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Radio guy - Sparks - challenges stand-up comedian - Michael Joyce - to take on the weeks latest news stories and more! Full of ongoing jokes, lowbrow humor, and a heavy dose of self-deprecation, this show goes down easier than a (insert good analogy)! png Podcast(1).p

Radio guy - Sparks - challenges stand-up comedian - Michael Joyce - to take on the weeks latest news stories and more! Full of ongoing jokes, lowbrow humor, and a heavy dose of self-deprecation, this show goes down easier than a (insert good analogy)! png Podcast(1).p
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Radio guy - Sparks - challenges stand-up comedian - Michael Joyce - to take on the weeks latest news stories and more! Full of ongoing jokes, lowbrow humor, and a heavy dose of self-deprecation, this show goes down easier than a (insert good analogy)! png Podcast(1).p






Ramon Rivas II : Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 155

This podcast happened because Ramon responded to some random dude on twitter. I woke up after my nap and saw that he hit me back saying that he needed a ride from the airport, but he’d be down to cut an episode! LIKE THE GOD DAMN A-TEAM – I love it when a plan comes […]


Doug Marsh : Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 154

You may know him as Dug Dugless or Just Dug, but soon you’ll know him as Clark County Commissioner of District G – DOUG MARSH! Yeah, good ol’ Doug is running for Clark County Commissioner and he needs your vote. Will you vote for him? Not sure? Well, sit down and listen to what he […]


Des Bishop : Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 153

Des Bishop is the definition of a worldly man. He’s got a fascinating backstory that’ll keep you as interested as much as laughing. Funny ass dude with a global viewpoint. You’re going to love Des Bishop on episode 153 of the Sparks Radio Podcast! Be sure to catch him at the Comedy Cellar Las Vegas […]


Chris DiStefano, Matthew Broussard, Sean Donnelly : Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 152

Cant wait for you to hear this episode Graig and I did w/ Chris DiStefano, Matthew Broussard, and Sean Donnelly inside the wonderful Comedy Cellar Las Vegas! So many questions after recording this one: is there a god, are we living in a simulation, are the Counting Crows balding? Be sure to hit them up and […]


John Caparulo : Sparks Radio Ep 150

John Caparulo was a blast to have on the show! The man is quick and snarky, yet has an American man presence that could sell you a glass of whole milk. I’m not sure what that means, but it’ll make sense once you listen to episode 150! We go into fatherhood, being attacked on stage, […]


Tom Green : Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 149

Tom Green lives up to the “NICEST PEOPLE ON EARTH” stereotype of Canadians, plus it also helps that he’s hilarious to really set this episode off! Tom’s got a new Las Vegas residency as part of The Comedy Line up over at Harrah’s Hotel and Casino, so go check him out every Sunday and Monday. […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 148: Steve Byrne in the Comedy Cellar Las Vegas

This is the worst pic of Graig and I (Sparks) of all time. Thank god Steve Byrne (the normal looking human in the middle) was amazing on this episode and a total professional. Just think, he had to look at my jellyfish like face for an hour! We talk: if Netflix’s hurting comedy, Steve’s new […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 147: Mo Amer, Mark Cohen, and BIG ANNOUNCEMENT

We’ve got a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT this episode and some amazing guests! We’re inside the Comedy Cellar Las Vegas and talking with Mo Amer (Crashing on HBO) and Mark Cohen (Make me Laugh)! Big thanks to these guys for being on with us and to the Comedy Cellar Vegas for letting us get in the way […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 145 f/ Neel Nanda: Died Doing What He Loved

LA Stand Up comedian Neel Nanda is on the show today! He was just on Jimmy Kimmel Live and now he’s onto bigger/better things like doing a NEWS GAME SHOW Podcast with some guy he met over twitter! Neel’s scoring points today while we’re talking: Flat Earth theories make sense? Does your privacy matter? Are […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 144 f/ Nathan Hart: The World Has Scary Dicks

Portland Stand Up NATHAN HART is on the show today!! Can you hallucinate sounds? Is there a way to find out if your child will be a murderer? Are you a man with a 40% higher risk of cancer in your pants? Find out all these answers in episode 144 of the Sparks Radio Podcast!! […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 143 f/ Max Barth: Body Positivity and Super Berries

Bloody Hour at the BAR?! Woman denied something on flight?! Future robot ran Mega Cities by 2030?!?! OH YEAH! Plus, Philly based comedian, Max Barth is scoring points whilst talking about Facebook rights after you die!!! Check out his website here and be sure to apologize to him for no reason on Twitter! Show Notes: […]


All Ears With Nomi & Sparks: Episode 188K The Return

The last two weeks have been cold and quiet, but that has all changed with the return of All Ears with Nomi & Sparks! Nomi is back from her honeymoon and Sparks is back from doing absolutely nothing. Listen and subscribe as they cover the latest in what’s trending this week that everyone missed. […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 142 f/ Chris Thayer: Hostile Rigged Nightmare And Chris

Want to know how to fix world hunger? Chris Thayer has an idea. Want to know how to end racism? Chris Thayer has an idea! Want to know the percentage of US men infected with HPV? “Coincidentally” enough, Chris Thayer knows the exact amount. It’s all inside episode 142 of the Sparks Radio Podcast featuring […]


Episode 141: RANT ON VEGAS SHOOTING: Don’t Politicize It?

Don’t politicize it? Huh? Here’s my reaction to the Vegas shooting plus here’s the link to donate to the Victims Fund. Just think, every time you see a pic of a girl’s selfie…she took at least 46 pics before that one. — Sparks (@SparksRadio) September 21, 2017


West and Sparks TIMED Podcast Ep 156: Foot Racists

We’re talking about the NEWS THAT MATTERS: 14 year old’s getting arrested, lizards in your ear, and the latest HOLY COW!!! Big thanks to all the people buying shirts, hats, hoodies, tanks…over in the Shop! If you haven’t checked it out yet, please do! The money goes back into the site, so thanks for […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 138 – SOLO RANT

Granola Bars, Nazis, and the Michelin Man. These are the thoughts of an uncomfortable man. Listen NOW!!! Worst Luau Ever #Charlottesville — Sparks (@SparksRadio) August 12, 2017 Thanks To the Sponsors:


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 137 f/ Cagesiders’ Jeremy Long: Fish Folk Lightning Home Depot

Jeremy Long is on the show today! He’s one of the hosts of the UFC/MMA/Boxing podcast and TV show – Cagesiders – ANNNNNNNNNDDDDDDD he’s a funny ass dude! He’s being thrown into a different kind of ring today! One that’s based on scoring points for knowing the NEWS and cracking jokes! We’re talking: Pimp C […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 136 LIVE! f/ Graig Salerno: Moonshine Had A F*cking Stroke

Sparks Radio Podcast was Live from Time-Out Sports Bar and Grill in Las Vegas! Comedian Graig Salerno (famous host of the “We Are Not Athletes” podcast) was bringing the comedy. Plus, Brandon “Gooch” Hahn (the other famous host of the “We Are Not Athletes” podcast) made a couple of hilarious cameos! We’re talking: hand transplants, […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep 135 f/ Nathan Hart: Call Your Family With Gasoline

Nathan Hart is on the show today! He’s a Portland comic that is the only person I’ve ever heard create – in real time – multiple choice questions about his life. He’s also DAMN good at this show!!! We’re talking: Worst suicide by cop, pros/cons of texting, and is the Michelin Man a white guy? […]


Sparks Radio Podcast Ep134: When Do You Become A Naked Locker Room Guy? (Rant)

What age do you start being comfortable being naked around other older men? Sparks rants about the locker room, why hating yourself is good for you, and fireworks. Have a great 4th of July! Don’t worry, we’re going to get back to our normal show shortly. I’m currently booking comedians for upcoming shows! Please review […]