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A podcast about anything and everything with guests involved in body modification, transgender sex changes, music, and stand up comedy.

A podcast about anything and everything with guests involved in body modification, transgender sex changes, music, and stand up comedy.




A podcast about anything and everything with guests involved in body modification, transgender sex changes, music, and stand up comedy.






The Venture Bros. Cancelled & Marvel's Avengers PS4 w @DoctorMilne

The good Doctor joins me for another chat. This time we discuss the horrible news of Adult Swim cancelling The Venture Bros. even though the creators have started the next season's production. Also a brief review of the new video game Marvel's Avengers on PS4.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 207 - CBSRMT - Down The Garden Path & The Ghostly Private Eye

This week the we explore the lives of two important figures of the past. First we meet Niccolò Machiavelli on his way to becoming one of the greatest minds and philosophers in Italy and the world. Then we move on to the great Flaxman Low, a fictional private investigator of the occult and paranormal who operated out of the UK in the late 1800s and early 1900s. patreon.com/biffswerd


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 206 - CBSRMT - Witches Sabbath & Lovers And Killers

2 great episodes from the classic 1970s radio series CBSRMT. Witches & murder take the focus of this weeks podcast.



Wanna know what Christopher Nolan's Tenet is like? Listen to this.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 205 - CBSRMT - Sleeping Dogs & Tool Shed

E.G. Marshall & Tammy Grimes act as our hosts for these 2 bizarre tales from the 1970s radio series CBSRMT. Leave well enough alone and don't call on devils if you know what's good for ya.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 204 - CBSRMT - The Deadly Hour & The Ring of Truth

A man broken by love turns away from society for 25 years until one day his hideaway is discovered. What happens next is truly strange and disturbing. The second story involves a woman who has to choose between the 2 men in her life. The man she wishes to marry with and her Father with whom she has a very close bond with.


Multitasking - Battle Chess, Cleopatra 2525 Boners & Newsradio Autism

The description is in the title people! Keep Up! paypal.me/biffswerd Keep Up! Keep Up! patreon.com/biffswerd


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 203 - CBSRMT - Rise and Fall of The Fourth Reich & The Paradise of The Devil

This podcast features 2 stories from the 1970s series CBSRMT. One is about Nazis and the other is about a woman looking to solve her father's murder using a private investigator.


Ghost of Tsushima Review

PS4 Exclusive Ghost of Tsushima is a videogame I played.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 202 - CBSRMT - But With Blood & With Malice Aforethought

I'm a big fan of The Dollop podcast and so this week the first episode is in line with what they have been covering the last few weeks; the story of John Brown. He was a white man fighting other white people to free slaves in the USA. The second story involves a black police officer in a big city getting the frame job and seeing what his skin colour gets him in todays(the 1970s then but still poignant) world.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 201 - Escape - The Running Man, The Silent Horror & Green Splotches

The audio is rougher on the second 2 stories but they are both great, especially Green Splotches. Prepare yourselves to Escape!


BLM > Aunt Jemima

Insanity put into audio format. Grab your straight jacket and strap in. patreon.com/biffswerd


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 200 - Dragnet - The Big Hate, The Big Bobo & The Big Actor

Tom Hanks and Dan Ackroyd star in this 80s spoof of the classic radio and tv series Dragnet. Suck it!


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 199 - Suspense - Man Alive, Alibi & Pages From A Diary

3 great episodes from the one of the best radio dramas in history. In the style of Box 13 a Newspaper columnist gets into more than he bargained for, another murderer looks for an Alibi for sale and we get a glimpse into the mind of a sad lonely man in this week's podcast.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 198 - CBSRMT - The Conversation Factor & The Intruders

A man Chris D'elia's age meets a 17 year old girl with psychic abilities and a woman helps others with their loneliness in these 2 stories from the 1970s. E.G. Marshall drops knowledge as usual. Support the show via paypal.me/biffswerd patreon.com/biffswerd email biffsweetwater@gmail.com


A Cycle of Sociopaths w @BiffsWerd

I answer a burning question from the email bag regarding my sociopathic wife Tali Chester which as usual leads down a long meandering path to me announcing I'm gonna be a father soon. Not with Tali, thank god, but instead a young, healthy and very sexy woman I've been seeing the last few months. Become a Patron and help support the show and my new baby using the following links paypal.me/biffswerd patreon.com/biffswerd https://www.youtube.com/user/TheBiffSweetwater


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 197 - CBSRMT - Return To Shadow Lake & The Longest Knife

Covid aint got nothing on this sweet episode featurinf 2 tales from CBSRMT.


Dues-Ex-Men On The Beach w Doctor Milne

Louis C. K. is Professor X!!!


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 196 - Suspense - Want Ad

This is what the craigslist meet up from hell is based on.


Podcasting In The Rain On A Rooftop In Chinatown w @DoctorMilne

The audio gets real rough as the rain intensifies but we got wet and talked movies for 45 mins in the pouring rain. www.patreon.com/biffswerd