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Episode 57 :: Indiana Jones and the Semi-Canonical Fart Wedding

Pop culture is a dirty job, but someone's got to do it. From the film scripts that never see the light of day, to the regrettable transmedia tie-ins that'd be better off staying buried; it'd take some kind of whip-cracking archeologist to uncover these forgotten relics... or perhaps some wise-cracking podcasters. In this episode we raid the Lucasfilm tombs and discover that Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is fantastic - compared to the ghost-hunting, rhino-riding, suicidal student-screwing...


Episode 56 :: Fandom's Edge

If there's a bright center to the Star Wars fandom, we're currently on the planet that it's farthest from. Fans are as polarized as an Old Republic throwdown and every news outlet is spreading enough confusing, condemning, and confounding headlines that we're beginning to sound like Saw Gerrera screaming about lies and deceptions. This world of space fantasy escapism is looking far too much like reality. Fortunately, State of the Empire is here to restore balance to the Force. We discuss...


Willow Watch :: Episode 3 :: Behind-the-Scenes & Beyond the Film

If you think you've got the world and characters of Willow all figured out - it's time to forget all you know, or think you know. Lethal fishboys, deathbears, sorceress love triangles, and shocking backstories abound as we dig into the film's deleted scenes, the extra context of the novelization, and the universe-expanding sourcebook. We also look to Moebius' concept art for Willow, props and production notes revealing what might have been, the animated series that never happened, and the...


We'll Be Right Back - GO SEE SOLO!

After the deluge of shows that came out in the orbit of Solo, we're taking a little time off and will be right back with the latest rumblings from the galaxy far, far away and our ongoing Willow Watch specials. In the meantime, go see Solo! Also, check out this obscure Lucasfilm production we'll be discussing in a future episode: Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Episode 55 :: Solo: A Star Wars Story Review!

For the highs and lows of Solo: A Star Wars Story's production, the chance of success was not unlike successfully navigating an asteroid field. But just like Han Solo himself, somehow this scappy film pulled through and surprised us all. The movie we didn't want, the story we were convinced didn't need telling, is top shelf Star Wars. We offer some spoiler-free thoughts before opening up the blast doors and letting these scruffy-looking nitpickers sort out the highs, lows, and our two...


Willow Watch :: Episode 2 :: The Road to Willow 2

Welcome to Willow Watch! A podcast dedicated to the 1988 Lucasfilm fantasy epic Willow - In which breaking news comes in all sizes, and obsessive fandom is the greatest magic of all. Willow Watch has been a reoccurring feature since our Star Wars podcast, State of the the Empire, began in 2012 - when Disney bought Lucasfilm and we first asked: does... that mean there could be more Willow? Over the years we've learned that the answer is an emphatic "YES!" Not only do we want it, not only...


Willow Watch :: Episode 1 :: Interview with Screenwriter Bob Dolman

We interrupt State of the Empire's regularly scheduled Star Wars news and updates for an event that's been years in the making: our first full-length installment of Willow Watch and an interview Willow screenwriter Bob Dolman! Yes, the bones have spoken. Our ongoing investigation into the 1988 Lucasfilm fantasy epic, Willow, has led us on an incredible journey. What began as a flight of fancy that we might someday see a Willow 2 from Disney has become a mad quest to track down the full...


Episode 53 :: Placing Our Bets on Solo: A Star Wars Story

Solo is almost here and we're placing bets on where this still very unpredictable story is going to take us. Don't sweat it, kid - we've locked the spoilers behind the blast doors - but we've analyzed all the new trailers, merch, and even consulted a Solo-branded Monopoly game to figure out what's coming next. We also discuss some new rumors coming out of Episode IX, dole out "I told you so"s about the new animated series Star Wars Resistance, dig into expanded universe deep cuts bleeding...


Episode 52 :: Interview Archives: Julian Glover, Daniel Logan, Jeremy Bulloch, Ben Burtt & More!

Did you know that, like the films, this podcast also has a prequel era? Before State of the Empire, before Lucasfilm was bought by Disney, Cap and co. did a number of interviews with Star Wars personalities. In this episode, we're dusting off the data cores and revisiting a long time ago, in a podcast far, far away. We speak with BOTH Boba Fetts: the original man behind the mask, Jeremy Bulloch, and young Boba, Daniel Logan - discussing Bulloch's favorite roles outside Star Wars and...


Episode 51 :: We've Got a Good Feeling About This! The Solo Official Trailer & Denny's Solo Menu

There's a lot to #Solobrate right now. We've got a new Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer and in Denny's across America, galactic gourmands can treasure the taste of the the inner rim. But are these Co-Reactor Pancakes drizzled with as many shocking revelations about the forthcoming film as the juicy new tidbits from the trailer? What even is a "co-reactor"? Surely these edible tributes to the exploits of Han, Chewie, and Lando have some Star Wars secrets smuggled into them. We review...


Episode 50 :: #ImperialMarch

Sometimes things don't go according to plan. Just ask Lord & Miller. To celebrate 50 episodes of State of the Empire, Cap went out to L.A. to hang with Matt and storm Lucasfilm for Solo intel. And... well, though we didn't end up like the Bothan spies, at least they had something to show for themselves. It's 60 days until we're strapped in for the latest Star Wars and we're still flying without a targeting computer. But hey - you know when State of the Empire is in town there's always a...


Episode 49 :: Solo Brand Synergy

When it comes to Solo: A Star Wars Story intel, we're still scraping the bottom of the bantha bin. That's why, in typical State of the Empire fashion, we're putting our snouts where they don't belong and rounding up some unusual suspects: advertising partners. Will you quench your 5-0-Thirst in a Solo cup? Can Norton Antivirus commercials clue us into a slicing subplot? In considerably more important news, we discuss the surprising announcement that Jon Favreau is helming a new, live...


Episode 48 :: The Future is the Past

We've often heard that in the Lucasfilm archives nothing goes to waste. We knew that Solo's story samples from an abandoned plot thread from The Empire Strikes Back, we'd noticed similarities between early drafts and some events from The Last Jedi, but folks it turns out we don't know the half of it. In digging through an assortment of early scripts we've found many more instances where the new films have pulled from George Lucas' garbage chute and now... we might actually know how...


Episode 46 :: Smuggler's Bounty: Dissecting the Han Solo Trailers

It's finally here! After months and months of waiting for a glimpse, a glimmer, a sliver of the hotly-debated Han Solo film: the Solo trailer has arrived! Oh wait, not just "trailer"... "trailers"! Lucasfilm has doubled-down on the under-promoted impending release and with these first looks there's a lot to unpack. Join Cap, Doug, and Matt as we weigh what we've seen against the rumors and leaks we've been excavating this past year. We attempt to piece together a timeline from the...


Episode 45 :: A Great Disturbance in the Fandom: The Last Jedi's Fallout

The Last Jedi has opened a massive schism in the fandom. A rift, not between light and dark, but polarizing all the same. Whether you love the film or loathe it, civil discourse is few and far between and like The First Order dismissal and nihilism reign supreme. It's a discussion too big for us to ignore, and one that desperately needs to be had - even Cap, Matt, and Doug aren't of the same mind about this divisive movie. We share thoughts and insights from others and search own feelings...


Episode 44 :: Desperately Seeking Solo

The young Han Solo film allegedly comes out May 25th, but we haven't seen so much as a ship! Well... not officially anyway. Unofficially, the first of the leaks are here: LEGO playsets! We explore the new characters and potential plot points spinning out of Solo's storied past, one minifig at a time. There's a new look for the Falcon, a surprising, legendary Star Wars planet in the mix, races from Clone Wars, and myriad more surprising nuances. Join Cap, Matt, and Doug as we discuss...


Episode 42 :: The Last Jedi Review!

Here at State of the Empire, we make it a habit of staring into the abyss and divining secret Star Wars truths; but when we heard a rumor that this was going to be the most decisive Star Wars movie of all-time... we shrugged it off. We're shocked to say that the prophecies came to pass and that we've found ourselves caught in the middle of the true star war: was this movie good or bad? This Last Jedi review is one forged from years of speculation, fan love, sharply-honed critical skills,...


Episode 40 :: Scavenging for Jedi Secrets

The release of The Last Jedi looms large - and we're shocked by how little we know about what's to come. One thing's for sure: Disney is IMPRESSED. In this episode we share reactions and discuss the ramifications of director Rian Johnson being given his own standalone Star Wars trilogy. We also use some ancient Jedi secrets to uncover possibilities of what might be in store for us in the new film. No, really - We consult an early draft of The Empire Strikes Back which shares some eerie...


Episode 39 :: Star Wars Novels: Retcon Artistry

Star Wars novels have long been the heart of the galaxy far, far away. This "lived in" sci-fi universe is inevitably left fans dying to know more about its mysteries and covet action figures of obscure aliens from the back ground of Mos Eisley. Now that so much of the expanded universe has been swept away, the pressure is on for new books to step up and fill in the blanks! In this episode Cap, Matt, and Doug discuss the latest Star Wars novels and how they've build on the bigger themes...


Episode 38 :: Han Solo and the Kingdom of the Crystal Porg

The suspicious shakeups in the Star Wars Universe keep on coming! In this episode we discuss Colin Trevorrow being booted off Episode IX and the return of JJ Abrams. Along with this more-publicized director change is a promising switch of writers and the reoccurring suggestion that this pivotal film is even more serious than we know - wrapping not just this new trilogy, but uniting and concluding this trilogy of trilogies. Cap, Matt, and Doug also recap all the social media teases spinning...