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Fresh, Entertaining, Funny, and Insightful Commentary on whats happening in the Culture. All from a Detroit Perspective! Listen, Share and when we get big, Buy our Merch!!

Fresh, Entertaining, Funny, and Insightful Commentary on whats happening in the Culture. All from a Detroit Perspective! Listen, Share and when we get big, Buy our Merch!!
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Fresh, Entertaining, Funny, and Insightful Commentary on whats happening in the Culture. All from a Detroit Perspective! Listen, Share and when we get big, Buy our Merch!!




Episode 21- What Side You On?

Episode 21 the Crew is back with Special Guest @_jasminegraham . We talk about Morehouse Graduates getting their Tuition Paid, all the new Abortion Laws sweeping across the country, and we dive deep into when it comes to Courting, Dating, Relationships, and the Bedroom whether we are Modernist or Traditionalist. Another Classic Episode of your Favorite Podcast! Subscribe, Follow and Slide in our DMs on all Platforms IG- @Stretchtheculture Twitter- @StrchtheCulture Also Follow our Hosts on IG...


Episode 20- Nipsey

This Episode the crew is back sharing our thoughts on the Passing of Nipsey Hussle, joined by special Guests @j.uuni, @darklord_escada and @Coastwilde . We give our takes on Nipsey's Impact, our own experiences with anxiety growing up as a Black Man in the Hood, whether one should Leave or Stay once you get successful, and what we would like to see change in the Culture. #LongLiveNipsey We also learn what these Creatives Do and some of the dope projects and events they are working on. A...


Episode 19 - Hogtie

This Episode the Crew is Back at it and we Recap the Atomic R. Kelly interview, we also confirm that Mike did that shit, Discuss a rapper who was recently arrested for rapping about all his crimes, and answer one our listeners with our Question of the Day...How long do you wait to meet up with a Guy that you met on Social Media? Another classic episode of your favorite Podcast. Follow and Share Follow us on Instagram @Stretchtheculture Twitter @Strchtheculture Facebook-Stretch the Culture...


Episode 18-March Madness

This Episode your favorite Podcast goes back in time to Discuss Kanye's First Album 'The College Dropout' and our views on College in General. We also touch on Post Sex Regrets, Toni Harris, Jordyn Woods, Nick Cannon saying he doesn't want his woman to work, Women who Say they don't need a Man and Chris talks about his Birthday! The Laughs don't stop with this one! Thanks for Listening Follow us on Instagram @stretchtheculture Twitter @strchtheculture Powered by...


Episode 17-Wisdom

On This Episode of Stretch the Culture, the Crew is back with Michigans only All Women Poetry Collective, Wisdom. We Dive into Who they are, their Poetic insights, their Inspirations and they all take turns blessing us with some Bars on the Microphone. We also discuss more little known Black History facts, Hair Discrimination, if men are insecure about their hair too?, Women Dealing with Rejection and The Question of the Day..Whose Role is it to initiate Men or Women? All that plus More!...


Episode 16-Smollett

On this Episode of Stretch the Culture we jump right into the Jussie Smollett Controversy, Gucci Boycott, Boarder Issues, Going back to Africa and much more. We are joined by special Guests @keritroberts phenomenal Business Architect and Brand Strategist and @stephtjr from the upcoming Webseries 'Natives'. Subscribe, Follow and Share Follow us on IG @stretchtheculture twitter @strchtheculture


Episode 15-Melanin

This Week the crew is joined by Scientist, Entrepreneur, and Startup Co-Founder Deirdre Roberson. She discusses her many ventures, how she started her clothing Brand @EuMelanin and much more. We start the show off with some lesser known Black History Facts. We dive into all the dynamics of Valentines Day and if it should be renamed. We also review some new music and ask our Etiquette Question, Can You Date your Ex's Friend?? Subscribe, Share, and Follow IG @Stretchtheculture Twitter...


Episode 14-A Man Got Needs

This Week on Stretch the Culture Podcast we are joined by two amazing Guests, Flee and Alex. We answer a Listeners question on when can a Man get a Sidepiece in a Sexless marriage. We also ask what's the Etiquette on Dating immediately after a Breakup?, when is it cool to 'Let Loose' in front of your mate, and we ask the ladies are you down to go on a Groupon Date? Thanks for Listening remember to Subscribe, Follow, Like, Share, Comment, and Connect with us #StretchtheCulture...


Episode 13- Closing the Chocolate Factory

The Wait is Over, We Back to Stretch the Culture. This Episode the Crew discusses R. Kelly, the victims, the enablers, and if we are still going to Listen to his music. We also talk about Cyntoia Brown being granted Clemency, Are we for or against Donald Trumps Boarder wall and who is to blame for the Government Shutdown. Joined By @lamariagrace who tells us all about her Self Care Sundays here in Detroit, friend of the Show @Uknowrah and first time guest Monti. Connect with Us. IG...


Episode 12- Wins and Losses

This episode the crew is joined by special guest @50Barz. We talk about his many business ventures including Concert Promoter, Mortgage Banker, and Hooka Lounge owner. We also give our take on who is the 'King' of R&B, Facebook knowing your future, and we take a deep look into Pornhubs 2018 year in Review. Follow us on IG @StretchtheCulture on Twitter @ Strchtheculture Powered by @Creatvesupply


Episode 11- It was all a Dream

In Episode 11 the Crew is joined by Ali Omar, Founder of Fashion Brand Godnii. During this insightful conversation we dive into his background, his inspirations, lessons he learned the way and why "It was All a Dream. We also discuss Kareem Hunt, Kevin Hart, and the secret covert war being fought on the internet that you won't like at all. We appreciate all the Love. Help us continue growing and tell a Friend about us. IG-Stretchtheculture Twitter-Strchtheculture


Episode 10- Wave Of the Future

In Episode 10 we are joined by special guest @jasmineswashington we touch on stories from all around the World including Michelle Obama's Record setting book sales, Nudes For Cash, Sex Doll Brothel, Dowries in Africa, Dwight Howard taking Shots, and we ask Can Sex Last too Long? Vibe with us, Talk with us, Connect with us Subscribe to our Page Follow us on Instagram @StretchtheCulture Twitter- @strchtheculture Powered by @CreatveSupply #Stretchtheculture


Episode 9- Love Over Everything

The Crew is Back with another classic, with us today Entrepreneur, Creator of Detroit Been Dope, Love over Everything, and 'No Reservations' Friend and Guest of the Show, Rah. Find him on IG @UknowRah. We discuss his Entrepreneurial journey from Detroit, to Atlanta, and back to Detroit again. This Must listen conversation is full of Gems and Jewels for our listeners. We also talk about Buying property, Getting your Passport, Black people getting the police called on us for doing normal...


Episode 8 - Friendly or Flirting

Episode 8- Friendly or Flirting? Join the crew as we shine a spotlight on Entrepreneur and Record Producer @kingfundsthe1st. We discuss his journey, his fashion line 'Die Rich Clothing' and his new single 'We are the Kings'. We also talk about Who got elected and what got passed. Mass shooting at an all time high. Can you really be whatever you want to be? Question of the Day-What are the Lines between Friendly and Flirting in a Relationship? And our Etiquette Topic- When you Man is not...


Episode 7- Vote

Join the Stretch the Culture Crew as we Discuss Voting, Takeaways from Halloween, No Nut November, Whats the Right Etiquette for Communicating Your intentions in the Bedroom and More. Engage with us Let us know what you think. Subscribe and Follow our IG Page @StretchtheCulture


StretchtheCulture Episode 6- It Does What it Wannna Do

Episode 6 the Crew is Back with another Podcast Classic. This Episode we talk about Cuffing Season, Voting, Political Conspiracy Theories, Performance Issues in the Bedroom, Cellphone Etiquette on a Date and Who Pays for the Bill. Thanks for the Support, Listen Subscribe and Tell a Friend. We Can be found on Soundcloud, Spotify, Stitcher, and Apple Podcast! Follow us on IG @StretchtheCulture and on Twitter on @StrchtheCulture. *Powered by @CreatveSupply*


StretchTheCulture Episode 5- Millennials

Corey, Jason, Antoine and Chris are joined by Guest Charity to discuss her Hit Single 'Millennials' What inspired it and What are some of the issues 'Millennials' face as they navigate the struggles of Career, Love and Expectations. Also Joined By Tommy and Ammerah, We talk about situationships, HBCUs vs PWIs, and how do we achieve upward Mobility. IG @StretchTheCulture. Twitter @StrchtheCulture. Stream the track Millennials by @Charity on any Streaming Platform. Powered by @CreatveSupply....


StretchTheCulture Episode 4- Do you Really wanna Know

Episode 4- Do you really want to know who your new Partner was with before you? Do you Give up the Password to your Phone? Consent before Sex?...Today we talk about that Plus How to Define Art, Bill Cosby, Lil Wayne and More... Your New favorite Podcast. Listen, Subscribe, and Share with a Friend We appreciate the Love!


StretchTheCulture Episode 3- 'GentriFried Chicken'

In Episode 3 we talk about...Tiger Woods Finally Claws his Way out the Sunken Place. Have you ever Had to Spin your way out of a date? Mark Cuban and the Dirty Dallas Mavericks, Supreme Court in Supreme Trouble. Would you Like if You Couldn't get Likes? Blacks, Whites and Gentrification, How do we Co-Exist? We Appreciate every listen. Subscribe. Share. Tell a Friend @StretchtheCulture on IG


Stretch the Culture Episode 2- The Anxiety is Real

The Crew is back for Episode 2, this Time with some Friends. Listen as we dive into....If you kneel you can Watch the NFL? Where are the Black Bums? Is Anxiety real? The Dallas Shooting, Police Privilege or White Privilege? When is a Hoe a Hoe? and we try to decipher what NAS is really Like!! Listen, Share with a Friend and check us out on IG @stretchtheculture