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Two dudes just trying to answer the age old question of 'Sup Dude?'

Two dudes just trying to answer the age old question of 'Sup Dude?'
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Two dudes just trying to answer the age old question of 'Sup Dude?'






#24: The Dazzler

Shotgun questions and Ben’s on form. Tiny Tim from Tiny Tim’s Toy’s is back sponsoring the show. Mail from Ryan Harrison. Dreams about Ryan Harrison. Ryan Harrison. Who would win? Martin Prince vs Milhouse. Klint’s a bad actor. He even struggles to play himself. Would you want to fast forward to 10 years from now? […] The post #24: The Dazzler appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#23: A Nasty Afternoon

Ice Cubes. Merv the Perv: Sex Detective. Shotgun questions on the spotgun. Weeklek anecdotes: Hotel room sex – who was shagging? Friends dreaming about us hosting a panel interview on our childhood school oval. Klint has intimate knowledge of Y2K popstar group Bardot and it’s five members. What’s the plot? We discuss the synopsis of […] The post #23: A Nasty Afternoon appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#22: A huge man eating a little man’s knees

Hiding in pages. Saucy Mick. He’s got the sauce. Improv shotgun questions. Weeklek anecdotes: Cultural ignorance. What’s the plot: The Bigger Man Inside Of Me – Written by Larry Quick featuring Mary Stick. Cigars. Outtakes. Facebooking here. Tweeting here. Website here. A cute song here. Thinking of getting into podcasting? We got the sauce […] The post #22: A huge man eating a little man’s knees appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#21: Balls Deep in Barbara

Data transfer. Cynthia Stoink, host of hit TV show Yesterday’s Future. Reading fan mail from Jordan Kitts from Facebooks. Shotgun questions. New segment – What’s the plot? We review the bestselling book “Dirty Danny goes to College” Tom Morrow. Another new segment – Something real quick. Outtakes at the end. Tweeting here, Facebooking here […] The post #21: Balls Deep in Barbara appeared first on Sup Dude?.


A Tevin Special: 20 Episodes, 20 Sponsors.

Hi guys it’s Tevin the boys number one superfan! i put this episode together to help celebrate twenty episodes by organising all their sponsors in one episode….so here it is. i know you’ll enjoy it 🙂 and wish me luck in getting the boys to notice me by all the $$$ this will make them. […] The post A Tevin Special: 20 Episodes, 20 Sponsors. appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#20: Twenty (Anniversary Special)

It’s a ‘twenty’ theme this week because we’re celebrating a massive Twenty episodes! Testing out a new James Bond inspired intro song for the anniversary. Sponsored by Twenty Seconds. Two blokes, same jokes. A solid round of twenty shotgun questions. Ben -“Let’s not wait another twenty episodes for Klint to do something good” We […] The post #20: Twenty (Anniversary Special) appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#19: I’m a bitch

Freddie’s Whispers. Reading fan mail. Klint’s more universally appealing than Ben. Shamelessly introducing Podcast Virgin (discount code supdude). Shotgun questions and answers – Rebecca interrupts by quietly ripping paper. Book Club – Attempting to read passages from the Thrifty Kitchen in different accents and impressions. When does the hangout end? Tweeting here, Facebooking here The website […] The post #19: I’m a bitch appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#18: The Candyman Can

Conrad the copycat. Shotgun questions and answers. Elves have low self esteem. I was only choking charlie. Reading mail from Benjamin Doyle: Have you ever drunk Bailey’s from a shoe? And favourite childhood/oldschool video games? We answer these with relish; Top Spin, Spiderman, Splinter Cell, Dragon Ball Z, Wrestling, FIFA, World of Warcraft to name […] The post #18: The Candyman Can appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#17: Danny the Decoy Swimmer

[Live from North Stradbroke Island] Snooping through garbage. Louis van Louis Louis’s Racoon Canoey’s Canoey’s. Raffling off a one time voucher for Danny the Decoy Swimmer’s services. Responses to questions from sexy fans Matt Gammie and Justin Bearne. Social etiquette and how to approach women as a single man. Why do doves cry? The Mountain […] The post #17: Danny the Decoy Swimmer appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#16: Acid Rain or Purple Rain

Impatient with God for unanswered prayers. Schmidt’s Left-Handed Nuts. Shotgun questions and answers. Reading mail from Gerry the postman sent in by Trip Hazard and Snowy Scrot_2 Actual fart recorded in real time. Weeklek Anecdotes – A criminal trying his best. Slanguage. Given $1million – what would you do? How would you deal with day […] The post #16: Acid Rain or Purple Rain appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#15: How do you pronounce Chorizo?

Hiding in pianos. Candice Le Biche and her new product, Piano Shoes. Ben tests them out here A very small hive of fifteen bees. It’s super easy to enter our raffles so jump on in! New segment coming at ya: Weeklek anecdotes. Obligatory niceness and politeness. Too famous for Thor and Jason Bourne. How often […] The post #15: How do you pronounce Chorizo? appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#14: Gimme that 5th star

Sneaking in custom man size drones. Weeping Tom’s. Shotgun questions. Stoominy Poopity. Squirrel Girl ‘beated’ Thanos. New segment – Shotgun answers. Handjob fight? We finally decide on the combatants for the fight to the death deconstruction and analysis : Jack Black vs Michael Cera. Do you know any neckbiters? Worked hard. Earned money. Bought a […] The post #14: Gimme that 5th star appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#13: A Fistian Slip

Underground sneaking Chad Hardacher. Keith Peppers, people know him. A rather frustrating round of shotgun questions for Klint. We hold another of our world famous raffles. The new curry donut craze sweeping the world. You could say there’s a ‘juicy’ segment here. Bizarre cafe interactions leading to deep philosophical analysis. Fisting and counselling. Are they […] The post #13: A Fistian Slip appeared first on Sup Dude?.


#12: Royal Rumble

A royal themed episode in light of the recent Royal Wedding! Sneaking in the rafters. Aston Steel and his bazooka glue. Shotgun questions in English accents. Ben struggles. Did you feel like a piece of s**t this week? Klint reckons he could get married better than Prince Harry. Nick the disruptive neighbourhood hero. Vindictively pranking […] The post #12: Royal Rumble appeared first on Sup Dude.



Hey guys I’ve snuck into the studio this week and actually recorded my own ep just for you…I hope I don’t get in too much trouble from Klint and Ben haha! So because I’m generous AF I’m giving all you budding superfans my 5 point guide to superfanning and revealing a new song from Mc […] The post Superfan appeared first on Sup Dude.


#11: MoonDamer

Sneaking in skylights. Kyle from Cramped Kitchens. Risky Pancakes: Hot cakes and high stakes. Introducing Captain Dan with his Captain’s Report. Who would win? (A Good Dame to Die Hard): Dame Judi Dench and Dame Julie Andrews fight to the death in an ancient gladiatorial arena. We deconstruct and analyse this most epic and elegant […] The post #11: MoonDamer appeared first on Sup Dude.


#10: Johnson come at me (Anniversary Special)

Our fame is growing so we wanted to celebrate by recognising we’ve done 10 episodes in this anniversary special! Clips from our latest press conference. Solomon the Spice Prince. Numerous intense shotgun questions. Messed up Cheetahs racing adaptable Rhino’s. A deconstruction and analysis of the battle between Donald Trump and Vince Vaughn (both scientifically enhanced). […] The post #10: Johnson come at me (Anniversary Special) appeared first on Sup Dude.


#9: Pinky Shephardson

Samson Cumming (Klint) and Chucky Love (Ben) are joined by extra special guest Pinky Shephardson. This episode is out of control. We apologise in advance for having too good of a time making it. Pretzel Stencil giveaway. Don’t make me Mambo. You wouldn’t like me when I Mambo. Doves cry. At least once a day. […] The post #9: Pinky Shephardson appeared first on Sup Dude.


#8: Are there any tall men in France?

Gribbo’s good times. If you had to dry yourself with a toddler’s hair would you? We’ve never met a tall French man. First reveal of hip new game ‘Slanguage’. Choking Harry the wizard. Fight analysis: Klint and Ben fused vs Giant wang stinging scorpion. 12 foot stud. Subscribe, review and share! The post #8: Are there any tall men in France? appeared first on Sup Dude.


#7: Squish

Stalker’s in suitcases. Bruce’s Bees. As stiff as skippy’s whip. Are you a big boy now? Replacing teeth with toes. How does a salamander cry? Continuous full body turning car drivers. Inappropriate braking Kid Rock vs The Karate Kid The post #7: Squish appeared first on Sup Dude.