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Ep 18 — Snitches get Stitches

We’re back after taking a week off for leisure purposes. On this week’s episode we’ve got tales of underage drinking gone awry, Jace reaches out to Liam’s mum to try and dig up an embarrassing story on him, and we try our best to tackle the hot topic of Hannah Mouncey joining the AFL Women's league (because who better to talk about the trans experience than two straight, white males?) Make sure to hit “subscribe” and leave us a review on the Apple Podcasts app. Follow us! Instagram:...


Ep 17 — Gideon Haigh

This week’s guest is longtime journalist and author, Gideon Haigh. We chat about his new true crime book, “A Scandal in Bohemia,” which depicts the life and unsolved murder of Mollie Dean. Also on this week’s episode: Liam’s second child (and first son) is born, a terrible mixup at the tattoo parlor, and Jace brings us another “Do You Remember” segment. Don’t forget to hit “subscribe” and leave us a review on the Apple Podcasts app. For more on Gideon Haigh and his new book, visit:...


Ep 16 — Mother's Day Special

It’s a Spinning Yarns Mother’s Day extravaganza! Our guest this week is the wonderful Lee-Anne Schonian, author of the new book, “Single, Young and More Than a Mum.” We also hear from our own mums about what it’s like to raise two strapping lads such as ourselves. Don’t forget to hit “subscribe” and leave us a rating on the Apple Podcasts app (or wherever you found this podcast!) New episodes out each week.


Ep 15 — David the Robot

We're back with a brand new episode of Spinning Yarns! (Did you miss us?) Our guest this week is legendary Perth doodler, David Marie (aka David the Robot). Liam tells us about his recent run-in with a glory thief, and Jace finally kicks a goal in his D-grade amateur soccer league. Don't forget to hit "subscribe" and leave us a review on the Apple Podcasts app. More on David the Robot: Instagram: @davidtherobot Shop: www.davidtherobot.bigcartel.com


Ep 14 — Andrew Hutchinson

Our guest this week is Aussie author and all-round bloody legend, Andrew Hutchinson. We chat about his approach to writing and the story behind his brand new novel, One. Don’t forget to hit “subscribe” and leave us a review!


Ep 13 — Crooked Colours

This week's special guest is Phil Slabber, the frontman of Perth electronic outfit, Crooked Colours. We chat about the band's recent US tour, performing "Like A Version" on triple j, and Phil's hidden past as a rollerblading prodigy. We also take a look at the news, discuss #cricketgate2018, and finally decide just what to do with this glorious pair of Mike Whitney branded sunglasses. Don't forget to hit "Subscribe" and give us a rating in the iTunes Store! Also, be sure to visit...


Ep 12 — The Boat People

We’re back with another episode of Spinning Yarns! This week we chat with one of our listeners who recently sailed from Sydney to San Diego to be with his American sweet heart. We’ve got another great “Do You Remember” segment, Jace recalls an awkward moment during his amateur soccer league match this week, and Liam unboxes his package from MW Selection to find out which one of us is the proud new owner of a pair of Mike Whitney branded sunglasses. Don’t forget to hit “subscribe” and leave...


Ep 11 — Macka B, "Cucumba"

This week’s special guest is reggae artist and viral internet sensation, Macka B. We chat about his upcoming Health is Wealth World Tour, being vegan and dealing with internet stardom. In the news: Gun enthusiasts are taking their video content to a new platform after YouTube announced new policies restricting gun-related content. We’ve also got a beer of the week update from Dave Allen, a cholesterol-packed “Do You Remember” segment, and an update on our pursuit to purchase a pair of Mike...


Ep 10 — Taylor Thompson, Mike Whitney

We made it to 10 episodes of Spinning Yarns! Our special guest this week is Taylor Thompson, co-founder of the Portland based company, Taylor Smith Sustainable Construction. We chat about the rise of smaller homes and sustainable living, and why American building sites need to adopt the beloved Australian “Smoko.” We also have a cracker “Do You Remember” segment from when Liam and Jace first met. Oh, and did we mention we have a HUGE Mike Whitney announcement this week!? Seriously. Big...


Ep 9 — Good Doogs

We decided to go back to basics this week (after last week's traumatising "anatomy" piercing episode). We've got news updates, a special International Women's Day edition of "Do You Remember?" a mysterious Mike Whitney update and a beer review from our mate Dave Allen. Our guest this week is Michael Grainger, drummer and manager of the Mandurah band, Good Doogs. In the news: The White House announced that Donald Trump has agreed to a face-t0-face meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong...


Ep 8 — No Pain, No Gain (With special guest Kayne Buik)

This week's special guest is former Bachelorette contestant Kayne Buik. In an epic world podcasting first, Kayne gets his penis pierced live on air as part of a video for his YouTube channel, "Kayne Buik Vlogs" — and the painful audio speaks for itself. We also have a long overdue conversation about gun control in America and Australia. As a legal gun owner, Liam explains the rigorous gun purchasing process in Australia, while Jace explains what it's like to be the token Aussie in the room...


Ep 7 — Ten Chambers of Hell

Ok, fair warning, this episode is a weird one. It feels like a full moon, or a weird Halloween special, because we get into some weird, spooky s*** this week. With Liam on holiday in Malaysia, recording from his hotel room in Kuala Lumpur, we chat about the joys of international travel, and Liam exposes the deepest, darkest secrets of a seemingly peaceful religion. We also have a Mike Whitney update, a shocking “Do You Remember” segment, and a look back at Australia’s beloved Quentin....


Episode 6 — The Money War

This week’s special guest is Carmen Pepper from WA band “The Money War.” We chat with Carmen about her upcoming SXSW shows, having one of the most played songs on triple j in 2017, and what it was like supporting Neil and Liam Finn. We also have an update regarding the American professor/Australia Denier from last week’s episode. Plus “Do You Remember,” “Beer of the Week,” and an update on our quest to capture the elusive Mike Whitney, former host of Australian TV classics “Who Dares Wins”...


Episode 5 — Blades of Glory

Another jam-packed episode of Spinning Yarns! We talk about the little-known problem overtaking American universities: Australia Denialism. Also, where the bloody hell is our Dundee movie!? Danny McBride's "Crocodile Dundee" remake turns out to be nothing more than another Tourism Australia commercial. We have a very special Winter Olympics edition of "Do You Remember?", Dave Allen gives us his tip for "Beer of the Week," and of course no episode of Spinning Yarns is complete without a...


Episode 4 — Problem: Number Two

This week we seriously step up our news game by bringing on a real life American news journalist to answer all of our questions about Donald Trump and give us an insight into the scandalous world of local news journalism. Once again we have a Mike Whitney update for you guys (Spoiler: He now has a collection of incredibly stylish sunglasses called the “MW Selection”) We also have Dave Allen from Forward Hops on to give us his choice for Beer of the Week. Be prepared for what is quite...


Episode 3 — The Purge

Government Shutdowns! Beer Wars! Underage drinking! Oh, and how can we forget about Aussie icon Mike Whitney? On this week's episode, we ask the tough questions. Why is Donald Trump less vocal about last week's government shut down than he was in 2013? Can one woman really walk around the entire planet? And where in the world is Mike Whitney? Check out episode three of Spinning Yarns and don't forget to hit "subscribe." And if you like the show, give us a 5-star review. If you don't like...


Episode 2 — Tim Ayre

This week’s special guest is Australian music artist Tim Ayre (Tim & Jean, The Lazy Calm). We chat to Tim about what it was like playing with Tim & Jean, being thrust into the limelight after being discovered by triple j, and hear about his latest musical ventures as a solo artist. We also discuss some of our favourite Australian on-air TV mishaps, chat about the “Hawaiian Missile Crisis” after residents of Hawaii were sent a false alarm warning of an inbound missile threat, and have a...


Episode 1 — Welcome to the show!

On the very first episode of Spinning Yarns, Jace and Liam discuss the differences between American and Australian drinking culture, Donald Trump's controversial "s***hole countries" comment (and try to determine where Australia falls on the good-s*** scale), and why humans just inherently downright love physical violence. Have a listen and don't forget to subscribe, rate and review!