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It's official, stand-up comedian Steve Treviño and his wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil have a podcast.

It's official, stand-up comedian Steve Treviño and his wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil have a podcast.


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It's official, stand-up comedian Steve Treviño and his wife Renae - AKA - Captain Evil have a podcast.






If You’re Lucky

After returning from their vacation to Mexico, Steve waxes poetic about Cinco De Mayo. Steve almost had to bribe the Mexican TSA to get back into the country, and it has nothing to do with the fact that the couple spent time in the hotel hot tub. Plus, the upcoming weekend marks Captain Evil’s first Mother’s Day as a mother of two.


I Don’t Know How I Went To The Bathroom Before TikTok

For those who follow the podcast weekly, we have a definitive answer to the question 'can you have too many grills'? The duo talks about getting comments on how Steve cuts off Captain Evil when she talks. Let’s play a game, how many times do you think Steve cuts off Captain Evil in this episode? Answer in the comments. They love reading that. The couple talk about how they became a comedy team and how the harsh beginnings of hard work and low pay paved way to a successful career in the...


Best, All Around, Girl Award!

The end of this episode is worth the trip! It’s time for producer Rick to take a vacation so this means Steve and Captain Evil are flying solo. The couple reflect on some of their favorite negative comments regarding the podcast; like the one listener who watches every episode, makes it to the end, and then hits the “Thumbs Down” button. This leads to a conversation about how Captain Evil can take a joke on and off stage. In a good way! Captain Evil reveals the one thing Steve has never said...


The Bright White Pants Episode

Captain Evil wears bright white pants while Steve takes us on a journey to Goliad, Texas. One thing has nothing to do with the other. However, the trip includes revolutions, massacres, hanging trees and a possible craft brewery. We get an update on Captain Evil’s journey to “GET AN AB.” Let’s remember that if she gets an ab there is a trip to Croatia waiting for her. One Ab = Dream Trip.


I wanna do my own dance moves!

When you can’t fit into your clothes, it’s a sign of a good Easter weekend. For all you meat smokers out there, join in as master chef Treviño tells the story, full of twists and turns, of his first successful Texas brisket. Captain Evil does bring up an interesting and thought provoking question: How many grills/smokers does one man need? This will go down as one of the all-time great debate questions. The duo take a deep dive into VEGAS BABY!!!!


Have another kid, they say.

After a rough night of sleep, Steve comes up with a Billion $dollar$ idea. He’s combined his two favorite things, Captain Evil and gambling. Steve wants to introduce the Captain Evil slot machines! Steve performed in a new market, Baltimore, for the first time this weekend. Due to flight delays, he almost missed the show, but luckily he turned on that Treviño charm and somehow managed to show up on time. If you had to guess if Steve found the casino in Baltimore what would you say? Steve...


The I Speak Wife Recap

Texas was hit with another severe weather storm. This time it was golf ball sized hail. BUT, who cares because last weekend Steve shot his fifth comedy special. We learn that Steve is an outdoor guy, and when he’s out there, he’s “in the zone" so come talk to him at your own risk! Captain Evil explains how she has only child syndrome. Yes, she has siblings, but still, she talks about her only child syndrome. Also as parents, where we at with the whole Little League not calling outs or...


The Table, The Casino and Some Jokes

The new studio table has arrived. This spawns a conversation about how Captain Evil makes every decision for the couple. Every single decision. Even the decisions that Steve makes - it’s actually Captain Evil making the decisions. BIG NEWS - Steve is filming his new special this week. Topics also include casinos, pancakes and punching bags... and that's what you call a Segway.


Why do you have to call it ‘Taco Meat’?

Texas removes the face mask mandate, and Captain Evil is wearing an old school, red, white and blue leopard print. One has nothing to do with the other. The lesson learned on this podcast is if you get a great deal on a Kawasaki Mule, you don’t need to talk to your wife before buying it. Fellas, you now have permission. Trampolines, am I right? Steve spends a day in the ER with a friend’s child because of - Trampolines. Steve shows off his master debating skills when Captain Evil says she...


Did I use that word correctly?

Steve takes on a black tie, corporate gig and a charity event that ends with Aztec Chevy saving the day. While this was happening, Captain Evil GOT to stay back and take care of Delilah, who still has colic. As she puts it, “The Wheels fell off the wagon!” Steve opens up about losing his good friend and fellow comedian, Eric Meyer. Plus, a good ol’ bidding war between Ford and Chevy. All of this and more, on a spectacular episode of Steve Treviño and Captain Evil: The Podcast



Steve and Captain Evil return after Texas’s historic power outages last week. The couple cover a long list of topics that range from Valentine’s Day craps, to why you never change a two-month old baby on a pure white hotel bed – Again, craps.


I can cut the steak in half, boys!

This week we learn that Steve went on a first date with someone other than Captain Evil. Steve was within a two hour ride from a casino, so it was a no brainer to go. Captain Evil talks about her journey trying to get an abs - and win that trip to Croatia The couple answers questions from you guys, the listeners. Link:



Mrs. Dora came to see the new baby and she’s mad. Which is funny, very funny. If you are a parent, you will enjoy these baby vomit stories. If you are not a parent, this will make you never want to have a kid. What we learn from this episode is that if you hear a baby crying on the plane… blame the Treviño’s. Plus can we all agree it’s not selling out, it’s buying in?


Tia Blanca

Steve and Captain Evil fly solo in the home studio for the first time. Spoiler alert, it didn’t go well. The married couple discuss Steve getting "snippy snipped”. Yup. DISCLAIMER: The end of this episode is really, really emotional. Steve dedicates this episode to his amazing Tia Blanca who recently passed. We are not responsible for any tears shed.


Naughty Glasses

It was Steve’s birthday, which means Captain Evil put together four days of making him unhappy. The couple talk about the future of comedy and the potential of a gap in talent because of COVID robbing young talent of exposure. And let’s not forget…naughty shot glasses.


With That Outfit, We Have A Lot To Talk About.

Steve and Captain Evil move the podcast operation to their new home studio. The couple plans to transform this blank slate into a well designed, comfortable space. Each week you’ll get to see the progress and transformation as Renae introduces new items, looks and design elements to the space. The best part may be getting to witness Steve’s pain through this makeover. This week, the design is based around Steve’s birthday.


Eat the doughnut

A new year, a new season and a new baby. Steve and Captain Evil bring in the new year with family, diapers and thongs.


The Birth

Steve & Captain Evil are back behind the mics after taking a week off - to have a baby. Catch up on what life is like in the Treviño household with a brand new baby girl. Will Steve be changing diapers? Spoiler Alert: He will not be.


That’s What She Said

Steve’s in-laws join this week’s podcast and dole out some life lessons. This is Captain Evil’s last episode before giving birth so, what better way to celebrate than playing a game of “That’s What She Said” ?


The 2020 Thanksgiving Episode

This is the very special Thanksgiving episode of Steve & Captain Evil - The Podcast. The couple recored this episode from their home, because Renae is about to “Burst”. Topics include, but are not limited to Steve being a man child, the struggles or going to Vegas for a guys trip and Thanksgivings of yesteryear.