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Just a couple girls telling each other creepy stories of the paranormal and often enjoying several glasses of wine.

Just a couple girls telling each other creepy stories of the paranormal and often enjoying several glasses of wine.
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Just a couple girls telling each other creepy stories of the paranormal and often enjoying several glasses of wine.






Ep. 41 - A Match Made in Hell

Happy fucking Holidays! 'Tis the season and boy do we have some stories sure to spread that holiday cheer! That is, of course, if incest, murder and deadly curses are your idea of cheer. At 8:10, Angela shares the bizarre story of the studious life and curious death of Richard Lancelyn Green: a man obsessed with famous author Arthur Conan Doyle and Doyle’s most cherished character, Sherlock Holmes. Did Green fall prey to the Doyle Curse? Or was his death just a cruel twist of fate? It’s a...


Ep. 40 - Whatever, I'm Broke AF Anyway

Jumping right into things, at 8:15 Abbie covers the history and horrors of Alcatraz Island located of the coast of San Francisco, CA. Then, Angela covers the gruesome massacre that took place at the LaPrete mansion in New Orleans, LA (38:45).


Ep. 39 - Tell Me Everything

Happy Halloween, betches! We're back! Pardon our long intro, we had a lot to catch up on. This week, Abbie details the horrific true story of the Amityville murders that took place in Long Island, NY in the mid 1970s and the hauntings that followed (17:45). Then, at 41:15, Angela retraces the last known movements of Diane Augat who was last seen in April of 1998 at restaurant outside Tampa, FL. All that authorities have to go on is an untraceable phone call, a severed finger found...


Ep. 38 - I'm On A Cleanse

Oh Em Gee, we're back!! Summer vacay is officially over and we're hitting the books once again... the Wikipedia “book” pages, that is. We're giving each other long forgotten gifts, sharing our opinions on Sharp Objects (don’t worry, we’re careful not to include spoilers) and summing up our basic summers. AKA pretty much everything you always knew you never wanted to know. Coincidently, this week we both cover a missing persons case. Angela delves into the bizarre disappearance of Beverly...


Ep. 37 - I'd Rather Be A Pool Boy

Hello and happy Monday! This week, Abbie covers the crazy disappearance of medical student Brian Shaffer. He was last seen entering the Ugly Tuna Saloona bar in Columbus, OH in the early morning hours of April 1, 2006 (10:29). Then, at 35:50, Angela takes us to Scotland where Glamis Castle and all its ghosts are located. From a deformed baby locked in a secret room to the ghost of a woman burned alive... look no further: this castle has it all!


Ep. 36 - I'm Sweating So Much Right Now

Alright, so if you don't know how to bump up the speed of podcast episodes to 1.5 or 2x their normal pace... now is the time to learn. It is hot af in Los Angeles and we cannot be blamed for how slow we may be speaking today. The struggle is real. At 14:55, Angela is breaking down the many poltergeists associated with the Berini Haunting that took place in New England during the 1970-80's. Then, Abbie takes us to Wolfsegg, Germany where old grudges, infidelity and murder collide to create...


Ep. 35 - No One Is As Cool As Their Instagram Makes Them Out To Be

It's been a fucking minute you guys! We've missed you! This week we're catching up on must-watch shows, new girl crushes and sharing our opions on The Staircase documentary and, most importantly, where Lebron will go next year. *Trigger warning* At 13:35, Abbie discusses Aokigahara, famously known as Japan's Suicide Forest. Then, Angela introduces us to the many ghosts living in Hotel Monte Cristo located near the Grand Canyon in Arizona (33:30).


Ep. 34 - I Couldn't Find A Parking Spot... So, I Just Left.

This week we've got a spooky reincarnation story and a small island made up of human remains! At 7:25, Angela tells the bizzare story of the Pollock twins and how they possibly came back as their previously deceased sisters. It's complicated, we know. Then, Abbie tell us all about the island getaway that NO ONE wants to take. Off the coast of Venice, Italy lies a small chunk of land that even makes Shutter Island seem not so bad (21:00).


Ep. 33 - We're Pretty Fucking Simple

Hi friends, we're back from sabbatical! We've actually got three stories for you today (you're (not) welcome). At 6:48, Abbie recounts the tragic events leading up to and during the exorcism of Janet Moses. Was she possessed? Could this have been prevented? Is her family to blame for her death? …Then, Angela has two unsolved mysteries for us! First, she explores the mystery of the Eilean Mòr lighthouse (28:46) and then, at 38:15, she tries to explain what the f*ck is locked inside the...


Ep. 32 - Nothing To Do But Lace Your Diet Coke With Acid

This week we’re both taking you to countries filled with names we cannot pronounce (you’re welcome). At 8:30, Angela explores the unsolved Hinterkaifeck murders: in the 1920s an entire family is found murdered at their homestead in Germany. Then, at 22:40, Abbie discusses the Guðmundur and Geirfinnur case. In the 1970s the disappearance of two men would shock the sparsely populated country of Iceland. Five men and one woman would eventually be convicted and sent to prison… but did they...


Ep. 31 - If It’s More Than A Block, I’ll Drive.

This week Angela explores some of the conspiracy theories surrounding the Denver, CO airport and what exactly is lurking in the underground world beneath it... there's much more here than meets the eye (10:27). Then, Abbie explains the infamous creepypasta meme Slenderman and how he drove two girls to try and kill their best friend (31:32).


Ep. 30 - I'm Obsessed With His Eyebrows

Happy Monday, we're back! Put your rainboots on because this week Abbie is taking us across the pond to Liverpool, England and things are going to get super weird and a little murder-y with the Eriksson Twins (12:15). Then, at 34:20, Angela tells us the story of the Octoroon Mistress and why she continues to haunt a beautiful home in New Orleans, LA.


Ep. 29 - Abso-fucking-lutely

Welcome! This week (just like every other) we’re sharing all our opinions… from Walmart to ‘The Bachelor’ to why people insist on wearing makeup to the gym, we have our two cents on it all and we’re throwing it in. On a more serious note, we briefly discuss the importance of mental health awareness and Angela covers Pasadena’s Suicide Bridge and the souls that haunt it (12:17). Then, at 26:50, Abbie takes us to Edinburgh, Scotland. Home to one of the most haunted cemeteries in the world;...


Ep. 28 - That's Why I Carry Scissors With Me Everywhere

Sorry for the late post aka we Oscar partied way too hard last night. After a heated 20 second debate on who goes first, Abbie takes us to the haunted Castle of Good Hope in Cape Town, South Africa where no one likes working the graveyard shift… or the “ghost shift” as the guards refer to it here (14:30). Then, the time has finally come! Angela is going to spill all the dets on Shadow People at 31:12.


Ep. 27 - I Run a 15 Minute Mile

We're back, betches! Getting right down to business, at 4:25 Angela is taking us to a creepy burger joint in Cincinnati, OH... Habits Cafe: come for the food, stay for the ghosts. Then, at 21:35, Abbie explores the mysterious disappearance of the Sodder children who vanished during a house fire, never to be seen again.


Ep. 26 - Leave Your Panties at the Door

First of all, stop what you’re doing and go watch all the figure skaters at the Olympics... They’re killing it. Then, when you’ve had your fill of real talent, turn your attention back over here because we’re talking about people killing stuff, too. But, like, literally. At 16:55, Angela details the discovery of another mysterious dead body: the Isdal Woman. Who was she? And why did she own so many wigs? Then, Abbie tells us everything we never wanted to know about the Skirvin Hotel in...


Ep. 25 - Australia Fought In WWII. We Get It.

Angela's dog ate her homework, but luckily Alisha is back with an Eleanor update and Abbie is talking about a mental ward in Kentucky. Grab a glass of wine (or six like we did last night, sorry for the delayed post) and join us as we talk about moving, ghosts and why hiking is SO hard.


Ep. 24 - He Had Really Nice Calves

In this week’s episode Angela tackles the mystery surrounding the Somerton Man (9:30). Found propped up against a wall near the beach in southern Australia, he was dressed in a suit with nothing but an unsmoked cigarette and a strange note in his pocket. Who was he? How did he die? Why were his calves so nice? Don’t worry, we’ll tell you everything! Then, at 36:50, Abbie revisits the kidnapping and imprisonment of Natascha Kampusch who vanished on her way to school one morning in Vienna,...


Ep. 23 - A Few Good Suspects

Not that you asked, but we've got movie reviews and brunch recommendations for you... also, some creepy stories, duh! At 5:20 Abbie tells us about the Moore family who left church one night in the sleepy town of Villisca, IA, only to be found brutally murdered just hours later. Then, Angela lightens the mood (not really) at 29:05, as she details the horrifying history of Joshua Ward's house in Salem, MA.


Ep. 22 - I Only Slept On the Bathroom Floor One Night

If your spouse died and left behind a secret lock box hidden away in your bedroom closet, would you open it? Um, duh. At 11:35 Abbie explores the mystery surrounding the true identity Lori Erica Ruff. Then, at 29:15, Angela delves into one of the most famous missing persons case of our time: what exactly happened to Johnny Gosch and is he still alive?