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Down By The River Guys talk life with a laugh while smokin and drinkin down by the river!

Down By The River Guys talk life with a laugh while smokin and drinkin down by the river!
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Down By The River Guys talk life with a laugh while smokin and drinkin down by the river!








#5 Jizz Cushions And The Indecent Proposal

Episode #5 Sometimes when you’re fucked up you say the wrong thing. Steve and Mike from the Sober Team talk jizz cushions and dick presentation. Thing got a little out of hand. Join them in Steve’s shop for this weeks hilarious episode. for tour dates and merchandise. Join Steve on the Trailer Park Boys Cruise in March! Permalink


#4 Swollen Dewlapper

Episode #4 Swollen Dewlapper In episode #4 Steve and Mike from the sober team hang in the shop. They roll smoke and discuss life’s most important issues. Mike tells a story of a drunken night in Las Vegas. Make sure to catch Steve on the “Trailer Park Boys Cruise” in March. For info on the cruise and all tour dates go to for details! Rate the show and write a review on iTunes pleeeeeaaaaaaase!


#3 BOGO Hooker

In Episode #3 Steve is joined in the shop my Mike from the sober team. Weed is smoked and good times are had. Twist up a fatty and give a listen! for merch and tour dates! Trailer Park Boys Cruise in March! Permalink


#2 Size Doesn't Matter

Episode #2 Episode #2 is a short one. Steve and I have been busy touring and fell behind a bit. I’m sure it has nothing to do with all the weed we smoke. Back in full effect next Tuesday! Write a review and rate the show on iTunes if you want to do Steve a Solid! Permalink


#1 Cowboys Wigs And Weed In Vegas

Episode #1 Cowboys Wigs And Weed In Vegas In Episode #1 Steve and Mike from the “Sober Team” record the show in the greenroom of the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas. They are on the road to California for The Big Bear Comedy Festival (Not a gay thing). For details on the shows that Steve will be doing at the festival go to You can also see the dates and info for the cruise Steve is doing with “The Trailer Park Boys in March! Grab some merch from the site as well. Cram a big...


#12 It's Not A Sausage Festival

Episode #12 In Episode #12 Steve talks about the great pancake festival and it’s strict rules on sausage. Also discussed is weather women are better drivers than men, You are not going to believe what happens next! If you guessed that Steve gets baked you are correct sir. See Steve with the Trailer Park Boys in March on their cruise to the Bahamas!


#11 Asian Giraffe Pussy

Episode #11 In episode #11 Steve discusses the highest vaginas and the hottest Asians. It’ll make sense when you listen to it. Call the Hotline and leave a message for Steve! 225-800-3175.


#10 Me So Horny Skating Backwards

Episode #10 On Episode #10 the guys talk weed strains and celebrities. Also discussed is the magic of our memories. Music and the roller rink…stoner talk maaaaaan. Get high with Steve Jessup Down By The River. Check out for merchandise and tour dates! Permalink


#9 Worry About Your Own Damn Self

Episode #9 On this the episode the guys have a guest in studio. They discuss this new trend of ruining people’s lives for shit they did in High School. They also discuss waterboarding a cat? Oh yeah and they all get wasted. NEW to the show is the Steve Jessup HOTLINE 225-800-3175! Call and leave Steve and Ramey a message about anything! Ask questions, tell stories, file complaints. Steve is bringing his Comedy Road Show to Kentucky and Indiana THIS WEEK! For venues and showtimes go to...


#8 Sweat Pockets And Dude Oprah

Episode #8 On Episode #8 the guys talk about getting shit done and how hard that can be. Steve sucks at installing doors and Ramey gives him shit for it. Ramey’s lady stops by and the subject of sweat pockets is discussed! Oh yeah, and they get high too. Make sure to visit for information on the Tour October 10-14 in Louisville and Indiana! Also check the site for information on the Trailer Park Boys Cruise March 6-10! Smoke up and enjoy this episode!


#7 Scratch N Sniff And Cough

Episode #7 In episode #7 Steve and Ramey discuss scratch and sniff stickers from back in the day. They also talk about how the human body starts breaking down when you get older. The guys also smoke weed and drink but you already knew that. Steve has a Midwest tour coming up October 10-13! Also, AMAZING NEWS! Steve will be joining The Trailer Park Boys on The Trailer Park Boys Cruise! Doug Benson will also be onboard sailing to the Bahamas! For more Tour, Cruise and Merchandise information...


#6 Millennial Man Hole

Episode #6 In Episode #6 Steve and Ramey discuss the hypocrisy of man-caves. Is there anything manly happening in there? Take a listen and find out what the boys think. TOUR DATES: Steve will be bringing his LIVE Comedy Roadshow to Indiana and Kentucky October 11-13! BIG NEWS: Steve Jessup will be joining The Trailer Park Boys on the Trailer Park Boys Cruise to the Bahamas March 6-10! Get more information at Tell a friend about the podcast!


#5 Losing My Shit

Episode #5 In Episode #5 Steve and Ramey discuss losing all types of things. From cell phones to bumpers we’ve all lost shit. Hang out with Steve and Ramey down by the river. Go to for tour info and Steve Jessup merchandise.


#4 Color Blind Dab Rig

Episode #4 In episode #4 the guys discuss doing Dabs while doing Dabs, getting old and wearing readers. Also discussed is what it's like being color blind. Be sure to subscribe on iTunes and write a review of the show! See Steve Jessup LIVE this week in Lafayette, LA September 7th! go to for tickets and venue information!


#3 Whiskey Weed Women Explained

Episode #3 In this episode the guys talk about the current state of "Whiskey Weed Women"! All of your questions will be answered. Get Steve Jessup merchandise and tour dates at! Write a review and subscribe to the show on iTunes. See you on the road September 7 in Lafayette, LA!


#2 Batwings & Snailtrails

Episode #2 In episode #2 we hear about Ramey's large dick and a dynamic duo called "Batwings and Snailtrails". Ramey's wife Laquisha also stops by the burn session.


#1 Show One

LAUNCH EPISODE! On this very first episode of Steve’s podcast, Down by the River, Steve and Ramey dig deep into the topics of dabs, wind chimes, one of their favorite hangs and much more. Load a bowl and join the conversation!