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Two everyday dudes explore the simple complexities of their existence: Who they are, why they get up in the morning, and what they stand for. Enjoy the ride.

Two everyday dudes explore the simple complexities of their existence: Who they are, why they get up in the morning, and what they stand for. Enjoy the ride.
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Two everyday dudes explore the simple complexities of their existence: Who they are, why they get up in the morning, and what they stand for. Enjoy the ride.




#11 I Believe in You!

Belief is a thread interwoven throughout the life of Umbereen Inayet. In her foundational years, she believed she wasn’t worthy of anything great - with humble roots from Scarborough. One day belief came in the form of a social worker, spurring her to apply for an artistic producing job to transform the city of Toronto. She told Umbereen: I ….BELIEVE…..IN YOU! This changed everything. She after all was the great-granddaughter of the man who wrote Pakistan’s national anthem. Now...


#10 Born To Battle

Anthony Carelli, aka WWE star Santino Morella, was ‘born to Battle’. At the age of 9, his Bruce Lee fascination ignited a desire within, dedicating his life to the art of Judo. This lead him to a new dream - battling in the land of giants - the WWE. But at his height, it seemed impossible. One day Anthony saw a group of pro-wrestlers training. They WERE giants. But when a trainer told him he was the same height as the legendary Brett Hart - everything changed. Now after a championship WWE...


#9 Running into War Zones

Muhammad Lila was always a sucker for a great story, even if one day it would bring him into some of the most dangerous wars in the world. Tune in to hear why he willingly risked his life to capture the stories of those most affected by war - everyday people. FOLLOW US ON INSTAGRAM Michael - Constantine - Jerry - WATCH ON...


#8 The New KING of Boxing!

We hear it all the time - “experience required”. You’re either unqualified or unfit. To Lee Baxter this couldn’t be further from the truth. A successful tattoo shop owner, he saw opportunity in the boxing world and he came in swinging! With a tenuous and fierce determination, Lee learned what he could about the boxing world by jumping into the famously shark infested waters they’re known by. Now, working with the likes of Floyd Mayweather and Samuel Vargas, Lee has put Canada back on the...


#7 Why the film industry FEARS Chad

He was that kid. The kid responsible for calls from irate parents, fuming because their now terrified children had watched horror movies at his house. He didn’t see the issue. He loved these films, even if he was only in the 2nd grade. Little did Chad Archibald know his passion would later become so much more. While in college he and some buddies had a random idea - let’s make a film! A seasoned producer warned him not to waste his time. He chose otherwise... Now Chad’s horror movies are...


#6 Superman or Super Sean?

At the age of 6, mega-superhero-fan Sean Ward was hit with a thunderbolt of truth - grown ups are idiots figuring things out, no different than kids are. A revelation inspired by his villainous Grade 1 teacher. Years later, with his childhood dreams all but dead, Sean found himself dialling for dollars with no hope in sight. He decided then and there it was time to make a change... Now Sean is revolutionizing social media through fun & wacky superhero videos, bursting past 3 million...


#5 The Man with the ‘Golden Role-o-Dex

Neil Forester doesn’t just have a ‘Golden Role-o-Dex’, he has the best stories to go with it. Having worked with the likes of Mike Tyson, Connor McGregor and Lady Gaga, Neil’s bold creative thinking drove his success. But something was off... He was ‘the man’ in Canada, but he wasn’t ‘the man’ - at home. He decided to make a change. Now as owner of The Substance Entertainment Group, Neil uses his connections to spearhead philanthropic causes, having started the first ever job fair for...


#4 Everyone Stutters?

As a kid he would sneak out of his farmhouse and stargaze. It was his escape from his world plagued with dualities. Growing up as a bi-racial kid left Anthony McLean to deal with his fair share of difficulties. From being bullied to being a bully himself, he eventually turned to his love of music to seek refuge. One day a conversation with a school counsellor changed his life forever. Now this walking beam of light, travels the world spreading his message of self-acceptance and...


#3 When Nuts Mean Life or Death

Two words lead to the death of Joanna Salmingo in late summer of 2018. The same two words also birthed the FATE (The Food Allergy Training & Education Initiative) initiative. An initiative that will save the lives of many. What are the two words? Contains nuts. Imagine if the absence of these two words ultimately lead to the death of your loved one. What would you do? Would you take it out on the world or would you have the strength to do what our next guest Joey did? Joey, a...


#2 From Being Bullied to Being the Boss

15 deaths and 24 non-fatal injuries. This was the result of the Columbine school shooting. It all started from the shooters being bullied and desperately wanting to seek revenge. This story is one of many showing the potential damaging effects of bullying. Joel Gerson decided to take a different approach. What could have lead to a tragic outcome became a source of fuel for Joel. Today we to speak with a guy who teaches us to turn life’s obstacles into triumphs... literally. He’s a 5 Time...


#1 Coffee Grinds and a Brilliant

They’re everywhere! In subway stations, on university campuses and just about every street in Toronto. Coffee shops are one thing this city is not short on. So how does one create a shop that stands out from the rest? By not focusing on the rest. Jimson Bienenstock set out to create a cutting edge brand on every level and that he did with HotBlack Coffee. As President & Co-owner, in this episode Jimson gives us an inside look into the mind of one of this city’s top entrepreneurs. By...


Disarm your Opponent

In this intro blurb, we discuss how you can effectively de-escalate a situation when you have done something wrong and need to make it right.