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A podcast about anything and everything with guests involved in body modification, transgender sex changes, music, and stand up comedy.

A podcast about anything and everything with guests involved in body modification, transgender sex changes, music, and stand up comedy.




A podcast about anything and everything with guests involved in body modification, transgender sex changes, music, and stand up comedy.






Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 230 - Nick Carter, Master Detective - The Echo Of Death, The Glass Coffin & State's Prison Evidence

This 1930s radio series was a rival to the Shadow and has a similar style to it.


Tesla Nights w @DoctorMilne

Get those dicks out your mouth it's time for a new podcast to suck on.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 229 - The Shadow - The Temple Bells Of Neban, The White Legion & Circle Of Death

Lamont Cranston, the everyday man about town, is in reality the mysterious figure known to the criminal underworld as The Shadow. Armed with pistols and an ability to cloud mens minds he fights evil where ever he may find it.


The Drive-Inn Ep 1 - Mortal Kombat 2021

The good doctor and Rye joined me for a journey to the east where we found a Drive-in playing the latest Mortal Kombat film. I had a great time watching this movie with people I love and I think you will too.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 228 - CBSRMT - Terror On The Heath & Insomnia

Anyone wanna ticket to the theatre of your mind?


Marvel's Captain Falcon & The Shang Chi Soldier

I did a podcast w a friend. RIP DMX


My Deadbeat Dad Bernie Derksen

Almost 2 years ago I met the man who shot cum into my mom when he was 14 and she was 17 for the first time. Some people have 1 deadbeat dad I'm special I have 2.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 227 - CBSRMT - Revenge Is Sweet & Revenge Is Not Sweet

Yeah I know I missed a week but y'all cheapskates don't pay for this or support the patreon.com/biffswerd and I got a baby and dog to feed so deal with it. This week we deal with the topic of "Revenge".


Justice League The Snyder Cut Zuckz & Other Things & Stuff

The audio is rough on this one but y'all don't support the podcast via patreon or paypal so why am I gonna work hard to fix it. patreon.com/biffswerd paypal.com/biffswerd


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 226 - CBSRMT - Squaring The Triangle & The Beast

This week we examine the lives of more broken people just like us.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 225 - Suspense - Infanticide, The Easy Victim, Death And The Escort & Drive-In

Oh boy oh boy it's a dark one this week as we start with a case of a dead baby, followed by a couple classic crime capers involving various law and order types and then we end on a first person narrative from a drive-in waitress in Hollywood looking to make her bus home. Become a Patron at Patreon.com/biffswerd to show your love and support the podcasts.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 224 - This Is Your FBI - Pearl Harbour, The Highway Hi-Jacker & The Bobby Sox Bandit

Real accounts from the files of the FBI. this time a classic involving Pearl Harbour, arm robbery on the motorway and thief on the loose.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 223 - CBSRMT - The Ghost At The Gate & The Final Vow

Do you believe in ghosts? Can a Nun be a detective? These questions will be asked and if not answered at least somewhat addressed. Also the second ep has all the commercials from the mid 1970s including Richard Nixon impeachment coverage.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 222 - Suspense - Valentine's Day Edition - The Lucky Lady Community Property Lady In Distress

This ones for the broads, uh I mean dames, nah but what I trying to say is it's about the ladies this time around. Join the Patreon so I can make art and feed my family. www.patreon.com/biffswerd


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 221 - Suspense - End Of The Road, The Thirteenth Sound & Three Faces At Midnight

Roma wine's presents 3 episode of Suspense. We follow a man who murders, a wife who kills and a pair of unwitting suckers in a conspiracy caper in these classic old time radio shows.


Neil Homosexual Person's The Sandman on Netflix & HBOMAX 2021 Films

We pick up where we left off last episode as the chess games heats up we discuss the new Neil Gaiman series The Sandman on Netflix as well as the films coming out on HBOMAX this years now that theatres are closed.


WandaVision & MCU Phase 4 Plus DCEU Animated w @DoctorMilne @BiffsWerd

The good Doctor has made a house call and we're discussing the first 4 eps of WandaVision and beyond in the MCU and Marvel properties. Then we get into some DC animated stuff all while playing an intense game of chess. https://www.patreon.com/biffswerd


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 220 - Suspense - In A Lonely Place

A guy in LA has a lot of dates but nothing that lasts long. I can relate.


Biff's Mystery Theatre Ep 219 - Lights Out - Execution, Kill & Visitor From Hades

This week I'm bringing back Arch Obler's Lights Out as one of my dog walking clients mentioned it was one he used to listen to back in the day. This one's for you Eric.


Cartoon Fast food Showdown - BiffMac VS T2 Extra Bacon Baconator

The good doctor and I watch and talk shit on cartoons and give custom fast food orders. Fuck you! Pay me!