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Podcast by Tim Muriello






Tim Muriello Rap Single Caffeine Addict Promo Sample

Tim Muriello, popular YouTube personality, brings his style of "grunge rap" to the Rap/ Hip Hop game. Featuring a wide range of vocals with vocal sounds like Fred Durst, Insane Clown Posse, and a hint of Jonathan Davis from Korn; laid on top of hard hitting, low bass rap with smart break beats and creative sound. Lyrics are witty, creative, and timely. Tim Muriello's new rap album ‘Dark Times’ brings an ever so slightly darker sound to the rap game that encompasses some real talk issues such...


Scott Toilet Paper & Kidney Stones from Too Much Caffeine

In the funny podcast I go over a couple crazy stories! One is about Scott Toilet being so cheap and causing an itchy butthole, next I talk about how I was drinking so much caffeine I caused a kidney stone!


Dying for Bodybuilding & My Close Call

The amount of drugs even just amateur bodybuilders are on is at an all time high. Uncanny amounts. A lot of recent deaths and sadly, I am sure there are more to come. I get right into this and also tell me story about my very own close call with a potential bad situation while prepping for a bodybuilding show.


This is the Worst Time To Start A Supplement Company!

If you are thinking about starting a supplement company this is a MUST LISTEN to. I have owned Spazmatic Supplements for 2.5 years and I can assure you - this is one to listen to.


Current Events | Burger King Sucks | Trippin on Acid | with Rock and Roll Kevin

Tim Muriello and Rock 'n' Roll Kevin talk about... well alot of crap! the new 25 cups of coffee study, boxing, driving while you are trippin, etc. The mic quality will be fixed for the next podcast- you"ll see. LOL


BEWARE of the Estrogen Epidemic - Crazy Findings

This is freaking wild and will blow you mind! I made a video on this awhile back but since then research is finding this more of a crazy widespread occurrence that is affecting humans and animals! This is a must listen to! Please subscribe. Follow me on IG: @timmuriello


So You Want to Date a Bodybuilder? Comedy

So she thinks she can handle your bodybuilding lifestyle? Listen and laugh as I take you through all the things about your bodybuilding lifestyle that are sure to test her love for you!


12 of My Greatest Challenges Owning a Supplement Company

It is not been easy and still isn't. We have had out successes with Spazmatic Supplements, but it has comes with a great price and many tears. I am as candid as it gets int his podcast about my 12 greatest challenges owning a supplement company.


So You Want To Be A Bodybuilder - Comedy

Yes this is hilarious but so true. I go over like 10 bullet points on why you may not want to be a bodybuilder. You will try it anyway, but listen and don't be a tool bag.