there was any reluctancy on starting the show, if any feedback truly affected her, what gives her the confidence to be a sexually liberated woman,...


EP. 74 - This Is Inappropriate

Nieema is taking a brief leave of absence as she balances between work and school, so this week we were joined in studio by friend of the show, Yaz. We discuss cultural appropriation, starting off by defining the term, how we personally feel about cultural appropriation, the difference between cultural appropriation vs being a product of your environment, some examples of cultural appropriation, whether the lines have become blurred in today's society, whether it is only seen a negative when...


EP. 73 - This Is Amerikkka

Nieema wasn't in this week so Vixon steps away from the camera to join Steven on the mic. For this week discuss growing up being a person of color and dealing with the current job market. We start off with our thought process pre/post college, the first realization of how the real world works, moments that may have discouraged us, the result of how the current job market is, the struggles that creatives face, whether the millennial struggle is valid, how to balance what you want vs what you...


EP. 72 - Peace Up, A - Town Down w/ Regine of The Naked Communion

On this week's episode we were joined by Regine of The Naked Communion podcast. Hailing from Atlanta, she gives us a little about who she is, what made her start podcasting, how she came up with the show's title & some podcasts she listens to. We then dig into the city of Atlanta, some of the pros & cons of the city, the biggest misconceptions about Atlanta, we address the big rumor about dating in Atlanta with the high population of homosexuals, how people from Atlanta view New York, how...


EP. 71 - Don't Call It A Comeback

Gang, Gang! The whole squad is back in the studio this week (we finally got Vixon a mic lol). This week we discuss Nieema's surgery that she has a couple weeks ago, we start off by discussing her current health, what made her opt for surgery, how severe was her health where surgery was the only option, the necessary actions she had to take leading up to the surgery, the details in the procedure itself, her recovery process & the methods she had to take, the major changes she has to take...


EP. 70 - Hollaback Youngin' w/ YSL

As you heard on last week's episode, Nieema had surgery & is back home recovering. So for this week we had friend of the show, Yasmean in studio to fill in for Nieema. She discusses her general thoughts on the younger generation, how younger people view the older generation, whether they care to listen from elder's advice, young women and their infatuation with women on social media, how young women deal with young men & if their behavior pushes them toward older men, why education is no...


EP. 69 - Whats The 411? w/ Dani & TJ Of Lovers Quarrel Podcast

For this week's episode we were joined in studio by Dani & TJ of Lovers' Quarrel Podcast. They give us some insight on who they are & what they do professionally, what made them start a podcast & what other podcasts they listen to, some of the positives of recording a podcast together, their recent appearances at Brilliant Idiots & Whoreible Decisions live podcasts, what made them move to Maryland & how they adjusted, whether today's society makes them appreciate their union more, whether...


EP. 68 - Should Of Been Episode 69

S-E-X is the focus for this week, we were joined by friend of the show Sydney aka Trixxie J, a blogger and sexpert. We give our thoughts on sex in today's society, when she became comfortable with her sexuality, when she realized she wanted to explore sex from an educational perspective, we try to find a true definition for a freak, whether women care sexting, how men can avoid talking themselves out of potential sex, why men don't pay attention to the details, how important health/hygiene...



The gang is back as Nieema & Vixon were back in the studio this week. Last year we did two episodes on growing in NYC, the culture, music, food, slang etc. For this week's episode go full circle as we discuss the cons of NYC, the cost of living, job & housing market, New Yorkers, the youth in the city, MTA/public transit, lack of cleanliness, dumb NYC rules & laws, music scene, gentrification & thanks to some fellow podcasters we listed some of the pros & cons in their cities. We are...


EP. 66 - Ni--a Logic

Nieema couldn't make it in this week, so we are joined by friend of the show, Yaz (@notoriousyaz). Last summer Yaz joined us for one episode and received a lot positive feedback on her appearance. So for this week we focus on men & their logic. Ladies, have you ever dealt with a guy that said or did something that made absolutely no sense but to him it was completely rational, well this episode is for y'all. We attempt pinpoint why this behavior is accepted, how it started, the first time...


EP. 64 - Cater 2 You

On this week's episode we focus being submissive woman in a relationship. We answer what it means for a woman to be submissive in a relationship, why is it hard for women to be submissive, when it became normal for women to sustain a family alone, why some successful women chose to date down, why "aggressive" women usually are single, how some women often attract toxic relationships, if there is such a thing as penis envy & lastly we give some tips on how to become comfortable with being...


EP. 63 - So Close, Yet So Far

We apologize in advance for the shorten episode, the trash MTA ruined our commute. This week, we get our videographer Vixon to join us on the mic as we focus on long distance relationships with him being in one. We tackle what a true long distance relationship is, how New Yorkers may be confused with distance in a relationship in the city, we discuss 9 key ways to make a long distance relationship work & lastly if they are fools gold. Press play and enjoy the episode, feel free to comment...


Ep. 62 - Parental Advisory

Have you ever looked back at your childhood and certain things your parents did and now as an adult you look at it like that was pretty messed up? Well on this week's episode we focus on 13 things in black families that were a part of growing up but really should not have been allowed. Ranging from being responsible for paying bills when you get your first job to the negligence families portray when it comes to sexual assault and shaming daughters, this is definitely an episode many of you...


Ep. 61 - We Ain't On The Same Page

For this week's episode we focus on the disconnects between men & women and the disparity between the two sexes. We try to pinpoint why there is a disconnect, if one sex is being more irrational in comparison to the other, we go through a few common disconnects like splitting rent, paying for dates, etc., why communication is so difficult, men not holding other men accountable, the role reverse between men & women, what we would do if we were the opposite sex & much more. Be sure to tune...


Ep. 60 - First Date Etiquette

Back from a week off given Steven was dealing with the flu, we give you a brand new episode focused on first date etiquette. Throughout social media, men & women alike complain about dating etiquette (particularly women) & how men can ruin a date in mere minutes. So we sit down and try to give the fellas some tips on how to properly execute the first date. Hosted by Steven & Nieema Simone Executive Produced by Steven, Nieema Simone & Bianca Bey Engineered by Matt Peters at Gotham Podcast...


EP. 59 - Family Feud

The focus on this week's episode on how someone's upbringing and home environment affect how they partake in relationships as an adult. We discuss our viewpoints on our upbringing, our parents' parenting style, how our parents' relationship affect our dating lives, if they had an impact on the partners we choose, if there's any correlation between our patents and the people we date, mommy/daddy issues, behavioral patterns & much more... Hosted by Steven & Nieema Simone Executive Produced...


Ep. 58 - Ignant Shit

Happy New Year!!! Here is our first episode of 2018. We decided to get away from a topic based episode this week & pulled various questions from popular social media accounts and give our take on them. If you want hear some rational and irrational commentary just press play. Hosted by Steven & Nieema Simone Executive Produced by Steven, Nieema Simone & Bianca Bey Engineered by Andy Desai "Sophisticated Ignorance (Intro/Outro)" by @Crillum Email: Instagram:...


Ep. 57 - Young, Black & Fabulous w/ Unfinished Business Podcast

For our final episode of 2017, we are joined by LaJonel, Shari & Victoria; 3/5 of @UnfinishedBusinessPodcast. The ladies help us discuss the perspective of college educated, career driven black women. We ask them to describe the black woman to someone who is not black, what made them start their podcast, how their college experience shaped them individually, the misconceptions of a college educated, career driven woman, the disconnect between men and college educated women, the battle...


Ep. 56 - No Laughing Matter w/ Brandon & Dee J of 2 & A Bottle Podcast

This week we are joined by Brandon & Dee J of @2AndaBottle Podcast, the fellow Brooklynites give us a little bit about themselves, what made them start podcasting and the name of their show. But the focus this week is the social justice world we live in today. We comment on whether society has gotten too sensitive, if there is a line that shouldn't be crossed, have we ever been too lenient with a bad joke, whether Dave Chappelle might hold back on his upcoming special, whether we look at...