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This is a new live play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, Join us as we create an adventure full of loot and larceny. We blend a perfect balance of action and humor to entertain you biweekly.

This is a new live play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, Join us as we create an adventure full of loot and larceny. We blend a perfect balance of action and humor to entertain you biweekly.
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This is a new live play Dungeons and Dragons podcast, Join us as we create an adventure full of loot and larceny. We blend a perfect balance of action and humor to entertain you biweekly.






Episode 16: Blood and Bond Episode 7: The Sanguine Tomb

The Snoke feud has come to a bloody end at the hands of the upstart mage Severus. Before the full weight of his actions have even been determined he and Bellamy are off in an effort to rescue Dos and Suh at the temple of The Bleeding Tree. The battle has been hard fought for the party, but things are only going to get worse before they get better.


A Special Message!!

The producers of SBH talk about plans for the future and stuff. Don't worry, a new episode is on the way!


Episode 14: Travellers Tales Episode 2: The Bandit King

Just as Piranya, Theo and Druscilla uncover a new mystery regarding the disappearance of Barnaby and a mysterious man who stepped from a great fire they are captured by agents of a man known only as The Bandit King. the group plus this "Burning Man" are chained and soon discover this King is no king at all but rather a man from one of their pasts who presents an offer too good to be passed up.


Blood and Bond Episode 6: Lineage

In an effort to secure The Bleeding Tree our brave heroes enlist the aid of a captured smuggler. Just as the plan is being set in motion, an army is spotted with none other than Nagindra Snoke at its head. Severus, knowing what must be done, sets off to settle the score once and for all and to determine the fate of his people.


Episode 12: Blood and Bond Episode 5: A Boy Named Suh

A new ally appears in the form of the smooth talking and sticky fingered Suh Dukai. One particular name on the list leads the newly bolstered team to a brothel, and who better to blend into a high end whorehouse then the Prancersons?


Blood and Bond Episode 4: The List

Our brave warriors have bested beasts in dank dungeons and scattered street thugs to the winds but not every battle is one by the strength of sword and spell. The Shadow King has spies in the city and its it's up to The Heroes Three to discover their identities. How you ask? Going undercover of course!


Blood and Bond Episode 3: The Royal Errand

Just when our unlikely heroes thought they could rest on the laurels of their victory against the slave trafficking rider gang they are thrust into further peril through the machinations of an ambitious prince. As Bellamy sticks his neck out for his teams' reputation, Severus sticks his nose up at the nobles' accommodations. Dos gets to the center of things quicker than he expects.


Blood and Bond Episode 2: The Wayward Viper

Fantasy cops on patrol! An encounter with a boisterous rider leads the trio of heroes on a highly unexpected mission. Bellamy makes use of a certain set of skills, Dos meets his new deity and Severus follows leads on his mission to find his bigger (and stronger) brother.


Blood and Bond Episode 1: The Mourning Wood

With new adventures lie new adversaries as the heroes three venture forth armed with their newly acquired memories. A powerful new threat arrives. Severus explores his land for tasty treats but instead learns the bitter truth about his family.


Lasthammer Episode 6: Home

Our Heroes have come to the end of their expected path, little did they know what solving their murders would lead to. Valorra uses the power of the amulet to unlock the memories hidden within the party. The memories unlocked shed light on many things, but where light shines shadows grow.


Bonus Episode: Traveller's Tales

This special episode was completely improvised by the Dungeon Master, we intentionally left some table talk in to hear our progression and occasional tutorials for our new players. New original theme music created by Philip and Michael. This episode begins in a quiet forest village, a frantic knock on the door of a certain priest is the beginning to an adventure of epic proportion.


Lasthammer Episode 5: The Vow of Final Redemption

After being tricked into a battle with undead royalty, the trio devises a strategy to deal with the betrayers as well as acquire the amulet they were tasked with recovering.


Lasthammer Episode 4: The Invention of Jazz

Due to mysterious circumstances our heroes are on the run from the law and must enlist the aid of the rebellion to clear their good names and overthrow the invaders to the realm. Now with orginal music composed by none other than our DM Philip.


Lasthammer Episode 3: The Lord in Chains

The episode opens in the common area of The Broken String. The heroes prepare for a journey into the sewers on a rescue mission, Dos does so by doing a little shopping the only way he knows how. Severus lengthens the mysterious line of acid burned bodies in his wake.


Lasthammer Episode 2: The Broken String

This episode finds out heroes entering the city of Last Hammer in an effort to find the man last known to have seen the heroes before their death. Witness subterfuge, deception and attempts to fumble through their next adventure.


Lasthammer Episode 1: The Mines of Thothhammer

A Live-play Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition podcast, listen as a goodly Paladin with a drinking problem attempts to reign in the actions of a Necromancer with a penchant for acid burns and a Mischievous Bard with a love for lute and larceny. Our Dungeon Master is played by Philip Gamez, Severus is played by Johnny Bane, Dos is played by Kyle Bergmann and Sir William is played by Michael Sanders.