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62: Is Coincidence a Myth? The Law of Synchronicity

What if you could scientifically prove that there are no coincidences? Famed physicist Carl G. Jung did just that in 1920. Wait, was he a physicist? Okay, yeah, I'm looking at a picture of him now and he was definitely a physicist. In this synchronistic 'sode of Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson will make you question if it really was just random chance that you found this incredible podcast.


61: The Most Believable Alien Contact We've Recieved

Do you know what we call the Wow signal? No I'm not talking about the speed you log into World of Warcraft! I didn't know our listeners were a bunch of nerds. Sorry, I didn't mean to bully you. Some of my best friends play WoW... What were we talking about? Oh yeah! Aliens. Join Asher and Jackson as they dive deep into the world of Alien radio signals.


60: Tracking People with RFID

Y'allready KNOW what it is


59: The Community of Enlightened Birdmen

Have you ever wondered why the crows are watching us so actively? I've always just thought they wanted us to domesticate us. Turns out they're people too. Join Asher and Jackson as they dive deep into the weirdest areas of Reddit.


58: Miraculous Staircase

Who built the miraculous floating staircase in Santa Fe? It's no stairway to heaven, but a small church in New Mexico that tramples on the rules of physics is not going to go unnoticed. But how does a climb on these divine steps compare to a passably functional service elevator? In this 'sode of Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson will elevate you to a higher understanding of the divine realm... and Southwest American architecture.


57: The Universe Started Last Thursday

What were you doing last Wednesday? Last Wednesday, I was merely a concept in my creator's mind being prepped with my current memories for my new creation. It was either that or going to an escape room. Well, now I can't remember. Join Asher and Jackson as they break down the beliefs of Last Thursdayism.


56: Antarctic Tanks

Has a satellite photo ever accidentally captured a UFO crash site? We have a possible contender that comes from bowels of Santa's maximum security prison, The South Pole. But with the crash so close to an American research station, how could the feds NOT get involved? On this wasteland of an episode, Asher and Jackson will CHILL you to the core with chilling (yes, again) photographic proof of foreign space craft. Tank Site: 77*49'53.4"S 166*50'33.4"E New Crater Site: 80*34'08.4S...


55: The Incident at Dyatlov Pass

Did either of you guys ever watch Free Solo or 127 Hours? No way! We're both super anxious about everything! Why would we watch something like that? This week, dive deep with Asher and Jackson as they dive into the mystery of what happened on a Russian mountain top 60 years ago.


54: Skull and Bones Society

Are the Bonesmen members of a secret society hellbent on world domination or just big fans of Pirates of the Caribbean? At least one of those is probably true, but when the world's most infamous fraternity isn't marathoning Johnny Depp movies... what ARE they up to? In this 'sode of Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson dig deep to unearth the secret of The Tomb.


53: Cryptid Corner — The Mapinguari

How do normal people celebrate Amazon Prime Day (Week)? By boycotting the bad stuff that Bezos is doing? That's not what our boys Asher and Jackson are doing. In this episode join Asher and Jackson as they dissect Brazil's fun new cryptid, the Mapinguari.


52: 50 States of Paranoia! You Won't Believe Your State!

Red state? Blue State? No longer should these labels divide us, for we are all one people, united together by our crippling fear of Mothman. But what state fears Mothman the most? In this audio-format-listicle-sode of Strictly Confidiential, Asher and Jackson prove paranoia lives in all 50 of these great united states.


51: The Axman — The New Orleans Killer

Have you ever heard about the man who coined the term Axe Murderer? Well, neither have we. Genuinely no idea. This guy doesn't even have anything to do with that guy apparently. Whatever. Join Asher and Jackson as they dive deep into The Axman and his motives may surprise you.


50: Shirley Temple was a Dwarf Princess

Was America's Little Darling actually a little person? Shirley Temple could sing, dance, and probably do a third thing. How many six year olds do you know that can do ONE of those? In this 'sode of Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson will make you question what it means to be a star... and probably get that "Animal Crackers" song stuck in your head.


49: The Mystery of Stonehenge

Have you ever heard of Stonehenge? Isn't it where people get blazed and show off their wacky outfits? I'm thinking of Coachella? That can't possible be true. This week, join Asher and Jackson as they uncover the mystery of these spooky stones.


48: Searching for Sunken Treasure

How much gold awaits us at the bottom of the briny depths? Most dolphins know the answer, but they ain't talking. I mean, they DO talk, dolphins have a very sophisticated language that we've only begun to understand, but they aren't narcs. In this deep sea 'sode of Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson will make you rethink laughing at the people who bring metal detectors to the beach.


47: The Truth of Thomas Edison

Do you think you could have invented something as monumental as the lightbulb? Personally, I think I did when I made bagel quesadillas for the first time but nobody's giving me the same credit as they gave Edison. It's pretty frustrating, but still. Anyways, join Asher and Jackson as they dive deep into the history behind man with the first lightbulb moment.


46: Gaming The Lottery

Is it possible to guarantee winning the jackpot? You're more likely to get struck by lightning. You're more likely to win an Olympic medal. You're more likely to see John Travolta's face and not feel fear. And yet, one man has won the lottery 14 times. What is his secret? Don't bet against this 'sode of Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson are feeling lucky... and maybe you will too.


45: Blue Harvest: The Secret Star Wars Film

Have you ever seen a Star Wars film? What the one with the ring? And the wands? And the crocodiles? Yeah, you got it. Today, join Asher and Jackson as go orbital into the lore behind this secret Star Wars production rumor.


44: The Oldest Trick In The Book

Have you ever been swindled or scammed by somebody on the street? Okay so yeah I realize NOW he wasn't a Nigerian Prince but who was I to deny true destiny? Today, join Asher and Jackson as they dive deep into the lore to learn the origins oldest recorded trick and the history of hoodwinks.


43: Scandinavian Ghost Rockets

Have you ever looked up into the sky, saw a shooting star, and wished you could learn something from a funny podcast? Well too bad, because in this week's episode we come to no conclusions at all. Join Asher and Jackson as they uncover what I'm not afraid to say is Sweden's most interesting recent historical memory.