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The world's first podcast dedicated to the ancient art of Stone Clearing (removing stones from a field and using them for better purpose), presented by Richard Herring.

The world's first podcast dedicated to the ancient art of Stone Clearing (removing stones from a field and using them for better purpose), presented by Richard Herring.
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The world's first podcast dedicated to the ancient art of Stone Clearing (removing stones from a field and using them for better purpose), presented by Richard Herring.




Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Ozymandius. The sun is coming up behind cloud cover at about 7.40am on 8th January 2019 and the secret stone clearer of Hertfordshire reluctantly leaves his feckless family behind for a more important calling. It's a technical podcast this week, not for beginners, which will give you guidance on how to choose the stone you clear from the confusing multitude. But it also considers why the stone clearers of old have left so little evidence of their work and how working at this job...


Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Brave New Field. It's 2019, but stone clearing has gone on every year of human history and will not stop now, just because it's the future. The feckless and superstitious folks of the Hertfordshire village where Richard lives are afeared of the field stone-moving imps and have left out messages in stone to try and appease the fairy folk. But Richard is not worried about that. He has clearing to do and has to get fit so he can clear more efficiently. It's a relaxed podcast in which...


Chapter 6

Chapter 6: Horizontal Rain. It's 6.45pm on Saturday 15th or 16th December (you will have to check your calendars) and conditions are wet, but stone clearers can not stop their work just cos Noel's House Party is on or because they might get wet. The storm clouds may gather but so must shalt the stone clearer. After the show biz excitement of the opening chapters, Richard is keen to demonstrate the day to day drudgery of the task he has set himself. And he does that extremely well. Includes...


Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Dementia Dog. It's 8.20am on December 9th 2018 and conditions are breezy with occasional drizzle. The ground is still moist, which should be a worry for those who are concerned about global warming, but it's great news for stone clearers. Covered in this chapter: whether it's heresy to wear any type of clothing on the field; how to deal with sibling stones; marking your territory; what happens when you encounter an unfriendly dog owner; being the first non-bald man to wear a head...


Chapter 4

Stones 1 Gloves 0. It's 8.35 on December 4th and the Herring household has been hit by a sickness bug, but stone clearing waits for no man and the work must be done. It's frosty but the earth is moist and the stones are coming up easy, as Rich covers a variety of subjects including whether size is important, the part that urine plays in the discipline, how fast you should walk your dog and whether it would be better to clear a field of plastic. Read more about stone-clearing at...


Chapter 3

No Sparks. After a couple of podcasts for newbies, we go right in to professional level stone-clearing, with a night clear, conducted at the unGodly hour of 6.15pm on November 23rd 2018. Richard's last night stone clear was an amazing success, filled with fear, magic, fire, ice and a huge stone. Will tonight be as successful? Will Richard fall victim to a Night Hawk? Will the dim light of his torch somehow discover treasure? But what is the meaning of treasure? Stone clearing will change...


Chapter 2

Ground Spiders. It's Sunday 18th November and the sun is just coming up. Most of you are in bed, but Richard and Wolfie are already up and clearing stones and pooing respectively. Today's podcast is about the items that can trick you into thinking they are stones, plus the search for the mythical great white stone, hiding somewhere in the Stocean. Hope you like the new theme tune written by Mike Cosgrave. For more info on stone clearing see If you have any...


Chapter 1

Rock, Paper, Scissors - it's 7.42am on November 12th 2018 and Richard is setting out on another dog walk, but unbeknownst to his stupid family there will be something else going on, Stone Clearing. In this first proper episode Richard passes on some basic techniques of stone clearing as well as demonstrating how to keep your identity and what you are doing secret from the non-stone-clearing idiots. There are no rules, but he will give you some anyway. Also you might worry slightly that he...



Intro - Herring's Mound. On 7th November 2018 in light drizzle Richard Herring takes his dog round the field in order to introduce you to the concept of stone-clearing and his motivations for doing so. In a recording that is sure to infuriate audiophiles he takes us through some of the basic stone-clearing techniques, narrowly avoids standing in some dog faeces and attempts to hide what he is doing from a mysterious, coughing dog-walker. He also encounters somebody's passive-aggressive...