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22: The Franklin Expedition

Have you ever wanted to explore the beautiful land of the Inuits? I mean, anyone who's seen the Ice Age or Happy Feet documentaries craves going somewhere that cold. Join Asher and Jackson as they speculate on what truly happened to the SS Terror in 1845.


21: The Hammersmith Ghost

What do you think happened in 1803 in West London? You don’t know what could have happened? What are you, a ghost? In this week’s episode, join Asher and Jackson as they learn what really went down in the land they must have based Runescape off of.


20: Birds Aren't Real

What’s going on with those big feathery things in the sky? Are they real? Are they Superman? Are they secret cameras? Tune in to today’s episode to hear Asher and Jackson make fun of bird watchers and learn about the deep dark history of birds.


19: Big Oil Killed Perpetual Motion (and Stanley Meyer)

Are large oil corporations concealing the existence of free energy? Even a simple machine that continues in perpetual motion could be the source of limitless power. So yeah, humans have been trying to make one for while now. But have all the attempts really been failures? In this fuel efficient episode of Strictly Confidential, your hosts Asher and Jackson will make you regret buying that Hummer more than you already do.


18: Outback Steakhouse Is The Illuminati

What’s the most mysterious thing about America’s favorite Australian chain? No, we’re not talking about Chris Hemsworth’s necklace. In this week’s episode, pay close attention to Asher and Jackson as they dive into how this restaurant chain is involved with the most mysterious organization Taco Bell knows about.


17: Mozart was Poisoned

Wolgang Amadeus died tragically young of a sudden unknown illness, but was it something he caught or pre-meditated murder? Who would have beef with a classical composer? According to Schroeder, Beethoven was better anyway. In this arrangement of Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson invite special guest expert Hayen Coie to shed light on this ages-old mystery.


16: The Sinking of the Titanic was Planned

Hey Jake from Statefarm, what's your company's best rate for hundred-year-old ocean liners? You don't insure ships that have already sunk! Well as it turns out that may not be too much of an issue. In today's broadcast, listen as Asher and Jackson break apart what really happened on the Titanic, and just so you know, we don't even bring up how obvious it is that Jack could have fit on that door.


15: Queen Elizabeth is a Cannibal

Could the beloved Queen Elizabeth II have a secret taste for human flesh? She doesn't get a free pass because she's so old... if anything that means her taste buds can tolerate more forbidden flavors. In this required course for your online culinary school, host Asher and chef Jackson will make you rethink every meatloaf you've ever eaten.


14: Gucci Mane Is A Government Clone

What are the chances there are two Gucci Manes walking around God’s green Earth? Or even more? They’ve certainly released enough music for that to be realistic. In this week’s episode, listen as Asher and Jackson dive into why the Government would want more than one Trap God.


13: We're Being Brainwashed by Fluoride

Could the flavorless chemicals in our water be making us easier to subjugate? Eight out of ten dentists recommend a healthy distrust in the federal government. In this week's broadcast, Asher and Jackson will cause you to question how many nefarious purposes can be veiled by just one suggested benefit.


12: Southeast Georgia Is Haunted By A River Monster

Is it possible that Scotland’s biggest pet could have pen pals around the world? And no, we’re not talking about any of the characters in the Dragon Ball franchise. In this week’s episode, learn what Asher and Jackson uncover about the dark, possibly lovable, history of the wild life in Georgia.


11: Israel Trains Sharks to be Spies

The shark attacks in Egypt in 2010 were bizarre and unprecedented, but could they have been intentional? This Shark Week we're investigating a conspiracy those cowards at Discovery Channel wouldn't DARE touch. Or maybe they have, they've been doing Shark Week since 1988 and you're gonna scrape the barrel at some point. Either way, Asher and Jackson will take you on a deep dive into what's possible in the world of aquatic espionage.


10: Arsenal Poisoned Tottenham To Keep Them Out Of The Champions League

What are the biggest sports theories? That football doesn’t make any sense as a sport? That no sport really does? In this week’s broadcast, learn what Asher and Jackson think about the concept of Italian pasta warfare. Also, follow them to Debunktown as they discover what truly happened to The Beatles franchise.


09: Adam Sandler Can See The Future

Can Adam Sandler see the future and forewarn tragedy? Extensive documentation suggests that he's able to do just that. Today on Strictly Confidential, Asher and Jackson prove that you can't believe everything you don't read.


08: The Free Masons Saved The 2012 Olympics From Aliens

What was really going on at the 2012 Olympic opening games? Surely that couldn’t have been the real Voldemort right? If he was that tall he’d have no problem slaying the boy wizard. This week, dive in and join Asher and Jackson as they discover the truth behind the Free Masons.


07: Walt Disney Is Cryogenically Frozen

Was the 2013 cult classic “Frozen” written to hide something far more sinister? Well, there was certainly something sinister about that spooky snowman, Olaf. Snowmen can’t talk! In this week’s broadcast, pay attention to what Asher and Jackson have to tell you about what the pirates in Anaheim are truly hiding.


06: The Dark Ages Never Happened

Were there really dragons and knights roaming the world twelve hundred years ago? If we can trust the history books, The Lord of the Rings, then we know there had to have been. In today’s broadcast, listen as Asher and Jackson discover the true and bizarre history of the calendar.


05: Dinosaurs Built the Pyramids

Could the Great Pyramid have been the handiwork of a terrible lizard? With those little stick arms, it would have taken a T-Rex a lot of time, but Earth has had plenty of that. Anything can happen in 4.5 billion years, and in this week's show, Asher and Jackson put things into a (much) bigger perspective.


04: Barack Obama Can Control the Weather

Was the first African American president also the first X-Man in politics? I know there are people who wouldn’t be surprised if he could shoot lasers out of his eyes, but that’s not what we’re talking about now. On this week’s broadcast, Asher and Jackson prove that the government could be doing more than just making sure you don’t eat poison. Also, we definitely want to apologize because one of our hosts got trapped in outer space for this broadcast and the only recording device he could...


03: The Moth Man was Real

What did those couples see in the dark that night in 1966? I’ve heard tell that it was the big bird from Sesame Street. What’s his name? Oh, it couldn’t possibly have been him. In this episode, Asher and Jackson prove that any town can have a dark side- especially if it’s a town in West Virginia.