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Just a couple girls telling each other creepy stories of the paranormal and often enjoying several glasses of wine.

Just a couple girls telling each other creepy stories of the paranormal and often enjoying several glasses of wine.
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Just a couple girls telling each other creepy stories of the paranormal and often enjoying several glasses of wine.






Ep. 38 - I’m On A Cleanse

Oh Em Gee, we’re back!! Summer vacay is officially over and we’re hitting the books once again… the Wikipedia “book” pages, that is. We’re giving each other long forgotten gifts, sharing our opinions on Sharp Objects (don’t worry, we’re careful not to include spoilers) and summing up our basic summers. AKA pretty much everything you always knew you never wanted to know. Coincidently, this week we both cover a missing persons case. Angela delves into the bizarre disappearance of Beverly...


Ep. 37 - I’d Rather Be A Pool Boy

Hello and happy Monday! This week, Abbie covers the crazy disappearance of medical student Brian Shaffer. He was last seen entering the Ugly Tuna Saloona bar in Columbus, OH in the early morning hours of April 1, 2006 (10:29). Then, at 35:50, Angela takes us to Scotland where Glamis Castle and all its ghosts are located. From a deformed baby locked in a secret room to the ghost of a woman burned alive… look no further: this castle has it all!


Ep. 36 - I’m Sweating So Much Right Now

Alright, so if you don’t know how to bump up the speed of podcast episodes to 1.5 or 2x their normal pace… now is the time to learn. It is hot af in Los Angeles and we cannot be blamed for how slow we may be speaking today. The struggle is real. At 14:55, Angela is breaking down the many poltergeists associated with the Berini Haunting that took place in New England during the 1970-80’s. Then, Abbie takes us to Wolfsegg, Germany where old grudges, infidelity and murder collide to create a...


Ep. 35 - No One Is As Cool As Their Instagram Makes Them Out To Be

It’s been a fucking minute you guys! We’ve missed you! This week we’re catching up on must-watch shows, new girl crushes and sharing our opions on The Staircase documentary and, most importantly, where Lebron will go next year. *Trigger warning* At 13:35, Abbie discusses Aokigahara, famously known as Japan’s Suicide Forest. Then, Angela introduces us to the many ghosts living in Hotel Monte Cristo located near the Grand Canyon in Arizona (33:30).


Ep. 34 - I Couldn’t Find A Parking Spot… So, I Just Left.

This week we’ve got a spooky reincarnation story and a small island made up of human remains! At 7:25, Angela tells the bizzare story of the Pollock twins and how they possibly came back as their previously deceased sisters. It’s complicated, we know. Then, Abbie tell us all about the island getaway that NO ONE wants to take. Off the coast of Venice, Italy lies a small chunk of land that even makes Shutter Island seem not so bad (21:00).


Ep. 27 - I Run a 15 Minute Mile

We’re back, betches! Getting right down to business, at 4:25 Angela is taking us to a creepy burger joint in Cincinnati, OH… Habits Cafe: come for the food, stay for the ghosts. Then, at 21:35, Abbie explores the mysterious disappearance of the Sodder children who vanished during a house fire, never to be seen again.


Ep. 24 - He Had Really Nice Calves

In this week’s episode Angela tackles the mystery surrounding the Somerton Man (9:30). Found propped up against a wall near the beach in southern Australia, he was dressed in a suit with nothing but an unsmoked cigarette and a strange note in his pocket. Who was he? How did he die? Why were his calves so nice? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything! Then, at 36:50, Abbie revisits the kidnapping and imprisonment of Natascha Kampusch who vanished on her way to school one morning in Vienna,...


Don’t Krampus My Style

Merry Christmas, betches! We hope Santa was good to you! Just kidding, there is no Santa. So, as you know, we’re nothing if not cheerful here at Spookie Stuff and this week we’ve got a little holiday episode for you. At 6:45 Angela tells us about all the shenanigans Krampus gets into and then at 17:05 Abbie explains why all the kids in Iceland are scared af of Gryla, the Yule Lads and their cat.


Ep. 19 - Kids Say the Creepiest Things

From past lives and imaginary friends to fatal accidents and murder, kids say the weirdest shit and (spoiler alert) it can be creepy af. Grab yourself an adult beverage because this week we’re reading through some pretty spooky stories people have shared about their little ones.


Ep. 18 - OMG, We Should Open a Winery!

We’ve got an otherworldly episode for you this week! It’s extra (terrestrial) AF. But first things first: we discuss pot brownies, why it snows in the desert and the difference between Star Trek and Star Wars. At 09:02 Abbie investigates Travis Walton and exactly what it was he spent the better part of a week doing. Then, Angela takes us Down Under at 40:55 to explore the Gundiah Mackay alien abduction.


Ep. 17 - Please Shut the Refrigerator

Once upon a time, in a faraway land (Kentucky), there lay an abandoned slaughterhouse in the woods. Complete with the creepiest basement ever, an old well filled with body parts and a portal to Hell, there is sure to be something for everyone here. Grab your hot toddy because at 17:40 Angela is going to tell us all about this haunted building, now known as Bobby Mackey’s Music World. Then, at 41:17, Abbie delves into the bizarre behavior and unsavory bond that existed between June and...


Guestpisode 4 - I Always Pee With the Door Open

Snap out of your food comas, betches, because we’re back with a special guest! This week our friend Alfonso sits down with us and shares several personal paranormal experiences. We also discuss long-distance (and otherworldly) dating, why babies are judgy af and the importance of conserving electricity.


Ep. 16 - Back to Basics

’Tis the season and we’re feeling thankful af this week here at SS. Join us as Angela hunts for a missing 20 dollar bill, Abbie learns more than she ever wanted to about Ohio’s professional sports teams and we both decide to NEVER go on a cruise. At 7:55 Abbie does a deep dive (SparkNotes version, anyone?) into the Lost Colony of Roanoke and then at 24:30 Angela is back at it with her conspiracy theories, this time about the mysterious disappearance of the S.S. Ourang Medan.


Ep. 15 - P.S. I Love Your Scrunchie

As a child, did anyone else ever get so scared they used to sneak into their parents’ room at night and sleep on the floor? No? Just Abbie? Cool. In this weeks episode we discuss everything from Charlie Brown to the importance of making sure your sports bra isn’t see-through before attending a group workout class… oh yeah, and urban legends! At 12:23 Abbie tells us the all about the most haunted house in Japan: the Himuro Mansion and then Angela explains the origin of Crybaby Bridge...


Ep. 14 - Wait… Are Those New Leggings?

Well, we’re drunk again (or at least Abbie is). Sorry, blame brunch. This week Angela breaks down the history of the King Opera House in Van Buren, Arkansas and why it is haunted af (13:05). Then, at 34:00, Abbie explains why you may not want to not buy a house in Albuquerque, New Mexico… unless, of course, you want to live near the West Mesa Bone Collector’s burial site.


Guestpisode 3 - WHAT’S IN THE BOX?!

So, like we’ve said n the past, everyday is a school day (especially here) and this episode might be our most informative yet. We sit down with religion teacher Tim Cronin and talk about angels, demons, hotel pools and even tickling… oh, yeah, and exacly what is in the box. Spoiler alert: it’s not JT’s dick. Sorry.


Ep. 12 - Umm, She Looks Haunted AF

We’ve traded in our wine glasses for coffee mugs this morning because we are still recovering from all the birthdays we can’t remember celebrating this month. Oops. Starting off with an unsolved mystery, Abbie talks about the Jamison Family disappearance at 5:30. Then Angela takes us back to a time before Ikea furniture was a thing, to one of the most famous hauntings in history: the Enfield Poltergeist (34:50).


Ep. 11 - Wow. That’s A Lot of Cats.

Knock-knock! Who’s there? …at 6:55 it’s the Black-eyed Kids (don’t answer). Then, if our pilates class and how far away we had to park wasn’t scary enough, keep listening because at 37:25 Abbie tells us about a real life monster and her lair: Delphine and the LaLaurie Mansion.


Ep. 10 - Can I Get a French Manicure or What?

Mondayfunday: Join us as we learn just how long a mile is, review movies, drink wine and buy weed, like, legally. At 14:50 Angela explains why The Ridges isn’t your average retirenmimt community and at 34:20 Abbie tells us why you should never follow anyone down the hallway at the Old Changi Hospital in Singapore.


I’m Telling My Parents to Skip This Episode

Dear Dad(s), go ahead and skip to 10:40 where Abbie tells us about the haunted Gridley Tunnel in Japan. (There are a few jokes beforehand you probably won’t find ammusing). And at 34:35 Angela gets into the exorcisim of Anna Ecklund.