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S2 Episode #025-"Free Ballin"

For 2 guys who really didn't have much to talk about....they sure had much to talk about. #SIT with ya boys as they take a brief look at Nasir, men's health, inbox adequate and a few other things that I forgot. Traffic's thick but we worries.


S2 Episode #024-"Head Of The F.N.A"

In this episode we discuss the second and apparently the final round of the Drake vs. Pusha T war of words. Also Roseanne Barr's "latest" racist comments, and the head of the F.N.A....Jonathan Todd Jackson...certified. With a few other topics sprinkled here and there. So #SIT back and enjoy another episode "Stuck In Traffic."


Bonus Episode* "Aubrey's Plan"

Surprise!!!! We called this emergency episode of "Stuck In Traffic" to discuss the Pusha T album...maybe as well as Aubrey's Duppy the response to Pusha T's Infrared. So let's #SIT and see how this ones gonna play out.


S2 Episode #023-"What's In The Bag!!!"

On this episode of "Stuck In Traffic" Dubb H and Big Ty discuss the most anticipated event of the year...the Royal Wedding, T.I's wake up call, Young Dolph stuntin on Duke University, and a few other thing sprinkled in between. So #SIT back and enjoy the ride. Be sure to listen, like, share, rate, and subscribe.


S2 Episode #022-"Wake Up Mr. West!!!"

Come #SIT with me and my very special guest co-host Ms. Teshania Bey of "Brains & Beauty LLC." In this episode we talk about the artist formerly known as Kanye West, the vision of Childish Gambino, and Race, Relationships and Woke. As always feel free to rate, comment, and subscribe.


Episode #021-"ImProper Cutz"

#SIT in with ya boys on location at the hood famous barbershop Proper Cutz; as we discuss Starbucks, Gary Owen and his "down ass chick", JABolous, and a few other topics. We also had a few guest co-hosts on set....Jay-Dubb, DJ Cheeks, and good ole Mr. D'USSÉ. So #SIT back buckle up and enjoy the ride!!!!


S2 Episode #020-"Night Of The Living Booger Wolf"

Run!!!! #SIT with ya boys as they tell tales of an unspeakable creature. To some this entity has the power to take over your mind, body, and soul. I put this animal in the top 10 of the world's most dangerous species....THE BOOGER WOLF, but luckily we have a few safety tips to help you survive their most fierce attack.


S2 Episode #019-"You Get No Passes!!!"

Wait....could the be the trifecta?? YES IT IS. Since we have been receiving so much love lately we decided to hit y'all with a 3rd episode in as many weeks. #SIT ya boyz as we speak on the antics of the new "King Of New York" Tekashi 6ix9nie, hustler vs. scam artist, and much much more. Be sure to SHARE SHARE SHARE, LIKE, RATE, and SUBSCRIBE! We will now be back on schedule so see y'all in 2 weeks, but who knows.....HOLLA!!!


S2 Episode #018-"Brains 'N' Beauty

We have a special early episode of Stuck In Traffic. The beautiful women from Brains N Beauty LLC decided to #SIT with us to discuss the upcoming 2nd annual Empowerment Bunch, their stance on men and women equality, and the Slut Walk...? Oh well let the chaos begin.


S2 Episode #017-"Anything You Can Do...."

In the aftermath of Independent Woman's Day we invite you to come in and #SIT as we discuss men and women's equality or lack thereof. We also speak on Monique's recent backlash and much much more.


S2 Episode #016-"Black His-Story Month"

#SIT with us and our special guest co-host Marcuz X as we dive into the myth of "Black History Month" and what we feel it's really about it. We also take a brief look at the hype surrounding "The Black Panther", the recent rise in school violence, and a few other topics. So #SIT back recline and enjoy. Oh yeah and the views of Marcuz X are that of his own and are not those of Dubb H, Big Ty, or "Stuck In Traffic".....or are they?!?!?


S2 Episode #015-"Welcome Back"

After a short 3 week break to recharge the old batteries....ya boys are back. Come #SIT with them as they discuss the Super Bowl, the Ayanna Jackson interview (2pac's accuser), the recent Troy Ave controversy, and some other foolery. Also the return of the Facebook Flashback and a new segment Big Ty's Bar Exam. This season will be the best yet....even though there's only 2. So once again #SIT back and enjoy the's going be a bumpy one.


Episode #014-"The Grand Finale"

With the new year in full swing....we also decided to start this one off fresh. This episode will be the final episode of the season, but don't worry ya boys will be right back at it in about 3 weeks. So with that being said come #SIT with @DubbH and @BigTy803 as the infamous "Note Writer" makes another visit to show. We also touch on Donald Trump's racist and insensitive remarks concerning Africa and Hatti, H&M, the transgender movement, and a few other interesting topics. Let's make the...


Episode #013-"Hip-Hop On The Strength"

As we were getting ready for the holidays we received the news that the legendary Combat Jack had passed away. So in honor of the @podcastpapi we are dedicating this episode to him by discussing a few hip-hop topics. We also had our first "Fan-Guest" on the show DaVinci "Ball Black" Green. He commented on a couple topics that he wanted us to speak we said f'it come #SIT and speak on them with us. Please continue to #share #rate #comment #follow #like and #subcribe we appreciate...


Episode #012-"The Return Of The Gooch"

Fresh off of the 💩 on Khia tour #SIT with Dubb and Nit as they discuss the recent flood of sexual harassment allegations throughout society and the entertainment business. They also touch on the sensitive topic bullying and being push to the edge. This will the final episode of this glorious HAPPY HOLIDAYS to all. "Be safe tho."


Episode #012-"Goddamn Dat DJ" Pt. 2 The List

After he addressed the whole Khia situation DJ Cheeks decided to #SIT in with us as we finalize the most diabolical list known to man....The Stuck In Traffic Hood Villian List. This is a short bonus episode...we will hit you guys with our normal format next week. If you disagree with the list make your own and post it on the page or just shhhhhhh ✌🏽


Episode #011-"Goddamn Dat DJ"

My bad pedestrians, but we had no choice but to "remix" this week's episode after self-proclaimed queen, hip hop icon, legend, baddest chick, songwriter, and prostitute for the Lord (she said it I didn't) Khia aka "Thug Misses" know "My Neck My Back" went to Instagram and spazzed out on DJ Cheeks after a live performance at a local club went unexpectedly wrong. We had to get the exclusive #SIT down with the hood infamous DJ Cheeks so he could give us his take on the events, and...


Episode #010-"#FreeMeekMill"

S.I.T and feast with us on this very special Thanksgiving edition of "Stuck In Traffic." We will be updating you on some events from the last episode, speak on the recent Meek Mill situation, and we rank some of the hood's top villains. Be sure to like, share, and subscribe. We know you rocking with let world know you rocking with us. #SIT


Episode 009-"The Great Misadventures Of Ricky Lloyd"

It's that time again S.I.T with Dubb & Ty as they examine this past weeks recent tearful events. Dubb uses his time to express feeling about his new gig, while Ty breaks down his theory on a philosophy he refers to as "Pu$$y Hope". It's very deep and informative....take notes. Trust me you do not want to miss this episode of "Stuck In Traffic"!!!


Episode #008-"Booger Sugar"

#SIT with Dubb H as he does the podcast literally in TRAFFIC. With no Big Ty, Dubb H tames his inner anger to discuss a few topics. He takes a look up the skirt of Cam Newton's sexist remarks and sports reporter Jourdan Rodrigue's racist ones. He also tackles Dolphins coach "Cokehead" Chris Foerster and his "Nubian Queen" Kijuana Nige and how she exposed him for being a dumb ass. No worries Big Ty will be with us next time...but we had to hit y'all while "Stuck In Traffic."