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Modern Times – Die Hard Meets Fake News

NEW PODCAST ALERT! In Blank Meets Blank we invent a new TV show every episode, starting with two random hat drawings and ending with a pilot, a first season summary and a fantasy cast. This is something we’ve been working on behind the scenes for a while (eagle-eared listeners will note references in this pilot...


Stranger Things 3 Overall Retrospective

Stranger Things 3 was only a little over a month ago, but it might as well have been 1,000 years ago but let’s take advantage of this 1,000 year hindsight and go over some general thoughts and nitpicks on the 3rd outing and where we think things just might go! What’s your opinion? Email us...


Stranger Things 3 Chapter 1 & 2 “Suzie, Do You Copy?”, “The Mall Rats”

It’s that time that comes every more than a year! Stranger Things time! Netflix has gifted us with 8 more chapters consisting of Stranger Things 3! Jim and Jakob are here to give some brief initial thoughts while delving into a little bit of the first two episodes. Are you ready to go back to...


How do we fix Stranger Things 2?

Now that Stranger Things 2 is over and done with, we look back on things that could be fixed, and we look toward the future! How would you “fix” Stranger Things 2? There are, quite obviously, spoilers for Stranger Things 2 in this discussion, so watch it first, it’s really good, we promise! Send your...


Stranger Things 2 Review Episodes 7-9

Let’s turn it up to 11 on this review of the final three Stranger Things 2 episodes! Send your feedback to or tweet us @showswhatuknow! Send us a review on iTunes and recommend a show for us to watch! For more from Jim Scampoli check out Jim and Them for more from Jakob Burrows...


Stranger Things 2 Review Episodes 4-6

Jim and Jakob are still hanging out in Hawkins dodging alternate dimensions, demodogs and mind flayers! We are here discussing the middle section of Stranger Things 2 and boy are things starting to heat up! Come along for the ride as we circle the wagons and get ready for the finale! Please send your feedback...


Stranger Things 2 Review Episodes 1-3

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Stranger Things is back to usher in this Halloween season and we here at (Shows What You Know) are ready to consume and break down this show as soon as possible! Jim and Jakob are here to discuss and react to the first 3 episodes of...


Stranger Things S01E05-08

We are back with a new episode, continuing our love letter to the new Netflix show, Stranger Things! This podcast episode finishes out the first season, covering episodes 5-8 and our thoughts on the show as a whole and where we would like to see it go from here. Love is in the air when...


Stranger Things S01E01-04

Here it is! A new episode of Shows What You Know! This is one that is not to be missed as we get into the latest Netflix show that is sweeping the Internet, Stranger Things! In this podcast episode we focus on the first 4 episodes. This show is one of the main reasons...