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A group of misfits take control of a group of well intentioned ragabonds for an adventure through a fantastic world full of peril and poop jokes. Improvised humor derived through live play role-playing games is what you came here looking for, right?

A group of misfits take control of a group of well intentioned ragabonds for an adventure through a fantastic world full of peril and poop jokes. Improvised humor derived through live play role-playing games is what you came here looking for, right?


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A group of misfits take control of a group of well intentioned ragabonds for an adventure through a fantastic world full of peril and poop jokes. Improvised humor derived through live play role-playing games is what you came here looking for, right?






Iron and Honor Episode 10: The Brown Bay Boys

The Heroes of Lashammer find themselves in an intense athletic competition. With shaky rules and barbarian warriors standing in the way of their prize, the heroes dip, dive and dodge their way to the second key to ancient Sarsa. And remember kids, NO MAGIC!


Iron and Honor Episode 9: The Wildcard

The Heroes of Lasthammer journey to the depths of The Wall of Swords in Sarsa. There, they seek the final piece to the artifact, and an end to this reign of evil called Tripthra.


Traveller's Tales Episode 5: Along Came A Spider

After accepting this quest from the mysterious old man in the forest of Silverypine, The Elves find themselves on the open sea, headed towards the northern lands of Sarsa in search of Deadeye. After the massacre at Sandywhun, our heroes journey onward with Captain Heronica, meeting new friends along the way, and clinging to the hope that when they find this man Deadeye, they find the answers they seek.


Iron and Honor Episode 8: Reunion

The Heroes of Lasthammer are back in the material plane, bringing with them old friends and new. Has the time they spent in hell changed them, and will they continue the path they are on to defeat this ultimate evil.


Iron and Honor Episode 7: The Touch of Evil

Our heroes find themselves surrounded by potential allies, many of them powerful, some of them annoying. As a growing threat comes knocking at their door, it is up to them to fight back, or escape. Will they fail? What are they willing to sacrifice for the greater good?


Traveller's Tales Episode 4: Sandywhun

The Elves say their final goodbyes to the folk of Silvery Pine. Headed for Sandywhun in hope of finding passage to the land of Sarsa, their journey seems to be off to a dangerously rocky start,


Iron and Honor Episode 6: Blood, Crypts and Hell's Angels

Beyond the halls of lesser demons lie the sanctum of the greater evil's of hell. Bellamy uses the power of acting to defeat the minions of hell, while Dos and Cayde use more conventional methods such as stealth and powerful magic's. An unexpected ally presents themself at a most opportune time.


Iron and Honor Episode 5: Mouth First Through The Blood Portal

The Heroes of Lasthammer venture further into the bowels of hell, and Bellamy shows just how much he is willing to sacrifice if it means victory. Will the craft of acting be enough to gain the upperhand against the legions of demons that lie in wait?


Iron and Honor Episode 4: Duel with the Devil

There is a song at the fiery heart of hell and it echoes across every stone and through every hall. The Heroes of Lasthammer will find the source of this if they hope to escape the lower planes.


Iron and Honor Episode 3: Pride like Lions

The onslaught of monstrosities continues to flow endlessly from the wizards tower, and maybe if they keep asking the DM will allow our heroes to keep one.


Iron and Honor Episode 2: Long live the Dutchess

The heroes of Lasthammer are meeting the various reputable figures of Sarsa and discovering it takes a certain level of cunning to survive this wilderness. Bellamy fights for his life miles above the ground. Sven and Dos continue to bond in battle while Cayde forms a new roguish rivalry.


Iron and Honor Episode 1: An Oath Beyond Blood

Our heroes introduce themselves to the new land the only way they know how, with fire and a loud bang. In an effort to reunite after being flung in opposite directions Bellamy, Cade and Dos will forge alliances and rivalries with some of the natives of Sarsa. They will soon learn the ways of the people here differ greatly from their own and it may take some work to find compromise. The Shadow King is not the only danger lurking in the cold north.


Interlude Minisode Part II: Onward Ho!

Much has changed in Lasthammer since the heroes had departed so long ago, their legacy continues to grow amongst the people they call their subjects. Darkness continues to rise in power while these weary warriors rest though and before long the road calls again. Armed with new knowledge and supported by their closest allies they begin the trial of Iron and Honor.


Interlude Minisode: Homeward Bound

The Heroes of Lasthammer have not been home in over five years, what awaits their return to the land they liberated from the Goblins so long ago? Part one of two of the prelude to the dramatic conclusion of our first season.


Song and Shroom Episode 7: The Battle for Bromhelm

The time for subterfuge is over as the war against the Shadow King has ignited from a spark into a raging inferno. What will befall the people of Bromhelm as the forces of darkness descend upon them?


Song and Shroom Episode 7: An Ominous Invitation

previously on SBH: The heroes three find a way to disguise their entire group to look like a circus. This gets them access to the city as entertainment(since Cade and Dos have both been exiled from the city) but are then conscripted into party entertainers by none other than King Thotharus himself.


Song and Shroom Episode 6: The Calzone of Truth

The circus is in town! The skills of our heroes are put to the test when they have to disguise an entire troupe of people! Will they be able to infiltrate the city of Bromhelm and speak to King Thotharus or will they be thrown in the dungeons yet again?


Traveller's Tales Episode 3: What Lurks in the Forest

The Elves trek their way back to the Bandit King to turn in their ill gotten gains, but a potentially more righteous yet more deadly path has revealed itself. Will these three choose the right way or the easy way? Meanwhile, things are set in motion deep in the forest that may change the land forever.


Song and Shroom Episode 5: The One Where They Join the Circus

Although Korvain is now behind bars there is much more work to be done in the fight against the Shadow King. Sharp tounges and tampered evidence won't get them through the mighty gates of Bromhelm. There must be another way...


Fantasy Law and Order pt 2: Electric Boogaloo

Korvain is on trial, now the case must be built to make sure he is convicted. Witnesses and evidence must be collected, the boys may need to get a little creative to ensure crime doesn't pay.