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Hey! Join Deedar, Tucker, & Garth every week as we spin yarns about the happenings in our trailer park and around the world. We do live improv here in New Orleans when they let us...Just give our podcast 3-5 minutes and if you dont like it we will come cut your grass no questions asked. Ya know? Also have you seen my G.D. truck keys anywhere?

Hey! Join Deedar, Tucker, & Garth every week as we spin yarns about the happenings in our trailer park and around the world. We do live improv here in New Orleans when they let us...Just give our podcast 3-5 minutes and if you dont like it we will come cut your grass no questions asked. Ya know? Also have you seen my G.D. truck keys anywhere?
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Hey! Join Deedar, Tucker, & Garth every week as we spin yarns about the happenings in our trailer park and around the world. We do live improv here in New Orleans when they let us...Just give our podcast 3-5 minutes and if you dont like it we will come cut your grass no questions asked. Ya know? Also have you seen my G.D. truck keys anywhere?






Hey. Its The Last Catfish Show. Ya know...?

Happy New Years, Whiskerheads. The CATFISH boy's sure hope you have one hell of a 2019. This here Gentleman's war was recorded on NYE and well...It didnt go a lot like we planned. On a serious note this is our last podcast guys. I have some issues that I need to work on and unfortunately it cost us the show. It's 100% on Deedar and he sure as hell sorry. Weve enjoyed watching this little audience grow and appreciated yalls support so much over the last year. Im sorry we never made it to...


Hey! It's The Christmas Chaos Live Show! Ya Know?!

Hey Whiskerheads! Hope Yall are enjoying your holidays! Last weekend the CATFISH COMEDY boys through a little Christmas Chaos Party live from Banks St Bar in NOLA. We had such a good time we even messed up the damn recording. We recorded everything but our mics on stage because we was so damn hammered we couldnt figure out buttons and electronics. We appologize but thought despite it's rough in nature sound that you'd still enjoy the party. It's listenable so dont be big damn babies about...


Hey! It's The Christmas Chaos Pre-Fight Weigh-In! Ya know it!?

Well, Whiskerheads....It's come to this we have both Marty and Willy in the studio and we held it together just long enough to get these titans on the scale. Willy had been living in the crawl space for the last few days so technically he was here already, and Marty has been making his presence felt all over town since stepping off the bus last week. We held it together the best we could, and all though they didnt attack each other that much they were VERY ABUSIVE to Tucker and Garth who...


Hey! Christmas Marty Has Arrived & He's Ready to Rumble! Ya Know?!

Hey! Guess who just showed up at our front door after a four day bus journey through America's butt-crack?! Christmas Marty has arrived for the fight! He's here and he brought a whole bunch of crazy shit with him for the Christmas Chaos fight next week. Deedar and Marty sit down and talk battle strategies, Marty's recent fascination with nun-chucks, and what could be a potentially health shattering addiction for anabolic steroids. Along the way we manage to talk a little bit about the...


Hey! It's the Christmas Chaos Fight Companion w/Danny Flecker! Ya Know?!

Hey Ya'll! Today is a very special episode of Spit It Out, Asshole! It's our special "Fight Companion" to the upcoming bout between show favorites, Christmas Marty and Willy the Pestman. Deedar sit's down with disgraced former NOLA Zephyr's announcer Danny Flecker and they recount the events leading to the Christmas Chaos Fight scheduled for New Years Eve. It's a real "tale of the duct-tape" scenario. Ya Know? Live show at Bank's St Bar in NOLA DEC 22nd Saturday...


Hey! Mall Santas, Kurt Russell, & Fat Cowboys! Ya know?!

Happy Hollidays Whiskerheads! We're down a man this week because GARTH decided to bail on us to go to some damn Santa-convention in Cleveland, OH! He's out there partying chugging spiked nog at the moment, but we expect a full detailed account when he is back in the studio. In the meantime Tucker & Deedar sit down and talk all things Santa! We get into weird mall Santas, St Nick's hourly rates, living the "Santa" gimmick, and Kurt Russell perhaps playing the best Santa on film since Tim...


Ho Ho Ho! We're Home Alone! Ya Snow It?

Happy Holidays, Whiskerheads! The other night we got together, got hammered, and tried to do a "watch-a-long" of the movie Home Alone starring Macaulay Culkin for our fans. Welp, turns out right in the middle of recordin' this sumbitch we had a "Home Alone" incident of our own! We was higher than telephone wire sneakers and all the sudden someone was up on the roof, hollering and stompin around and shit, and IT WAS NOT SANTA...You have to hear this one to believe it. Long story short, dont...


Hey! We're Talkin' bout Trailer-Trash Holiday Cold Remedies...Ya Know?

Bundle up with us inside, Whiskerheads! It's cold one second and hot the next one around New Orleans and that means were all getting sick. This week Ol' Tucky is under the weather so the boys put their noggins together and try and help with some down home trailer trash illness remedies. Rate/Subscribe/Put us in your stocking, hung with care. www.catfishcomedy.com for more stuff and craps. Thanks for listening, reviewing, and writing in! We have some fun Holiday episodes coming down to...


Hey! Willy's Christmas Wish is to Murder Christmas Marty! Ya know?!

The CATFISH COMEDY boys are back in the studio with Willy as he comes over to address the Christmas Marty podcast released last Tuesday when Marty posted his own podcast on our channel after stealing the password from Garth in a phishing e-mail. Needless to say, Willy is PISSED, and he's ready to do what he does best. Kill vermin. Truth be told, he looked real bad. He's has been living in the woods since almost burning our trailer down a few weeks back on Thanksgiving day. We dont really...


Hey! It's A Turkmas Miracle Live from Banks St Bar! Ya know it?!

They boy's are back on stage at their favorite swill hole, Banks St Bar right here in New Orleans! This show was our "Turkmas Celebration" and we celebrated by brining ourselves like fat turkeys before getting on stage and grabbing our microphones. What happened afterwords is a haze of rum, meat and cheese party trays, the last wine cooler left on the planet, some terrible standup, and a surprise country music performance by Tucker's newly discovered twin brother Trucker. Shit got crazy...


Hey! Christmas Marty's Holiday Wish Lists! Ya Know?!

Hey! Ol' Christmas Marty (Garth's Cousin) decided to help us kick off the Christmas season with a special reading of, "Christmas Marty's Wish Lists" Marty has some very special friends who've sent in their holiday wish list for Marty to analyze and or give substitutions to. He also takes a few special minutes at the end of the podcast to discuss the upcoming fight between himself and Willy the Pestman coming up on New Years Eve that will be aired right here on the podcast! But for now,...


Hey! It's Black Friday w/ 2 Adult Women! Ya know it!?

Black Friday is upon us and Tucker drug his wife and Deedar's sister out for a morning of margaritas and shopping so he could get first dibs on a pair of adult Heelys. They show back up to the house TRASHED so we fired up the mics and captured the moment, and in the process we may have birthed a new podcast called, 2 Adult Women featuring Nancy(Tuck's Wife) and Courtney Lee (Deedar's Sister)! Along the way we find out some secrets about Tuck and Deedar, we talk about using the bathroom in...


Hey! Willy Cooks Our Thanksgiving Turkey! Ya Know!?

Hey Whiskerheads! Happy Thanksgiving from the Catfish Comedy Boys! On this episode the boys find Willy after he sends them a message and GPS cords to some random spot out in the woods about 6 miles from our place. He was out there on a hunt, and wanted us to join him for the "kill". What happened to that turkey and the inside of my car on the way home can't be described in text. Back at the homefront Willy shows us how to prepare and cook our Thanksgiving turkey. It goes about as good as...


Hey! Turkeys, Yolked Kangaroos, and Ted Nugent! Ya Know?!

The Catfish Boy's are back and ready to party with all you turkey loving sumbitches on this chilly Fall Friday! Damn it's cold out there in the trailer-parks of Nola, and were all huddled up inside our shed drinking, smoking, and talking about turkeys, and how their head begs for you to murder them. We also discuss this jacked ass kangaroo we found a picture of online, holiday family traditions, and the upcoming "Christmas Season's Grappling" between Christmas Marty and Willy the Pestman...


Hey! Willy's Cooking Thanksgiving Sides! Ya Know?!

Whiskerheads! It's time for Willy to start making some damn groceries ahead of this year's annual "Catfish Turkmas Feast" This started off good with butter, and lots of it, but quickly went off rails after that. Turns out Ol' Willy might be a bugman to the stars, but when it comes to cooking food, he may give us SARS. Ya know? Join us and "Chef Willy" as he prepares sides for this first part of a two part series called "Willy Cooks Thanksgiving!" Hope everyone is enjoying your damn...


Hey! Bad Roomates, Oyster Fried Chicken, & Birthday Wishes from Blade!

The Boy's of Friday fried food fascination are back, babeeeeey! On today's episode we talk about how were getting agravated with our holiday house-guest Willy the Pest-man,ALREADY. We also share some of our other bad roommate stories, created a new amazing food sensation, and discussed how for a small sum of money Blade(Wesley Snipes) will record you a non-personal or branded greeting, just for you, in the character of Blade the Daywalker. Happy Holidays yall! Start pokin holes in your belt...


Hey! We're Road Tripping! Ya Know?!

On this episode the CATFISH boy's are in the car and on the road back from the Devil's Crossroads in Clarksdale, MS. We decided to break the gear out in the car and record you guys a podcast on the way home. We also pick up Willy the Pest Man on the way back home who will be staying at the Catfish Manor to help us prepare for Thanksgiving in a few weeks. RATE/REVIEW/TELL A HITCH-HIKER www.catfishcomedy.com


Hey! Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Sad Furbies! Ya know?!

Hey the CATFISH boys are back with a plain ol normal episode this week. Back to our roots! We get to talking about November, and Thanksgiving more importantly. We discuss our favorite things about the holidays, black friday, and our dream Thanksgiving dinner guest. We exclusively drank out of gravy-boats for this episode as well. RATE/REVIEW/SUBSCRIBE Ya know!?


Hey! It's Two Identical Tuckers!? Ya Know It?!

Holy Sh*t! Yall, Garth seen that new documentary 3 Identical Strangers and he aint quit yapping about it all week...So this morning he came busting in the house all hopped on on pour-over coffee. Something else he wont SHUT UP ABOUT. So he says he's found Tucker's dopple-ganger, and he believes they look so much alike that it's like that documentary. And he thinks this guy is Tucker's long lost brother. So much so that he brought him to the house! What follows, can only be described as a...


Hey! It's The Haunting of Catfish House... Ya know....?

Happy Halloween, Whiskerheads! The Catfish Boy's keep the spooky October episodes coming, and on this episode we may have pushed too far into the beyond...The boys are being paid fifty-bucks to fish sit their neighbor's "Haunted Trailer". Easy money, or so we thought... Tune if for what may be some of the scariest jokes youve heard in your entire life. Ya know? RATE/REVIEW/LITERALLY JUST TELL ONE PERSON...PLEASE...We will give you weed. www.catfishcomedy.com